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  1. Please post in english. Use online translation like translate.google.com if necessary.
  2. Deers can be killed with the base bow. If you hit the head its dead. It even rhymes 😉. Even if not, especially in cities the deer often does not vanish over the next hill but runs around in circles for a while and then getting calm again. With a little patience and stealthed movement you can get in range for another round of shots. I was assuming that motherload works on everything miner69 works on. But reading the description of both perks again I'm not so sure of that anymore. When I was testing miner69 yesterday the yield was fluctuating wildly (for example I could get from 41 to 61 cement out of one block). Which means you need a longer test series to get reliable statistical results (<--- implied question inside).
  3. In the logfile the exception seems to be when closing down the game AFTER a network error happened. The network error is "INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connection closed: Timeout" It might mean your internet connection is losing a lot of packets, maybe your router, cables or your network port in the PC is having hardware problems. This is just guessing on my part. Maybe move your PC for a day to a friends house and check if you have problems there too. If not, it is your internet connection, if yes, it still might be your PCs port or my theory is simply wrong.
  4. That question interested me too, so I started a new game and made a test with miner69 at 0 and at 5. And yes, with full miner69 I needed only 2 instead of 4 hits to shovel off a cement pile.
  5. I hope you shut down the game BEFORE shutting down the PC. Her? The old or the new one?
  6. Then soylent green could be a balancing solution as MP players can generate more money than a single player but also need more food sources than a single player (as they have to share food machines and wild life in an area)
  7. So you say it is different to A15 where you got pistols at first, then shotguns and hunting rifles? After a while you found AKs and snipers. Sure the actual moment was quite random, but there was a loot progression that seldomly varied. And everyone did the same things every playthrough. I partly liked how the minibike book and the calipers sometimes could be found immediately and sometimes almost never but those were single points of uncertainty in A15. If you are talking about even earlier alphas, ok, that is unknown territory to me.
  8. No, up to now only one programmer was working on RWG, besides other jobs. It may have been that an artist or designer helped for a time (not sure, my memory is very flacky) but AFAIK always just one programmer. And if I understand MM correctly, for A20 there will be a real team effort to get remaining kinks out of it. I agree that dangerous cities would be a good feature, but it also means that good players will just jump ahead of any loot progression and then complain about a missing end-game on day 10. Balancing that is almost impossible. But as I said it would be a good feature. And I also liked that you had to find and hit specific POIs if you needed something specific. Which is still the case but less than in previous alphas.
  9. If you have someone at hand for a test, first remove all your land claim blocks (LCBs), then 1) set down exactly one LCB. Let the other player try to build something near it. If he can there is a bug or the server disabled LCBs or ... 2) set down another LCB 50 meters away. Let the other player try to build near both LCBs. Depending on outcome you should know now what the rule for LCBs is.
  10. Maybe the same issue but maybe not the same cause. I hope you posted your problem in a new thread and posted relevant information, espeically the logfile. Random observations: In the logfile the exe is called with "-force-feature-level-10-0". Is there a reason for that? Could be a remnant parameter once set in the launcher. The errors reading the world header should not happen with a new world. Could it be that an anti-virus program is interfering?
  11. I don't know if they ever get more difficult POIs in the game that can't be just exploited but at least more difficult biomes are in the works AFAIK. It might even happen in A20 where RWG will be one of the development hot spots. So a sandbox is a game where you can get the best stuff at the start of the game? Surely not. At the moment there is still a small chance to get tier1 weapons like pistol or double barrel shotgun in the first few days. And that is fine, otherwise the game enters easy-mode just because you had an unlucky "lucky draw" Food and water meters are the thin blue and red lines directly above or below your toolbelt. Easy to overlook
  12. You might have more chances finding official replies when searching for "telemetry". Because it was always talked about what it will bring to the table (i.e. telemetry data) instead of who is providing the data (game spark). Yes, the danger of false interpretation of the data is huge. Hopefully they don't fall into that trap
  13. On stamina: For experienced but sloppy players like me it is spot on. In my SP game I did not get any dig quests at first and missed buying the food the only time the food machine was filled with food. The other mistake I (probably) made was underestimating the stamina use of targeting with a bow. If you don't notice that you can easily find yourself in the situation of always being hungry and not knowing why. Consequently I'm down below 40% food for most of my first 5 days and will have a long journey getting out of this hole as there are no fast ways to get food. But I think I know what I have to change now. Sadly I expect lots of new players to protest in the coming weeks and you probably will adjust stamina back somewhat, which I think is the wrong adjustment. The right adjustment would be to provide an expensive safety valve for people getting low on food. A food item called soylent green that can't be cooked, has unknown ingredients and is sold by the trader for horrenduous prices. The only good thing about it is it is available in quantities and fills you up.
  14. Big red links above the page tell you where. But forget about posting screenshots, post logfiles instead. Instructions are in the sticky thread in the bug forum
  15. Wasn't it always that you could only have ONE land claim block active, specifically the last one you place? The same with bedrolls, only the last one is active. I may be totally wrong because not a console player, but I did play A15 once and that version is very similar to the console game.
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