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  1. Is there anyway to use these buffs on players? Doesn't matter if it has to be admin using console command. Would love to be able to make a player dance or give them a big head. Am thinking it isn't possible but had to ask.
  2. Gamida

    Pin Recipes Mod

    What if the pinned box had an indicator to show you had enough of needed materials to make an item. For example, in photo above arramus has the pipe pistol, pipe shotgun, pipe machine gun and pipe rifle pinned. They mostly take same items so if you had enough to make them all it would indicate that somehow and you would decide which one you wanted to make. Once made you could remove it from your pinned list. After that if you still have enough to make the other 3 it would still say so. Then you just repeat. Make the next one you would want and remove it from your list. Then when it happens you don't have enough to make the rest. the indicators would disappear.
  3. I was trying to find a way to mod out the trash you see on the pavement that you can't harvest or destroy. The newspapers with headlines and the blood splatters. I wanted the roads to look clean but I couldn't find where it was added in game. Someone told me where to look but I couldn't find it.
  4. When they first put the water and food bars under the toolbelt I had to thicken them as I'll be damned if these old eyes couldn't quite make out how high the levels were.
  5. I never really made trips to snow biomes for snow. If I spawned there in beginning or had to go for some other reason I would gather some though so I wouldn't have to worry about water for a while if needed.
  6. Did not know that. Thank you.
  7. I just used an auger for first time in maybe a couple of alphas. Within 10 minutes I got a screamer. Killed her and 10 minutes after that...I got 3...at same time. I was within 200 meters of our base so maybe that affected the heatmap. I had used a steel pickaxe before that mining nitrate (a lot further from the base) and mined 5 stacks and never got one screamer though.
  8. Yes. I have even filled forge with sand to make glass for jars even though you can find jars everywhere. I just make hundreds of jars and fill them with murky water and boil as I need. Can never have too much water lol.
  9. Almost since I have started playing this game I had to make a separate storage chest (crate) for boiled water. Not sure why even. I just had to have it. Once it was filled I would have to start another one. It used to be just for water but now ones for stone and one for wood is starting to creep in now and then.
  10. I do the same. I hated running through the branches and coming face to face with a zombie or even more and realizing my stamina was low. Now they all have to go Lol, I play on server with Guppy now and then and he to this day makes fun of me because I have to clear ALL the grass around any base we make. I don't even do it to place blocks, I just like having the area clean.
  11. Just to clarify, not everyone who built an underground base did it to avoid the horde. I built them and on horde night, depending on if on MP server or SP game, I went above ground to fight. I have 90% of time had a separate horde base. On MP servers usually it was a team base where we all fought or on my SP game I would make my own little place to fight them. Sometime I would just juice up on coffee and run around bashing heads. Or even get zoms to chase me as a pack so others could take shots at them...lol fun times. Anyway this was just to explain that all undergrounders don't do it to avoid the hordes on horde nights. Thank you for listening...
  12. Sooooo, this todo list...I suppose things could be added to it (slips roland nice shiny new duke wink wink nudge nudge)
  13. unholyjoe....you know you just became his drug dealer right
  14. Don't forget coal is used in making gunpowder... Also yes, everyone have a great Christmas and stay safe. Remember there is no respawning in real life. Take care and use designated drivers, taxis, etc if you have to.
  15. So the bites the boars take out of us...would those be bacon bits?
  16. I know those two boars...named them De and Licious.
  17. I didn't think I could either...well unless I was holding arrows in my hand and stepped on the mine...pretty sure that would do it
  18. I thought a few alphas ago TFP's set it up so in a new game you wouldn't spawn in the wasteland. Was it changed again?
  19. OMG, we are finally getting trains! Toot Toot...all aboard
  20. I would have expected that answer from snowdog before I saw it from anyone else.
  21. Speaking of the hunger marks. Is there a way to turn off the moaning/groaning and 75% and 50%.
  22. Gotcha. Will be nice when it does work but doesn't take away from the mod now. Thank you.
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