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  1. Well, what is "the cave issue" exactly? Performance cost at world generation time? Performance cost at runtime? People surprised/mad when POIs built above a cave collapse? People surprised/mad when their base built above a cave collapses? Inconsistent SI results with cavities that span many chunks? Did I miss anything? If we dissect those... The change from infinite worlds to generating the whole world at once bloated generation time way more than caves ever did. One dev mentioned that if they were to do caves again, they'd use a Perlin worm algorithm.
  2. Okay, fine, 1 minute per linear kilometer. I was remembering wrong how the map sizes are listed. But here you can hear it straight from the programmer. 14:30 Kinyajuu: The speed of world gen right now, the idea is to keep it at, at most, 1 minute per kilometer. So like an 8K, we don't want to go over 8 minutes. 10K... speaking of, the three new sizes for the new maps. We're gonna start with 6,144 (m) since that's the Navezgane size. We're not gonna do the 4K. They felt real small, and 6K kinda feels about right, and then we have 8K still, and then we're also
  3. The devs have said they're aiming for 1 minute of generation time per square kilometer, e.g. ~6 minutes for a 6K map if they meet their goal.
  4. I understand your concern, but you’re basing that assessment on an A19 standard. You don’t know how A20, with its optimizations and other changes, would perform on your hardware (nor do I). My recollection was that an opt out was added, not an opt in. It was enabled by default, thus getting data from everyone who doesn’t care or doesn’t notice the option. If so, your sample size should be more than sufficient to eke out trends.
  5. I suppose now that the game reports analytics, TFP can see whether 4K or 8K maps are more popular now, and use that as one guide for whether to go bigger or smaller.
  6. Even better, it needn't double the file size. They've already pulled off a tinting system for weapons/tools/clothing, and in A20 that will expand to include vehicles. It should be possible to tint zombie clothes/hair/skin if they're willing to produce the character art assets in the right way. The other way to add variety without blowing up the resource budget is with swappable parts. That is, each soldier zombie has on a few pieces pulled at random from a library of different boots, hats, belts, armor pieces, etc. Their previous attempt at this sort of thing, UMA, didn't perform well, bu
  7. Yup, you nailed it. And that's why when they added trader protection, I hoped it would at least be a temporary, first pass feature until they could do traders 2.0. It defeats the design goal that, if a player has the Blood Moon enabled, the zombies present them with a scaleable challenge. And it defeats the design goal/game's own convention, that the world is 100% destructible down to bedrock. I've talked at length about a better way to do traders, so that indestructible blocks aren't needed. I still hold out a small hope that bandit NPCs can be done in a way such that traders don't need
  8. I don't know... the game is more CPU bound than anything, and I'd assume it was always that way. Years ago, Crysis had such high system requirements for its time that it sparked its own "Can it run Crysis?" meme. I think a lot of people thought that bringing systems to their knees was a good thing. And part of me can see that angle, in the sense that it gives a game longevity. The game you bought gets even better years later, as you upgrade your hardware. I guess if you want to drive innovation as a software developer, you push the envelope in how much your software demands of the hardwar
  9. Isn't it, though? There are base designs where the hit points of individual blocks barely matters. Then there are those that don't build a base at all. I love building and it's a major focus of every playthrough I do, but I'd still say concrete is optional. With that said though, concrete is basically a building tier, not a building track. This will be even more evident in A20 since (and I can't overstate how big a deal this is) A20 will only have 4 building materials. Tier 0 wood, tier 1 stone, tier 2 concrete, and tier 4 steel. So one could say that logically carpentry and
  10. From time to time I've thought about ways to incorporate your character's mental health as part of their survival in the apocalypse. I see potential to have stats like humanity, comfort, hygiene, and happiness, that can slip from your grasp if you just spend every day running around outside, by yourself, butchering stinking corpses in your underwear. I can think of debuffs when these stats aren't maintained too. Like if you lose your humanity, you become 'insane' and hallucinate. But it's less clear whether maintaining these stats would be fun for this game, or if it would merel
  11. I'd like to see changes to the starting quest anyway. If you woke up naked and stranded somewhere with no humans around, would your first thought be to start chopping down trees and begin a construction project? Not me - I'd take shelter in the nearest standing structure. An important thing to remember is that building progression will be gutted in A20. TFP says there will be a "simplified upgrade path" with only wood, cobblestone, concrete, and steel. No more reinforced wood, iron, flagstone, bricks, rebar, etc. Because it'll be so thinned out, I don't think there will be spa
  12. Can confirm. Players on the Steam forum for instance regularly don't pick up on this bit of UI. I'm still in favor of switching to ❓and ✔️ icons in different colors.
  13. I could share a number of them, but here are two. If I find a better quality armor piece than what I was using, I have to open the character screen select the old armor piece click modify remove each mod one by one click complete (actually press escape because the complete button isn’t there) take off the old armor piece put on the new armor piece select the new armor piece click modify install each mod one by one click complete (actually press escape because the complete button isn’t there) The interface is cumbersome for no good reason. We can see the
  14. Apparently the devs think the answer is no. They've said publicly that they're removing reinforced and downgrade-able materials (source: Madmole in the dev diary, right here on the forum). Alpha 20 is planned to only have wood, stone, concrete, and steel.
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