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  1. meganoth

    screamer voice

    Please translate your messages into english (you can use free online services like https://www.deepl.com/translator or https://translate.google.com/).
  2. I assume this is meant to balance out int against other trees, like the miner who gets extra xp from mining. Other trees are generally easier to play as their offensive capability is much higher than the INT player. But the most important point is that the INT player has to put a lot of perk points into utility perks that help everybody (charismatic, vehicle perk, workstation perk), so it is only fair that he gets an xp bonus to stay on par with the other players.
  3. I agree that turning off hyperthreading could help, not because hyperthreading is badly implemented but because hyperthreading doesn't work well with data-intensive applications. And it doesn't help that the windows scheduler is always behind in supporting the special setup of AMD CPUs. I don't think that you need to turn off physical cores on the CPU though and you could make it even worse if you turn off the wrong ones. Keep it at the 8 physical cores it has. Limiting FPS to something below 100 and turning off hyperthreading should be your first steps, the
  4. Noticed a similar thing happening with a different game yesterday or the day before yesterday(?). The common link is steam as a starter So my guess would be it was steam. Tahaan, where did you say that you looked into the games's logfile? Neither did you post it here. Shame on you 😉
  5. The game also needs a lot of data transfer capablitiy. If you are hosting the game as well as playing it on that machine and maybe have some big mods installed as well you could possibly overpower your internal busses. This is just an idea, another would be that your savegame got corrupted and produced lots of errors that overwhelm the machine. You didn't post the logfile, so all anyone could do is guess. See the sticky thread it tells you how to find and post the logfile. You can look into it yourself and for example check for errors or search for lines with "FPS:" in it, y
  6. Can you explain what that would allow that creative mode doesn't already?
  7. That would be 64 minutes for an 8k map, wow 😄 Somewhere there is a mistake.
  8. Fox is right. Please use english language only. There are websites that will translate your text for free, for example https://www.deepl.com/translator or https://translate.google.com/ And more information is needed (log files, your network setup)
  9. Internally the game works single player the same as in multiplayer. I.e. if you start a SP game, you really start a server on your PC and your client connects to that server. With a single option change someone could make that same game MP and invite friends. Explain to him why suddenly the drones he found vanish from the game.
  10. There is no change of plan. And the PC version doesn't suddenly make a leap to being done just because the new consoles are having a paper launch.
  11. I never used the internal chat. For years I have been using teamspeak for stuff like this. And recently also mumble which is an open source alternative. I hear discord is popular as well for general team communication (but discord is the usual "we can spy on you, do anything with your private communication and it even belongs to us. Just do it, usually it won't matter. <evil snicker>"). The reason I'm listing all these alternatives is that at least the first two have the advantage of multiple channels you can switch to. It may be a little less comfortable since you probably n
  12. Of course knowing and planning for this internal mechanism is akin to save scumming. Don't complain that the game is too easy for you while using those tricks. There are legitimate ways to get iron tools early.
  13. AFAIK if the quest owner logs out, he can start the quest again, complete with refresh of the building, so the quest is doable again. Probably the other players should log out at the same time, otherwise they can't re-accept the quest.
  14. That is all I need to read of this pamphlet 😁
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