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  1. That "otherwise" doesn't make any sense. SAME CPU, different GPU => SAME FPS is the clearest case of a bottleneck you could get. To prove that you still have an issue you need to show that someone else with a similar CPU has much better FPS than you at the same settings(!).
  2. You might not have enough time to change ammo but you could have a gun for armorless targets and a gun for armored targets in your toolbelt. Also another important part is who to target first and who last (hard hitting zombies first). Or even which zombies are ok to melee and which ones you want to gun down. But hey, we don't have to agree, our priorities are just different. And while I voted yes, it is a very mild yes, I shoot anything that is declared as a zombie no matter how it looks 😁
  3. A security software like Kaspersky has two parts, one part is running like any normal program on your PC, a second part is injected deep into the bowels of your operating system. If you prevent the normal program from running you have just disabled the user interface, the serious heavy lifting should still be working as (un)intended. Without an official uninstall utility from Kaspersky you won't get rid of the software (and more paranoid people might even believe not even that will get rid of it 😁 ) Not saying that is the cause, but like SylenThunder said, anti-virus so
  4. Realism is quite low on the priorities of the devs. The counter-argument most often brought up is that you can have whole cars and concrete that weighs about as much as the titanic in your inventory. And then there are zombies. Realism is already an unreachable goal with such examples in the game. If you want a job at TFP you should look at their job offerings. I don't think they will just take work from some guy on the internet without some contract, for legal reasons. Yes, some variation would be ok, but the battle field of a zombie horde night is a c
  5. I found this error message: where you seem to have been thrown out of the game. Then there were two server restarts Then the crash. Was the first event just an unexpected exit and the two server restarts were expected? Why so many restarts in only 10 minutes? The error seems to have happened in unity, so it could be a driver problem. It could also be network-related. I would propose a few experiments: Play on that server but turn down texture size to half. This is just to make sure that 6G is enough for ful
  6. You usually spec into one (or at max two) attributes deeply. Attributes are like classes, just that you are not restricted to one. Double-classing for example is quite possible. Taking the first perk point for some perks in attributes you never want to spec deeply into is also possible and actually there are perks where that makes sense Now if you spec into a specific class or attribute for any reason,it makes sense to use the gun of that class and the melee weapon of that class (because it is the cheapest way to get good with a gun or melee weapon). You don't pay 13+5 for the gun
  7. Spear (and perception in general) has not received the same scrutiny as other attribute trees. I find spear lacking as well, but use all other melee weapons against single enemies even up to end game. Consequently I also put points into the melee perks. I usually don't play insane though and play what I like, not what is most efficient. Developers by the way have said they will balance the game in difficulty 1 (don't know the name, one above adventurer). My best advice of the evening: Set loot abundancy to 50% (or even 25%, but be warned this isn't linear, 25% feels more like
  8. Please use steam to validate your game. Even if you have done it already, there were cases where two validations were necessary. Secondly please post the full log (through pastebin or similar), this is explained in a pinned thread in this forum section.
  9. Most games are bottlenecked by the GPU in typical PCs, very few (like 7D2D) are bottlenecked by the CPU. Also I suspect another bottleneck somewhere on the memory bus or in caches as 7D2D seems to shift a lot more information (the voxel data) between CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD/harddisk. Bottlenecked CPU means: Every cycle the GPU is finished with its task to display a frame looong before the CPU gives it a new frame to display for the next cycle. Which is why it doesn't matter anymore how fast the GPU is, as it would just have to wait longer.
  10. McCarthy would say that knowing the c-word already makes you suspicious and denying it is almost a confession 😁
  11. I know there are no easy leads, but like Sherlock Holmes said: Holmes: β€œTo the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Gregory: β€œThe dog did nothing in the night-time.” Holmes: β€œThat was the curious incident.”
  12. Likewise, I'm sure the devs value your feedback. (Although they tend to just skim longer opinion pieces, it is better to concentrate on few most important points). (Note, I do not speak for them though, I'm just a normal player with moderator rights) Sure, but your opinion was that melee weapons are useless, which would amount to an overhaul if they were of the same opinion. By the way, you are pretty alone with that opinion in this forum at least, lots of people use melee extensively to save on ammo. That you have too much ammo at the moment so you don't need to save any
  13. Generally you should know that a) the game is already half in a beta state, there is still the important feature "bandits" missing, but in general this is the game that will be published, so for example there won't be another big overhaul of skills and perks. And b) that vanilla is considered the game for new players, the intro. Players that have played the base game enough to get bored are expexted to use difficulty settings and especially mods. If you want more difficulty, just test a few overhaul mods, most of them ramped up difficulty. Some comments to your points:
  14. Strangely our "problem magnet" player had that problem for previous alphas even. It might mean his and your problem are not from the same cause, or the bug has multiple or complicated conditions to activate. I would say you should make a bug report, but I can't give you much hope this bug will be found soon, it seems difficult to replicate. But someone has to start the bug hunt. The more people report the bug the easier it is to find a link between them
  15. I voted yes, because I like to see immediately what type of zombie I have in front of me. That allows a bit of tactical decision, who to target first, who needs less hits, who should not be underestimated in melee fights ...
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