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  1. I hope you are right…. but I'm gonna have to get against you on this one
  2. When do the naked amazon women spawn? Also, does Masvidal have a chance in hell??
  3. 'Cause we're all kinds of animals coming here: Occasional demons too.
  4. Wait an experimental came out that made something harder, people whined and TFP gave in and nerfed it, i would have never guessed I kid, i do like more animals spawning.
  5. I have something explode in my hand twice a day
  6. Don't worry, it will be fixed whether its an actual issue or not (I haven't played A19 myself yet). But TFP have a history of making experimental hard, then people whine and then it gets easy. Trust me, they will ease up on it.
  7. I still think tying everything to gamestage helps remove the wonderfull world of Random Gen. I'd love to have a game being unable to find something I need or really really really want. Then the next game finding that same thing on day one. It makes it interesting and different each time. Okay, I'm level 20, gamestage X. Time to go find my level Y thingamajig. Boring. Sacrificing replayability to make sure noobs feel a nice sense of progression, until they realize its artificial.
  8. I usually with my brother peer to peer coop, we only play when both if us are able to. I know what you mean about servers, its not enjoyable for a variety of reasons. Just saying Multiplayer is a fun option if u have a partner and only play that saved game when both of you are on.
  9. Congrats on a new all time peak of 37,635!
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