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  1. I think it would help to put a mass of blocks at surface level, two blocks high, directly above where you’ll be standing. It doesn’t have to be that strong - just something to deflect the zombies from getting directly above you, because that’s when they’ll start to dig. I haven’t tested this design personally though.
  2. I think asking if people enjoy being encumbered is misleading. People don't enjoy being hungry, bleeding out, running out of stamina, etc. It's not the right question to judge a mechanic. The first principle here is, the player's inventory is limited. Given that, what's the best way to limit it? I see encumbrance as a way to impose a soft limit instead of a hard limit on the inventory. Remember, the inventory is considerably larger than it was before. Back then it was a hard limit: carry up to x and then you hit a wall; you can't carry any more. I like this soft limit better
  3. Thanks! You do great prefabs, so I especially appreciate that coming from you. It was interesting how that part of the attic developed organically. I was already planning to do the old, cluttered part of the attic from early on. But what I learned that's unique about level design in 7DtD is that you have to model the whole thing. You can't just model the few rooms you want to do and leave the rest inaccessible. It would look too weird if you left it empty, or if you filled it in as solid wood. So I looked at a bunch of reference photos of attics, as I'd done for the
  4. You know, I've spent a lot of time in loot.xml over the years, and this thread makes me think... even if we accept the premise of leveled loot, maybe they should abandon sorting all the loot into tiered groups. Maybe they should go back to simple loot lists, but put a gamestage number/modifier directly on each item. Then you could just have a loot list of all the armor, and add it to all the containers where it makes sense to find armor, and the game would look at the individual item to see whether you're 'ready' for it at your gamestage. It may not affect the end result that players see, b
  5. To be fair, from the perspective of making the game look better it does make sense to work on non-player characters first, since you don't see the player character(s) except in the character screen and in multiplayer. Meanwhile, you might see Joel every day if your base is next to him. If they want to put lots of time into specific, named characters like Joel, I can see the logic in that. The problem to me is that they treat the zombies as specific, named characters. Literally! They have names like Steve and Darlene. In a way, Left 4 Dead has better looking common infected - n
  6. I feel like the traders are at least that good if not better now. The traders really are the great equalizers, providing critical items like that first iron tool to shore up your vulnerabilities. I'd like to see more of those 'lottery ticket' moments from looting, too, and for the traders to be less reliable, more transient in what they offer and when.
  7. I don't think I ever thought of it as predominantly a scavenging game. And horror is somewhat predicated on provoking a certain fear response, which is difficult to sustain after the first few hundred hours, for any game. That is to say, it may still be horrific, but only to new players. But I have always considered it a survival game, and unfortunately I do think that's diminished over time. Thinking about it, what seriously threatens your survival in the current game? Is it the zombies? Well, yes, they can threaten your character's life, but most games have bad guys to fight
  8. I can't help but point out that, in the time it would take to concept/model/texture/rig a new zombie type so that the snowy biome isn't all the same lumberjack, one could make dozens of complementary beanie colors, beard colors, shirt colors, pants colors, suspender colors, skin colors, etc.
  9. I want to upvote this post a hundred times. Procedural variation is already used to great effect to generate the worlds. An artist can spend a long time crafting the perfect looking nurse zombie or lumberjack zombie or what have you, but no matter how good one looks by itself, it's not going to look good when every nurse is an exact clone of every other nurse. Every player, new and old, gets a whole passel of zombies every horde night. Plus, they only see a limited subset of zombie types at any given gamestage. So it's practically unavoidable that the game will spawn
  10. I'm disappointed, but only because that's not quite what I imagined when you said 7DtD coaster...
  11. So I did; I guess it slipped my mind. I definitely treat the other robots as weapons. In that case I agree - whatever the drone still does do, it should scale up with the Robotics Inventor perk. Thanks! I imagine this is how we'll all sound when we tell stories about A19 years from now.
  12. Okay then, scratch AI & animation. For the easiest way to get this feature, I would propose this design: Blocks within your land claim with less than full HP are tracked in a list, which is updated any time a block within your land claim is damaged or repaired. If this is not performant, then exclude terrain blocks. If your land claim block itself is at full HP, then every time you hit it with a repair tool, repair material is deducted from your inventory and 'converted' to a proportional amount of added HP, distributed among all blocks in the list that take that repair mater
  13. It seems to me that the drone can already fall neatly into the established system. If you perk into Robotics Inventor, your drone(s) would gain the advantages of: being able to be crafted in the first place better craft quality better damage better fire rate better clip size better active range better active robots at once And as you level up Intellect itself, your headshot damage and dismember chance with drones increases. This is all stuff that would happen just from extending the existing design. If you have all that, while someone not perked into Intellect doesn'
  14. Seems like a lot of programming/UI/AI/animation work. Plus, non-intellect builds want to repair their bases, too. They’ve already said they don’t want the drone to be so handy that everyone uses one. If a less tedious way to repair is desired, my solution would be to port the paintbrush’s ability to touch multiple blocks per click to the repair tools.
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