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  1. Read Meganoth's post above with empirical data. It does not drain your food any more than base digestion and healing by eating food.
  2. All the original style POI's are planned to be redone.
  3. Isn't that gonna cause performance issues raising the size of the world to be rendered in?
  4. Huh? Heavy armor has penalties to movement.
  5. It's not broken. It's working as intended.
  6. Sigh, get over yourself. We live in the days of people looking for ways to be offended.
  7. iirc it uses a dev block with more holding power. Forget the name tho, something like bridge steel?
  8. All of that sounds perfectly normal and even intended for D5.
  9. He's thinking of the Nagant M1895 revolver.
  10. It still does occasionally. Like here in a vanilla 19.3 game. 9:36 if it doesn't start at the right time. The underground cave POI causes a massive cliff that he drives over lol.
  11. Intellect has more weapons than the turrets. They specialize in the traps as well.
  12. Or simply rename the 19.4 folder.
  13. Nav is 6k, just for info.
  14. Totally agree and that's how Undead Legacy does it. Forge smelts into ingots. Blacksmith's Forge crafts those ingots into usable forms. What TFP is considering with the forge being just a simple workstation is just boring and taking more away from the game. As you say, why ever chop down trees then?
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