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  1. The schematic of all tier3 (aka best of their line) weapons, armor and tools can only be found in loot or bought at the trader.
  2. They may be included in some other mod, overhaul mods for example often have additional mods included. I think I even remember "Active Ingredients" as it was mentioned as part of one of the big overhaul mods.
  3. Pretty sure it will produce hundreds of special cases where the AI fails and is exploitable with it, because players can recreate any such condition. If anyone is worried about the 100 bugs left now he should be in panic about the number of bugs once bandit AI is in 😉
  4. Chance for an engine seems to be about 1 in 20 (if I can trust that loot group that is referenced nowhere else), so finding none in 30 cars is quite possible. Since wrenchables cars are plenty and engines supposed to be a scarce find I would not expect them to drop easily
  5. Another hint: Do some dig quests. You waste calories with the digging, but you get materials, money and food cans that will be enough to cover the loss and more AND usually a seed or seed recipe (if I'm not misremembering). There is really no alternative to starting a farm and starting it early with whatever seeds you find And one egg in 20 nests IS bad luck.
  6. You said melee bandits were nearly ready. If your recollection is correct the most interesting part of the bandits would have been still missing, gun toting bandits. And not even that is enough, bandits without organised camps and a story would have been just zombies with a different skin. Imagine TFP showing off their bandits and those bandits being inconsequential like the bandits enabled in the mods. That would be a publicity disaster
  7. I have never tried that setup but I would expect the pressure plate to activate the dart trap no matter who stands on it. Electricity in the game is different than reality. If you have connected two sensors in series, they act like parallel sensors, i.e. both of them can activate a trap or door.
  8. I can see those people scrounging some more until the find a nailgun 😁
  9. I'm no expert on windows, but shouldn't the root dir on C normally be off limits to programs? Is it normal to save files there? It could be the anti-virus program that is preventing the file from being saved.
  10. In a19 there is a bug with RWG producing nonsense on headless linux servers or on mac or on AMD GPUs. Maybe littlegreens problem is because of this bug
  11. You got a replacement brain somewhere? 😎 By the way, you might notice that in the second paragraph of my posting above I was talking about upgrades (for example from concrete to reinforced concrete). I was referencing these upgrades in the third paragraph, not upgrades in general. Maybe I should have said "Those upgrades I mentioned..." to make this obvious
  12. From page 1 of the Dev Dairy: Simplified upgrade path: Frame/Particle Board -> Wood -> Stone -> Concrete -> Steel
  13. Steel is "advanced" tech for which you need a crucible. You can find a crucible, buy it from a trader, find the crucible schematic and build it or learn the schematic automatically with a perk in the INTELLIGENCE tree You usually use cobblestone at the start of the game (you can upgrade it once). Later you can produce cement (with a cement mixer) and build with concrecte (again you can upgrade it once). Last stage is steel (no upgrade) Upgrades will be removed in the next alpha
  14. Thanks for the update, but can you be more specific: Are the confirmations only about different Unity games? Or are they about games with different graphics engines? At least Praey according to the internet seems to use Unity as well.
  15. You should be able to copy the game itself from old to new PC. Then you first start steam and let it run in the background. Then start the game manually. Generating a new world should be no problem either.
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