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  1. Programmers are like Pokemon. They take time to train, but when they evolve and you teach them some moves, they can do amazing things.
  2. Thank you very much for the answer ! I understand the time hog of such changes vs smaller gains, and the most important ones that affect every system (trees) are really being worked on, so in this case going forward is better than pleasing backwards, as you said. I'm not sure about the Occluder for higher-end systems, but I do indeed recommend it to be off (even by default) in lower-end CPUs (when detecting a CPU that doesn't go above 3.6ghz). My system runs more stable when turning it off (and specially cities) and the world doesn't have the tree glitch nor the same "vanishing glitch" happening in some assets/interiors . I'm not even at the minimum requirementes (2.7-3.2 ghz 4 cores 8 threads, mostly all cores at 3.2 all the time). When occluder is on, it does improve GPU usage by quite a bit, but at the cost of huge CPU freezes, bumps, and stutter magic. CPU is important for 7dtd gameplay . Also, a point to consider is that without CPU there's no way to put in more gameplay content or entities, assets or even block density without constant unstability. Only exploration and sights. That should conclude my tests for now. I'm looking forward to those tree optimizations ! Again, thank you for listening.
  3. With all due respect, that's not true and not a good profiling test. I'll explain. Shadows are a task that is extremely hard not only on the GPU but on the CPU too. So it does impact CPU, therefore your profiling is not accurate. My guess: You might also using a ryzen 3900x (or a good CPU) which runs shadows like a breeze in a granullated way as it is a background task for which many CPUs rely on raw processing power to do. Your RTX2070 is obviously good enough for every shadow task if you don't go crazy with the graphics (though I believe it could run ULTRA in the right circunstances, HIGH is preferred for GPU-related settings for that card at 1080p). So your system is stable and drinking a Mojito while running shadows. Use an old CPU and you will start to see the difference right away (Vsync Off is a must). Zd shadows are not as impactful as tree shadows, as shadow area (size of the shadow in pixels) seems to matter the most. But shadows off do increase entity fps in a noticeable way in crappy systems when entities are on you, so I believe a simple crappy circle shadow is worth researching, but just a thought. Tree shadows do hit fps A LOT. Tree animations do hit fps up to quite a bit too, but they need quantity (as I said,up to 60% performance hit on a quad core 2.7-3.2ghz cpu when 100 41m oaks are in front of you /no shadows) ,. Maybe increasing player-placed tree distance from each other by 1 or 2 blocks might help, like 1 planted tree every 4 or 5 blocks? Recap: Zd shadows increase fps when off and they even reduce the overhead when entities are hitting blocks, which makes the overall experience from better (all the situations except "extreme block hitting" by many entities) to slightly better (specifically when extreme block hitting by many entities). Performance impact seems to be in the low 5-10% (edit: actually, minimum fps and fps drops went way up, so it's a 50% more in some cases) but way more stable and with lesser freezes and lag when facing screamers/horde with lesser CPUs. The suggested methods for increasing performance based on my tests are: -An option for having simpler shadows for trees and entities, like a simple circle or shape below the base (right below) of the model/entity, or a simpler/light shadow processing, as that is the most effective way of maintaining some hint of a shadow and realist in the lowest settings while still having some shadows. So, below the NEAR option we could have SIMPLE, which would make Zds, trees and (I hope) other assets have simpler shadow processing, a lighter one like in those games of old, one that does not result in moving squares like the current downsizing of shadow quality does (ugly). Downside is that it might have to be coded in. Not difficult nor a huge time hog though. -An option for choosing simpler animations, not the expensive default ones that they have now. Like: Animations: OFF-SIMPLE-NORMAL. -Reducing shadow area even further for trees , as it can be done without affecting quality of the game, and will improve fps to various degrees in all systems. I believe a 20% lesser shadow area can be done for trees like the biggest oak and some others. -Increasing the separation between player-planted trees, like 1 or 2 blocks more would slightly improve performance even more in crowded servers Turning the occluder off when outdoors in not a hack, but a good optimization move, in my opinion. Should it be ON outside though? Do you really believe a CPU-intensive task increases performance in a CPU-intensive area like a city ? The easiness on the Graphics Card load isn't worth it, and it's actually not a problem anymore (GPU options are plenty and well optimized). A voxel game burns CPU. newer and not-that-newer Graphic Cards run 7dtd graphics while drinking a capirinha on a beach at a summer party, unless you go for 2k or 4k right off the bat. I apologize for the text wall, but it's recommended to read it all while cursing me nevertheless.
  4. Apparently not, but needs more testing.
  5. Yes. Dynamic meshes. After further testing, I believe I might be wrong about disk writting. I found out that dynamic meshes generate lots of freezes and frame drops due to bloated garbage collection handling, bottlenecking CPU, so it actually decreases performance on most systems, it being more significant with few CPU cores and 3ghz or lower (bad news). Better systems just see occasional abnormal drops in fps and micro stutters, common in a20. About trees: Further testing revealed that shadow size and minimum quality are the real culprits for performance drops. Zds also have shadows of significant quality even on lowest (near) setting. How big of an impact do shadows make? Turn them off and you will see. You can even plant 100 zds and they are stable without sudden drops. Zds and trees (in lower settings) should have a simpler shadow. Like a simple small circular one at their feet, or a slightly deformed circle. Same for trees, they need simple shadows, light processing ones either bia option or by default. In higher settings, shadow LOD could also do good stuff for fps. Big oak trees and some others should have their ridiculously ginormous shadow reduced like 10 to 30%, in any option. Eye aberration will make their shadows look ok, as we can't really appreciate the whole area of the tree from most angles anyway. These shadow hacks should in theory increase performace by around 20% in worse systems, as I'm seing a 50% boost when turning shadows off from just "near" (every other shadow option off) in any part of the world. A lighter way to process shadows for blocks would be amazing too, but I don't know if that's possible, and simpler hack circles wouldn't work, nor a pregenerated shadow texture due to the voxel nature of the game.
  6. Lately, I've been playing with Living off the Land level 3. My feedback:
  8. V sync is usually the cause of those low fps you see in that high-end rig. Turning it off will unleash the Pc to its full potential. because CPU is more relaxed and GPU can go all in. This game is extremely CPU-bottlenecked and offers few but more impactful options for CPUs. Like turning Dynamic Meshes off will boost garbage collection handling (which is processed by your CPU) and will result in way less freezes, for example.
  9. Death loop is nice Death loop is life Death loop is zwei Death loop is rice
  10. @faatal I've been testing performance like crazy these days and I found out that trees are still a big problem after all these years. They drop my frames a ~25% for every 100 animated trees on view, so there's that (from 81 to 50 fps avg in a normal place with my lowest settings) -The GPU options in 7dtd are quite good and allow for downgrading all the way down to 4 gigs of total memory( 3.x gigs + garbage collection for a while) in 6k maps which is very nice. Trees are cheap in the distance, but their animations are expensive for the cpu when they are close. -Is there a way to make an option to make the tree animations OFF-SIMPLE-FULL in order to significantly boost performance on every CPU-bottlenecked system? (Most of them) . And I'm not finished, lol: -About the occluder: can you make it so the occluder reads the player's location and turns off when the player is outside POIs (and outside player bases if possible)? That way you will instafix the sneaky " vanishing trees bug " and even increase CPU performance outdoors for us. More feedback: The most damaging situation for my PC right now is a 64 entity horde hitting on walls. It drops to 14 fps and averages at 20fps. I can't think of a way to fix that though. I would love to hear your ideas on the subject. Meshes perform good, the problem is that they don't. I'll be honest: they hit RAM and clog the system hard enough that players are experiencing what I was experiencing in a19 with a single channel 8gig ram and an hdd: instability, HUGE disk writting times and noticeable freezes with ssd too, most noticeable in larger worlds but also frequent in smaller ones. (plz check that if you own a potato) and other distance-related glitches (destroyed structures like a bunch of frames occasionally remaining visible when reentering the area) that also points to inadecuate memory clearing. Edit I believe a good Hotfix would be: just reducing the default mesh options for below- medium presets would be ok, aside from mesh options' bugs of course. Having an opposite thought on that memory clearing.... Precaching more data would be crazy..... wouldn't it be? Can it be done with other things aside from textures, like animations, spawns, block damage or pathing or am I saying nonsense here? Thanks for reading. I hope this feedback helps if just a bit.
  11. Well.... In my opinion, while exploration is THE BEST it's ever been, there's a sizeable factor that's missing from ancient alphas: virtually endless underground exploration, with huge cave systems and stuff like that (it was pretty basic (and dangerous) back in the perlin worm days, but the feeling of the unknown underground became a wonderful memory from the time). Well, we have sewers, and they are amazing if a bit lacking in depth. It's a start. This game will become a tech dream if it manages to pull off extreme underground exploration.
  12. I see, that must be Multiplayer then. I've only tested in Single player.
  13. To be perfectly clear, I've tested more than 10 generated maps, and you ALWAYS spawn in the forest. The problem is that you can spawn just 1 block away from wasteland, snow or desert, making the player face the unfair perils of those biomes right at the start, specially the wasteland. Player should spawn way into the forest, not close to the end game biome borders, lol. Edit: I've only tested this issue in Single Player.
  14. Imagine Rekt with Jen's dialogue: Snowdog npc. A whole new meaning to the speech : "I treat you that good and you don't even furking tip me"
  15. That's a feature. Zombie marriage.
  16. @faatal, would it be possible to allow players in the video options to preload as many chunks as they want and unload just the changed blocks from memory? And about that, I noticed that destroyed player-built structures can still show in the world and neither restarting the game nor restarting steam nor windows fixes the issue, so it actually stays written in the disk virtually forever.
  17. All of my cases were Single player with a bicycle (because bicycle is good for your health,lol) . It didn't happen in single player back in a19 (it happened to my partners as p2p clients a couple of times in a19), but then again chunks weren't so crowded in the previous alpha. Edit: bicycle is bad news, as it is the slowest vehicle, so that's why I mentioned it. I actually bought a motorcycle after 40 hours in and it happened once with it too over the course of a couple of days.
  18. Yeah, somehow it became quite frequent when chunk loading is getting stressed (edit: slow ram and/or not enough ram) , like in 10k maps. It used to happen just in Multiplayer. Now it's even common in Single player.
  19. BTW, I noticed that vehicles can hit an invisible wall (usually at top speed, but happened with bicycle in a 10k map a few times too) and result in stuff like jumping several meters into the air, bouncing off the invisible wall, backflipping, etc. The physics of the invisible wall issue can vary between vehicles and where you hit it at the time.
  20. Any planned changes on performance? I know it won't help my particular case, but ANY calculations that you can actually separate in a new CPU thread is a very needed change. I hope you guys can magically find a way to significantly reduce the "class-calling" hell of Unity. Music is bad for me now. The music fading and unfading reduces performance to a crazy degree, and sometimes it doesn't even fade properly if you leave the area quickly. I'm talking 300% in some particular scenarios (screamer calling next to a trader, buried supplies when also producing combat music, etc). I think the Mesh calculation did hurt 4-core systems, as they just can't handle any more, but I've seen the drops in streams , and recent ones too, meaning current version b233.
  21. It's your avatar's moustache. One can't just not look at it. Instahate. It reduces our hp 50% every time we see you. Needs rebalancing into a manly beard. A manly viking beard. It worked for madmole. It must work for us too.
  22. You are dragging the savegame. To be sure, try going to that exact same place in the same seed in b231 but in a new game. If the ERR persists,then create again the exact same seed with same advanced generation settings and do the same. If even then it's still there, then we shall focus on the issue and report it. My guess is that they tweaked the skyscrappers within these few days, but I can be wrong.
  23. Basically our cheat bases are compromised. That means the main objective of the change was balance. Now, full blocks are encouraged in order to not exploit entities that can actually go through 1 meter holes, like dogs, wolves and spiders. Before, you could just put a tiny pole on the side and they couldn't jump. Now you still can, but it has less hp, so it's a good trade off. And, ironically, the change also promotes realism. No way that a tiny stick pole is stronger than a full block pillar. Yeah, materials are the same, but it's a game and complexity in this case is a headache.
  24. That's cool. That way you can reward players with skill books for doing quests, which is a great incentive. The crafting increments will also keep us desiring better gear and the hands-on mechanic of making it ourselves is cool. It's hard balance work , but everything is already there in the code so it's just patching, implementing, tweaking and trying. I have to ask, will you guys simultaneously add armours with legendary effects for weapons or are you holding off on the latter ? a21 seems crazy already, and it hasn't even taken form yet. You.... are... yeah... you called quite a bit of screamers. I'm day 24 120 min days and I'm still on lvl 64. No more than a couple screamers called, so that must be it. You mad lad.
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