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  1. I think thats the actual issue. It sucks to find an iron axe and then realizing your stone axe is better. They swing so much slower and drain so much stamina... its horrible
  2. I can't add 2 plus 2. Does that mean addition is hard?
  3. didnt visit this thread until now. Looks like I missed some discussion on some hot older babes, with Cash, my favorite kind of babes
  4. Last girl I dated was a screamer.
  5. Because of people like me saying —— BOOBS!!!!!!!!&!&!&!!! i replied to wrong post i think, cool.
  6. I have VR paradise, its pretty good. Hard to control while otherwise occupied tho.
  7. Too may shapes, need to simplify down to 3.
  8. Yea I just cant imagine the build path simplifying being good, I think even concrete / reinforced concrete was merged into one. Doesnt matter what we say they tho are hell bent on simplifying.
  9. its really weird —- my wife must be a fan of this game. Found a tier 3 stun baton in her night stand.
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