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  1. Only problem is; who defines what is 'general use'. Your playstyle? My playstyle?
  2. A rock is never 'just' a rock, buddy!
  3. Just a tip for people whose game is eating up too much RAM; you should restart the game after creating a new game/map. The map-making still uses some extra ram, even after the creation of the game (or something like that, at least).
  4. Yeah absolutely. The game runs much smoother (60-70 fps), and my GPU/CPU is running 10 degrees less than in A18. Overall great! It's just that the map still has quite some big issues.
  5. Anyone else seeing big 'craters' where a POI is placed?
  6. Yeah they haven't improved upon RWG for the past 3 Alpha's (that's 3 years).. I'm not too optimistic. But indeed.. There's other tools which generate worlds much better.
  7. RGW maps are still pretty rough. Even the included pre-gen'd ones. Gravel paths and their interaction with asphalt roads, specifically. Here's to hoping Damocles can get his magic working soon
  8. Ah sorry for the confusion, I actually meant to say that generating a new world takes me much longer than before.. On the same rig.
  9. Yeah i know man.. But a 4x4 map took me 1-2 minutes back in A18.
  10. Looks like generating a 4x4 map takes about the same amount of time now..
  11. My PC is hanging upon creation of a random world! Woohoow. Off to a great start!
  12. Are you one of those people who keep tabs open when closing down/starting up? Get out of here, good sir!
  13. So it's coming out around noon there in the colonies, right? When's that, back here in the developed world? 😛
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