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  1. I think it's funny how often this gets brought up. I mine at night, almost every night in fact. I have yet to have a single zombie ever dig down to me or even try to dig down to me. I mine the same way I always have. at bedrock. I dig a shaft down from in my base then run off in cardinal directions. Problem solved. All you have to do is the same thing we've done for multiple Alpha's.
  2. Aye, that's why I have the minibikes wheels I mentioned in my original post. I've just not seen a motorcycle anywhere in Navezgane so far to wrench. Nor have any of the traders had a motorcycle wheel.
  3. So turn zombie block damage down. It's in the options for a reason. Use the tools given to you by the game.
  4. There is no IF. They have stated repeatedly and for a long time that the game is built around PVE and that maybe after it is finished they will give PVP some attention.
  5. Ok, so in other words just keep doing what I'm doing. Tho I have yet to see a broken motorcycle anywhere. I did see a broken minibike but no motorcycle. Thx.
  6. Ok I gotta ask. Where do I find a motorcycle wheel? I'm on D41 level at level 47. Got 2200 zombie kills so I am out there looting daily and can't find it. I bought the chassis ans handlebars from the trader. I have minibike wheels / car wheel, car/compact/aviation and buggy engines but can't find a motorcycle engine for the life of me. Riding the bicycle is getting really old. Is it because I'm playing Navezgane? Is there like 1 special spot somewhere that it is and I haven't been there yet? Little help needed please!
  7. Yea, never go with the pre config system. Choose your own mb/gpu/cpu etc.
  8. You've not played A20 so stop acting like you know anything about the balance in it.
  9. or just open the door, stand there and stealth shot em one by one. When then come to you in that little room kill them and go call forth the next contestant. I learned that after the 1st time I did that POI. Did you not learn? Well now you know. When you say "everyone" you're almost always wrong.
  10. I'm scared they're gonna wreck her. "Ring" girl is an icon imo. Plus she's damn near a dead ringer for PokketNinja, Joel's step daughter. Pretty sure we're about to be unhappy.
  11. Yep, that illustrates the point very well. We just don't see the behind the scenes time. Same as with non early release games, it takes years before we see any of it. People have a hard time grasping that concept tho.
  12. Yep, as I said, None of it makes sense to you.
  13. Because all the BS off topic stuff gets moved to dev diary discussion in general section.. Like this post of mine will be.
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