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  1. @madmole is there a chance that road flares will come in at some point? It would be sick to use at night with the No Power Quest
  2. And so it starts!! Is TFP planing on more 6-8 month updates instead of 1.2-1.8 year updates? Because this thread started pretty quick compared to other alphas MIO
  3. Ill kill for a electrical overhaul in like A22 A23 A47 sometime after bandits when all the main stuff is finished
  4. If the physics are done right (if im correct) 1 block off water should only spread out evenly in a players bace if raided, and should only beable to fill up 1 block of water. To fill a players bace it should take buckets to do that. Say it has 40 blocks of volume that should take 40 buckets to fill. So i dont think griefing would be too much of a problem i mean just use a stick of dynamite if you want to do permanent damage. But thats just my opinion. But i got no clue how they plan to execute water anyway.
  5. @faatal a question about water, is it going to flow? say you dig a hole and you make a trench to a pond with the water travel and fill up that hole while lowering the water level in the pond? just curious to see what you guys are aiming to do, even tho the water development just started
  6. I was starting to think he was trying to find the perfect leather jacket for Jensen just to get his hands on a 3080Ti early A20 id be surprised, but all good news anyway, keep up the good work
  7. Man wheres MM its been too long!!!
  8. Haha maybe they didnt update pois yet, i havent found them yet eather
  9. Did ya start a new map, i think thats the only way to get them
  10. If you wana talk about facts, well then lets see. men have testosterone which directly related to muscle mass, bone density and whatever else bulks ya up. Women dont have this all natural 100% organic Non-GMO gluten free testosterone that men have. So that being said man in relative to women are gonna be stronger genetically. Ya you can have some bulked up women but your everyday house wife isnt gonna look like a UFC champion.
  11. hahaha he didnt say that (at least for arrows) but i can see him saying that because that the reason he gave to got rid of 10MM ammo
  12. I dont think so, in fact thats somthing mm would say, tho i dont mind how it is now Thats for gameplay, if one recipe unlocked a whole class of a weapon or tool, by day 30 youll have everything unlock and nothing else to do! Now that would be too boring
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