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  1. Everyone nit picking the new dog model, i just happy were getting one
  2. can we please get a stream this weekend im dieing out here for INFOO, i neeeed it
  3. Gotta be marksman, i wander if its a single shot, because i dont see a side loader door on it. Unless its mag fed but that would be odd, i can dig this if its a single shot and the bolt action gets a internal mag
  4. Is that advance forge gonna make it in A20, my FPS takes a hit with 8 forges running.
  5. i just hope the animations for the new pipe guns arent janky like most animations, other then that this should be a good update
  6. Wouldn't that make looting stale, plus who finds scrap lead/brass irl. The game needs more stuff not less imo, i see everyone wants this game to be "dumb down into oblivion" (Not the game Oblivion) but what happens happens
  7. could we see, See through scopes for A20, meaning no more black screen with crosshairs, also those crosshairs could use some 2k textures IMO Also do you plane on making the new Holo sight, and Desert vulture red dot its own mod, so people can use a holo sight or that low profile red dot on other guns
  8. im gonna recommend u get a pc, because depending on what console your on, TFP might not even port the game onto your console gen due to FPS issues, tho this is what i think, doesnt mean its true
  9. Currently it does, but by the sounds "heat" rating. But it does it at a contant rate... Meaning 1 shot fired = to 2 added to your "heat" level if they added a random heat chance thing that adds a larger burst of "heat" at once, that would trigger a horde or screamer depending if your "heat" is already near 100% say like 10/200/30 in the sound xml or somthing The number 10 being the min number of shots needed to trigger the "heat" event, The number 200 being the max number of shots to trigger the "heat" event And the number 30 being how much "heat"
  10. Now that the fire Forest biome is merge with the wasteland biome (which i think is a good idea) could we see 1 new biome before gold, such as a swamp biome? Or what ever the team has in mind
  11. I agree with ya, i hope they dont limit this game for low end pc's from 2002.
  12. @madmole is there a chance that road flares will come in at some point? It would be sick to use at night with the No Power Quest
  13. And so it starts!! Is TFP planing on more 6-8 month updates instead of 1.2-1.8 year updates? Because this thread started pretty quick compared to other alphas MIO
  14. Ill kill for a electrical overhaul in like A22 A23 A47 sometime after bandits when all the main stuff is finished
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