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  1. Hi, this has been going on for a while but I'm not sure if it has ever been officially reported as a bug. I search the forum and found one post about it but no evidence that it was ever reported as a bug so here goes. Version: Alpha 18.4 (b4), SP or MP from a server, normal, debug or creative mode. Bug description: for most of the locker block from the Metal Furniture (metalFurnitureBlockVariantHelper), its impossible to place blocks beside and behind the 1x2 lockers (cntLockersTallDoubleClosed,cntLockersTallMixClosed,cntLockersTallMixLinkClosed) and even above for the 1x1 locker (cntLockersShortClosed). If blocks are present before the locker is placed, it works. Any blocks that are removed after the locker is placed can no longer be placed back. It worth mentioning that the problem does exist with one of the 1x2 locker (cntLockersTallClosed) nor any of the open lockers. Steps to reproduce the bug: Place 11 frames, 2 x 2 x 3, living only the bottom front centre space free Put the cntLockersShortClosed block in the free space Remove any of the frames and verify that you can no longer put them back where they were It would be very nice to able to put multiple lockers one beside the other when building a POI in creative mode or even in-game now that the lockers are available with the Metal Furniture helper. Since a lot of POI exists with rows of lockers, this bug must be relatively new. I've checked the XML code and nothing stand out for the misbehaving block. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Unity Ressource for those blocks but I do not know how to verify those. Thanks for looking into this.
  2. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that the POIs that have both the old and the new group were created with the old group names and then added/modified sleeper volumes more recently, but didn't touch all the volumes, just some of them. Unless you do some thorough testing, you might not notice that some of the sleepers are never spawning. Only one group name changed, all the other groups are still working as intended.
  3. I was bitten by this so I thought I would share. Before Alpha 18, there was a sleeper group called Generic_Zombie. This group has been renamed to Group_Generic_Zombie. Long story short, if you use POIs that were created before Alpha 18, it's worth looking at the POI's XMLs and replaces any instance of -Generic_Zombie by -Group_Generic_Zombie. Otherwise, you'll have less friendly zombies in your POI then expected. Best
  4. It is complete with sleepers, quests, and loot.
  5. Castle Spartan is a base design that was mostly built during . You can watch the . The one thing missing for me was the ability to do a virtual visit of the Castle. Fortunately, Grand Spartan was kind enough to give me access to the save game files and I was able to extract the Castle and create a POI. Links: POI Modlet Gitlab project site Grand Spartan YouTube Channel Have fun storming the castle and be sure to visit Grand Spartan YouTube channel to show your appreciation.
  6. I'm using a gameservers.com server and it's easy to use a world that is not generated by the server. Just take the world folder located in Nitro's output folder and upload it to the 7daystodie/GenerationData/GeneratedWorlds folder on your server (GenerationData is the default on gameservers.com setup). You then edit your serverconfig.xml file, locate the GameWorld option and use the name of the world folder you just uploaded, locate the GameName option and give your game a new name (or locate the old save and delete it), restart your server and you should be up and running. It's probably a good thing to use a new game name since it will avoid any potential issue with previous save games on the players' PC. As it was already stated, you do not need all the files generated by Nitro. Some of them are quite big and will slow down the first initialisation of the world for the players. Here are the files that you need : biomes.png dmt.raw (dtm_processed.raw is not needed, your dedicated server will generate it) entities.xml entityspawners.xml main.ttw map_info.xml prefabs.xml radiation.png spawnpoints.xml splat3.png (not sure for this one, maybe others can confirm) water_info.xml Hote that helps.
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