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  1. On a server the player just has to wait for nightfall when he is automatically expelled from the trader premises
  2. One BIG reason: A monopoly is not good for us customers. It never is, even with companies that seem to be somewhat "nice". The least you can expect is that they increase prices whereever they are uncontested. See Intel in the bulldozer era and nvidia itself when AMD had no high-end GPU in their portfolio. And Nvidia is everything but nice, They will use any advantage from a monopoly they can get (this is just my subjective impression naturally, after a few events that did not shed a good light on that company).
  3. Thats the all-or-nothing attitude. No. I told you what reasons I assume to be behind this.
  4. Yes, the 5700 series long running problems are a bad sign, although even that could be explained by the preferential treatment Nvidia probably gets (incompatibilities will always be decided in favor of nvidias way of doing it for example) and especially by 5700 being a major redesign.
  5. Sure and your clarification is going more into possible causes. But your original post simply points at AMD as the culprit (their drivers are bad) and presents facts that you simply can't know with certainty. Since most games and probably even graphics libraries will optimize first for nvidia as the market leader it is not possible for us to reliably know which driver is more stable. Not even game developers like Fataal can be sure because they view the graphics driver through the eyes of an intermediate graphics library like Unity where the same bias might exist. The only reliable sources I can think of would be developers for Unity or Unreal Engine or game developers programming their own graphics engine. Naturally for a buyer this still means if stability is his only criteria Nvidia as the better supported platform is better. And if we talk about probabilities, nvidia has more cash and manpower to throw at the software and therefore has a higher probability of having a more stable software.
  6. Nice bug. Could you maybe post this in the Bug Section please (just use the link in the green banner and follow instructions, but no need for logfile or machine specs in this case)? Sadly I can't move this thread over with moderator powers so a new thread has to be generated.
  7. Guys, how about searching the forum for information first? There are two pinned threads here in "General Support" with information on how to report problems and common solutions. AND there are TWO big blue banners on the top of every forum page suggesting that you should wipe previous saves and worlds. While you are at it delete all configuration from previous versions and make sure you cleared out a possible "Mods" folder in the 7D2D game folder All this (except the removal of old mods) can be done by starting the game launcher, crossing over to the "Tools" tab and selecting the last item in the options list there
  8. Are you sure you are not just seeing grazing hits that were introduced in A17 or A18?
  9. I had read your suggestion, but before I could reply Khalgar made too many useless posts about farming and lagged the forum. (I'm sure it was Khalgar because only he is allowed to) 😉 Generally a worthy alternative. Personally I prefer the original version because I see it as a feature that a single seed might not be sufficient (To feel success there has to be a chance of failure), but would not really shed a tear if it was changed to that.
  10. The thing is you got a choice. Hoard them or make food out of them (and hopefully something better than baked potato) while betting that you will have better chances in the future with a minibike to find a rich potato field. A survival game should provide tough choices for the player to make. You seem to argue for a safety net, a guarantee not to get a dud. There should be no guarantees in a survival game. Why should the road to a farm be without "betting" some seeds or potatoes like a farmer in real live has to do as well? I had a game with really bad luck where I didn't find a potato until day 40. So what? I had to adapt and make food without potatoes for a long time. With the changes in A20 the minimum amount of seeds to have a relatively guaranteed startup is 2 seeds now. Makes it slightly more difficult, but one trader offer or potato field later you have your guarantee.
  11. This was just just an extreme example of a limit as you were arguing for "the game should not keep me from doing anything I want". Now obviously if you really meant "anything" with your "anything" we would be in creative menue territory. Crafting being pointless is hyperbole as well, especially with weapons finding and being able to craft the same quality is often only days apart which makes crafting the weapon feel less rewarding but actually is quite well balanced. With armor though crafting is in a very good spot because all armor slot recipes share the same ingredients. So it often happens that you can craft the one or two missing pieces in your armor set long before finding them if you put points into the armor perk. We are also often crafting mods on our server and naturally for building a lot of crafting is going on. So the game IS a crafting game. PS: **If** I were using your all-or-nothing attitude I would have to say this is neither a crafting nor a looting game, it is a trading game because solar cells can only be bought 😁.
  12. I was speaking generally to show that player themselves often don't know what is good for them. I actually witnessed a promotion for another game having too good items. And I nowhere claimed that was a good idea or that players need to make that decision, otherwise my argument that the game has to enforce limits would fail.
  13. Sorry, but that is at most "alternative" math. You get 20-30% from a 50% ratio? It may FEEL like that for people because of psychological effects and selection bias. Naturally if you ask around, for every super-lucky guy who gets 10 out of 10 seeds back (and relishes it privately or doesn't even notice it) there will be another guy getting 0 out of 10 and complaining that RNG is broken. Happens in all the RPGs with random rolls and tactical war games. You don't need 10 seeds to start a farm, I used 10 seeds so the math is understandable without fractions. You just need a (random but steady) supply of produce and seeds to eventually have a big farm. With luck it happens faster, with bad luck slower. Even if your first potato seed dies (with LotL1) you still have 4 potatoes out of it. Just finding another potato gives you another roll on the random table. Or another seed gives you another roll and 8 potatoes aka 2 rolls+3 potatoes aka 3 rolls+2 potatoes aka 4 rolls+ 1 potato aka 5 rolls. This takes 15 days but with 2 potatoe seeds you actually get 5 rolls on a 50/50 chance that must all fail before your effort were wasted. As long as you continually find or can buy some seeds you can try and try again. Just like opening containers to **sometimes** finding something good.
  14. There are one or two new settings in the config file so you should use the new file to be sure and bring over your changes from the old config file. Apart from that it should work identical to A19. Streamers were not told any secret fu and they obviously managed to set them up, and I know for sure at least one streamer who did not use a managed service
  15. Such a memorable christmas-came-early feeling should happen from time to time in a game. This is why I like randomness.
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