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  1. Point is tho that none have. Children being killed is an auto ban under currently existing laws from some countries. You still have yet to name a "sexual" thing in the game that would auto get it banned under current law anywhere in the world. I'll wait.
  2. Stripper zombies is gone and the strip club has not made anyplace ban the game. Next.
  3. I don't think ANY place should have 100% chance of finding ANYTHING. My 2c.
  4. What's "connected with sex" in this game that could be banned anywhere? Is there anything? If so this would be the first time I've heard of it.
  5. The difference is that child zombies will get the game banned in certain countries. So no miners, period. Not inconsistent at all, simply don't want the game banned from parts of the world.
  6. That's an easier way to avoid the BM. Turn it off.
  7. I'd say TFP have done a magnificent job of pulling people in and keeping them interested. How many other games do people play for thousands of hours? Pigeon holing 7dtd would destroy it. Leave it a beautiful jumbled up mix of genres and never even think of trying to define it would be my advice.
  8. The point is that you tole me I only posted it because Roland did. Wrong.
  9. Sounds like it's working as intended then. Brace yourself, they've already said food is getting harder in A20.
  10. Wrong. No one had done so on the forums. It HAD been done on the streams. Which is where I learned about it.
  11. Aye, I know. But A19 it was sweet to have strong and efficient rebar frames to work with. My 2cents? I'll miss rebar. ymmv.
  12. The problem comes with the lower SI of the wood frames as compared to the old rebar frames. Metal has more SI. This new system seems to be leading to not being able to lay out high SI use structures with frames at all and requiring the use of final solid blocks.
  13. Your post was responding to having to break up blocks if you made a mistake as compared to picking up rebar saying that Madmole wouldn't like that so it must not be like that. It IS exactly that. There are no rebar. To build concrete you lay a concrete block and if you place it wrong you have to break it up. Either upgrade to concrete from wood frames if you want to pick them up or lay concrete blocks and break them upon a mistake positioning them. Your choice but those are your two choices.
  14. It IS like that tho. rebar frames are gone.
  15. Building with concrete now eliminates the need for them. Since concrete no longer upgrades to reinforced concrete. Why would you want to make concrete AND rebar frames when only the concrete is needed?
  16. TFP has said that Steam workshop WILL be added. After Gold. So.........rather useless topic now.
  17. On the Buries Supplies quests. Currently the crate always spawns in the SW corner of the circle. Is this being worked on? It doesn't happen in the treasure ones, just the supplies.
  18. Hmm, need me to show you another fact you're ignoring? I responded again to another direct post of yours.... not to the original one so............... yea. make up some more stuff to distract. Hehehehehe True stuff! Answer is once!
  19. You're too heavy for the vehicle. You need to find and add vehicle storage mods.
  20. So don't add that mod. It does have a benefit attached to it tho so be willing to sacrifice that. There's 50 odd different tiles that all then fill randomly.
  21. Lol it just drives me crazy when people think they know something about me personally when they have no clue. Using my age as some kind of basis in his argument? Pure ignorance and yep I'll call it out as BS every single time.
  22. There you go, assuming again. I am NOT "this generation". I'm in my mid 50's. Got anything else to rattle on about with not knowing the facts?
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