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  1. @doughphunghus holy s.. you are a genius! This one works, exactly the effect I wanted 😎 better than this only if I can make it change from time to time 😁
  2. it worked! And I agree, they look super accurate hence why I wanted to change it my other question is on their approach, even after getting in range they keep running towards you like they want to get in the exact same block you are. Is it possible to make them stop when in max range to just attack? thats requires dmt correct? with durgah there, it definitely improved our game! Im using creature/human/zombie packs 😎
  3. Xyth, I have for sure I saw something about reducing their ranged accuracy (humans pack) in xml, but that was long ago.. I recently installed it on my server but I can't seem to find that setting. Can u confirm its possible to alter their accuracy and where we do it?
  4. its ok, I blamed TFP and its all good 😁 its working perfectly so far on the new world, happy with it. And thanks for considering the xp thing
  5. sir 1 - I took the screenshot I promised. For whatever reason this doesn't show up 100% of the time https://imgur.com/a/RMHivYo 2 - the 19.1 version worked perfectly on its own 3 - on dedi server it gives me an error when loading an existing profile. Is there any way to install sphere now without resetting characters? thank you
  6. when in a party u get a message above ur belt stating you gained X shared experience I will record it once one of my friends wake up also thanks for the update I tried changing it myself but no luck so far
  7. EDIT: not relevant anymore, found what was my issue :)
  8. would you share your work with this pleb, please?
  9. hi sphere, seems the 19.1e requires a changes to compile. Unless Im my doing something stupid which is totally possible. do u consider updating for the experimental or gonna wait for stable versions? specially interested in: hide xp popup, random size, anti nerdpole ps. a small suggestion for the future, what do u think of hiding the xp popups from parties as well? (u gained X shared experience blablabla) Thank you!!!!
  10. thank you, f3 definitely made my life much easier 😁 xcostum_Flagstonemansion_sm(by_elitelex) is the one under terrain level, +4 height makes it perfect about the airport, it gives the issue in dedi server too. another thing is the fact that it works in reverse of what it should be, isnt that weird? (both single and dedi) gonna ask people to use pois for the meantime
  11. guys, Im using the updated pack (including the hotfix) but I still face problems with xcostum_airport_rundown(by_gt), the imposter thing. Reason Im here is that I believe this one has a problem in the prefab, different from others that give me the imposter problem. Usually I can logout and open the game again to fix, and different players alternate between having the issue or not. In this airport the issue happens 100% of the time for all players. One very weird behavior is that while a bit far from the POI I see its detailed version, and once I get close it loads the false blocks and all that @%$# we usually get from afar. Like reverse of what it should be. (in editor it works correctly tho, but I get an error while trying to test the prefab) Please, can someone take a look into this one? Its an amazing POI and its sad that its not working properly thank you! ----- EDIT: Also this other poi Im trying to identify to raise its position https://imgur.com/a/t6uZVXp
  12. thats it, I found another video to solve the remaining questions thanks!!
  13. Guys, so I watched the tutorials and tried working with unity. It covers the basics but doesn't help with tags and a few other stuff for weapons. I remember faaaaar long ago I watched a tutorial about weapon and even developed a few custom weapons at the time, it was a17 or a18. If u know of any videos focusing on weapons please point it to me. And ofc if changing just the texture like suggested above is possible then... I would love to know thank you! for now Im working on the xml for these future weapons!
  14. thank you, gonna check it. was hoping for a parameter to just change the texture :c
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