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  1. Is there a dropping a deuce joke in there somewhere?
  2. I dont know how u do this, honestly. God Bless. So direct, articulate, and non combative. Dealing with this same BS every missed release date. Guys, TFP always take longer than they think they will. A few keyboard warriors on the forums arent gonna change release dates. Cry all you want, it means nothing to people making decisions and does nothing to make them work faster. Also if i get a warning for this post, i honestly dont care - it was worth the vent Hey Laz, are the POIs u built as a modder going to become official POIs in the future?
  3. Bask in the glory of my PvPness
  4. Going to see Tiny Texie in Allentown this Saturday. Midget Stripper -- for real.. I can't wait. oops.
  5. So, are you guys done resizing all the custom POI's to fit in the tiles correctly yet?
  6. Im from Pennslyvania. I mean, some parts are definitely post-apocalyptic looking but there are nice areas also.
  7. I do. I just have very….. “reasonable” ideals.
  8. Thanks for responding man. Ill be sure to check your dev stream!
  9. So I just watched small pieces of of the latest stream. That screenshot of the Mesas really stood out. Was every single Mesa shaped exactly the same but turned at a different angle? Is the whole world going to be full of the same shapes over and over now with this stamp tech? Hey look that mountain again! Hey look, that lake again!
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