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  1. 7.4.1 Released No Wipes Needed Major: Added Sphere Code Patch for Servers. This should reduce idle server usage from 12g to 7-8g. More work will be done in 7.5. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a server side only optimization. It works by forcing the game to load textures as you see them and not preload every texture in the mod. You may see some hitches and stutters when things load in the first time. If this is an issue for you and if you have your own server that can normally handle RH then feel free to delete the ZZZ-SphereServerLagFix folder found in the server Data/Configs folder. If yo
  2. 7.4.0 for 19.4 Stable Now Up! No wipes Needed. male sure you update to 19.4. Game save safe. The links have NOT changed due to no wipe being needed. Even though the filename will read as 73 it is 7.4 Here are the notes Addition: Spawn Free Terrain made with antibiotics Addition: New T5 Quest Rewards Balance: Composter Now Gives Back Worms Balance: Composter growth time lowered to 120 from 180 Balance: Removed Mineral Water from Rain Catcher. Added Boiled Water Chance. Lowered Empty Jar counts Balance: Reduced number of honey combs from BeeHive Balance: Fishing Rods should be b
  3. 7.3 has been released!!! Full Wipe and Mod Install on Fresh Game Required! Please see the first post here as I have updated all the posts with new fresh information. Here are the super sized patch notes Patch Notes for 7.3.0 Thank you so much to everyone who have given me support and well wishes with my health issues. 7.3 was a labor of love for us and I can honestly say all of me went into making sure you guys get to experience this. I think it is our best release yet and I cant wait until we get some feedback on what you guys think.
  4. I suspect a lot of people are taking issue not with the fact that conversations are moved, but we are at the end of our journey here, not the middle or the beginning. It happens in every game. Eventually EA is over, additions are over. TFP have made clear they are interested in either a 7D2D2 or a new genre game. Which I am fine with. Id like to see what is next. The time for debates and suggestions and wishlists are over. They have a vision for their end game, and are implementing how much of it they can before calling it and moving to a new project. It is no secret I am unhappy with m
  5. I had brought to spheres attention some issues we had with trying to implement lockpicking and was wondering if this version fixed those issues. Primarily storages that were locked among groups couldnt be accessed via lock code and had tp be lock picked, and doors and safes no longer relock when quests reset a poi they remain unlocked.
  6. Patch 7.2.3 Has Been Released. No Wipes. this will be the final patch before the big 7.3 patch that will be released when 19.3 goes stable. Patch 7.2.3 Addition: Wood Frames can now be made in the table saw as well and you will receive 2 frames Addition: 20 Hour Option in Day Length Change: You Now get 2 Tannin per craft Change: You Now get 3 Mortar per craft Change: Fishing Traps Now Destroy Change: All car parts can now be harvested from vehicles with a crowbar Balance: Added chance to find boiled water in fridges Balance: Removed drinks from canned food piles Balance:
  7. Try Ravenhearst. We have this feature. And it is very possible but needs Harmony patching
  8. New update. Small one but a good one since no one wants bear hordes every day lol Patch 7.2.2 Wandering Hordes after GS100 will no longer only spawn bears Chrome, Aluminum and Tungsten Tools and Weapons can now be smelted properly
  9. Patch Released. No Wipes Necessary **Warning** Empty your Water Filtration Unit before updating. The WFU is reverting to the previous way. This update will change the WFU and if you do not remove your materials it will destroy them. When updating your UI's will be reset. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the code calls for the various UI. You will NEED to go into your mods folder and delete ALL the OptionalUI folders. Once you have done this you can update as usual. You will need to go back in and select your preferred UI again and restart the game. This will sa
  10. Patch Notes Preview for the 7.2.1 Patch Addition: Newspaper Lore with Icons by Sinder as well as Newspaper Vendor Boxes randomly to the world. Balance: All Arrows Now Do More Damage Balance: Sledgehammer XP Increased Balance: Lessened chance of arrow heads in stiffs boxes Balance: Output of Mortar Increased Balance: Bows Do More Damage Balance: XP Rewards for Archery Skill Increased Change: Xp Defecits are 25 percent instead of 50 percent per death Change: Now you only lose 2x your XP level before it caps instead of 5 Change: Wood Spikes can now also be made in Table Saw and doubl
  11. Wait. Does this mean I can demand my money back from Showtime for subscribing to Dexter? They owe me for that damn finale
  12. To tag on to your point I would say being a blue collar "house flipper" who developed a game they wanted to play actually worked out in their favor. Go stroll through Twitch, or through server discords. You will see a LOT of middle aged to older aged players. Right alongside younger ones. I would say that their life experience actually puts them MORE in tune with what the common player enjoys and wants to see in a game. I've never seen a more diverse group of players in terms of age than this one.
  13. Ravenhearst 7.2.0 for 19.2b4 Stable has Released Now available on the Launcher Client Files Server Files Head to our Discord for bug reports, help and information. We hope you guys enjoy this edition, but remember it is still unfinished so expect issues, bugs and possibly wipes until we reach stable 7. Patch Time! A Wipe May Be Necessary, New Install Needed Updated to Stable 19.2b4 Addition: Cubish Poi by evilracc0on Addition: More Vanilla Foods Balance: Reduced xp on air drop zeds Balance: Lowered proba
  14. What? The game had pois so you CAN search.... which you need to do anyway to find the duct tape you refuse to craft. The game also shouldn't take into account you playing above your level and be balanced based on that choice. In essence you are saying I do horde every night but because I do I don't have time to waste in pois looking for a pot. The solution is horde every night is a bit difficult so I'll do horde every other night. Not make this easier for me.
  15. Thank god this was moved out of dev diary, was afraid someone would actually read my post. We moving all the "omg it looks amazing cant wait" posts too? since those definitely fall under discussions, albeit more positive ones. One of the reasons i will never say i wasted money on it, or regret buying it. It gave me over 4000 hours of amazing enjoyment. But even the strongest most classic of cars run out of mileage and cant be amazing forever. Stronger shinier faster models are always an inevitability.
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