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  1. Oh you only know half the truth, mate!
  2. Lol, good to see you're still around, sexy. It's been a very long time since I've been on this forum. A lot has happened since my daughter was born around a19's release. Good to see familiar faces. Or other body parts.
  3. Hi huys, Long time no see! I've just checked the latest dev streams and I'm excited for the new random gen! Question; are there any dedicated tunnel poi's, or are they part of the surface poi's?
  4. What's up guys? This game still being developed? Been a while since I last checked. I saw a sneak peak video was posted in November last year. Please tell me the game isn't abandoned.
  5. So.. I'm back! Anything new around here? My daughter was born exactly one month ago today, and everyone is doing fine (I could use some more sleep though..). The world has one more ginger!
  6. Hehehehe, yeah I figured that was you spying on me! To be honest, I don't know what's weird about that. I bought separate tickets for them!
  7. Roland, this poll is phrased in a very biased way. 'How do you like the current loot system in the context of the overall plan?' I know you like the current system, and like where the system will lead to (I disagree on the first, agree on the latter), but just ask people 'how do you like the current system'? If you don't want it to be biased, you would have to put the length of time we will have the current system in the phrase as well. Given that it's more likely we'll have this system for a year, and not a month.
  8. Yeah I usually choose to hide from you!
  9. Don't throw stuff at my crotch! I have to prepare mentally for a baby :P
  10. Sounds more like Snowdog's modus operandi..
  11. That's because someone removed the pool ladder in building mode. #sims1forlife
  12. We talking about another EA game? Or the implementation of bandits?
  13. Thanks man! If you hear something crying it's either the baby, or myself, if I crack from the stress/pressure Did you give them my number again? You're sending me all the pervs again! Yeah a ginger cake I think
  14. Where did you manage to find them in your size? I mean.. I know microscopic techniques are being developed as we speak, but still, they're hard to come by I guess!
  15. Hi man! To be honest I haven't played much 7 days recently, I only checked out A19 when the first experimental came out. I just love checking the forum with my morning coffee. Also, I'm not sure how much available play time I will have in the near future, given that my wife is 38 weeks pregnant today And for that dungeon.. Well.. I used to have a key, but I think I left it with Snowdog.. Don't know where he put it :P
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