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  1. Hearing all that again makes me really miss the older alphas. Im going to look into this and try. Last I tried this it was only possible via altering the assembly which they look down on now. Man that video brings back memories
  2. Unfortunately I am going to remove wellness for now until it is fixed. The good news is that theres a lot to this next udpate to warrant a new game! You will want to make a brand new download as some folder structures have changed now with the use of BepinEx, thanks to Yakov and Redbeards work on RH. Here are the notes! v1.8 -Updated Hud -Fixed Localization on Armor Mods -Added Old Menu Music (Will play after 5 seconds due to Pimps not allowing the logo screen to be edited) -Added Hornet from Khaines Modlet which can be found here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/25751-khaines-a20-modlets-bigger-backpacks-lockable-slots-behemoths-random-wandering-hordes-etc/ -Fixed Zombies Not Running -Updated ModInfo -Added Wolf and Snake Meat along with charred and grilled recipes -Rebalanced Zombie Loot. Now there is a chance of 0 loot in a zombie while looting them. -Added Spheres New Cave System and Updated Spherecore. New maps reuired for new caves -Updated Goukis Building -Updated Spherecore -Added Opening Logos and BepinEx -Added Steel Bars and Wood Bars -Added Window Recipes -Added Wood Log Spikes and Spikes -Changed Color and Wording of Iron Hoe -Removed Wellness
  3. That is a separate mod, the mod info is just one that i reused instead of creating a new link on it. Walk only is definitely not intended and i will look into it when the holidays settle down more. I like these ideas. right now the other animals use only the venison or pork if i recall since pre 17 we didnt have those animals. I will create meat for them. Im going to see what i can do about gore blocks we can use khaines hornet modlet. im sure he will be ok with that. Awesome finds. The music requires coding to change which i am not against. I think at some point we have to require harmony stuff to get some removed mechanics back in anyway.
  4. I've never used any mods on 7D2D and im used to installing mods but i have to be doing something wrong because i cannot get this mod to work. Any assistance would be great, Thanks.

  5. Added a new mod Molds in the Forge Adds molds that can be placed in the forge tool slot. Needed to make pipes, nails, casings, tips, cement and jars. Download This Modlet
  6. Thank you this solved it! New release now available. Suggested a new save and map generation to see caves!! v1.7 -Removed Clay from Desert terrain -ReAdded Wood Log Spikes -ReAdded Blunderbuss -ReAdded Blunderbuss Ammo -Fixed Wood Item Repair Issue -Added Yakovs Wellness Modlet which can be found here https://7daystodiemods.com/yakovs-wellness-system/ -Added Goukis Old Farmland https://7daystodiemods.com/gk-return-to-old-farmland/ -Added Rabbit KaBobs -Added Stone to Underground mining replacing small stones. Placed in forge 1 piece = 25 Units of Stone -Added Molds for the forge. Pipe/Bullet Casing/Tips/Jars/Nails/Cement -Added Spherecore and his underground cave generation system
  7. I try not to copy other mods but if this is something you think would work well within my mod, i could do my own version of it this way? let me know
  8. Added the Take option like the stations have to the working items Also added destroy to working sinks and stoves and grills. Destroying working versions gives you back the items. Also upped and balanced the economic value so you can make repairing and selling items a career lol
  9. There is ONE null that i can not track down or you guys would have had it. working hard to find the fix. 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.302 INF Loaded (local): sounds 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.418 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'recipes.xml' failed 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.422 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object at RecipesFromXml+<LoadRecipies>d__1.MoveNext () [0x0029b] in <2ba1bc1bbbe64fe49f53fe5235fb7038>:0 at ThreadManager+<CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallback>d__48.MoveNext () [0x00044] in <2ba1bc1bbbe64fe49f53fe5235fb7038>:0 UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStringFromException(Object) Log:Exception(Exception) <>c__DisplayClass52_0:<loadSingleXml>b__2(Exception) <CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallback>d__48:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.502 INF Loaded (local): blockplaceholders 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.651 INF Loaded (local): loot 2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.775 INF Loaded (local): entitygroups It is odd because everything seems to work fine, just close the console window and all the recipes are there just fine. it does not point to anything wither just says recipes.
  10. Fixed this and now updated What you want to see is ovens able to be destroyed and picked up? as opposed to it being a kit to fix them? i can do that for sure
  11. For me I hate screen prompts. The text is immersion breaking. The actual modlet came about because we had a guy on our server who would run into all the pois and grab every single chair and then make base walls out of them, breaking them for nails at night (we had a modlet that added nails to them) so on order to make it more difficult to gather nails i forced having to break them in a poi. Just adds more time out in the world really. I can try to do so, especially will with help from you guys. I do not play on servers much, we co-op and share modlet folders so im not 100 percent sure what pushes to clients. Icons i assume and models are the two big ones that do not.
  12. Their vision has moved to be more fast paced and arcade like while we enjoy the journey and the survival parts. Its awesome they allow modlets and modding because we can make the experience what we enjoy it to be
  13. Added New mod for you that just increases mod slots to 1-1 2-2 5-5 6-6 etc Also updated the Egg in Fridges modlet to give you a chance at 1 more egg in nests
  14. The feral zombie thing can be one of two things. I have noticed if we increase zombie population that they get confused and take a few seconds to recalibrate their AI to follow you which is an unfortunate vanilla issue. The game isnt designed to spawn too many zeds but we like them so YOLO lol Also i did tweak them to be more like A16 zombies which is more "random" and dumbed down. They attack and seek a wider range. I can revert this back if it is too dumbed down. Let me know. Another option is the table saw. We could either put them there, which i agree may be TOO harsh OR we could speed up crafting or add 1 or 2 extra planks to the craft via Saw. In RH the table saw crafts more sticks spikes and boards than doing it in the backpack BUT i want this to remain true to vanilla as possible so even though i like the idea if it wasnt done in a previous alpha i probably wont include it. Great idea though. I have returned the cement mold and stone to underground mining and added a lot of the suggestions. Patch later today! Also the Vanilla Project on the launcher currently is for A20, i gave it to sphere to add to his 19 launcher a few weeks back but i think he has now updated the launcher to include an A20 section and it should be there.
  15. Yes it does This is the A19 thread, these wont work on A20
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