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  1. Im Jealous I didn't think of this first
  2. If they are changed to helper trees would that mess up the Biome placement in normal RWG? Just trying to understand the downside, seems like a win/win if they are changed?
  3. I think the overlook hotel has Snow Trees instead of helper trees.
  4. I like it, and we can have every gun just shoot “ammo” for simplification. and we can just have “food” for simplification.
  5. Alright good to know its there, ill look for console errors after i get home from the strip club
  6. There was an amazing Mall in this Pack.. not sure the name, but it had all kinds of stores in it. I generated a bunch of maps and haven't seen it, has it been removed?
  7. When will A20 be released? Sorry, someone had to....
  8. That lazy bum But seriously, thank you both so much.
  9. What prefab list do u select in Nitrogen. I renamed the CP46 list to prefablist.txt and chose Vanilla. That works, right?
  10. Wait.. if i can download the pack without discord thats fine... I didn't realize I could... at least i think i can, will give it a try. Edit: Yes got it on one drive, sorry about confusion.. i should have kept reading before clicking on discord link
  11. Where do you find the files in discord ? Is this error preventing me from seeing them?
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