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  1. I am a bit shaky in the modding department so not sure how to make it a modlet but and interested if someone else has the answer. I would like to know myself and am sure then it can be used to adjust craft time of other items. I too rather have a modlet made than edit the original if I can.
  2. Below is a part of crafting recipe for 9mm ammo bundle. It has a craft time in it. <recipe name="ammoBundle9mmBulletBall" count="1" craft_time="240" craft_area="workbench" tags="learnable,workbenchCrafting"> You can try adding the craft time to the concrete mix like below to see if that works. If not just change it back. You should be able to adjust the crafting time by changing the 240 to something smaller. That number may be seconds. <recipe name="resourceConcreteMix" count="1" craft_time="240" craft_area="cementMixer" tags="cementMixerCrafting"> EDIT: Gouki, your post popped up as I was typing lol you ninja.
  3. doughphunghus is correct and there is a mod for this by War3zuk. Also the line in entityclasses.xml (line 449) in my version looks like this below and I think is one you can edit to increase the drops. <property name="LootDropProb" value="0.02"/> <!-- Whether it drops a loot bag on death or not. -->
  4. Gamida

    Slot Lock

    Would be nice if it could be done by individual slots also if it was possible. I, at least, don't store my needed items neatly from top left to right, but use particular slots to store my much used inventory items.
  5. I don't think we are still getting what other is saying. This is what I meant. Top pic has waypoints with none highlighted. Bottom pic has 1 waypoint highlighted which turns it yellow on map. Are you saying you would like each waypoint to turn yellow if you click on it to left?
  6. I can't be understanding you. If you click on Track Waypoint the waypoint on the map does turn yellow. One thing I would like is the ability to be able to click a box to turn the waypoints on and off on the map so I can only see the ones I want at that time. Would be nice if you have a few important pois or traders you want to visit. Being able to just see those on your compass would be great. Right now it is hard to even see the compass points as I have so many waypoints added lol
  7. It almost sounds a little like the Track Waypoint on the map. I know I have certain waypoints I like to have highlighted when I am going to use them. For instance I have one waypoint on a Post Office. If I use the Track Waypoint when in map it changes the word Post Office to yellow. It already shows the distance to it in the waypoint menu. If I then get out of map and look around there will be a yellow waypoint to the Post Office on my screen which has distance to it.
  8. I have also found the indian burial chests that had a lot of dukes in them instead of the Taza Stone axe
  9. In my mind I need a crate for each game item....imagine how big my base would have to be to have one of each crate in my crafting room
  10. Simplest one I can think of is a beaker. Finding one that is for public use might be the problem.
  11. As for loot respawn, you can try this video. I haven't watched this one yet but did watch his earlier one. I think this one is updated for A19 and one I watched was done in A18. This one also accounts for vertical loot from you (like upstairs in a building) from what I can tell.
  12. Only if you forget and put a stack of dyes in a mod slot. If you remember to just add one you should be fine afaik.
  13. I am wondering how they would adjust it so players couldn't exploit that as an advantage. I mean you could find the end of the protected area and camp there and shoot and kill players just outside the protected area while you are just inside it. Not saying it is a bad idea, just not sure how to make it fair for everyone for now.
  14. See Roland, now a flurry of players will want her as their character. Can you already picture seeing one of your team mates as her bashing in a zombies head or laying down fire with a smg.
  15. Same as in single player game. Create Mods folder and drag them in. Some mods will be required to be on the client computer also if they have special icons and such. I think most will tell you if it is so.
  16. Yes would be nice if the waypoints could have a checkbox next to them so you could turn on and off the ones you want to show. That would be awesome.
  17. I didn't even realize the change. I need to play more vanilla
  18. From what I understood you could (if luck was with you) find any ore by randomly digging in any biome. That you could find ore in more places than just under the surface ore rocks you found scattered around. If I am also not mistaken someone had made an xray mod you could use and you could set it for any ore and it would show the deposits highlighted underground which did show that ores were everywhere.
  19. When I used Nitrogen and made everything flat the only thing I recall about water was I couldn't use it for the radiation border. I think it still added lakes and such to interior of map but don't quote me on that lol
  20. Gamida

    Please Help

    I also noticed that everything he is showing is in his downloads folder and not in his game folder EDIT: Am sorry about this statement. It sounded like I was just talking about you and not to you. I meant for it to show you were showing the files in your download folder and not in you game folder in case you had showed us just the unzipped files. I saw below you had figured out what the problem was so good for that. Have fun.
  21. I haven't did it in such a long time that am not 100% on how but I know stample is correct. I once asked how to make a perfectly flat map and was told to color one of the maps ( would have to look up which as I was using Nitrogen at time) all one color. The color I used would be the height from bedrock. So if I wanted bedrock to be 63 blocks down then color I would use would have been 63,63,63. I may be confusing you more but I am sure there is someone out there who can give you a more detailed answer. If I am confusing you then disregard this message
  22. I also noticed the 26930 - 26928 that Beelzybub mentioned and was also wondering about the forwarding range of 7 Days To Die 4 and Minecraft server being the same. Would that make any difference? Also even though you have the port forwarding of your four 7 Days servers set, isn't port 26900 you have for minecraft the default port for 7 Days? Would that screw anything up? Server settings are mysterious to me so I am asking them as if it was something I needed to know for myself
  23. Very nice job. The dual screen for comparison was a nice touch.
  24. IIRC someone long ago fixed this by moving the left and right screen icons to the side of the toolbar slots
  25. So anyone know what the limit is in a party. I have seen mention of 12+
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