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  1. I first wanted to list these examples too, but I assumed V is after permanent advancements aka progression. Writing this it occured to me that the ability to mass-produce some of these drugs IS a progression, very much in line with progression probably happening in Portia. So you earned a Thanks from me.
  2. Nice example with the food that lures zombies to you BUT that has absolutely nothing to do with LBD. Lets talks mining in A18/A19. Doing mining in a perk system literally means you put points into mining perks. This is what you don't like and want mining itself to do it, hence LBD. But all those interconnections exist or not independant of the LBD-or-perk system . For example mining perks give you the ability to build better tools (see your point above about "and advanced tech"). There would be no problem also giving the ability to build a better forge at a higher mining perk. Similar "connections" to other fields of endeavour could be added if it made sense and such systems as guilds/groups and interconnected tech trees existed at all. You yourself derailed your argument by assuming this has much to do with LBD. Specifically a game like portia has a different focus (it is a life simulation) and resources that had to be put into zombies, a voxel-world, procedural world generation, were put into a more complex economy and society system. In A18 we still don't have the Duke and White River in the game, how are they supposed to add reputation in a meaningful way for example?
  3. Your post in the "General Support" section was exactly right where it was. You were supposed to klick on the preview picture (that is a link to another thread in reality) that SylenThunder posted and follow the advice there. Specifically it told you to post a logfile. Please continue in your thread in "General Support" and follow the suggestions here: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/3956-important-please-read-before-creating-new-threads/
  4. Sure a lot is destroyed because of the fire, that is why you won't find as much loot boxes in a destroyed building as in a complete one. But the cellar or safes in less burned down parts of the building will be unharmed. And while 80% of the good stuff was already found in forest buildings (and you have to be lucky to find the good loot under well-hidden floor tiles), it will be relatively easy to find in the wasteland, just go down to the cellar and voila. What really can't be well explained, neither in your nor TFP's scenario is the fact that valuable loot is found in big boxes all over the place (instead of hidden in false floors or behind walls) and refilled after some time. But once you accept that as neccessary simplification, then both scenarios can be explained by the circumstances PS: I'm talking about A18/A19 here, without Bandits in the picture
  5. The error message in the logfile looks like a network problem, did you change anything with your router or network configuration? The mod loader you are speaking of, is that the mod launcher? DId you use the mod launcher to install Darkness Falls or did you do that by hand?
  6. Light definitely tanks FPS. I once put about 50 torches on a slope on a rather low-end PC. Looking at the lights removed 20 FPS (if I remember correctly). But light is a neccessity in this game, much like zombies. Draw-call-expensive furniture is not. That post by madmole was about the new bookshelves in A19. Look at the pictures MM recently posted on twitter, you'll know what I mean.
  7. Its not fixed. Zombies should climb up and then slide down using a rug shouting "Wheeeee"
  8. MM hinted at a performance reason: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/16394-alpha-19-dev-diary/?do=findComment&comment=360510 Obviously this is only a reason not to include things like microwave ovens, intricate lamps etc, not for simple wall textures.
  9. In the log there is an error message "Loading assembly failed: "Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll"" Searching the net for that error I only got one hit with an actual "solution": https://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/2/355043117505214343/ In that thread (about a different Unity-based game) people got rid of the bug by reinstalling windows. The theory was that some wrong unity settings were stored somewhere deep in windows (probably in the registry) and could only be removed by a complete wipe of the PC. This may not be the case here, but it might be your last option if everything else fails. Things you can do first: 0) Make a backup of all your important data !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1) First make sure you have only one copy of the game installed and in use. We don't want to inspect one copy and start another for example. 2) Check whether the file Assembly-CSharp.dll exists in ...\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed and is readable and has a size somewhere around 6Mbyte(?). Also validate the client through steam, even If you have done it before. 3) If you have some other unity games, update them and run them. Do they have problems too? 4) If you have very old unity-based games or programs (without any newer versions available) on the PC, try to delete them and their data as best as you can. 5) Search your harddisk for directories called "unity3d", "unity", Unity3D"... If you find them and they are not subdirectories of other games, change their names to "unity3d.off", "unity.off", "Unity3D.off". Start the game and see if it helps. If not, rename them back to "unity3d" ... 6) Wait for better ideas to surface. Someone else might have a better idea than what I posted here. 7) This is a very risky step with low chances of success: Use regedit to search your windows registry for settings with unity in the name. If you are brave, try to delete some of them and see if it helps. You could damage windows by doing this, so be prepared to reinstall if this doesn't work out.
  10. Did you have an argument with an evil witch? You probably are cursed 😁 Generally it is as it should be, the zombies are in the game to harass the players. And if this makes lockpicks look like the best deal for you, that's fine as well, everyone here seems to have a different prefered method to open safes. The logfiles should be able to tell you why that zombie was spawned, it could be just POI sleepers (inside or outside), it could be heat-induced zombies or wandering hordes.
  11. I moved your topic. The Mods section is only for posting mods, Questions can be asked in "Discussion and Requests".
  12. Happens to me to from time to time, especially if I'm in a tier 5 POI and have relegated the resource stack looting to night time. But it is always a single zombie making noise as if a horde were outside. He often needs half the night to break a single block of the outer wall of the POI. If I'm in the same room that usually means I go there, give him a swipe or two with the machete and go away again. Half a minute later there is silence again. Interestingly I very seldom get that when opening safes though. Must be the silencer on my pistol channeling its fu to the pickaxe
  13. He did, https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19056-error-unity-201910f2_292b93d75a2c/?do=findComment&comment=360718
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