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  1. Seriously, no one here realizes this is a “how do I play a hacked copy for free” thread?
  2. Hello there, my name is SnowDog, pleased to meet you.
  3. I think we need a special dog just for the Winter Biome. Maybe, a SnowDog. Its a good name.
  4. For us uninformed people, Can u please link the part where a dev promises unlimited map sizes. Thanks!
  5. Pretty sure its their new way of releasing info, dev streams. Oh well.
  6. Roleplay bro — The trader buys stuff on buy one get one sales and then gives them out as rewards
  7. Merry Christmas. Nothing makes Christmas better than ho ho ho's!
  8. Probably about as close as me having a one night stand with Kate Beckinsale.
  9. i suggest increasing time to scrap lead
  10. I need some news or nudity (or both) —this is boring!!
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