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  1. gonna just remove these two pois then thanks for the amazing work
  2. Sure, thanks! last question.. I'm wiping the server, is there a new version on the horizon?
  3. guys.. about the visible walls that doesnt exist (the two POIs I showed), I dont get the result. Should I just remove it from the list of prefabs? If I keep it and update compo pack once its fixed, will it fix in an existing world?
  4. thanks. So, I have to wait for the prefab creator to update it? Anything we can do in the meantime? also.. @magoli, is it possible to update the satchel location at some point, or is this done by the prefab creator as well? thank you guys! edit: just wanted to mention, I decided to walk around the poi and look for the satchel in case it was actually somewhere. I found 3 containers of that type but they were all empty, I assume those are spots it could spawn?
  5. I recorded it so u can have a better idea of what I'm facing. PLEASE excuse my English. I thought about video settings but two other players went there and saw the same it happens in both airport pois, both have tier 5 quests. Also, the quest exclamation point in the airport didn't appear, nor did the satchel position in airport2 (the military thing). thank you for the amazing work tho!! edit: video link
  6. Magoli, I'm facing an issue on two pois, I see walls that are actually not there, I can go through them and its like a big box around the POI, once inside things look normal. those walls are also flashing sometimes one of the pois is the airport is this a known issue?
  7. small curiosity, will we get new car horns at some point?
  8. So I was able to do it based on someone's else code (I legit don't remember who), its an item that gives u a quest and that quest instantly gives you a skill point. However its showing a confirmation window to accept the quest everytime I use the item and I can't find a way to remove that. Is this even possible? Any other way to reward the player from an item? Thanks! -------- EDIT: small other question: anywhere we can get the full pack of item icons from vanilla? exportitemicons is not working anymore
  9. Damocles, I love ur work and have been using it in my server unfortunately today I updated as I'm about to wipe my server, and I can't generate a map with "border biome : none" can you check this later, please?
  10. asked 4 more people, the 4 liked that mechanic that should not be mentioned (ac---n sk--ls) big mods bringing that back (in a primitive way because of modding limitations) MM like "we know what you want, you don't want that"
  11. Summary: Explosives don't trigger stuff like 'on killed other' unless directly targeted at the enemy (rocket launcher). It also seems to only work with rockets, not even contact grenades directly aimed at a zombie trigger code on kill. this reminds me of the bug in A17 that rockets wouldn't give EXP unless you aimed directly on a zombie. Hitting the ground and the zombie dying to the explosion wouldn't give u experience, which was a problem in crowded hordes where you would kill a bunch of zombies and get exp for one or none of them. Welp, this was fixed long ago but I just realized it still fails to trigger a lot of stuff, however explosions are coded.
  12. So, everything else works except this on my tests. I tried everything I could think of, copied code from the original localization, nothing damn works. I'm talking about : https://i.imgur.com/yq3s1YM.png my localization file [ATTACH]30622[/ATTACH] its this line perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1Desc my perk <perk name="perkLegendaryCraftingClubs" name_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubs" parent="skillLegendaryCrafting" max_level="1" base_skill_point_cost="10" desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsDesc" long_desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsLongDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_club"> <level_requirements level="1"> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="attIntellect" operation="GTE" value="10" desc_key="reqIntellectLevel10"/> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkPummelPete" operation="GTE" value="10" desc_key="reqPerkPummelPeteLevel10"/> </level_requirements> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_set" level="1" value="6" tags="perkPummelPete"/> </effect_group> <effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1Desc" long_desc_key="perkLegendaryCraftingClubsRank1LongDesc"/> </perk> thanks.. this is the only thing holding me from releasing my mods. ---------------------------- EDIT: There's something magical that you spend 4 ♥♥♥♥ing days on the same issue and find no clue, but as soon as you post for everyone to see ur struggles the solution descend right in front of you. My effect description was out of the effect group. Gonna leave this so everyone can see I'm dumb as f. Localization.txt
  13. +1 anything we can use to bring the atmosphere to a18 would be great I'm downloading it but not confident I can adapt it
  14. sorry to go back to this but, is this intended or a bug afterall? Like, when it says 16s duration I expect it to be the molotov fire and not the buff duration on each zombie. Am I the only one to think like this? Either way thanks for clarifying that part
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