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  1. I was starting to think he was trying to find the perfect leather jacket for Jensen just to get his hands on a 3080Ti early A20 id be surprised, but all good news anyway, keep up the good work
  2. Haha maybe they didnt update pois yet, i havent found them yet eather
  3. Did ya start a new map, i think thats the only way to get them
  4. If you wana talk about facts, well then lets see. men have testosterone which directly related to muscle mass, bone density and whatever else bulks ya up. Women dont have this all natural 100% organic Non-GMO gluten free testosterone that men have. So that being said man in relative to women are gonna be stronger genetically. Ya you can have some bulked up women but your everyday house wife isnt gonna look like a UFC champion.
  5. hahaha he didnt say that (at least for arrows) but i can see him saying that because that the reason he gave to got rid of 10MM ammo
  6. I dont think so, in fact thats somthing mm would say, tho i dont mind how it is now Thats for gameplay, if one recipe unlocked a whole class of a weapon or tool, by day 30 youll have everything unlock and nothing else to do! Now that would be too boring
  7. @madmole could we see the military truck as a drivable vehicle in a future Alpha, would be neet to see since the model is already in the game? You could make it like the auger where you have to find the schematics to build it, with their being no perk to unlock it. Would be a nice end game thing that can hold 6 people
  8. Aaaaaa yes the good old m-word lol. Ya i just cut the tree down and the crate fell to the ground with no problems
  9. Most guns are like this, its a simple fix in the Items.xml If i can remember theirs a number like 0.00063, were it says scope or sight.... just make that a 0
  10. if your not on a server, just press F1 type in cm and open the creative menu and get yourself another one, then type cm again into the console to get out of creative mode
  11. Wow MM you guys are going all out. That sounds fantastic. Thanks for the reply
  12. @faatal For the next beta update in A19 could you fellas fix the misaligned mods on guns such as scopes, lasers, lights, silencers.... Alot of them are ether fused into the gun or just floating
  13. Nice its gonna look great! keep up the good work
  14. i got a mod called Harrys New Calibers, take a look at it if you like a little more realistic calibers https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/390
  15. @madmole when the finishing touches come to weapons could the Marksman Rifle get some better iron sights instead of the 3 little triangle points?
  16. @madmole if upgrading to Unreal Engine means the removal of the destructible ground/world. I wouldnt risk making that change for the 7 Days to Die title. The destructible world/1 meter building blocks and random world generation is what makes this game so enjoyable. And the 1 meter block IMO is so much better then how rust and fallout does their bace building, it gives the player freedom to add more details with out the eyesore of a repetitive wall or shapes (you can quite literally make a house look like a house) And last RWG this is why i have so many hours on this game, you can have unlimited amount of different worlds to explore. Repeatability of this game is endless. Every world is different and unique If you get rid of one of these (destructible worlds/1 meter blocks or RWG). Please make it a different title as that strays too far from 7 days to die unique gameplay that people know and love. Im sure you know this but some AAA developers dont and when they release a sequel it fails, all because they got rid of the few things that made that game unique can you please reply to this even with the simplest answer, id just wana get a clue to the future Back to A19 talk
  17. @madmole is it gonna be a flint-lock type of gun? or some salvaged DIY pipe guns or some re-imagine old school guns like a spencer repeating rifle no more gun nut talk ☹️
  18. Well dam, you aren't kidding Gazz You guys gotta catch up to them haha looks like a nice game tho, gonna have to try it out
  19. I bet, you can convert omost any gun to shot any caliber. One can dream right (7D2D 2 should be a nice upgrade in the ballistics department of stuff)
  20. For thoses who want to know the guns in the game and the caliber they shoot IRL (not including shotguns) Pistols 1 - Pistol = beretta m9 - 9mm Luger 2 - Revolver = Smith & Wesson Model 629 - 44 Mag and some other calibers 3 - Desert vulture = Desert eagle - 50AE but also has a 44 Mag Model SMG 1 - SMG = MP5SD - 9mm Luger or what others say 9x19 parabellum/ 10mm auto and many more Carbines 1 - AK47 = AK47 - 7.62x39mm 2 - M4/M4A1 (all the same thing really) - 556x45 NATO or 223 Remington 3 - M60 = M60 - 7.62x51 NATO Rifles 1 - Hunting Rifle = Remington 700 - SOO MANY CALIBERS, this can fire 308 which is just a stronger 7.62x51 NATO round 2 - Marksman Rifle = R11 RSASS - 308/7.62x51 NATO 3 - 3rd Tier Rifle (forget the name) = Dragunov svd - 7.62x54R Ammo types in game (no shotguns) 9mm 44 mag 7.62 Calibers needed to be in game if guns worked with their respected ammo 9mm Luger 44 Magnum 50 AE (Not necessary) 10mm Auto (Not necessary) 223 Remington (Not necessary) 556x45 Nato 7.62x39mm 7.62x51 Nato 308 Winchester (Not necessary) 7.62x54R Which brings us to 6 different calibers that would be needed in order to make the game MORE realistic, but the game doesnt state if 7.62 ammo is 7.62x51 or 7.62x54R so tactically the game isnt all that wrong So ya alot of guns use 7.62 and its kinda smart where TFP ended up doing their ammo types but it does leave much to be desired. As TFP has stated adding more calibers will clutter inventory (Not including shot shells) We currently have 3 calibers with 2 variants of each Hollow Points, and Armor piercing Total of 9 different ammo We only need 6 different calibers to be "realistic" but i would doubt TFP would bring HP and AP ammo if they went the realistic route as that would create allot of ammo variants What would you rather want (vote) Knuckle-Rub for the original 3 different calibers with HP and AP Total of 9 bullets Sympathy for the realistic Calibers 6 different calibers WITHOUT HP and AP Total of 6 bullets
  21. <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="Sound_start" value="m60_s_fire"/> <!-- Switch me --> <property name="Sound_end" value="silencefiller"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="-0.001,0.0050,0.2800"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="1,1,1"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunLaserSight']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="SideOffset" value="0,0.0510,0.31"/> <property name="SideScale" value="1,1,1"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunFlashlight']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="SideOffset" value="0,0.0480,0.31"/> <property name="SideScale" value="1,1,1"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunReflexSight']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="ScopeOffset" value="0,0.105,-0.0560"/> <property name="ScopeScale" value="0.63,0.63,0.63"/> <property name="ScopeCameraOffset" value="0,-.0245,0"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunScopeSmall']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="ScopeOffset" value="0,0.1100,-0.1"/> <property name="ScopeScale" value="1.05,1.05,1.05"/> <property name="ScopeCameraOffset" value="0,-0.025,0"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunScopeMedium']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunMGT2TacticalAR"> <property name="ScopeOffset" value="0,0.1000,-0.0950"/> <property name="ScopeScale" value="1,1,1"/> <property name="ScopeCameraOffset" value="0,-.026,0"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> Just So you Guys Don't Have To Waste Your Time
  22. @faatalCould you make it possible for us to change the weapon reload sounds. In the XML <property name="Sound_reload" value=""/> Does Nothing
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