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  1. v1.5 is out, more details in the first post or the release notes. It's been a while, I forgot that I needed to post a new comment (as opposed to editing an existing comment) for the thread to show up.
  2. Well, I'm finally back. I was away from the game for a while and then I built myself a new PC and didn't have any of the tools installed so I procrastinated. Anyways, expect some new designs soon. Here's a sneak peek:
  3. The Patrol Gaming one if based on Purple. I had no plan for a second purple one at this time. The workflow to create a new 3d vehicle asset is not exactly straightforward and since Vehicle will see from love in A20, it might be possible use mod in order to change the look. They will had the ability to tint them. There is a good chance that PaintJob will stop working so I would not suggest investing time in new 4x4 variation at this point. If you want to know how to extract the asset from the game, modify them, created a new asset based on it, and create a mod to use it, I would suggest Guppy's Discord channel and Xyth YouTube channel. That's basically where I got all the information I used.
  4. Just a quick update. I'll have some vacation during the Holydays and I plan to do some work on the mod. @CrazyAluminum Thanks, I'll fix the typo and see about chemical stuff. @vergilsparda The mod box should be easy, thanks for the icon reference.
  5. Hmmm... interesting idea. I'll see if can find a suitable icon. Any suggestion?
  6. You should not have any problems if you overwrite an hold version. I didn't remove anything so existing crate should will still work (it was the case when I personally did it). You should always backup your save files before playing around with new mods, in particular if you are worried about loosing something. That way, you can quickly verify that everything is fine and if it is not the case, you just restore the old mod and backup files.
  7. It looks like you haven't installed the mod on your PC.
  8. I've been using it without problems with both 19.1 and 19.2. What's the error you get?
  9. Thanks for the explantation. I suspected it was something like that and I'm all for making it harder for spammer. I guess to request the access, I guess that the simplest way to request edit access is to report my own mod post? [I just saw that you had already given me the right to edit. Thanks a bunch.]
  10. @mr.devolver Thanks, now I know I'm not going crazy :-). I tried adding a new replies to my mod thread. The replied worked but I'm still unable to modify the first post of the thread. Where would be the proper place to report bugs with the forum?
  11. I somehow can't edit the first post of the thread anymore. Version 1.16 is available here: https://github.com/Laotseu/7dtdMods/releases/tag/PaintJob_v1.16 This release includes (among other things) a complete redesign on the red jeep
  12. Anyone else can't edit their post anymore? I was trying to edit my mod post with information about the new version but the Edit button is no longer displayed. [I can edit this new post though...]
  13. Just saw your message. You need to craft the original vehicle. Using it as a material, you can craft using alcohol a scrubbed version of said vehicle. Using the scrubbed version of the vehicle as material, you can craft any of the colourful design using pain. v1.15 is out with Pink Motorcycle and Green Camo Jeep.
  14. I actually want that myself. Unfortunately, I haven't found yet how to reverse engineer the Text writing script that FunPims use. It's similar to why I can't add blocks that can be painted or add new texture to the avaiable paints. I'm looking into it but get your hopes up.
  15. When you load your game, you should see somthing like this in the log (or by pressing F1 while the game is loading): 2020-09-15T22:22:51 11.172 INF [MODS] Trying to load from folder: MoreContainers 2020-09-15T22:22:51 11.198 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: MoreContainers (1.4) If you don't see this message, something went wrong with the installating. I have more detail instructions here: https://github.com/Laotseu/7dtdMods/blob/master/Modlet Installation.md To use the new containers, craft a Wooden Storage / Furniture: Put the storage box on your tool belt and press R to choose the new designs: The link to all my mods is in the first post. https://github.com/Laotseu/7dtdMods/blob/master/README.md
  16. So long as you do not charge anything for it, you make it clear that I'm the author of the mod, and that you put a link to my mod pag (https://github.com/Laotseu/7dtdMods/blob/master/README.md) in your mod package, you are welcome to use my mod. Nice, I like it.
  17. Thanks you for letting me know about StorageSize, I've fixed the link. I haven't test MorePaintTextures and MoreBlocks with Alpha 19 at all. MorePaintTextures might work without change but I doubt that MoreBlocks does because many block and item change name with Alpha 19.
  18. Important: For this modlet to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player's computer. Do you have friends that can't help themselves and store everything in a specific box for each type of items? I do. This mods add new graphic designs for the storage boxes and also add half-block versions of the storage boxes (for more headspace). The new designs are added to the Wooden Storage / Furniture variant block. When the new containers are destroyed, they are put in the player inventory. This allow players to move the containers or to select a different design. 1.5: Even more crates Cement Mixer, Chemistry, Crafting, Electricity, Gas, Gun Craft, Modding, Plants, Resources, Tool Smithing 1.4: New crates New Auto Parts and Workbench designs 1.3: Bug fixes Secure Armors Storage now available to players (only could use Insecure version before) Writable Storage now get drop in your inventory if you destroy it 1.2: Alpha 19 fixes Fix: The wood container variant block changed name with Alpha 19 Work on textures to make them look better with new lighting system 1.1: Rebuild assets for the new linear lighting (Alpha 19) 1.0: Fist official version which includes New design for generic, armors, barter (trader), forge, mining, and recycle storage boxes Everything is also available in half-cube format All new storage boxes are added to the wood storage and furniture helper Release Notes v1.5 Download v1.5 All my mods
  19. It is exactly that. I advice not loading MotorcycleVariations if you are using PaintJob, but I wanted to make sure that there would be no conflict. At some point, I'll probably remove this. I just need to change the name space in a way that will not affect save games i.e. if you already have a motorcycle and you update the mod, I don't want you save game to throw red errors messages and you have lose the motorcycle.
  20. v1.14 with minibikes is out. See first post for details and links.
  21. v.1.13 is out. See first post for details and links.
  22. Thanks for this @FreakUK. I don't use Harry's Vehicle mod so it would have been very hard for me to fix it. I like the idea of a Black and Red motorcycle so it will probably happen :-).
  23. I think that Lucky Looter go "scalled" more propely just like the loot. The perk now gives you a % augmentation instead of a falt numerical bonus. This mean that it has less impact then before early game and more in the late game. This for me is good. In Alpha 18, putting early points in Lucky Looter was cheesing the game. You then get guns and an auger by day 7-10. The new progression is way better. It makes all the tier weapons worth using and find the new tier feels like an achivement. The Fun Pims will fix the trader loot to scalled, hopefuly in Alpha 19, and it will also be nice. Right now, you can cheese the game by doing lots of quest and buying an automaic shorgun or even a motorcycle in the first week. This has to go in my opinion. The only thing that do not quite work right now are the tier 3 tools. You get them at the same time as you get the power tools and you basically have no incentive to use the steel tools. The power tools are like tier 4 tools that are available at the same time as the tier 3. I don't know how Fun PImps can fix this as I don't feel like 4 tiers would work right. My 2 cents.
  24. Bicycles and motorcycles are now included in version v1.12 (see first post for details). @Finch55 I didn't do a Jeep, but I did a motorcycle with the Australian Green and Yellow.
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