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  1. Being lazy is an important trait for a developer. Else the would not be much creativity spend on improving workflows, making life easier in the end.
  2. Minecraft also uses a single texture atlas for the voxels. At least when I played the beta version back then. The chunks can contain all kinds of textures on the blocks, as players can alter the world freely. As soon as such a block is placed/painted, the texture need to be available. Maybe some fancy dynamic resolution loading thing could add more textures. But that is complex, probably slow and error prone.
  3. There is no "Unity voxel system", its custom code running within Unity. The logic how its rendered would not be substantially different in other universial engines. Since a block with a specific texture can be anywhere in the world, those textures need to always be in memory. In most other games its easier to handle this, as they have premade static worlds. Its known what textures are used in which area of the gameworld. So textures that dont occur in a specific area can be removed from the memory (or using a low res version, until a high res version is needed, when the player gets close.)
  4. Using falling blocks as a trap. Have not seen that used much in a lets play. Interesting idea.
  5. Could be a different sound effect. Like just the tapping sound of a running dog, not the growling. It would be still fair, but less obvious.
  6. Zombies (also Dogs) should randomly make no sound at all. This will make the player never trust to hear them in time approaching.
  7. Pathfinding in 3D space if very expensive. Especially if no valid path can be found. A* would look though the whole searchtree and end up finding nothing. The Trader might simply making the search impossible to find a path from their spawnpoint to your base. That would explain the apparent freezes. At regular intervals the zombies try the pathsearch again and again, keeping the game running but barely dragging along.
  8. You could spawn in a rabbit, let it flee, and follow it. The A* pathsearch will find a way out for you.
  9. Would be helpful if you can see any Exceptions in the log files. No idea how the pathfinding deals with space occupied by traders
  10. NitroGen map in Unity (the height-map actually), riding around on a quad. Its kind of a stress test, to see the performance when spawning 150,000 trees.
  11. You would fall long, and then end up in a place full of lost backpacks and spears, that all the previous players lost at one point due to glitching. The spears point upwards.
  12. Implementing an occlusion for non-altered caves is not really hard. The only thing visible above ground would be the entrance, everything else can be left out from rendering. The whole thing gets rendered when the local player is under ground or inside the entrance volume. As soon as the player changes the cave region / digs around, it gets rendered like the voxel terrain is now. So unaltered caves would not have any additional impact, as long as noone digs around, potentially breaking the occlusion "barrier". I would not use some random approach as it was done before, but rather use a collection of premade voxel volumes that get connected in a procedural way, to create meaningful caves. That would take care of structural integrity problems. In the end its a question about how much such a feature would profit the game. But a game that has voxel terrain anyways should not leave out on this opportunity to make interesting locations. And Also to use more random variation in POIs in general.
  13. Check if you have an output directory. This error could show up if there is no actual output directory available. You can also start it via the .bat file, and report the actual Exception that shows in the console.
  14. Hi, I will have another look at NitroGen again when A19 hits, and see if there are things to fix or better up. Doing some other hobby projects currently. For example, here is how a NitroGen heightmap looks in my landscape rendering prototype.
  15. Your castle seriously lacks machicolations between the corbels. Thus there is a blind spot near the wall. In medieval times the lord would not have appreciated that.
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