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  1. Not with the implemented generator. It does not generate POI in the water. You can however manually place additional prefabs by adding them and editing the world position in prefabs.xml. Setting the position (x,y, z), where x and z is the map position, and y is the height.
  2. Jup, just use the heigtmap and mask from the zip, and turn off cities, towns, mountainshuts etc, and keep the other POIs to low. This should be a very small, but usable map then.
  3. I actually redid the mask, (forgot to flip it vertically), its a quirk of the import procedure. http://crongame.com/screenshots/island.zip Biomes have to be created manually if you use imported maps. Basically just paint the colors from a reference biomes.png to the one you will use. Also use the included biomesfixer tool to ensure the correct color format. There is some map creators here who can explain you all the details and quirks.
  4. Inserting images is really buggy now. By either way of adding the image via upload or link, it only shows a link. example This was adding the link, and should show the image. Same problem with uploaded images. I get the browser console message: imageproxy.php:1 GET https://community.7daystodie.com/applications/core/in: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
  5. You can have a look as the mask image. The mask blocks off areas for POIs to spawn. (transparent areas spawn, opaque areas block) You can also add spawnpoints for towns and cities (red and green dots). When you then also reduce the total number of POIs low enough, you can create a small island map from an imported heightmap and mask image. Here an example I quickly made: (I have no idea how to add images now, that actually work... crappy forum software) here the heigtmap and mask http://crongame.com/screenshots/island.zip You should set the town and city to just one, and turn down or off the other POI types. Especially mountain huts, if you dont have mountains. I also set the trader to just one. You can load the import_HM.png heightmap to resources, or into a preexisting output folder. I think the mask is always loaded from resources, so overwrite the existing one.
  6. Unless you have 20 machines of varying performance at home, or run a QA department, I suppose your metrics are specific for your personal setup.
  7. How about cutting the texture resolution of all zombies by half, and adding 4 times as many (including old models) zombies into the game. The enemy variety is really repetitive. And if you have the old artwork, why not use it. Its not that players observe zombies up close anyways. (my grammar is lacking)
  8. Great stuff. Strangely reminds me of Kerbal Space Program. But NASA kind of never really mentioned Musk in the whole stream, while the astronauts drive to the pad in Teslas, wearing a SpaceX suit, going to a SpaceX rocket...
  9. NitroGen can only effect the first step of the world generation (how the terrain looks like, where the roads are, and what POIs will spawn). I guess you mean a dynamic system to visualize your player base as an imposter (POIs use imposters to be visible at far distnance). TFP could implement a system like that at one point, generating an imposter model for chunks that have a lot of player edits (eg, the player base). Lets see if they come around implementing a system, like that.
  10. I hope she will end up better than that UMA version, any chance you can keep in the old Trader Jen model? I really like that artdesign.
  11. I dont think moving to HDRP would be worth the risk for the current project. Maybe the next one.
  12. Linear/gamma lighting is basically just a toggle in Unity. But changing from gamma to linear will require more or less extensive adjustments to textures and lights to have a similar scene. The screenshots look more colorful ... question is, is this how the game should look like in the end, or do you plan to desaturate the world using post processing?
  13. A cave system like the one I talked about can only be implemented from the Fun Pimps side, as this requires new game logic. The world files, as NitroGen prepares them, dont allow for creating actual voxel caves. It only allows to define the heightmap and look of the terrain, and where to place POIs. A procedural cave needs to "cut out" the voxels after the terrain was defined. Only ingame logic can do that. One mod solution would be to have more large cave POIs. Thats where the prefab modders could do something (CompoPack etc).
  14. Edited the link to CompoPack. The recent forum updates broke a lot of links.
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