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  1. A16 + A19(rwg, pois, fixed bugs, upgraded graphics, hd zombies, new weapons) = best alpha
  2. you are wrong its very important in pvp
  3. awesome, now we need water physics to be fixed
  4. wow whats the point of this b4 exp? you just should release stable 18.3 if you are not gonna fix anything in this exp anyway
  5. this is fixed in A19.3 exp, i think
  6. why you released stable with such a big bug, not everyone read the forum, and this experimental was like 2 weeks out so there was a time to fix that
  7. net code inprovements, fixed xray, better sound positioning, pvp
  8. performance is way worse than A17.4, wasnt it supposed to be better?
  9. go play pvp you will see how danger cities are
  10. i play only pvp multiplayer servers, its not possible
  11. please bring back upside down drawbridges in A18, i want my elevator back ( used it in pvp servers instead of ladder )
  12. offline multiplier for LCB doesnt work. it uses online multiplier
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