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  1. That is absolutely true. I was also weirded out that they made those books instead of the schematic and therefore the friggin' book is a complete waste as they don't really do anything else. There are clothing protection books that are a bit useless, but those two are just annoying (they could do something useless, but not useless to the point of repeating a perk crafting recipe, that's what plain schematics are for). @madmole , I would also like to hear your take on this matter, as it directly concerns your department.
  2. Who cares ? Everybody be like :
  3. Yeah, I guess there's some AI behind that too, nevermind the animation transitions and ragdolling feedback. On the plus side, it can be done cheaper than some other pathing behaviours like the arrowslit floor non-pathing exploit solution. There's not enough faatals for all these changes. Question: Are you guys planning to touch the animal code in some way ? meaning combat hit feedback (like the Zds currently have, currently the dogs just stop ) ; ability to bend and turn a bit more organically (IK bones stuff) ...etc ?
  4. I like this. The jiggle physics are nice. Despite the brutal arm and hand clipping, that is one scary Mc dude. https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/status/1351691896058474502
  5. There are plans to fix spanish translation and every other translation. All of those you can report with the proper form in the Bug Reports section, because here they will get ignored. Nevertheless, I myself will make sure to report every single translation mistake of the spanish language once the game has more text to go on (campaign, npcs).
  6. @madmole thank you very much for the info. I have a question. Barring quests that involve npcs , are you planning on implementing any other less elaborated quests that don't require living entities to work like the upcoming generator one? Specifically simple quests like : -"go there and find info" and you find a note with lore/info. Can be chained/collectable/more than one note. -Or even like, "bring me X" from "location" to do Y (or just bring me 50 pelts lol). -With Zds ? (Tier 1) go there and kill the feral fatty in that POI (all the way up to
  7. Are you going to put kid npcs in the game at some point ? Madmole: Pretty much no to every "any chance for" question. Bethesda: Proceeds to put them in but completely immortal so you can punch, shoot, burn, electrocute, freeze, slash, hit, blow, humiliate and subyugate the hell out of the poor creature to your heart's content without any consecuence.
  8. Yeah, those. Laundry machine, coffee maker, toaster, pink cucumbers etc.
  9. I would love a small subiome with a big boss . An arena could also be kind of cool.
  10. Thank you for the optimizations, the skin LOD is going to improve performance in my Atari quite a bit. I was baffled at their level of detail despite having them on low. Also I noticed that several electrodomestics could use a severe downgrade of the texture when looking at them from a distance (in my Nintendo Pc distance is about 20+ meters, aka the average corner to corner distance of a room in a Tier 1 POI), and of course they should never vanish even at 0% LOD. They do vanish still, from 5 m( like the toaster) to 15 meters ( ~the rest) . Increasing the vanishment distance sh
  11. The old dog (a19) has correct colouring but weird shape (it's unclear if it's actually a doberman but the colour suggests so). It is also not that scary looking and its overall quality was lacking. The new one is perfect on the model part, with good sculpture and scary as hell, BUT the burned coat is weird to place in all biomes. I guess we can live with it. It's not a big deal. I mean if the "crawler" artist guy is on it, you can be sure that you will pee your pants at night with that puppy. Except he's not. A big improvement from the Fat lady model though, both in colour and Zbru
  12. Kinyajuu said something about that in the 2nd A20 dev stream. He said that you will be able to directly control the size of each biome (Forest, Snow, Desert and Wasteland/burnt) in the World Generation Options. He also said that you will be able to control the terrain elevation options , specifically things like amount of mountains, plateaus and hills, so you can create a completely flat map if you so choose.
  13. I think they might stick with it at the end despite the flaws. To hell with accuracy, welcome scary-butt alien zombie puppies !
  14. Yeah, I incorrectly described it as concept while treating it like a game ready asset which is very likely so. About the rest, you got me rolling already with the unwashed masses. Is that how you treat your pupils ? lol. And I still think you are wrong. An artist must do pre-research not only on proportions and bone-muscle distribution. Colour of the coat is also a must, both alive and dead.
  15. Nice. But then if it's like that, the skin underneath a doberman's hair is actually pale white (like in the concept shown by TFP) . So it still doesn't work like that. I suppose that black dogs are the imaginary stuff of nightmares, like that kittie from the Allan Poe novel. A black dober is not a fitting entity for a 7dtd that pretends to model a pseudo reality with a fantasy dystopian apocalyptic feel to it (in my opinion). I would paint a little bit of dirtied bloodied brown to (at least) the paws. Edit: If it comes down to it, I'm actually ok with the dog as it is
  16. There's nothing trivial about videogame art. There is a process. And avobe all there's research before the fact. This has nothing to do with variety. I understand there has to be a dog, and a new one is cool. But if you model it based on a doberman (which it is) , better do some pre-research thinking: 1. If it's colour, then a full black doberman is extremely rare (EXTREMELY rare, it has to have the condition called Melanism which is way rarer than albinism and on top of that it shall be male). Even mixed-breeds have some colour. 2. If the dog is really burned, we
  17. No, my friend. The colour stays the same after dying. Even if it's dirty, it stays clearer in the clearer colour spots (the pigment is in the hair, not the skin). Nice try. Dogs are awesome. That one is just a bit poor on the pre-researching job (just the colour, the model and sculpture are awesome as are all of Byington models) . Full black dogs like that one are quite rare. Are they all burnt then? Shall TFP create lore for why every single dog is charred ? Let me introduce you to a correctly coloured concept art: Can I suggest P
  18. @madmole my dog companion is ashamed of that concept art (edit: it looks like a 3d model ready to go though). Lol. Dobermans have clear brown paw colouring as well as in other places. The concept should aim for a general-purpose dog. That one has the wrong colour because a charred Zd doberman can only be used coherently in Wasteland/burned forest area. That means they will look out of place in any other biome. There's always the "whatever card" aka "Alien virus changes fur pigment", but based on the rest of the Zds IT DOES NOT change fur pigment of the infected (they
  19. 1. I've never said that bandits are coming in A22 for sure. I stated an opinion about their level of polishness by then. My opinion says they will not be completely 100% finished by a21 even if they are in, due to a lot of systems being developed still. 2. These forums allow guesses, opinions, pie in the sky bold statements and also memes. You can think whatever you want about the subject, that is also allowed. 3. The announcements are in the main Dev Diary sir. This forum thread is just for discussion of Non-Official things (non official meaning not replying directly
  20. Sure! From Alpha 20 Dev diary page 1 post number 4 ( counting the main opening post). Senior Programmer of The Fun Pimps "Faatal" (Shawn) said: And from the same Alpha 20 Dev diary page 15 ( 16th post of the page) Cofounder of The Fun Pimps and Designer/Artist "Madmole" (Joel Huenink) said: Also, in previous a19 dev streams they talked about bandits and npcs for a bit. Not much talk in the streams from a20 though. So it's safe to asume the following: 1- There's a good chance that basic functionality of Npcs
  21. They said they hope to release the drone in a20, yes. In the video they showed, it worked just fine for single player, but I believe it was too much of a bug pile on the multiplayer side to release it in a19.
  22. It has been confirmed that there will be no bandits in Alpha 20. They are doing (among dozens of new POI, loot, quest and RWG changes) new weapons, brand new armour system and special Zombies that bring more quality and variety to gameplay, and that takes until summer or so with their team of 40 devs. Bandits are probably an alpha 22 feature , but there's a good chance that the first iteration (aka basic functionality) comes online in alpha 21. Did I mention that they are letting ALL the common Zds crawl through one meter holes ? and the new door changes ? shape menu system ? Tho
  23. Lol. Think bigger. 50 years ago (1971 )was the last big storm with up to 20cm (0,65 feet) of snow depth covering the surrounding mountain villages/cities . Today, in a continuous storm of more than 24 hours we got 50 to 70 cm (1,64 feet to 2,29 feet) snow depth INSIDE the city (500m altitude). Everything is white, every tree with winter leafs has fallen due to the weight, every window full,, every roof filled with snow. The biggest one in Madrid was 1 meter depth back in 1904. So it hasn't snowed this much in the city since 117 years ago. What are we doing to this R
  24. Please somebody tell Kinyajuu to tune down the snow biome here in Madrid.
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