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  1. About 1.0 : This comment is intended specifically for @Prime .One of the things that I find underperforming are quests in general. The system can be so much more and it still has only clear, fetch and restore power. Buried is barely a fetch with a radius code and infested is just clear. Where are the escort, protect, investigate and report, finding notes, destroy buildings, save X before a building explodes/collapses , kill a boss in X location, a Zombie/bandit ARENA with bets and periodic fights within a settlement or POI, etc etc. Besides time, Are npcs the main set back for those, I wonder? Still miles to go for quests. Gameplay is solid, but late game becomes painful really fast, even though total gameplay sessions are getting longer because of early game "stretchment", which I love.
  2. Hi there guys ! Long time no seen. Lately, I've been playing 1.0 like crazy and I find it quite refreshing. The top things for me are optimizations and armour. It might not have quite the "better fps", but it sure is A LOT less bumpy. Good job to everyone at TFP for this amazing update! A couple of questions for the devs: @faatal , can I ask for a couple of tweaks to make the "nerdy veteran experience" more complete? LESS loot: Like a 5% option or so? 25% is still too much for 1, even 2 players. Still, it's a niche option but akin to "nightmare loot setting". 25% is just ok, so it can be less, I wish. A zd hp percentage would also be nice, I mean like untie the hp from the general difficulty setting and add another option just for that. It could solve some "bullet spongy" problems without actually decreasing the Zd damage tied to the insane difficulty. And for the RWG: 1- Could you make PLAINS, HILLS and MOUNTAINS sliders like the biomes`? . Sliders for those 3 are not very easy to handle and you cannot exactly put the percentages that you want. They should work like in the current upgraded biome sliders. 2- A cave option for terrain features? DLC for that at least? pretty please. @Gazz Why can we still use an axe, or certain tools against an item in the begining of the game (before doing too much damage to the object) as a cheat way to get more resources like feathers against a birds nest before we take the things inside and it dissappears? Shouldn't you guys finally remove that niche feature-cheat? We should not be able to collect pivotal resources from manually hurting objects tagged as "disappear after looting" , it can be a pain to balance for the purpose of nothing at all. Thanks for reading, Hugs, guys!
  3. Still no bandits uh? Well, the armour system's bonuses, loot tables, modelling and rigging are a huge undertaking, so I'm not surprised that the foes slipped a22. I'm kinda impressed that both the character system AND the clothing system will be ready in time for this alpha. The animals look amazing btw. It makes me wonder about new ones and animal taming and the like. Hugs!
  4. Great job with the new road decals. Finally! Brilliant writting on the newspapers. Now I wish we had more of those bits of written info all over the place. It seems less important but it's always the little things that make a game feel great. Hugs.
  5. Hi, @faatal do you know if we're getting new terrain stamps for RWG a22? Currently there is exactly 1 type of crater on repeat, 1 type of river on repeat, one type of "crack" and I believe little more than one lake aside from POI/remnants. RWG art could use a bit of variety for us manly men to put holes in them.
  6. I wish you all an excellent 2024, it's always a pleasure to have such a great community to talk with. Might the might of the grey candy cane be with you.
  7. Maybe it's too soon, maybe I'm an insensitive piece of sausage, but I have to ask: Who inherited the daunting task of continuing RWG work for 7dtd and a22? More like the elephant in the room, it's like a T-REX with a monocycle stomping nuts inside a tiny shed.
  8. I've been tracking Robert's job for many years now. Really sad news for those who actually knew him and feel his loss. Aside from being a great programmer he seemed like a really nice guy. Rest in peace wherever you are, hero.
  9. @Laz Man Good day to you kind sir! I was wondering if you could answer some vague questions about a22: 1. What are you working on at the moment? 2. Are there many new tier 5 POI in the making for a22? And what about tier 1s and the others, are there any new ones too? Tier 1 Gas stations are a bit too abundant nowadays. 3. Tell us about triggers in POI. Are you a fire hose guy or more like an automatic door one? 4. What is your "most favourite" thing about a22 at the moment? Thank you for reading! Cheers!
  10. No. Not a bug. Balance. I'm saying that you can always hit a nest with an axe and get 1 or 2 feathers (like you are doing in that video) until your output damage for stone axes is too big. You can do the same for any of the containers that vanish that way. Let me be specific, the vanishing fact is awesome, but by doing that change you guys left the ability to get resources on hit, but that feature is now convoluted and niche, not only that, if a player has 25% loot and wants scarcity, that trick makes feathers a non issue, generating the balance issue. The problematic containers with that issue are ALL that vanish, so deleting the ability to get resources for them is a must. They give easy-to-obtain clutter anyway, except for the nests and water collector and the like.
  11. It's ok to look at. I was so pleased with those smartphone's settings that I played a couple of game days for funsies. And skeletons. We shall let them smother those too.
  12. Thoughts on a21 b30: .Good work with the optimizations @faatal & Co, I've been testing 7dtd 21.2 b30 in an integrated graphics card from 2013 and it works astonishingly well at 30fps lowest settings 720p. And 480p runs perfect at 60+fps (4k map). Very little stuttering (still there at times in heavy cities with heavy numbers). That's just impressive. On a side note, RWG needs quite a bit of work. Biome percentages work ok if all 4 are exactly equal in size for any map size, but if you tweak the numbers for lower-than-6k sizes wonky things happen, like just 2 biomes generate or things like that. Also, we need an option to pick which map border we want, like setting them to Mountains OR Water. What is the point to deselect rivers and lakes if you are sure to find plenty of water in at least 1 side of the border? Aside from POI and remnants with water that is. Those are plenty enough already. LOD is better, I can't quite put my finger on it, but the transitions are better for many assets and grass and stuff. There's another issue that needs to be tweaked: The thing about looting small objects and have them dissappearing is awesome, but why is it that I can still use my stone axe or wrench to take away some hitpoints from a bird's nest and get feathers or wrench a water collector with items inside before taking them so it doesn't dissappear? same with plastic from trash, paper, etc. I believe that is not intended since the change?
  13. A polite question to the devs: Why is it that 7dtd has everything renewed, like in assets, POI structures and design, items, weapons, animations, animals, textures, roads, RWG, zds, trees, grass, flowers!, every prop, shadows, postpro effects, complex LODs and LOD tunning, heavy optimized area loading, memory and CPU optimization to make the Pentagon cry in awe, a skyline to die for and npcs on the way with Skynet-like intelligence and WE STILL HAVE ROAD DECALS (blood, newspapers,cardboard) FROM ALPHA FREAKING ONE?!! (is he shouting? he IS shouting, what an unpolite forum user, good heavens ! -sips tea-).
  14. Well, most of what you say is already kind of planned, so not really a Pimp Dream. Bandits spawning tiny camps adds a "huge and organic" gameplay value. That's what she said anyways.
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