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  1. 65,5? Edit: 86 was not arbitrary, It's a turning point for my potato for some reason.
  2. YES. Thank you. What about horde night to 86 limit? Lately it can hold it pretty well.
  3. Lol, then I won't tell you that based on past statistics (a18 and a19) from bugs coming from many teams and of various difficulties to fix in a 35 dev sized team, the ratio of bug fixing is around 12-18 bugs a week, taking into account those bugs that you fix and add 5 more (there's around a 10% chance of that, which is calculated, hence the 6-bug error margin //popped up bugs are usually easier to fix but time consuming// ). So yes, Streamer Weekend will be 17-19 December 2021. This calculation doesn't add the human factor, the procastination armor effect, which increases a routine-based dev's performance up to 50% the closer the target date is approaching, which might result in a 10-12 December streamer weekend. That is unlikely to happen as most of them are veterans and don't give a vulture's butt about that due to their awesome working environment. So December 23 it is for us give it or take 1 week.
  4. Not really a weather problem as it looks awesome, but the actual font color didn't keep up. It might need a sharper dark border, idk. It happened quite a bit.
  5. This is what happened in the dev stream: Rick, Joel and Latham played a few adventures together, full of twitch freezes and POI looting, a bit of base building in the form of precarious squared wood structures and a few pipe weapons with jammy shooting. Overall it was fun, they also showed a few twitch integration features and confirmed that a20 will not be out until a total of 127 bugs get fixed (way later than Halloween, but they didn't give dates at all). Bugs that appeared in the dev stream (very few actually) @faatal time of day and hour can't be seen when looking at the new shinny sky clouds (bright white) , like those on a sunny day. Was it the stream palette or is that an actual issue?
  6. Ah, yes. Dropping bows and destroying Gyros with a dart trap. It's always fun to watch MM play. He is the soul of the party. The Garfunkel to their Simon, the creamtop to their ... idk, pipe weapons? That didn't sound right. Anyway! It's awesome to see his gameplays, and with TF Pimp and Prime on top of that! Can't way to stay awake,lol.
  7. @faatal what are you guys working on at the moment? Or is it bugs all day at this point?
  8. Weather has been discussed in stream number 5. Yes, you will have the haze, and the rain, and the snow, and wind, etc. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1171068368?collection=-_AUSAIToxZ19g
  9. They could add a stream of big yellow exclamation points coming out of the drone and healing you in a shower of hp. I think that would be more realistic. It wouldn't hinder the Zd's ability to kill you at all.
  10. There are already new skeleton remains models, both picturing animals and Zds. I would think that is enough, but an additional bunch of them wouldn't hurt. Those you showed are a bit amateurish compared to what we've been shown for a20. Right now the standards are higher than that.
  11. Or a very obvious and extremely readable prop, like a written note in a container or a drawed text on a pole, tree, fence, stand, bin, etc that can't be destroyed/respawns until player reads it. Much much cheaper that way and the edge cases are already in (satchel).
  12. Exactly. That's both of them. Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I was talking about the sprite one, they track correctly but don't show the sprite. Nice to see they are ticketed. The descriptions are still missing some animals like snake and boar though. I wouldn't know where to unlock each. Edit: I'm of course assuming that these issues haven't been adressed yet in a20, if they were then ignore this post.
  13. I think you are overreacting. TFP always* stated that their vision was a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with flying bears and chibi entities that explode in Confetti when killed. It was talked about in the A20 Dev series 5 (5th stream of this year). They also confirmed* that most of the dev team lads are in the process of locking themselves up in content, which might prove faatal in the long run. * : aka TM. Statement that will become true real soon,soonish or mostly sooner.
  14. Sweet. Sweeeet. Please make sure to explain the concept of "MF" before hiring them, or else they could get offended out of the blue. - Previous job? - EA Sports ball programmer. -I see, do you know what MF means?
  15. Also, I forgot to tell you that each piece of the new 4-piece armour will have heat and cold resistance/isulation to various degrees. That was one of the reasons of deleting clothing in the first place, no clutter and meaningful pieces that can always become many sets . If those resistances will be a fixed value per piece/across pieces or a varied one, we don't know yet.
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