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  1. Why don't you guys make a character creator that integrates a bunch of arrays with hair, faces, noses, mouths, bodies and clothing and generates npcs at random without ever having to think about UMA again?. Plus if you take away the clothing of that code, you get a brand new character creator interface. Everything will run better and less buggy. With your current manpower, that's probably just 5-8 months of work to fully finish with 70% of hands on deck, but the benefits will save you guys tons of months and help you get to gold faster in the long term. Benefits: 1- You get full bandit models for any situation and with any clothing you like. 2- You get full npc models for any situation and with any clothing you like. 3-You get the character creator window with little to no work when the previous 2 are done. 4- You save time and work for the 3d modelling team because they don't have to make a full model for each npc every single time. Just for the main characters AND even then, you could even use only said custom character creator tool. You can argue that yadayada gold etc. But taking the time and making the one fully fledged system will only save time. Development will take 2 more years anyway at best. You can make the most of it and then everything will get easier and way faster. Idk. What do you think? Edit: Knuckle rub moment?
  2. Good change. Cigar is just the one item, but steroids rock and in a18.4 they were a bit too scarce for the benefit. A19' s 10% run speed increase is awesome and teaches us millennials a very valuable lesson: ALWAYS DO DRUGS.
  3. Will those bugs from the old section be transferred to the new database? Or are they internally acknowledged AKA "we might not give a rat's tail about them because we have a lot on our hands right now" ?
  4. That's a 7/10. 1. Good overall aesthetics outside, maybe a bit more wear. 2. Very little game inside, clutter is good, but needs more makeshift walls made with fridges, boxes, ... etc. More labyrinth. Less wasted space. 3. The lenght is good enough as it is, though if you add more "clutter labyrinths" or even a small underground cemetery it would make a good T3. 4. The "feeling" is ok. The light is generally well thought. 5. Your name needs work. Who the heck calls himself Lazman and works overtime ?
  5. A few more bugs I encountered: 1-Zombie head hitboxes are above the actual head. Happens with every weapon. In multiplayer, some of my partners reported having the spear stick on air noticeably on top of the head. Never tried that myself with the spear, but definitely getting head hits above the head with the rest of the melee weapons. 2-Buried supplies circle differs from admin to client. 3- Zombies stand up 1 or 2 blocks in the air when player stays too close while Zd is performing the "standing up" animation (bug happens quite often) Also happens when they have some obstacle with collision close and they stand up glueing to the air 1 or 2 blocks above said obstacle. Zds should ignore player collision (not hit collision, I hope that's separate) and certain tricky blocks when performing the "standing up" animation. 4- Shooting a Zd while it's eating another player shows no feedback at all. 5-Natural hp healing is 1 point per 60 seconds. Healing factor perk says 1 point per 90 seconds (wrong and misleading), in fact, Rank 1 of HEALING FACTOR grants 1 point each 40 seconds. Didn't check the rest. No wonder that you guys deemed it too good. HEALING FACTOR should be something like this when fixed: Natural healing: 60 seconds. RANK 1: 1 per 50 RANK 2: 1 per 45 RANK 3: 1 per 40 RANK 4: 1 PER 35 RANK 5: 1 PER 30 Or something like that. Maybe setting natural healing to 90 seconds and then 60,50,45,40,30 would be better.
  6. @madmole, check this out ! https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19723-iron-gut-perk-typos-and-a-couple-of-books/ And this is a big one! probably @Gazz 's or @faatal department. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19727-bug-how-to-lose-a-full-stack-of-items/ While the misspellings are weak stuff, the second one is one big mother. I'm glad that the streamer weekend finally helped with the repro.
  7. Honestly, since I stumbled upon the "deleting second stack bug due to shift clicking a second stack in your inventory when in the process of consuming something from the first stack when having two stacks of the same consumable both full or not" bug, I prefer dragging and dropping in certain cases. That one makes me cry.
  8. Yeah. That's singleplayer alright. In multiplayer by the time you spawn and restart you have lost around 1 ingame hour in weak systems (as a client even more) . Not nice if you ask me. A simple solution would be starting the game sooner in the morning to allow restarts if coding in a reset takes away from dev time.
  9. New Vram algorithms (drivers) are coming up for this year's RTX releases and AMD is soon to follow. That means less bumps and more stable performance for the same amount of VRAM. I not only have to exit just after generation in order to not see squared trashcans and extra blocks everywhere, I even run out of potato juice when exploring a bit too much sometimes and things start to get "squared" again. I wish we had an option to delay the loading screen just after generation and let the game automatically perform the reset/vram cleaning internally.
  10. I don't know if I shall give you "poop" or "knuckle rub". Oh, the choices !
  11. Wise words. What are those future plans and when can I buy them ? [insert "when it's done" here] So far so good with a19. The content isn't nearly enough to keep us entertained until December though.
  12. I have a few innocent questions. Where can we report bugs ?. Why was there a halfarsed ugly limiting problematic bug database made for a19 that doesn't allow us to comment in order to better help others' bug reports and most importantly : why isn't it working now?
  13. I was talking about 4k. Not enough memory for 8k, ya know. You can get far away quests in 4k too. Specially at the higher tiers. The difference of course is that 8k sends you to Mars more often than not.
  14. While I generally agree with you, more than 1.5km is a bit much. Imagine getting a quest in Whiterun to go fetch a daedric heart in Atmora (a far away "continent" north of Tamriel) Edit : I've got all quests at 1.9 at some point.
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