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  1. @madmole will we enjoy a video of your adventures this week? The hype train is extremely real.
  2. @faatal, have you seen this video ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=mG459dKmKd0&feature=emb_logo The Ramp one is fixed. The rest (besides the arrowslit floor overlook) are a little more ambiguous, but the game will be better without them. Meaning Zds should just break the closest blocks to the player regardless of the block hp after 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc of don't being able to reach the player or after they are moving too much or hitting too many different blocks etc. Also, they shouldn't go over half blocks if there is no place to jump. Well some of them could be completely crazy, but at the end of the day, some of those cheesy things can be fixed by The AI God.
  3. I demand cookies instead of candies, thank you very much. Here's the reason: Earth is flat, it is a known fact, so why not just put cookies in the Wasteland biome instead of landmines? Wasn't the dev's point to make the Wasteland a high risk- high reward kind of place? Everything is solved with my idea. Cookie bandits, cookie traders, military trucks with cookie wheels, you name it, I've got ideas for ages. Strowling around inside the depths of the doom biome when... all of a sudden, the cookie you've been looking for to make that extremely complex chocolate spaguetti superfood is ripe for the taking. Please, please. Also, please, please, bring back a look-alike Zd of Sheldon Cooper that bores us to death . Fun Pimps, please fix.
  4. What about the whining crowd design ? When will that be fixed ?Omg TFP should really look into it.
  5. The hidden tree issue happens quite a bit sometimes, at least once over the course of a complete gameplay (30- 150 hours). I plant clusters of trees (100+) and it eventually happens. On occasion it gets so glitchy that they don' t just disappear at the edge of the screen, but also in my very face, and I can still hit those ghost @%$*#!s .
  6. So.... Faatal.... is THIS fixed in a19 ? Full exploit.
  7. What's missing are the Mega Crush drops themselves. 12 of them in 160 hour gameplay. I like that design though.They are OP but also LOTZ of fun. I would like to have them as Boss's drops in the future.
  8. The most broken Zd AI behaviour right now is that you can make a floor out of upside down arrowslit blocks surrounding your base and you've got yourself an invisible forcefield. They just won't cross it. I'm sure it's a thing in a19 because nobody is talking about it though. Faatal, are you there? xD. I call HAX.
  9. Yes, this. On a side note I kinda like the sound of the Junk sledge, turret and drone tiers. Why? Because each one of them is good in its own right. I fear some weapons might become redundant (ak, shotgun) due to the new awesome ones taking the 3rd tier. The rest , except the weakarse "not-enough-charges Mr Mcbaton " are ok.
  10. No, there is not a video, and to the other assumptions : yes, yes, yes yes, yes yes, yesyesyes and yes. Do you have any other questions?
  11. Yes, that one I needed right at the moment I started doing the fancy stuff and even not so fancy stuff. Actually I would like for wood frames to have EVERY shape. Rebar ones too. Right now shapes are missing in concrete forcing players to upgrade and dry . While that might be a progression thing , as of right now, it's very inconsistent and arbitrarily made.
  12. I like what I hear. Also, can you tell us if it's been any changes to the " radial saw machine workbench thingy " in a19? And , can we expect some new stuff regarding block shapes, building , paint textures ....etc ?
  13. The bug of the groin closeup is hilarious. I hope they take their time to fix it LOL. -Can I see your inventory? -I've got just the thing for what ails you!
  14. A question : Have you guys touched the secret stash table for a19? Right now every level of secret stash (barter perk) is the same for all the players, so if one player buys everything useful in his secret stash and all the players in the server (8 players) have the same level of the Barter perk (for example, level 5 of Barter) only 1 player will buy the things he wants and the rest ends up with nothing. Result: no ammo, no food, no medicines, or even nothing remotely useful for those 7 players with the same perk benefits, rendering the perk useless for 90% of the people. Also happens with just 2 players. I understand that traders and vending machines can be exhausted by just 1 guy/gal. But the secret stash should be PERSONAL and different for each player because it's a perk that is directly tied to player effort, choices and progression.
  15. Arlene, Marlene, Darlene, Boe and the Asian guy are finished. My guesses are Big Bertha and .... mmm Zombie Moe? Biker? Oh, wait. It is the Lumberjack.
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