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  1. Regrettably, I don't think I can offer much help here. I can confirm that the Mac launcher doesn't have the "Use native input module" option. The last time I tried to get a controller working for a game (a wireless Xbox 360 controller), I was unsuccessful. I'm also sticking with macOS 10.14 Mojave, in order to not lose support for 32-bit apps. Outside of 7DtD, did you explore all the setting available with the Steel Series PlayStation-style controller to try to make aiming feel better?
  2. The purpose of GameSparks integration, as the developers have been transparent about, is to collect data on players for analytical purposes. Knowing what players actually do and don't do in the game, with numbers, is an important tool for balancing the game. For example, if nobody's crafting shotguns, and everyone's scrapping their shotgun parts or selling them to the trader, then there's probably an imbalance, and shotguns deserve a buff or at least a second look at the numbers. The developers also hate the idea of pay to win, so I'm not worried on that front. If there are plans for cosmetic DLC... well first, I'll be amazed if anything comes before the game goes gold. Beyond that... I've gotten many hundreds of hours of entertainment for the one-time purchase I made for this game. So it wouldn't seem entirely unreasonable.
  3. That reminds me... is it a bug that you can always jump, even if your stamina is depleted? It seems like a bug to me, since you can't sprint until you get back to 15 stamina or so, but I wasn't sure.
  4. They've poured a ton of work into the POIs already. While I'd still love more randomness to them so each one was less predictable with more replayability, I wouldn't sacrifice free movement for five times more POIs. How would that even work in a fully buildable/destructible world? You'd have to put every location in its own box with impermeable walls on all sides. And how would you choose where to build your base? I guess your only option would be to build on the site of an existing POI, or get lucky with a dig quest location. In short, this hypothetical change would be too radical to still call it 7 Days to Die anymore.
  5. No problem. I'm just glad I didn't come here to find "hey where's ComSenMod for A19" already. 😂
  6. I've seen JaWoodle bring this up, but at this time the reports we've seen have been second hand.
  7. The developers said during the streams that color swaps are at least feasible. They may be our last best hope for individual variation among zombies. They'd still be clones unfortunately, but clones that could potentially have different colored skin/hair/clothing. They say there are 513 unique POIs that can spawn in RWG now, which is great. But we have perhaps a tenth of that variety in zombies, and you encounter orders of magnitude more zombies than you do POIs.
  8. "None - opt out of all betas" will work for now, while A19 is in experimental. When A19 goes stable, that's the point at which it becomes the default, and everyone opted out of betas will download it. So you have until A19 goes stable to set your game to stay on A18.4. Also, if you implement your mod as a 'modlet' with xpath syntax, you don't have to touch the original files. It will still break with A19 files, but your modifications won't be embedded into a big, out of date file.
  9. What map are you on? Old maps have had this problem, but it shouldn't happen for maps made for A19.
  10. Could wilderness RWG roads serve as the basis for re-implementing procedural caves? It seems like many of the hard parts (construct a winding, variable-width path from A to B, add POIs along that path, avoid paths in certain places like under a surface POI) are already solved via the road generation system.
  11. Rick mentioned that Hernan and Sebastian were prefab modders before they were hired. In what ways did these modders stand out to you? When do you think TFP are likely to want more designers, and will you continue to hire people (like me ) out of the modding community?
  12. You can build dart traps in quantities that are excessive or overkill for your particular difficulty, gamestage, BM zombie count, etc. But that doesn’t mean that dart traps themselves are overpowered. To me, something is only “OP” if a nerf would be required to bring it into balance. OP is a problem with the numbers in the game files, whether players use one or a million of them (though they’ll gravitate towards the latter since it’s only natural to seek an advantage). Personally, I think brute force is among the least cheesy, let’s say most earnest forms of defense. So assuming the cost of crafting and feeding those dart traps is balanced, I’m all for being able to make killing corridors loaded with ‘em. But I wouldn’t consider that OP, and I wouldn’t consider it infinite safety either, since it requires at least a steady supply of ammo.
  13. It sounds like you're thinking of base design as a list of things you can try, and each one either works or doesn't work. If things were binary like that, base design would be very boring. In reality, just putting four walls between you and the zombies neither works nor doesn't work. It provides some safety. If the game is balanced well, then those walls provide a degree of safety commensurate with the amount of effort to put them up, and balanced versus other non-building strategies like duking it out with melee weapons. A builder that puts in more effort with a more sophisticated design should get more safety for their efforts. But (under default rules) no builder should achieve infinite safety, because that breaks the game. There's a reason you can't set zombie block damage to 0%, and blocks in weird shapes/rotations/combinations that allow you to effectively achieve 0% block damage are equally game breaking. I disagree with your use of the term. Something can be powerful, and that can be balanced. But overpowered is bad, because to be overpowered means it's too much, by definition. Overpowered and balanced cannot coexist.
  14. Wait, including enemies? Are you sure about that? I'm still playing some catchup on the videos, but from what I've seen so far, the only markers on moving characters are on animals. And that's only if you get the animal tracking skill. In other words, that one would be fully optional. There's still a debug option to turn on stats hovering over entities, which might be confusing things. I personally see no issue with markers at least on any entities that the player made and put into the world themselves.
  15. If you watched the first stream, Rick Huenink took responsibility for the absence of food and water indicators. He said he'd been pushing back on it, and that the issue for him wasn't that you shouldn't see that data on the HUD, but rather if it could be done in a minimalist way. He openly admitted he was wrong on this one, and once he saw it he was happy with how it is/will be now in A19.
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