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Alpha 19 Developer Stream Series #5


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Hey Survivalists,


On Monday June 22nd at 9pm CST we will continue our series of behind the scenes interviews with the team that creates all the magic. Lathan will host again and this time his guests will be the Masters of Dungeon POI's themselves, Eric VonRothkirch and Brad Jacobs, level designers for 7 Days to Die. They will be showing some of the new POI's and answering questions on pretty much anything having to do with level design.


If you have any questions or topics you'd like to hear from them, please follow the predetermined path of lights below....





If you missed any of the past developer streams here they are:


Alpha 19 Developer Stream #1


Alpha 19 Developer Stream #2

Alpha 19 Developer Stream #3


Alpha 19 Developer Stream #4

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1) What is your favorite POI and why?


2) How long does it take to finish a POI from start to finish?


3) What process/standards do you use to balance a POI? (e.g. loot containers, sleepers, size, etc.)


4) Do you follow any POI creations made by the community?  If so, do you have any favorites? (e.g. Mag's CompoPack, TopMinder's Prefab Pack, Hernan's Mall, etc.)


5) If someone from the community creates a Knuckle Rub POI that meets the game's standards would you consider adding it to the vanilla game? 😁

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1) Do you guys have plans for more randomizations of a given POI section aside from changes in enemies or swapping hidding spots?

Like : the livingroom gets turned into a kitchen or a bedroom It's a bathroom on the second pass.


2) Do you have a number of POIs that you are aiming for the Gold version of the game, like 100 Tier ones, 100 tier 2s etc or is it more of a "we make X POIs with these characteristics in each tier and see how it feels"?


3) Would you guys want a 16x16 km map for Navezgane to further extend your creativity or are you close to the intended vision of map size regarding POIs ?


4) Can you reveal something that you really want to see inside the game in the future ? For instance, knuckle rub sandwitches, elevators, Lathan Zombie couch model ... etc




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whats being done to prevent people from running straight to the rewards on each PoI, ignoring the intended route and specially most creatures on the way?

recently someone mentioned having a keycard or something from a zombie to open an important chest, was it discussed further within the team? are there other ideas on the table?

rant note: theres a general feeling of questions being ignored which I agree to. Last stream for an example they were showing weapons/tools and when someone asked for a tool that hadn't been updated they just told us that was the case and fine. But.. there was like a dozen different people asking for Bows/Crossbows, probably the most common request at some point, and it went the whole stream without a mention to it.
Prime told us before to ask again because they could miss the question, but if u ask again u get a temp ban from the channel

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  • What POI work remains before gold 
  • Any chance of adding some limited procedural generation to the POIs to reduce familiarity
  • What makes a tier 3 POI different to a tier 4 POI  / tier 5 POI
  • What's your favourite POI and why .    Least favourite POI and why
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Since the introduction of sleepers and the reduction of zombies in the wild, the world is feeling empty and rather static. So I have a 3-part question addressing the issues, aimed towards both level design as well as AI:

  • Will there ever be dynamic spawns inside POIs where zombies would spawn and roam while idle, with different states from sleepers to idle to alerted? I.e. not spawning all zombies as sitting ducks.
  • In regards to the breadcrumb system, could zombies target buildings as part of their AI as to break boundaries between POI spawns and world spawns? I.e. zombies occasionally migrating into buildings from the outside or vice versa.
  • Could zombies exhibit more of a pack behaviour? I.e. where they would path to other zombies, namely the alerted ones, to form groups and hordes more naturally rather than appearing as a random event
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Rick mentioned that Hernan and Sebastian were prefab modders before they were hired.  In what ways did these modders stand out to you?  When do you think TFP are likely to want more designers, and will you continue to hire people (like me :)out of the modding community?

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