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  1. Well, @faatal wants to keep the game till A99 😂😂😂
  2. If you play on 2h game, 64 enemies, even on nomad day 7, 300 ammo is nothing. If, you keep restarting the horde of course.
  3. If you are into building, love mining and gathering resources, and you want to be as efficient as possible, then you are going to like this base design. Find a flat area with an ore vain and every day, little by little, dig out the ground. Then, with all the space free, start putting traps and bars at the bottom of the pit, making it a meat grinder. Dig tunnels and big rooms in the ground to make a massive base. Not even you are setting up a middle-late game base, but you get lots of resources that you would need anyways.
  4. Did @faatal let some ways of cheesing the game for us the players? 😂😂 Somehow to get billions of dukes maybe?
  5. The abundance of animals substitute the lack of food. Here's a trick to kill dogs, regular wolves, black wolves and boars. The TP tower. Put 3 frames on top of each other and only upgrade the one in the middle. Go on top of the tower. The animal will only attack the middle block. Once you're done, just remove the frame from the bottom to clean up the mess. I use it all the time at the beginning when finding animals and when going in a POI that have dogs. You can use a bow, or just melee them. N
  6. Sometimes I wonder...

    Are the Pimps reading our suggestions ?

  7. Sometimes I wonder... Are the Pimps reading these suggestions?
  8. Imagine that thing coming up from a closet. I love it. Its disturbing.
  9. These could be used to build towns and giant bases. The Pimps would hate that. But that would be amazing.
  10. Have you tried playing on a server and building giant custom towns that have different themes? You can become the duke of the server 😂
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