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  1. You guys are being mean, he meant to say (jokingly) that you need a Supercomputer able to process an AI pathing of 2,5 radial km (from the player) of a 7dtd world in real time. Get me 2 servings of 0.3 (repeating) entity spawns with that request. That's an infinite number, is it not ?
  2. Lol.... It would basically remain the same, as I'm guessing the furthest detection range is also the furthest spawn possible (I think it is something around 80+meters for spawns in the wild and 8 meters for sleeper volume spawns). We get to fight all the enemies all the time. Priceless.
  3. Good afternoon (?) @faatal. I have a bunch of déjà vu questions for you. 1- Is a20 playable to some extent and/or did you have time to test/play it a bit these past few days for your own purposes ? Any highlight will be appreciated . 2-What are you working on at the moment ? 3- Do you know what the target/intended features for 19.5 ( that were ported from a20) are ? 4- Something you can share about interesting stuff from other departments/teams ? Anything will do ( things like new art team stuff info, RWG info, new features, a new wig for Pri
  4. I AGREE with the current system.... but liking it ? like really liking it ? I voted NO. Because if we are talking about possibilities, then there are ways to make a Zd system that does one or more of these things: A-Changes clothing colour of Zd entitities at random within a limit. B- Swaps heads, and/or animations (or even speeds and sizes) within a limit. "A" is easier to do than "B", as it would be cool for non- important Zds to be varied and randomized at least in clothing colour. but in reality I can ignore all this in favour of the current
  5. I just saw the new model of the zombie cop on twitter. Proportions are good, clipping avoidance for the animations is finally achieved and the attention to colour and detail is arguably good enough. PROS: -Excellent colour choice makes cops more distinctive vs the old one. -The upper body/face is disgusting. Lovely. -Good body-arm separation avoids future clipping issues. CONS: Overall I think this one is an improvement, even if nothing is touched .
  6. The animation tool isn't the problem. The problem is mocapping the animations. Hiring a studio is too expensive so I would recommend (to TFP) just buying one of those full body mocap suits with a camera set and a 25 square meter place to do the motion capture animations themselves. It would save a lot of money and would inprove the current set of 5 animations and a half that they paid 20000 dollars for.
  7. I would add an advanced settings tab button that switchs to a new page with scrolling if needed with all of the new options. It really isn't a problem. But as you say, it needs a bit of code/redesign BTW, every once in a while it gets mentioned here the infamous fast travel. While I'm opposed to a cheap mechanic like that in general, I, as a player, would be partial to a fast travel method between traders for a hefty fee (like 1000 dukes per km to next trader and of course instantaneous for multiplayer reasons ). Could be unlocked after completing TIER V. Late game it is a chore
  8. Thematic armour/outfits will not be in a20, but a21. They got pushed back. Randomized colour modding is a preference that needs further programming. I really don't see the point because gameplay-wise makes it easy to find colour bottles, which sux as they are already quite abundant. Realistic-wise.... well.... let's just say that barring the fantasy theme, you wouldn't have a rainbow army of soldiers running around. Maybe an npc leader.... Cool idea for an actual mod though.
  9. Nice. By the way, what are you working on at the moment ? when you disappear for a long time good things tend to happen.
  10. @Roland , I wanted to request this from you since it's really crutial and a huge improvement to the forums. Can we get a "cookie" to react to posts ? I get it that there's the "sympathy" bucket of flowers, but it generally looks like we are mourning someone instead of a deep feeling of acknowledgement. A cookie would be the intense yet funny one we are looking for in more than one situation. As with every other one, it should represent a certain specific feeling, and it does.
  11. Uga bluergh yada ? Ughr uga bam.
  12. Oh. I hope you have the time to check it out someday in the far future. Not a huge task, but we (she, I ? ) shall be grateful. Right now temperature indoors has a range in which it "detects" that you are indoors, and so does sound. The main problem is that particles have the same range as those two, when they (the particles) should not have a range at all and just stop right when inside. I dare say that the code for "particle stops" is already there, though I suspect that it's not very... "moddable".
  13. One thing I wanted to ask, are weather particles indoors still a thing in a20? I get that you can hear raining if you approach the window, but plain raining through the ceiling at the same "sound distance" is a bit off putting.
  14. As @Gazz said, scrapping in the new hypothetical forge would give you 100% brass/lead/iron/whatever without loss. Timewise right now it is indeed a micromanaging nightmare , with having to smelt some stuff 1 by 1 or -in the case of radiators- in packs of 5 . One more reason to fire Roland. I mean smelting :P.
  15. Oh, I wish. But Madmole said that there are no plans for it currently. If smelting really was out of the picture though, it would solve A LOT of problems. Aside from obvious performance/gameplay/time gains by making the forge like a workbench (but with mods) , all the brass items could just be gone and just get "brass" from radiators, doors, etc. Lots of redundant things gone that can make way to new items and even new mechanics (not really, but smelting gone = performance you could use for electricity or farming or even more base raids).
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