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  1. How is the drone doing ? Your sidequick doesn't drop by the forums like ever so a little info wouldn't hurt. He is close to finish the 6 months of hell for newly hired minions (applies to any job or company) , so I expect huge things from that gentleman .
  2. I hope so too. We see too many of the same faces every playthrough. The exploding and ragdolling are amazing and it never gets old, but the same clothing and faces... well.... let's just say variety of feelings and scenery in a procedural world is better than repetition (even high quality repetition is BAD for immersion) . And that stands for ALL systems. A19 is a step forward. They only do steps forward lately. The graphics bar is also SO high lately that we are entitled to demand the real deal. Special infected are a whole other issue. At the very least, entities of any size should change colour of clothing or even skin tone to different decay levels. See the ghouls in FALLOUT. They are very easily reused to different forms with just a little time put into clothing and extra detail variety. That said, THE BEST is always an entity creation tool made from scratch. It takes A LOT of time to create properly with all modular options, but the performance in game and the speed at which you create new entities (Zds, npcs) afterwards is so fast that it is worth it. Worth it for 7dtd, for 7dtd2, 3 or 4. For TESVIII or any title created or in design in any timeline in the past, present or future.
  3. So I gather that you guys will make fully dressed npcs. Or will they be able to get naked ? Npcs dressed in sections like the player are cool and, honestly, while coders are in short supply when game systems are still developing, you guys have an amazing 3d artist team to invest time in those armor/clothing sets without cheaping off and using just fully dressed people. NUMBERS: The 3d artist team pulled off more than 350 assets and entities in less than 9 months. Some of those models were way more than just props. The current total amount of dressing assets is LESS THAN 100 pieces including armour, wearables and clothing. It's doable. So I understand that making fully dressed npcs can seem easier in the medium term, but it isn't really because you MUST create/tweak 1 more npc model each time you want a different clothing/armour applied. A character creation tool made from scratch will result in the problem being solved quite fast. From there it's just a little time invested on a proportion standard for all 3d models to avoid body clipping with hair and body and between other pieces of wearable stuff . Creating a human entity will be extremely fast with a character creator tool. Clothing is never easy, but achievable using the asian guy artist for armour to avoid clipping problems, LOL (I've seen his work, and I am impressed with the modularity of the assets) .
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll be there to test on my potato when the changes come online, whenever that is and when it's needed. That's definitely not what she said.
  5. It wouldn't hurt to backport a few optimization changes. I still can't play the game without freezes (I reported them correctly and they were confirmed fixed, but they are still not in 19.2 due to the team moving on to a20). Also, there's a problem with the steam store 7dtd's minimum specs (just the CPU). You should state that we NEED a 4 core CPU minimum system. Multithreaded or not, this game can't run in a 2 core 2 threaded 2.4ghz cpu in any resolution or configuration at a stable framerate. Hell, currently it can't even run without constant freezes at 4 cores 4 threads 2.7ghz . It MIGHT run at 4 cores after some spawning/ issues are resolved though . 2 cores is unrealistic, naive and even damaging for 7dtd in terms of marketing, mouth to mouth sales and reviews. Yeah, it wasn't unrealistic in alpha 12.5. It's time for a tweak. Regarding the storage (HDD vs SSD) it should be fine not to put it on the minimum/rec specs IF the team keeps in mind that everything should be loaded on to memory (RAM, and/or dedicated) until the player opens some interfaces (inventory, trader, etc) and even then, the file writing should be delayed, precached and minimal (except on the ESCAPE/PAUSE menu of course). Bottom line: Please backport optimization fixes ASAP so we can help in detecting the remaining optimization problems. By all means continue with a20 until June, but those fixes are not online yet and they need to be.
  6. 1.How hard are you finding the implementation of the new water design in terms of code? 2.Does the Unity framework help at all or is it a system that needs to be made entirely from scratch ? 3.I don't recall seing much on the subject. Is it lighter on the CPU than the current one?
  7. Yes. And I hope we get rid of POIs too. Just a block with different paintings on it would do. Imagine the gains. And all the Zds can be just Arlene. It's not like she isn't used to it already.
  8. Intended for balance. Predators and " big game preys" are rare. Chickens and rabbits abundant. Predators abundant at night and can stay spawned through the day if you are close. Not a bug. Intended. That means that you are noise too. Got it teach :P.
  9. I see. You make it sound so easy. Faatal: Ey guys, A20 update. Imma create a launch propulsion interface system for this tomato plant using only notepad and a snickers bar. Forums: #like#like#like#thanks#thanks#poop#knucklerub#like
  10. Well, I think that making water chunk-based won't really be a problem for water towers. It's just a tiny area. A "tiny chunk" if you will. Visual fidelity can be a problem........ or not, if you correctly use shaders/particles to hide the rendering slices. Honestly, it takes quite a bit of time to get it right, but in the end it pays off both in realism and performance.
  11. I see... I forgot about those. It certainly is useful for glass jars. So being able to stack sand and clay would be cool indeed. I will object if she doesn't get to have physics. The absence of buttock physics would instantly make me quit the game for a couple of minutes (to mourn). TFP should understand that these kind of technology within a game comes with great responsibility and it's all about "learn by doing". Now, the "hanging eye" physics I can do without thank you very much.
  12. I completely agree that they should be bundled. Because there's no particular reason why they shouldn't and it makes sense, it's streamlined and simpler to have them handled that way. Clay is arguably as useful as stone for building and workstations. Sand.... well.... IMO sand should be gone from the game : it has limited use and can be replaced by , yeah, clay. They are not "technically" the same, but I could suspend my disbelief if I have to charge my mixer with dirt, right? What would @madmole think of this ?
  13. Clay and sand are "diggable", not "mineable". That's one why. The other why might be that sand is made from stone, and clay is abundant. Very. And passively obtained through buried supply quests.
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