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  1. Not directly. What you can do is edit the resources/prefablist.txt and add the zone "industrial" to a bunch of houses for example. This will increase the number of houses placed in the industrial "locations", and thus have less of the factories and other industrial/commercial type buildings. Each city will spawn a certain number of POIs for each zone. So assigning POIs to that zone will change the mix. You could also add the zonetype "unique" to the factories, which will make them only spawn once per map.
  2. check under tools, there is a preview generator for exisitng maps. You might want to replace the prefablist to get the updated A19 version there.
  3. Thats why its good to have a second crappy computer to see performance issues early.
  4. The biomes and landscape are conceptually linked. Its based on stamps that define heightmaps and biomes for that landscape stamp. So desert will have its own landscape (flat plains and eroded mesas) . And mountains are either forest, or have a snow top. The forest is kind of the base landscape. There is the option to add north and south with snow and deserts. Those biomes are "painted" over the underlying landscape. (which can lead to some not good looking transitions) Wasteland has its own crater landscape. In summary: you control the "normal" biomes via the landscape sliders. And can add additional biomes after the normal landscape generated. The simplest way to "mod" the biomes is to simply copy in a biomes.png from an RWG map into the world folder (of the same map size).
  5. Wait for CompoPack 44, to have a proper A19 version. Its being worked on.
  6. Its a bug in the game, leaving the distant POI models visible when getting close to the POI. I cant do anything from my side here. The only solution is to reload the world, which makes the models disappear. This bug appeared on dense maps in A18 already. (densely populated maps, and weaker systems then to increase the bug appearing) Given the nature of the bug, it should be an easy fix (removing things when getting close is not rocket science). But who knows if the responsible Dev is aware of the bug.
  7. Its defined in resources / config.txt / TER_WATER_SPAWN_AT coresponds to rgb 33,33,33 Water bodies need to be lower than that (heightmaps using a darker color value), or you need to raise the water level in the config.
  8. So you run A18? If reading main.ttw causes a problem, use the older A18 Nitrogen versions 0.4xx, as the A19 0.5xx will only create a A19 compatable one. The other error on you screen is the game trying to load compopack POIs, that it cannot find in the prefabs folder.
  9. That sounds definitely interesting to have the world have some more regional variation, and a reason to travel further than the hometown, and have higher risk POIs. ... and also does not sound like too complicated to implement with the current mechanics (probably need needs another world-file for the local gamestage level or parameter in the prefab definition, and some audio/visual cue of how dangerous the local area is, like a Geiger counter) .. how long that takes to implement by TFP keeps being a mystery for me...
  10. To skip this initialization step, you could start a savegame on you local machine, and let the game create the initial processed files, and checksums. Then upload this processed world folder to the server. The processing is only done once.
  11. There are two issues floating around: -using an old A18 map -using a new A19, but the UI code has a bug not pointing at the trader You might very well have a trader on your map, but the games UI does not point at it.
  12. Yes, I though it must be related to occlusion. Maybe someone else can verify this.
  13. CompoPack ist not yet released for A19. The linked prefablist, is a workaround for A18 CompoPack to load in a A19, but dont consider this a tested A19 CompoPack release. Its more for tinkering around. A19 seems to be even more memory consuming on A19. So also test if smaller maps (6k, 4k) work on the server. NitroGen can add a lot more POIs to the map (you can turn it down of course also). At one point the servers might not be able to handle it anymore.
  14. The "phantom blocks" are a bug in the game. This issue appeared already in A18, especially if there where more POIs present (such as with CompoPack) It also sometimes appears in vanialla RWG worlds in A19. The reasons is simply, that the distant POI modes (imposters) dont get removed when getting close to the POI. Its either related to the LOD of distant POIs or their occlusion algorithm. The issue is something only the game developers can fix in their code. Exiting and reloading the game will help. Maybe also try to turn off occlusion, and see if it has an effect.
  15. You should try to set the occlusion to off, to see if that resolves the problem.
  16. Its the distant models (imposters) for POIs that dont get removed when getting close. I have seen that happening in A18 before. That bug seems to pop up more often now.
  17. Dont worry, they have a "strike team" on it already.
  18. Another method would be to detect bad paths by recording the success of a path. If a calculated path cannot be traversed by several zombies, the part of the path that fails to work (zombies fall down or get killed), is discouraged (gets a higher cost). The next path search could then try to find a better (longer) path. Or switch the zombies to block-destroy behavior when near the part that failed to work. That type of logic is only really needed during the horde night. Not so much when raiding a POI.
  19. I liked the old system more, as it made the illumination of inside areas actually darker. But the old system obviously had bugs. The next best solution is to adjust the total ambient brightness dynamically when going indoors. Without this adjustment, inside areas would be as bright as outside areas. That would make the world feel boring and oldscool.
  20. If a certain percentage, lets say 30%, of the zombies would not use the pathing, but try to use the direct way to the player and beat on anything in the way, this would reduce the effectiveness of lots of those path-exploit bases. (bases with low material investment) The player would have to fear that those direct-walking zombies break the pillars for example. If they are standing under the player, who is on a floating flatform, they could look for any nearby load-bearing blocks, and start beating on them.
  21. Inside areas at night, without any light source should fix the ambient light to zero. One could make an argument that its never totally dark outside at night, but a cellar should be pitch black.
  22. Toilet-paper is strangely missing, given that there was an epidemic breakout. People must have stocked up at that time.
  23. The generation will take a lot of ram, as the game uses several full size images to define the world. Turning off the preview map generation will save some ram. (there is a tool to generate previews afterwards) Also: close NitroGen when playing the game, to release the system memory.
  24. The problem with food is balancing a constant consumption with an aggregating income. This will always lead to food to be to scare in the beginning, and too plentiful in the end. There is a reason other games use food spoilage to limit the possible stock, so obtaining food is still a relevant activity later in the game.
  25. Your water levels might be off somehow. The flat areas are lakes. I dont know what you have all edited on your map, since you use a vanilla biome.png.
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