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  1. You're supposed to wear it 24/7 unless you're in a snow biome. It's made with a special fabric so you never sleep, shower or use the bathroom. I am curious, can you see your feet when wearing it?
  2. FINALLY!!! I drink lots of coffee, a 7D2D coffee travel mug would be nice. Mouse pads and decent hats would be good ideas.
  3. You're sure impatient for a guy that looks at rocks...
  4. He's a wild shot so they stay hidden when he's out, and they no longer have windows facing his house. @Roland, any chance Kinyajuu adjusted some RWG?
  5. I think they went "stable" because most of the really bad bugs were squashed. If you look at Alpha 16 it went from experimental to 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 then 16.4. Expect something similar here as they add/correct things. Be happy it's mostly playable.
  6. Thanks, I'll mess with that tonight. Just expected blurred or junky graphics if they were off, not crystal clear minecraft hills.
  7. I did a fresh install last night of the latest experimental. The landscape looks like minecraft with steps instead of slopes. Is that a bug?
  8. Most likely. Hopefully someone that knows WAY more than me will step in and tell you how to do that.
  9. I found I need to delete all 7DTD/The Fun Pimp files from %appdata% and %programfiles% on my computer to get rid of ghost data. I try to avoid regedits, but sometimes I go through that and delete 7DTD related software keys to avoid problems. Hope that helps.
  10. Look out Snowdog. He'll use his crystal gaze on you too.
  11. Things changed. Get your hands on the leather trench coat, it cools a lot more than the poncho.
  12. I did a clean install twice and my graphics look like cartoons. The plants have a shape but no detail. I think this is on my end and not a bug. Any suggestions on settings to fix it? It's late so I won't see any responses till after work tomorrow, thanks if you can help. The gameplay is awesome so far and I just want it to look pretty.
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