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  1. If you are into building, love mining and gathering resources, and you want to be as efficient as possible, then you are going to like this base design. Find a flat area with an ore vain and every day, little by little, dig out the ground. Then, with all the space free, start putting traps and bars at the bottom of the pit, making it a meat grinder. Dig tunnels and big rooms in the ground to make a massive base. Not even you are setting up a middle-late game base, but you get lots of resources that you would need anyways.
  2. Did @faatal let some ways of cheesing the game for us the players? 😂😂 Somehow to get billions of dukes maybe?
  3. Sometimes I wonder...

    Are the Pimps reading our suggestions ?

  4. I can see your point. Getting hit 7k times by a vulture while on a bike can be very frustrating. They should nerf the vultures on this situation. Other than that, they are one shot with a knife but funny enough not with a bullet.
  5. @madmole Are you guys planning to make a 3D leg model for A20?
  6. I like it. Its different, funny, and efficient.
  7. Mom's Spaghetti

  8. Super corn is an end game item and must give you more food and HP. You not even need the skill but also you need to go out and if you're lucky you might get it.
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