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  1. any idea if the game stage boosts from different biomes gonna be moddable/exposed in the xml? appreciate any info regarding this
  2. melee weapons are not amazing for their damage, but the utility they bring with stun/knock down is great. Many players stick to melee weapons to the late stages of the game. Spear lacks some way of controlling enemies and thats why it sucks so hard compared to all other options. Sledgehammers + heavy armor are the biggest offenders, people never die. edit: they also scale very well with the chance to dismember/ explode heads.
  3. how do you feel about 19.5, we close or something major to fix?😃
  4. hey zeh, do you still work on this? or plan to work for it once a20 drops?
  5. are there plans to add a new zombie to the snow biome, to diverse from the lumberjack?
  6. if only we had other people involved into this. Im sick of madmole always being there to say he dislikes good things or that he knows better than the community whats fun for us. The EA approach you know. Unfortunately that puts me at risk of being banned what annoys me every time I see certain things mentioned - like a few mechanics in the earlier pages of this topic - is that TFP actually DID great things, and for god knows what reason they changed these. Great ideas that came from themselves! From simple things like getting plants with E to entire mechanics like LBD. Not only that, they remove some stuff required to make these work - like they are afraid with proper mods its still gonna be more popular than their choice -. U talk to another guy from TFP (like Rick in the interviews pre a19), they are far more open to discuss or at least explain why they take X or Y approach. ----- back to the loot system specifically: It was ridiculously easy from the start, and got slightly better over the versions. Quality 6 gear too early, too many items per loot, some POIs being too good compared to others. I made progression far slower, changed certain loot containers to have less items (or even zero), added some junk to containers that were too good (libraries!). When we talk about POIs, those loot rooms are by far the biggest problem. There are some ideas floating around but talking about current modding, I heavily nerf those and try to spread the loot through some more common containers. Not what I would like to have, but it diminishes the problem at least. nerdpole blocked thanks to sphereii. 🙏 Oh.. and I had to heavily nerf traders too, not so much the items available but more the prices to buy and sell. I wont even get to perks and how they interact with the gameplay pace. Overall the game seems to have gotten shorter those recent alphas. Important Im complaining about progression. There are a lot of good stuff that makes me play the new versions.
  7. it never happened in other scenarios. Its pretty consistent, only compo pack, only those few huge pois. I'm gonna try half textures. I always assumed it was something wrong with the POI instead, but no one trusts me 😐
  8. I use a SSD, but I do play on a nitrogen map, thats true. Nitrogen + compopack, this happens to me only in big POIs, two specifically. I can stream at any point, share screen on discord or whatever. Its consistent. I play with full textures but most other config at a low setting.
  9. guys, Im pretty much desperated at this point. There are some huge and beautiful pois Im yet to explore. what is driving me crazy is how everyone says "pois" helped, yet I cant even use it. Everytime I use it I get "distant pois not active". And if I use it again, I get the exact same message. Theres no on/off, true/false, 1/0. Its just always inactive and although it says that the phantom blocks are there. I can even stream if needed, just looking for guidance working around this
  10. radiated unicorns when? hopes for the water being ready for a20
  11. hey.. Im using the chicken coop, love it! I got an error recently tho which made some of them go invisible: Block on position -1881, 41, 388 with name 'FRK_Coop_Full' should be a parent but is not! any idea on this? thank you
  12. I would use for my dedi server, which means making those changes available for download to its players. I do upload resources but not the xml tho, so my mods are never functional outside my server. I wouldnt distribute them as part of any other modlet either.
  13. guys, are we allowed to modify the textures? would have to work on adapting those to PBR, at least at a basic level
  14. danielspoa

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    I dont know how much of an issue it is. Im worried for performance and for losing that aspect of survival if u have a bunch of mercenaries around (I dont know how many u can have, I just tested if u could get more than one :P) My idea was to limit to 1 per player, specially for dedi server. Whats ur opinion on it?
  15. danielspoa

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Xyth, is there a way to limit the amount of survivors you can hire?
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