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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, well done! I have also posted it in the CP discord Btw I think there is a bug with the water map.. I will fix it this weekend.
  2. The water map is just a way to generate water in the world. HOWEVER you have to supply a compatible heightmap. One that hase "holes" where you want lakes or rivers. Otherwise the water will be generated inside the terrain. Grid sizes are exactly what they sound like. They are the size of the city grid. Smaller grid sizes will result in more packed cities and larger grid sizes will result in more open cities. The number of pois in a block will almost always remain the same. Also larger sizes allow for larger pois to be placed inside cities. The Compo Pack for example contains a lot of very l
  3. No problem As long as it works, people will be happy. However, just to clarify things: the biomes map should be a 3-channels (rgb) 24-bit png image. So that means there are only 8 bits per channel. I guess Gimp is letting you choose the bits per channel, not the overall number of bits.
  4. I am watching the second video now, great job again! Just a couple of minor things to keep in mind for next time. When you save a biomes map in gimp, I believe you can choose 8 bits instead of 16, but I honestly have never tried with gimp. Also, this is just a personal preference, you don't need to keep clicking the button to open and close the settings, you can just press tab to switch view, also you can press enter to start the generation
  5. Just watched the fist one, loved it! Great job! If it's ok with you, I will feature it on the first page. I think people are gonna like it
  6. Hi, please share the urls here! People will find it helpful. Also if I like them, I can also put them on the first page
  7. You can find the KingGen generator here: It it the fastest generator and it allows for great customization
  8. For custom radiation you can generate the world first, then open the radiation.png file and modify it with paint/Photoshop/gimp
  9. Yes it's on the first page of this thread. There is a long guide on how to use KingGen. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23988-kinggen-a-random-world-generator-for-7-days-to-die/?do=findComment&comment=424160
  10. Yes KingGen will randomize the zoning for areas that you haven't covered with your zoning map. But I would not recommend that.
  11. Yeah I could smooth the terrain around the edges of cities towns.... I am a bit worried about adding computing time to the generation, thus making the overall generation longer. I will have to experiment, but it's not going to happen soon. Also those edges are not really a problem when you are playing Hi, thanks for reporting that. It is a bug and I have just verified it. A fix will be in the next release of KingGen
  12. At the moment no, I'm sorry, because snow appears on mountains and cities in valleys. So they never touch.
  13. Try making the bridge of land wider. If it still doesn't work, try moving the two coast lines closer to each other Thank you for reporting it. This is a bug and I have just verified it. I'll fix it. Regarding water maps, you can read the guide on the first page. There is some information there. Regarding traders in the wilderness, they are not connected by design.
  14. Version 0.9.0 released! Here is what's new: Fixed spawns in water Fixed crevasse near villages Fixed import of images in palette mode Added spawn points to preview Added dialog for output folder Added button to open generated worlds folder Added option for border biome Added option for traders in the wilderness Added option for heightmap smoothing Added option to control grid size of cities, towns and villages individually Added option to control number of cities, towns and villages individually Improved water edges
  15. Towns are smaller versions of cities. They have slightly different pois and they can contain traders. Villages are smaller than towns and have dirt roads. Villages cannot have traders. The pois used are a bit different than the ones for towns and cities. "Old Residential, "New Residential", and "Downtown" are called "zones". Different zones have different pois, but a poi can be in multiple zones. As for the content: residential zones contain mostly houses, downtown can contain skyscrapers and other stuff.
  16. It is necessary. When you use a cities map, the other settings about cities are overwritten. Actually, you are correct. The other settings about cities are overwritten, however in the case of a forced generation (the city map is empy), then the old setting are used. I did not think of that.
  17. @Jugom The feautre you requested is officialli in KingGen 9. It will be released tomorrow.
  18. There is a problem with your 16bit heightmap. You might have save it at 16 bits, but you have probably generated it at 8 bits. Once it is generated at 8 bits, it is pointless to save it at 16. Let me give you a metaphore to help you understand. If you take a picture with your camera, you cannot increase the resolution after you have taken the picture, you can only reduce the resolution. In the same way, once you have generated the heightmap at 8 bits, it is pointless to save it at 16 bits. Sidenote: in KingGen 9 I have added an explicit option to smooth the heightmap.
  19. I think I can do what you asked me. I got this idea: if the cities map does not contain any city, town or village, then the normal generation will be triggered. However, if a user wants to force no generation, he can simply color a single pixel in the cities map, and that will not be big enough to create a city around it, but no generation will be triggered. This way, both problems are solved.
  20. If you use 8 bit heightmaps, they will be smoothed by KingGen. If you use 16 bit heightmaps, they won't be smoothed by KingGen. This is a design choice.
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