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  1. @Roland you look like a gentleman that has tried a bit of a20 lately. Can you tell us something about the current distribution of POIs? The absence of info and kinyajuu's words on the first a20 RWG reveal makes me feel like the random deterministic approach for city districts is going to end up exactly like it is now, with 2948765298374659 Waterworks all over the map and/or the same factories in every city, with an 8k not having ALL the POIs as it should be and instead getting some of them repeated dozens of times. How good is the new distribution?
  2. When it he coming out? -I wonder-
  3. All of that is true, except the part when you say "experimental versions aren't great for a long term game". That doesn't apply to 19.4; 19.5 19.6 and 19.7 as they are perfectly safe for a long term game even dragged all the way from 19.2. I noticed some oversights in the backporting (some blue fuseboxes have a "press e to activate" from the generator quest; also there's a searchable tree that can spawn anywhere that comes from the new hidden RWG places...etc)... but nothing serious at all and dragging versions at this point is harmless for a long term a19 start.
  4. That is correct. If they spawn at day, then the player is close to a dangerous biome OR the dire wolfs are a remnant from the previous night. Normal wolfs, on the other hand, can spawn at day on day one. It's just that they are very rare.
  5. That's true. The benefits are limited.
  6. I see. While I didn't mean to imply that Unity doesn't do the rendering to any or some extent, the change is tougher than I thought, AND a ton of work, as it means chopping a lot of already-done code to get ... cool brand-new script-managed graphics in C# ? that sounds like a punch in the gut. BUT You guys (probably) will eventually make the decision to chop your built-in one nevertheless. Why? 1-Because HDRP allows for a huge amount of graphics options for developers. 2-HDRP supports DLSS natively. And 7dtd needs all the performance it can get. 3-HDRP supports Ray Tracing. Downsides to HDRP are training for artists and programmers, which might take a few weeks. That's a big one.
  7. Good day to you, @faatal. A while ago it was mentioned something along the lines of a vehicle storage mod. Will that mod make it into a20? I was 'flabbergasted' that the most important vehicle mod in the game has gotten delayed and/or cut off o__0 .
  8. Is Unity's Render Pipeline better that what you guys made? What are the differences? From what I read, They do mostly the same but yours is cheaper on the hardware and as of now I suspect it even runs better .
  9. That's to be expected, I mean making such a random pile of rubble seamless would be tough . Tweaking the placement is the easiest way to avoid the clipping.
  10. Surely NOT one of yours (BUURNN)
  11. The environment assets were always top notch. Be it a weapon or a prop, I find them very well done by the art team. The downside is that there are never enough. I hope they make a ton of them to generate the needed variety for sub-POIs. There's a point were the brain (any brain) cannot predict the patterns of a random subPOI (more than 100 small changes per room). Can we get football Zd and Cheerleader debris? Everybody knows that when a Zombie apocalypse breaks out, half of the world population dresses like the Dallas Cowboys and ,- after dying-, generate the rare fenomenon called "Footballer and Cheerleader debris".
  12. The question was not a typo. I mean 19.7 b1 which Fubar Prime (Lathan) is testing lately. Thanks for the other answers!
  13. Good (afternoon?) @faatal . 1- Do you know what 19.7 is all about? 2- If yes, does it contain twitch integration stuff only or does it have other important tweaks/fixes? 3-Will we as players get that version or was 19.5 the last one? 4- About Zds. I see weird Zds lately, and I have to ask: Are you guys doing special infected (behaviours like the gasser, the mentioned necroZd that revives Zds, etc) AI for a20 or will that come at a later date ? I was kind of hoping that the spider was made into a wall-sticking fast-jumping nightmare, but it might just be me. 5- What's the 3rd letter of the abecedary? A)C B)A C)B D)C and C are correct.
  14. Also, the game will go gold in December 14 2015. Omg, I can't believe this is our game xD. Jokes aside, this time though. THIS time is better than the last one... ... and worse than the next 😛 "We'll probably just do an alpha release every two hours, that way I will have time for a couple of 30 squats series between gameplays". -madmole-
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