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  1. I've tried this kind of bases and I like it.
  2. Wait till gm 100 if you don't want too much disappointment.
  3. Super corn is an end game item and must give you more food and HP. You not even need the skill but also you need to go out and if you're lucky you might get it.
  4. Can't wait the stable build! Can someone give a hint when its done? Other than done when is done. 😂😂😂
  5. We already got one. The auger. One of the most OP items.
  6. I like that. I can say that having +20 forges running is kind of laggy.
  7. I agree. I like the old system more. With A17 the skill tree is used just as a buffer and to unlock features that were free before. I like the idea of repetition to improve. Plus, the old system could give you more freedom and opening to strategies when it comes to skill investing. And it was more realistic.
  8. A nemesis or Assassin from cs 1.6.. Maybe is good for end game as a special infected.
  9. The zeds should be more unpredictable. Not just everybody to attack the weakest spot. Also they should run around the player if they are in a group. Or just attack the player. Also, other cool additions like climbing... We'll see. The new special infected zeds are coming, and with them massive changes in AI
  10. The Ocean in the snowy biome looks amazing a
  11. Still works You don't have to put them on an angle.
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