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  1. Inside areas at night, without any light source should fix the ambient light to zero. One could make an argument that its never totally dark outside at night, but a cellar should be pitch black.
  2. Toilet-paper is strangely missing, given that there was an epidemic breakout. People must have stocked up at that time.
  3. But watch out, profane language might get bleeped in the future. You never know.
  4. If your system cant manage 16k (not enough memory), you could try 14 or 12k. Those maps are still huge, and take quite a bit less resources. 16k is really more for tinkering around, or very populated (powerful) servers.
  5. I have also seen this bug appear on A19 map that have trader POIs. Next to the issues caused by using old A18 maps, there seems to also be a bug in the marker placement code for proper A19 maps. It either does not show up at all, or points to the zerovector (0,0,0).
  6. The generation will take a lot of ram, as the game uses several full size images to define the world. Turning off the preview map generation will save some ram. (there is a tool to generate previews afterwards) Also: close NitroGen when playing the game, to release the system memory.
  7. The problem with food is balancing a constant consumption with an aggregating income. This will always lead to food to be to scare in the beginning, and too plentiful in the end. There is a reason other games use food spoilage to limit the possible stock, so obtaining food is still a relevant activity later in the game.
  8. ALL roads in NitroGen go to a POI or POI group. Thats always their start and endpoint. There are not dead ends for country roads. They just might not be right onto the POIs driveway. RWG solves that by making a small road along the front of the POI, but that also looks off sometimes. The roads in the city grid block have some dead ends. But its a very short piece of driveway.
  9. Your water levels might be off somehow. The flat areas are lakes. I dont know what you have all edited on your map, since you use a vanilla biome.png.
  10. The desert has way too little contrast between the shadows and sun-lid surfaces. Its always looks like its under an overcast sky.
  11. A known bug. The imposter models dont despawn when near them. Should be fixable in the next versions.
  12. I guess thats somewhat related to the main road intersections, where the road is not visible under the mask, but the smoothing somehow activated. Do you have those dots when roads are off? Separated islands + mask dont work well with the way roads are calculated. The radiation.png is not generated in the imported heightmaps (different generation, never got around implementing it in that branch). But you can add the files manually. The game distributing water is quite buggy. Best is to try keeping large bodies of water more shallow, this might prevent those missing water lines.
  13. 16k maps are really pushing the hardwares limits. Your system most likely ran out of memory. You can start it via the start_8G_Ram_16kMaps.bat file and assign more memory (increasing -Xmx8G to -Xmx12G or so) With the .bat start you can see if there was an out of memory error also. Another thing is to turn off the preview map, which saves some memory. You can reduce the number of farms, rednecks, old towns and traders (outside the city) to reduce the road-path calculations.
  14. All those trader not appearing (or underground) bugs are related to loading in old worlds, or worlds using the A18 prefablists. The trader quests seems to then show a marker at 0,0,0 wich is underground. The trader names changed, so A18 world will not load any trader POIs, but still run.
  15. People also complain here all again and again that traders are missing: thats not an RWG bug, but simply people loading in old A18 worlds, that dont have the new POI definitions. "Merging POIs" is certainly a bug of having either old modded prefabs or trying the old prefablists. And the phantom blocks are simply distant models (imposters) that dont get removed when getting close. Thats a bug in the game. Not the world files. Your friend should try a clean A19 install, and using the default settings with the A19 vanilla prefablist, and then try spotting any of those bugs mentioned.
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