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  1. @faatal do you know if the lever gun, and the pump shotgun are gonna have segmented reloads, now that two weapons need it? it would improve the immersion parts of those weapons IMO (hated when fallout 4 slacked on that part for their lever gun)
  2. as you said "offensive to some" tho you want it to be like, if its not good to me its not good for anyone... thats a bit far. especially for just a strip club 🙃
  3. please do different anims, imo it would look abit jank without new ones
  4. i think i know that person too
  5. TFP removing assets and "dumbing down"""""" stuff so they can do a direct port to consoles with minim rework is how i see it
  6. I wasnt talking about the drone, im talking about eather repurpose the Land claim block to do this or make a station, you can still use a nail gun obviously because this feature is for later game. Ya i probably is alot of programming but thats what happens when you make a game, heck if were waiting 2 years anyway i can wait another 2 months for a feature that would improve the building part of gameplay, and its a optional feature that im sure every person who says they wont use it, would at some point. And if ya really hate it, you can always use a nailgun to fix the 200 blocks even the ones out of sight
  7. IMO it should calculate the total damage done to each block variant, so say you have a bace made from wood, it will add up all the damages from each block into one number for it to then calculate total cost of repair. this would prevent it from blowing 1 steel on a steelblock that only took 5hp damage, and other setting could include, Fix most damage blocks first, Fix least damaged blocks first, and Equally repair all blocks.... and maybe filters for Doors,Traps,Electronics,Ect
  8. 100% this is how i feel. I dont build a fortress because of every little block i gotta repair after a hoardnight, if theirs gonna be simplifying of the game this would be the one i think old and new players will enjoy.
  9. @madmole since 7D2D is getting "simplified" i would like to know if the idea that would make it so players can repair their whole bace from some menu or station was in the works or even passed through?
  10. Its already in the game, its just a bit weak.
  11. Id asked him this not too long ago, he said they didnt start to work with them yet
  12. For special infected their should be some sort of zombie that when the zombie hits you, you can 10%25% INSTANT not no 1% that builds up over time. Making antibiotics pills a great thing to know in later gamestages (tho i sure you fellas thought of something like that anyway)))))))
  13. Ya smell is that 1 think that get pushed into the next Alpha for the past 3 Alphas
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