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  1. This is a cross-post, which I think will be okay under the rules, but let me know if it's not. I just released version 2.0 of my split level prefab, and this time instead of screenshots I made a full walkthrough video of me doing a quest at this POI. While I hope people download and play it, the focus of this post is the video, for that audience of people that just like to watch videos of others playing. With that said, this is a complete walkthrough video with full spoilers. If you like what you see, you can download & discuss the mod here.
  2. >>> Click Here to Download <<< I'm pleased to announce version 2.0 of my split level house prefab. This update includes: Alpha 19 compatibility (last tested with A19.4 b7) Graphics refresh to take advantage of new decor options Reworked lighting Sleeper improvements, including reduced sleeper counts to target a Tier 4 standard Rather than just take some screenshots, I figured users would appreciate a full walkthrough video. That means this video has FULL SPOILERS, so I suggest skipping around to get just a taste if y
  3. Hmm. Come to think of it, even if the developers did nothing there'd be nothing stopping you from having your flying junk drone active when you hop in your vehicle. The only question would be whether it's fast enough to keep up with you. And it's probably easier to just make it follow at any speed than it is for you to outrun your drone, its chunk gets unloaded, it suspends its state etc.
  4. For what it’s worth, that’s what’s causing the divots in the first place. Destroying a car ‘block’ is leveling off the underlying terrain, the same as if you’d laid down wooden frames in that spot. Even a very flat road may be raised uniformly a half meter above the cutoff between voxels, so you can go down a rabbit hole of placing more and more frames and still having a bump. We could sure use a good terrain smoothing tool. Even in the prefab editor, slopes are a messy proposition.
  5. Can confirm, because the loading screen tip for this just came up for me.
  6. LAN line? You think the term is LAN line? Oh dear... you're going to make some of us feel old.
  7. Color coding, e.g. some way, any way, to visually distinguish whose vehicle is whose in multiplayer. Off road tires, with stats adjusted so that off roading, hill climbing, etc. is laborious without an appropriate vehicle and mod. Passive weaponry, e.g. existing spikes & cow catcher type pieces become a separate mod, with stats adjusted so you can't blithely plow through a deer like it's nothing, at least without this mod. This could be split out between mods focusing on entity damage and block damage. Active weaponry, e.g. a mounted turret, either automatic or controlled by a passenge
  8. Do another quest with supplies. If you're lucky, there may be safeguards in the code to remove ALL supplies from your inventory when you turn it in, instead of just one unit.
  9. Well that’s surprising, because I can see the green banner on my iPhone right now.
  10. All the flat screen televisions and computers would suggest otherwise. Now, we’re going to have drones, too. However, games frequently include anachronistic/implausible weapons for the sake of fun gameplay. But the interior decor, that was an artistic choice with little effect on gameplay. Of course, you can have vintage stuff that survives into a newer era, so I won’t presume that a zombie with a DynaTAC is completely off the table.
  11. There is a third party map generator called Nitrogen, which has more options for variety. This tool is unofficial and hasn’t been updated for some time though, so reliability is iffy. In the next Alpha, A20, there will be an overhaul to RWG, including changes to the biome distribution: Lastly, if you’re feeling ambitious you can edit Config/rwgmixer.xml yourself to change how random worlds are generated.
  12. Today I learned you can tell when Occam's razor has been applied, by looking for the longest post in the thread.
  13. Okay, but not being able to craft a lower quality weapon is only a problem if that's something people want to do. And the only reason people want to craft lower quality weapons, is because it takes fewer weapon parts. Right? That's the only reason I know of... maybe people want worse weapons for personal challenge or something, but I kind of doubt it. Assuming that's the real reason, then I would propose that the game will craft the best quality weapon you're able to make, with what's in your inventory. Suppose for illustration you need 3 rifle parts per quality level. Your ch
  14. But this seems to gloss over the feature where you can scrap a weapon into weapon parts, which the recipes already use. With that transmutability in place, we in effect already have the functionality meganoth proposes. It just takes an extra step. The only sticking point is the quantity of weapon parts needed, which could be adjusted on their own. The other thing added here is keeping the mods... I’ve never scrapped a gun while it had a mod on it, out of fear of losing it. So I’m not actually sure if the mods get kicked out or are destroyed.
  15. The "narrow wedge" shapes have a gentler 1:4 slope to the regular wedge's 1:2 slope. Unfortunately, the narrow wedge shapes are only available from the creative menu.
  16. I'm sure those affected appreciated the initial sympathies. But this thread got political, which is still against the rules, and that's why we're closing it.
  17. I'm not sure what the point of this thread was, but there's no need to try to redefine what the forum is for. The preamble to the rules covers it well enough.
  18. Yeah. One downside of removing the damage is that you're decimating explosives as a viable weapon specialty, which could make the contingent of players that like that specialty furious. Targeting only the block damage would make it a much easier pill to swallow, basically then only affecting those that use explosives for mining, engineering, or PvP base raiding.
  19. You would mod the game files to take these weapons out of the game. At a minimum, you could comment them out in items.xml, but then you’d have to fix references in other files to these items. Perhaps it’d be easier to zero out the block damage on these items. But really, you want to address the elephant in the room and prevent hackers in the first place. Ask yourself if you really want random people joining, and if not, put a password on the server.
  20. No, because fall damage is capped at one third of the zombie’s max health, per fall. Three or four falls will do it, if they’re deep enough.
  21. This is an excellent way to get flagged as a spammer by a tired moderator.
  22. Important question: can we all just agree for "sleepwalkers" to catch on as the perfect name for these, and shun all other names as not nearly as awesome?
  23. True enough. For perspective, they took skyscrapers out of random worlds, temporarily, until they can get their performance under control. Plus each one is big enough to be a Tier V building, and it doesn't sound like they'll be doing more of those. They're just too much effort to make. Hopefully the random generation update in A20 will include aspects to make towns feel more urban and real.
  24. It's more accurate to say, the wooden table and storage box are options in the shapes menu when you craft "wooden furniture" blocks.
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