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  1. Sleeper respawn is tied to loot respawn. Biome respawn is not.
  2. That hasn't been true for a long time. If you're gonna try the reality argument at least learn what reality is.
  3. So you want to change the lever gun because it is too hard to clean, then you want to change the Ak into a M-16? So exactly the opposite? You're not even consistent within your own desires yet want them to conform to your vision? My 2cents is learn to mod, it's the only way you'll EVER get all you want from the game.
  4. Zombies in a game, or movie, or book are exactly and only what the artist making said thing decides they are. YOU do not define them. THEY do.
  5. Well no kidding feeding 4 out of 34 plots may be an issue for space...
  6. Yea, you aren't gonna make sand in a cement mixer. The tolerances just are not even close to being fine enough for that. If they were it wouldn't work for making concrete very well either.
  7. Lol I didn't even look at the name but if he (and apparantly this is the case) doesn't even remember what he said he was eating then YES, I am. He said he was eating 3 stacks a day then when I confront him abut it he then says it was only 1 stack and a half?
  8. You do not decide what is finished. The people making the game do. I'll repeat for you. bandits were never finished. Period. Fact. End of story.
  9. you can get bicycles for free for finishing tier one quest line... no acid/wheels needed.
  10. He said in his post that his friends were eating a stack and a half and that he was eating three, count that, 3 stacks. Yes I know he's on 90 minute days. I'm on 120 min days. Yes I also read his play session length meant that was 30 stews in 3-3.5 in game days, Almost double my consumption rate. Please actually read what you're responding to.
  11. My point is you not counting them as supporters. When it was YOU that brought your GF into this, using her as some sort of "expert" to reinforce your point then it is perfectly valid to use the actual facts of her experience vs the experience needed to code a game being different.
  12. If you're truly eating 30 beef stews a day I can't see how. Even at 90 min days. I play 120 min days, also all melee and only eat 3-4 a day. I think you're wildly exaggerating your actual food intake.
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