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  1. Im good with all of the above. The thing that completely drops my immersion is that I never have to sleep or drop a deuce.
  2. Im still waiting on the patch notes so i can continue my tradition of printing them out and rubbing each page over my naked body.
  3. Any chance in a post 1.0 update there could be multiple elevations in a city/towm?
  4. How do u get a water filter for Dew Collector. Id like to play without the trader but trader only items are annoying
  5. Less CPU would be better.. Load up that GPU FFS! lol
  6. Cool. Many vanilla games i dont like dont have nearly the modding capability as this game. Lucky you I cant play those games.
  7. Honestly it sounds like u may need to admit you dont like the game and just play other games. Its okay, not everyone likes every game. Why expend energy complaining and playing a game u clearly dont like? Move on bro, life goes on.
  8. Omg, I thought I was the only one! It made Rock Band and Metal Hellsinger really HARD
  9. I have proudly never purchased a skin or micro transaction in any game, ever. Substantial DLC/expansion for a reasonable price, sure thats different to me. That being said. I love this game so much and have gotten so many hours from it. i'd probably buy skins just to throw more money to the pimps!
  10. @Laz Man Any chance on an Asian Massage Parlor POI called Handys?
  11. For years its been. Omg when is 1.0 coming!! WTF Pimps!! Now its. Omg 1.0 is coming!! WTF Pimps!!
  12. Naa, its definitely more than 2 Alphas behind
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