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  1. so would that be something like a loot pool? Have groups of different zombie types (eg. Cop group, Worker group, Soldier group, etc) and then just randomly pick some from each group to spawn?
  2. I am pretty sure I once saw a mod where someone had made a loader/dozer that would level land very quickly, but I think it was just a proof of concept and was never released. May have been Hal9000 as he use to do that sort of thing.
  3. I have never used SteamCMD to set up my server. I have just installed steam on my server, logged in with my account and then installed the dedicated server through steam. I just then had to start up the server. I think I may have had to log into steam again on my main computer but that was a one shot thing. Anyway glad you got it working. Now enjoy.
  4. That's just hearsay right. You would never step in a strip club
  5. Might also just be me but as I grew up I helped a lot of friends pour cement for their shed/garage floors and I thought the look in game looked pretty close to me (the shiny, shiny sheen lol). Maybe it just brings me back to my youth
  6. I wouldn't give up yet. Lot of smart people on here. I managed to get a home server set up and I am useless when it comes to this stuff lol. Keep checking and am sure someone may be able to help you. They may need more info though such as OS etc.
  7. I think they have the "jiggle tech" down how they need it. I mean on the dev stream when it was mentioned, there was an overwhelming surge of comments on if it would be on Jen. The dev piped in how is she affected by it? She is standing still. Not like she is on a treadmill. I thought that made sense. No movement, no jiggle.
  8. I can't explain it but I found the look of wet blocks very pleasing. I would almost sit there and watch them dry. The blocks drying randomly calmed me down. Yes I am weird that way lol.
  9. To respawn vehicles I use Ana_Vehicle_Respawner. You can set it to respawn back when ever you like. I think I have mine set at 30 days, can't recall now but I know you can set it.
  10. I don't recall the mod name or even how long ago I used it but I am sure there use to be one that did this. Different surfaces would change your speed. For example in desert you would be slower and on pavement you would speed up. I haven't seen it for a long while but I hope you get yours up and running
  11. Speaking of securing a large area. Do you know or could you find out if putting down player blocks will stop zombies from spawning on them. I have heard sometimes it doesn't work. Would be nice for those areas sligltly larger than your land claim area. I was thinking along the lines of digging up the ground around the area and replacing it with something like dirt blocks.
  12. I usually end up with half dozen engines after a while. I find like Meganoth I get them from full cars that you can loot. I also make sure to put points in Salvage Operations. Maybe even max it out later if I can.
  13. I think one thing that would keep me more interested when I get to "endgame" instead of just waiting for each horde night is to build a town like Alexandria or Hilltop. All the better if on a server with a few friends. With A20 I heard that with all the blocks now you should be able to bring any building back to pristine condition. So I am looking forward to be able to do a "townflip"
  14. Saw someone had a mod that was suppose to remove the limit of items trader would sell. Was curious what had to be changed to edit this. I looked at the mod but I didn't notice anything that did it. (not familiar with what it is called) Is it possible to change it from 3 to 5, to 10?, to 1000?
  15. I wanted to ask something about water from earlier alpha. I started in A11 so it was back somewhere in that time maybe 11 to 13. I have seen some people asking about if water will ever flow. If I am not mistaken water did flow one time and to the degree that it could get out of control if not careful. I was playing on a server with a few people and one night I got on and there was just one other player on. After a few minutes when he notice I had joined he asked if I could come help him with something. We had made a community in an area on top of this huge hill and as he wasn't far from my base I headed his way. When I got there I saw what his problem was. There was a litte man made lake near edge of the hilltop and he was expanding it. He ( I assume lol) wen't to close to the edge and the water started flow down the hill. It was happening pretty fast too. The way we attempted to stop it was to place blocks in front of the flowing water blocks and then place blocks on the water all the way up the hill. If you didn't place enough blocks around the front of the flow though it would get away from you and you would have to start from scratch further down. Well it took us forever to stop it and I am pretty sure we laid hundreds of wood frames to finally stop it. What I would like to know is will anything like that be possible again when water is looked at in future I wonder? So awful as it may have sounded it was fun. I mean we laughed about it even as we were trying to stop it. Maybe it was removed because of the opportunity to grief a server, I don't know. Am just curious why flowing water was taken out.
  16. I am not lol. I never mentioned it because I didn't know if it was in the last part of this video (that I never watched over as I saw it on the night they made it) or if it was in the first one somewhere, but I was almost positive I did see an 8008 on one building. I may have to watch them again now to see as it will drive me crazy. ah ok so there is a method to the madness
  17. This is just a curiosity question about what I noticed in the Sept 15 dev stream. Who in charge is obsessed with the number 8? I am pretty sure every building I saw that was numbered started or included the number 8. Example there was 800, 888, and 8000. Is this random or were you guys ordered to use this number?
  18. I have heard that typing with one hand tends to make you make mistakes and also any sticky keys may be a problem.
  19. also finally corner iron bars are a thing....yahoo
  20. Am playing DF now and I did notice in the description it says some of the books have to be read in the toolbar. I have no idea why but there must be a reason they mentioned it.
  21. any chance the ability to do it (when added for the zombies) can be turned on and off for players in xml or have a menu option. Will it be able to be modded at all or something hidden deep within the game code?
  22. I also just found this out. I know it doesn't work on player planted trees...at least it didn't for me
  23. I thought it was mentioned that blocks would no longer downgrade to next block but would be destroyed but would have a bit more HP.
  24. Well now I can't unsee it lol...ah good ole Babylon 5
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