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  1. Who says a Low level solo bandit cant show up on day 4 using a wrench as weapon?
  2. Naaa id rather ONE zombie in the game that looks really really REALLY good and uses 3 billion polygons.
  3. Oh it definitely makes things easier. When playing on hard settings, dead is dead, and no cheese bases.. the most important commodity in the game is time. If I can complete crafting tasks quicker by not worrying about having the mats on me it will free up time to gather more mats, set up more defenses, etc.
  4. While I agree or at the very least see your side of most of your post, I disagree with the quoted section above
  5. Gotta be honest, I think both versions are hot.
  6. Yea she looking pretty sexy. As q123 said, Something Big is Coming
  7. Im not a programmer and I dont know how it correlates but for me the graphics in A18 are great, good enough such that id rather focus on adding more zombies and entities on screen rather than further improved graphics/lighting, assuming both would hurt frame rates and require general optimizations across the game. Better lighting vs a few on screen zeds? Id take the zeds. Better zombie textures vs a few more on screen? Again id take higher numbers. Even as a first impression of the game, i think zed numbers could bring feeling of aww to the player more so than improved lighting. Again this is all assuming Improved graphics/textures/lighting directly reduce ability to add zeds and vice versa
  8. Can I stream it on Chaturbate, I have 15k followers on there.
  9. I gave 'em to the Klingons, sir
  10. Not a bad argument tbh, maybe ill end up giving them a shot.
  11. Yucca Juice I can get behind. A magic mint that that gives you 500 crit bonus for 10 minutes.. not so much.
  12. Hello my name is Snowdog, please tell me that is you in that Avatar.
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