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  1. The hunger and thirst bars are now, too! Then I'll redouble my efforts to tell people to repro and report the issue in detail.
  2. I was surprised at how well the cheerleaders and wights climbed over each other in the video - they almost got over the top that way. The most I see when I play is just one standing on another's shoulders here and there, although I play single player and they don't spawn in clumps of 25 at a time. As someone was saying a few pages back, it's more interesting to have each type of zombie have its own gameplay role (the spitter, the flier, the jumper, the digger, etc.) And seeing that video, I can totally see the cheerleader taking the acrobat role. That is, being the specialist in climbing on top of other zombies. I find this idea compelling, because waves of different zombie types require arranging and then juggling more layers of defense, rewarding elegant designs in addition to brute force or cheesy ones.
  3. That reminds me... I think there should be a progression on container sizes. The small storage chest, which is categorized as 'basic' and only requires wood, holds 72 items. The storage box (crate), which is physically larger and requires both wood and nails to craft, also holds 72 items. The bigger, more expensive container should hold more. Or conversely, the small, cheap storage chest shouldn't hold so much. Oh, really? I think it's very common that players see these ovens (and more recently microwaves, coffee makers, grills, etc.) already in the world, and they naturally want to use them. I assumed after all this time that you specifically didn't want working ovens, as part of the post-apocalyptic aesthetic. But role players would (and already do, via mods) love that. It could be a late game luxury if it required power. But maybe you have something else in mind for an upgraded campfire, like a camp stove. Edit: A more advanced T2/T3 campfire/forge would also look nicer and perform better than the weird combination of Stone Age and Industrial Age we see now, where players have rooms filled with banks of identical, primitive-looking forges running in parallel.
  4. But placing 10,000 bookshelves would be a late game luxury that only the .0001% who've mastered the survival aspects would do, right? *ducks* I, too, like the new hardwood floor texture. But I'm most happy about that loose pile of books/magazines. It's long been on my list of wants, because it should look great anywhere from a messy bedroom to a waiting room to a hoarder's crawlspace.
  5. That’s an admirable outlook when faced with setbacks... but from watching the Steam forum, I can tell you that nothing is frustrating players more these days than disappearing backpacks. I had hoped that the new art for backpacks was part of an effort to redo them to be less buggy.
  6. Sure, you could layer on something totally disconnected. But I'd find that unsatisfying since I see caves as a way to leverage what the game does well: again, to "carve up that deep reservoir of voxels in more interesting ways." I'd rather just write the cave generation so that, like road generation, they don't overlap POIs. What happens in Minecraft if you try to tunnel to the surface from within a nether cave?
  7. That's just the thing, though. You can have a team of world builders make fifty whole dungeon POIs, so that your target 'typical' player has enough variety to play with before they're done with the game. Or you can make fifty smaller 'cavern' rooms, each with a bit of gameplay, and have one programmer create billions of possible caves that weave through these. The way I see it, caves shouldn't be handled as POIs. POIs are points of interest, not sprawling geological features. Caves should be handled like roads. They meander from point A to point B in the world. They can branch and intersect with other cave segments. And there can be POIs added along their lengths. Or to put it a different way, I favor a roguelike system of passages and rooms, where a 'room' could be as small as a supply chest or a sleeper.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly, especially now that the AI can handle a player below ground. For all the work on RWG, all that the voxel terrain can really do for gameplay now is control the abundance of water, and give you a hill, or... a steeper hill. Caves are what would (and once did) carve up that deep reservoir of voxels in more interesting ways. The programmers have even had a plan for their implementation, called Perlin worms. It should be possible to not generate caves under POIs, or not generate POIs above caves. And for those building in the wilderness, give them a simple stud finder type tool, or just let them suffer the consequences of not building on bedrock.
  9. From the front page, under the Game Modification section, notice there are different sub-sections. One is Tutorials and Guides, which is what you want. Another is Discussion and Requests, which is where we’ll move this thread for you.
  10. No, but it seeks to make encumbrance less annoying in a different way. In vanilla, you clutter your inventory with nearly useless quantities of items. You can’t do hardly anything with one nail you find in loot. But in ComSenMod, if you find something, it’s generally enough to potentially change the narrative of your game. This change is comprehensive, applying to 25 different items or kinds of items in loot. Since you say you’re pretty new, it’s also worth mentioning that you can completely eliminate the encumbrance penalty in the vanilla game between pocket mods on clothes and the Pack Mule skill. If that’s not good enough, you should be able to install an encumbrance mod alongside ComSenMod without issue, since I don’t touch encumbrance directly. I hope that helps.
  11. What I like the most about this story is that you tried something you intuitively thought would work (get an ember from an ember pile), and it did. That's what ComSenMod is all about. Encountering the bear at that place and time is unchanged. However, compared to vanilla you were a little less hosed with the extra bandages, and had you killed the bear, you would've gotten more XP for the sake of balance. Whoa, when did that happen? That's cool! I'll have to remember that for the next release. I'd be happy to streamline the file structure a little.
  12. Sounds like you have experience patching mods together! You've got the right idea. If you need loot container 217 for something else, then you'll need to A. reassign that entry a different ID in loot.xml (line 4521); and B. point to that new ID for the LootListOnDeath property in entityclasses.xml (line 349). ComSenMod defines a new block of lootcontainer IDs, starting at 200 and going up to as many as I need: currently 227.
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