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  1. @Roland please bring back the turd reaction!
  2. Unless you are trying to trick me, 2.500 is the same as 2.5 , @Roland we need your help!
  3. What is the the consensus on a new and improved forum turd reaction?
  4. Awesome, 3 months sooner sounds great!
  5. Wait, the turd is gone? So nobody will ever beat my turd record? Why is it gone?
  6. Pipe weapon? game changing? so for a few days early on I use a pipe pistol or whatever it is instead of a bow or blunderbluss? whoop dee doo.
  7. I'm going to be dishonest, I Agree.
  8. i realize that. Thats why pistols should be stronger on different days, im thinking day 10 through day 15
  9. what day numbers should pistols be stronger?
  10. This is a horrible idea. How gamey can this possibly get? If u cant survive the weak, small , 1st seven day horde, turn down the difficulty and then turn it up after day 7
  11. The thing is, they do think they are improving an existing system (upgrading blocks)., by dumbing, i mean streamlining it.
  12. Weird coincidence - my mom told me I was cool and handsome and everyone liked me. Are you my brother?
  13. Now there’s a plot twist Id never see coming.
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