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  1. Idk what you're seeing but in all my games the rabbits and chickens are EVERYWHERE! Deer are rare yes, intentionally so. Balance issue and done well imo. Yes snow biome has lots of vicious kitty kats :), again intentionally so. It meant to be a harsh environment and again I say they accomplished their goal well.
  2. A19 you can get the see thru ground as well. I got it in A19.2.
  3. LCB only stops respawn of sleepers. No effect on horde night spawns. Matter of fact last horde night video I did they were spawning in my base with a LCB while I was on the street out front.
  4. Why would they do that when it would negate the entire biome specific system they are coding in? They already get plenty of bogus "bug" reports of no trader which were caused by not having a forest zone as required for initial starter quest.
  5. Personally I never use the auger or the chainsaw so yes, steel tools are useful. Just my 2c.
  6. Lol, thanks for letting us know your opinion on what the "purpose" of the forum is. ...
  7. Speeds are indentical at 9,14. Truck has a higher torque at 5k vs 3k. Uphill force is identical.
  8. A % of the Z's will path "random", ignoring all the rules that others follow. So yea, some will always just beat on whatever is handy to beat on.
  9. Sadly the fact is that Nitrogen is a wonderful tool that has been abandoned and is limping along on life support. Best we can really hope for is A20 TFP incorporate most of it's good stuff into vanilla.
  10. lol, he tells you how to do what you're trying to do and yet......that's the response?
  11. I'm looking at a custom system thru CyberPower and while there is an extra wait time for the newest drives that delay also comes with a 5% discount off total system price so well worth the extra cpl weeks to me.
  12. Oh yea, I wasn't recommending a dvd drive to you, just relating my personal desire for one in my system.
  13. It always makes me nervous when they don't say what kind of RAM. Is it DDR 3/4/5? (notice if you go down to the compare with others section every one of the others specifies RAM generation but this does not Find out what it has so you know it's not old DDR3. I'd jump up the extra $20 for the 2TB HDD also. The 4.3 gghz is a bit misleading also, it's actually a 2.9 gghz with a 4.3 turbo max. I've been shopping PC's also and it's driving me crazy trying to find a case that actually has a 5.25 bay for an internal dvd drive.
  14. SSD alone is NOT going to give you 15 second map generation times. Simple fact.
  15. So would posting in a relevant thread. Moderation comments and how they are handled is NOT relevant to a development thread... You're proving the point more and more each and every off topic comment you make in this thread.
  16. Youtube channels monetize games in videos all the time, no issue.
  17. So just go in the xml and do so, it's super simple.
  18. lmao, yea years ago they put that in as a reference to George. smh
  19. If your HD is that full then 7dtd not liking it is the least of your problems.
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