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  1. If your HD is that full then 7dtd not liking it is the least of your problems.
  2. I wouldn't call that an improvement tho, that's the point...
  3. But thing is, that is NOT how Dobermans look. Dobies have brown, damn near always... This dog looks burnt. No fur texture, no brown, burnt.
  4. So we have a special dog just for the burnt forest? I don't see this fitting into the world at large very well.
  5. Hmm, the topic is club mods. None of the club mods are just generic stat mods...
  6. If you want console help then post in the console section of the forums...
  7. Chain and ergo grip mod are my faves. Absolutely cannot tolerate the flaming shaft mod. It irritates me to no end seeing flames in front of my face 24/7.
  8. Sex Rex Healing factor Master Chef Pummel Pete Those are my first four. Next point gets me a forge and then I work on sex rex/pummel/miner 69er then branch out from there.
  9. Nitrogen uses zero vanilla files to generate it's world. Editing the biomes folder to get more ores underground will work. Those generate when you open the region anyway so even if changed mid game they will still affect the map in unexplored areas. I've done it, in a Nitro map. Idk if the same is true for the boulders, never tried them.
  10. Gamestage 110 and you think 150 zombies is a lot? Seems low to me actually. Total there should be in the 200-300 range iirc. When you hit GS 153 you'll start getting the Demolishers. Nothing to see here folks, all working as intended.
  11. um.............. ??? It has a number...look at it.
  12. D doesn't matter, what was your Gamestage? That's what horde is based on and 150 zombies is not even close to the top end hordes.
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