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  1. The game is many different things to different people. there's lots of builders who would disagree with your opinion.
  2. So my using the exact same phrase is passive aggressive but his wasn't? Seems more a reader bias than a fact to me. Shrug. "Gotta love it when your dead is dead character at day 61 got reset to level 1 with tutorial on stable." "Gotta love it when people don't back up saves. Hopefully it never happens to you again now. " In BOTH the "passive aggressive" part is the "Gotta love it"....... identical. Purposefully identical. There was a reason I used his own wording in my response. I also intended to teach him to backup and save himself the heartache. As for "looking for a fight" - I'd say that was more on him for actually arguing against the one thing that HE can do to prevent the issue in the future. Not only on this game but on every game AND on every other file in his system. It boggles my brain that someone would argue against creating a backup for any information you consider important. Then of course you have to step in and go completely off topic and just concentrate on attacking me personally. Hmm, seems to be a forum rule about that somewhere?
  3. Yep, passive aggressive post got a passive aggressive response. How many years you've been gaming? really think that's necessary info? In case you think it's relevant I'll just lay a tidbit on ya. You started gaming when I was 31. I'd say I have you beat on gaming years. And no, it doesn't mean a thing. You'd think in 25 years of owning a PC you'd have learned the basic rule. Always back up your files.
  4. Look, you can do what you want obviously but I back up ALL my data on PC. Not just game saves. It's just generally a good idea to have a backup of ANYTHING that matters to you. Even if the game doesn't mess up your own PC can.... Back it up. Period.
  5. You're on a PC. Back up everything....
  6. Gotta love it when people don't back up saves. Hopefully it never happens to you again now.
  7. If you don't have GS's to use then the formula can't be worked.
  8. Vanilla RWG is slow because it takes a lot of time to screw something up that badly. 😛
  9. Screamers spawn a set distance away from the heat source that summoned them. Similar to how bloodmoon hordes work.
  10. Works fine for me. I dig 3x3 tunnel at bedrock, hit a different deposit of something every 35 linear blocks or so.
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