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  1. Read the snowberries' stats .... they are not poisonous anymore. Never assume things are the same in Alpha changes. Read and learn. I use the stone axe and smack the little wood bushes as I walk/run by, free wood. Also use it for tearing down the nests for the extra feathers. and for berries. Even grass if nothing else as I go. Yes I even pick up the loose stones along my path. Free stone with no extra time involved. USE that walking/running time! They all have a use and xp attached and the stone axe is so cheap to repair it is the tool for the job. This is all early game stuff. You're panicking and killing yourselves to prep for a fairly benign D7 horde..... Maybe try calming and teaching your newbs instead of reinforcing their perceived problems?
  2. Snowberries have a use again in A19. Early game food. Smash em with your stone axe as you walk by and snack on them. It's pretty easy to gather 20 or so a day of not more without spending any extra time doing so. That's a couple of steaks worth of food for free. And yes I did mean to say WALK by, don't run 100% of the time and you won't need the massive amounts of food people are complaining about.
  3. Huh? Zombie dog horde starts at GS 4 <gamestage stage="04"><spawn group="ZombieDogGroup" num="04" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage>
  4. Yes, far too bright at night. I don't want instant total blackout but this is not good now.
  5. If that's all the animals you've seen in 14 days you're either not looking or on a MP server that someone hunted out the area. So far I have two games going, both of them killed a deer D1 with the primitive bow. Crouched headshots are handy. Food is meant to be a challenge. It finally is. Gone are the days you could run around like an idiot on D1 not worrying about it. This is a very welcome change imo.
  6. ?? The Revolver IS the Magnum, Same gun..... Did you mean to say the Desert Vulture instead of magnum? That is the semi auto 44 cal.
  7. Stop looking at it as 6 rl cans of food. Look at the numbers. Burning different types of food at different rates? That's a really good way to tie up CPU time for a meaningless "feature".
  8. That's exactly what they do tho. They are worth more in food value so they keep you full longer....
  9. Nah it's easy if you comment just to comment, Regardless of actually meaning anything...
  10. Like: New lighting is awesome. It looks incredible and runs better at the same time. Stone age - love it. I do not want to be finding an AK D1. Period. Food - Love it. I'm still only up to D4 or so but it's always on my mind to be sure and kill something during the day so I have dinner. It steers me to quest in a different direction every day to find fresh animals also. New POI's and Zombies. Love em ofc, who wouldn't. Dislike: Combat music. As I feared, it's already close to making me want to turn off the rest of the music just to get rid of the combat music. It is not only very repetitive but it also serves as an unwanted warning that zombies are coming. If I don't see thew 5 zombies coming my way then I want my first clue to be blood splatters as one of them hits me. I DO NOT ant the music to warn me they are coming. Candies - No thank you. I hate temp buffs. Period On Screen Sprites - Urgh. Hate em. I'm not 12 and playing a kiddie game. Especially the digging circle. Seeing them on the compass was plenty. I do not want stuff onscreen in my direct view. Overall I love A19. Fantastic progress and polish across so many areas of the game.
  11. Was it the dog horde with the zombie bear? The one that starts at gamestage 5, just like it has since A17? GS 5/55/105/etc...
  12. Uninstall, delete folders, reinstall.
  13. Yea......I use Nave for exp then wait til Nitrogen gets updated for RWG in Stable branch... TFP needs to hire that guy...
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