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  1. A16 + A19(rwg, pois, fixed bugs, upgraded graphics, hd zombies, new weapons) = best alpha
  2. you are wrong its very important in pvp
  3. awesome, now we need water physics to be fixed
  4. wow whats the point of this b4 exp? you just should release stable 18.3 if you are not gonna fix anything in this exp anyway
  5. go play pvp you will see how danger cities are
  6. month passed since A17.2 i hope all known issues are fixed
  7. when this is going to be fixed its game breaking in pvp
  8. why still not fixed, its game breaking for pvp servers.
  9. spam jumping button while going up, you will be really fast
  10. well if you doesnt want to cheat the AI, then just dont do it? i think thats the simpliest way to fix AI. like people whining about underground is too safe, just dont go to bedrock
  11. too easy? reach level 70 on insane and all sleepers will be green ferals a lot of them chasing you
  12. how does forge on day 1 make the game easier? you can craft only iron tools ( which you can find anyway )
  13. i miss the big moutains, now its just boring flat land
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