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  1. @faatal do you know how many a20 MF bugs are left and can you tell? (MF: Must Fix, lol).
  2. That's deep. But quality is quality. And while a non-educated person might not be able to put the finger on it, it shows and produces enjoyment if done right. The latest Doom games would be crap without that ridiculously polished dismemberment system. TES: Oblivion on the other hand has ugly faces and that alone damages an otherwise amazing experience very dearly. It's all about the little things. Player's perception has its place, but not so much in this case IMO.
  3. Nice stream. I loved everything in it, and I have some takes on the subject, if the team doesn't mind reading them. Looking forward to the next stream!
  4. Rick and Joel always said that they wanted a "The Walking Dead" simulator but "gamey". So they made their dream rpg survival with every builder, tower defence or whatever feature that they love into one package. The best games out there have a lot of genres mixed together, but few do a mix-up with raw fun in mind and rather get lost in the details. In a sense this game is unique in that alone.
  5. Sweet. Non-scripted behaviour is amazing and it always creates unexpected emergent gameplay when you least expect it. It's obviously expensive, but it has to be to make them believable and smarter than an Arlene. Thanks for the answer. I've never seen non-scripted jack of all trades AI in a voxel world (cover, surround,alert,path perfectly,fluff behaviour). And I've played quite a few (for example, even a static world like Rust has scripted AI, Rising World has only basic attack, Minecraft is the closest, but units are cheap as dirt and they don't scan properly... etc). So, in a sense you are pioneering on this area like Robert is for RWG.
  6. Yeah. Basically raycasts, pathing code and tagging selected blocks+ knowing interior from exterior would solve all of that. It's a work akin to making 300 POIs, but for programmers. Maybe level designers could start to implement "cover areas"(made by a programmer of course). That would solve interiors. Exteriors would only need to tag trees, boulders and a few environment assets.
  7. I'm curious, when you get on it, how exactly are you going to approach that subject? I can think of a few ways, but many of them require quite a bit of work.
  8. Btw, you guys said that you want caves but you lack the tools to dig terrain and right now you need to place dirt blocks one by one to make that desired underground places. But then you guys made a map by hand and went ahead and placed 1200 shapes in order with signs and all for all to use. What's stopping you from making a general-use map consisting of a huge giant dirt or stone squared block (the size of a POI slot in all directions, like 150x150x250?) that you can all then load at will and modify with an entrance and some hand made terrain at the very top and then use the superdigger or something similar that digs more blocks than 1 at once to quickly make a cave system? Even with the superdigger it would be fast. Like 1 POI a day fast. I mean. Isn't performance about the same if a POI 150x150 spawner slot is underground instead of on the surface? Or I'm I mistaken and splat maps just load all the underground in the area at once or something? Idk. @faatal?
  9. I loved the selfless approach to child labor from the last stream. That, and All the POIs shown.
  10. It was already said in the first stream that we can tune the city tile amount, so in a sense we could make something close to a huge city map.
  11. @faatal what are you working on these days? Anything will do, like Bee behaviour? Spider network? Fat cop break-ins and outs?
  12. The most anticipated feature of a20 will be the marked stones/nests for the tutorial quest. Seriously, doesn't matter if you are a noob or if you have been 16 years in the Army, sometimes they just don't show up until you complete the quest. I swear that must be scripted to make you punch rocks or chase a chicken, lol.
  13. Cave POIs. Are cave POIs planned for 7 days to die/a20/future alphas (meaning a POI which you access from a simple cave entrance with handmade random passages/subPOIs that spawns in the wilderness) I love the sense of adventure of a nice creepy unexpected cave with cool stuff inside. I believe 7 days to die would be even more awesome with a lot of them in it.
  14. Awesome! Not concerned until bandits though, it runs better since 19.3/19.4 A while ago you promised on your Pikachu's grave that you would increase sleeper volume spawn performance/ wandering horde performance and that some of those could be better than they are now. My question is: Are a20 (1-)horde spawns/(2-)animal horde spawns, and (3-)huge-simultaneous-adjacent-consecutive sleeper volume spawns better in performance than a19? I believe you already said "no" for hordes but I might be wrong or very forgetful.
  15. Wow. I'm telling you @faatal THAT is not spawn. And it works. 5%-15% average increase in fps on my potato GPU 780M with 4800MQ 4 core CPU. DDR3L RAM (dual channel 32gigs 1666Mhz). EAC was off and it was worse before modifying the boot. I'm not sure why it runs that much better for free, but I suspect telling the boot exactly what to do frees CPU and therefore increases performance to various degrees depending on your hardware. It was like this for me: AVG-low: 24fps AVG-high: 94fps // And after applying the boot AVG-low: 32fps Avg high: 108fps. I didn't use a fps program (hence, the "Average" thing) but it was noticeable at plain sight. My video settings are that of a peasant of course, VSync off, Half quality textures and almost everything turned off except shadows, which are near, and view distance (high).
  16. The only reason they don't crawl through 1 meter holes yet is because of Snowdog. And code. But mostly Snowdog.
  17. By "select zombies" you mean that a cop might never be able to squeeze his fat behinds across 1 meter openings? That makes sense. It would be fun to watch, though. Bears too.
  18. Lol.Alright. forgive me for being a little wary of a 3000% increase in shape number. Next time a guy approaches me telling that he's a Pimp and he'll give me a discount I'll just say yes, thank you.
  19. Is that in the game or in the editor? Can you confirm that we have close to 1200 shapes to choose from for each material in a normal gameplay?
  20. Fear not, they might change her face or her clothing, but her boobs will certainly be safe and sound, because that's what matters. For gameplay reasons.
  21. It was really just the model that was replaced. The new model does mostly the same mid tier stuff as far as I know.
  22. My favourite part of the stream was when Rick said that a21 was probably the last one and Lathan's face was like... "OooOOook I'm out of here". There's very little chance that a21 gets to be the last alpha because there are 4-5 major systems left. And each alpha gets to see 2-3 tops. Then again a22 might be called "alphabeta twister 2.0" and they introduce the main campaign and radiated bees.
  23. Oh, I wish that too. But I think I heard madmole saying that the shape menu had 144 shapes (months ago?, so it makes sense to have 270 now) and they were passing through 1000+ blocks. Also, it says TOTAL. Total is not " partial" as far as I know. Why would it say total if it's only one single box?. Do you really believe there are 2 more pages of 90 blocks behind that screenshot for that same category ? I personally doubt it, but maybe it's just me. 1200 shapes is crazy. 270 is already more than 5 times what we had. The second makes sense. The first would make sense if we are talking to the total amount of blocks in the game, which they are. Still. The editor would have all the 1200 shapes anyway. Edit: 270 shapes for each material is what I believe to be the reality of the situation. Including furniture and various other things.
  24. Yes. Still ok. I believe each page switches to the next left box. Even if it's not, page 2 probably has very few shapes.
  25. Yeah... But aren't those furniture and stuff? Well... they ARE technically shapes though. I see now. It's huge then. Cloth tables here we go! Edit: Erase that. I was right. It's 270 total COUNTING all the left boxes. In the particular selected box of the screenshot there are only 96 shapes. That means that all the other boxes account for the remaining 174 shapes.
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