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  1. The surface treatment seems lacking. The whole surface looks like skin: blackened rubbery skin in some places, but nowhere does it have a furry texture. The whole surface glistens, which is fine for the bloody parts but the coat should have a more diffuse reflection. The way it catches the light will stick out even when seen from long range and not scrutinizing a static image. And with a body that's been that bloodied and torn, we expect to see some fur matted with blood. I know it's a short coat, but is this going to get the fur shader we've seen on other animals? By the way, @Astronomi
  2. I've been doing more prefab building recently, and I had two questions on the future of textures. I understand that you can't just go adding world textures whenever, because the texture atlas can't get too big. Given this constraint, and that you're expanding tinting to vehicles in A20, have you considered tinting for world textures? I estimate you could free up space for about 20 more world textures, if you strategically converted the ones you could to a base texture plus a tint (e.g. "concrete white" + tint = "concrete purple"), and possibly more if you allowed decals
  3. Nah, there's a difference though. I know you're sticking your tongue out but let me cross-post what I said on the Steam forum. If a player can’t tell that the grass is green, it doesn’t affect gameplay. So you can do whatever your art direction calls for. When it matters is when you’re relying on color to communicate information to the player. Ideally you have more than one visual cue working at a time. That’s why in the rules of the road red means stop, but stop signs are also octagonal and say “STOP,” and traffic lights have the red light on top. To clarify, red
  4. As a modder who has yet to get into DMT, it amazes me how you can completely overhaul a feature like this. Well done.
  5. From reading the Steam forum, trust me, a lot of people are not picking up on these read vs. unread icons. Colorization wouldn't hurt, but more should be done. My recommendation is to switch to ❓ and ✔️ icons, whatever they want to do color-wise.
  6. That's Config/worldglobal.xml, for those that want to experiment themselves. I'm convinced this is a bug! It goes beyond being too much or too little. It's actually backwards. When you walk into a dark room, your pupils expand to let in more light. When you walk out into bright sunlight, your pupils contract to let in less light. That's how it's supposed to work. But in 7DtD, if you walk inside your virtual 'pupils' contract to make the dark darker, and if you walk outside your virtual pupils expand to make the bright brighter. Plenty of games use this
  7. This would be a lovely way to leverage the 100% destructible world that's already built into the game. I see the greatest benefit in POIs. Specifically, instead of world builders making a dozen iterations of bombed out buildings for the wasteland biome, they can make a few template 'bombable' buildings and have the engine blow them up procedurally, in a simulated way that's more performant than actually doing it in real time with effects etc. Then the building remnants wouldn't fall into such recognizable patterns. If we can get bandits with rocket launchers or similar explosive
  8. Hey, this is neat! You make some creative use of the vanilla blocks and textures. There are parts on the inside that I don't recognize, but they look like they have a purpose and that's what matters. For the night version, I would suggest using different lighting colors for better visual interest.
  9. Huh. I am genuinely surprised that console outsold PC. That changes my perspective - thanks for sharing that. If you take away just one thing from my post though, it's that zombies are the best things you could customize. You're right that we don't see player character faces much, for various reasons. I for one would give up face customization if it freed up the time to make this happen:
  10. Forgive my naïveté as a non-PvP player, but why are you blurring out part of the screen? To hide the names of players in your party? Because it seems like the participants are visible in the chat feed anyway.
  11. I think you're describing and/or thinking of it a little backwards. The game wants to give you the experience of a wide field of view, so that you can pick up on things happening to either side, the way you could see them in your periphery in real life. But since you have a screen and not a VR headset or something, the hardware physically can't cover the extent of your real life field of view, unless your nose is bumping the screen as in meilodasreh's image. If you can see the walls of the room you're in in the corner of your eye, then the game isn't using your whole field of view. It can
  12. Variety is fun. For some of us, playing around with sliders isn't just something to get out of the way before you get to the game. It is itself fun, intrinsically: a place to experiment, be artistic and creative, role play, and take satisfaction in the fact that no one has ever played the game with this particular character before, in the same way we find it satisfying to play on a random world no one else has seen before. My first hour (literally, I clocked it) of playing Fallout 4 was spent in the character creator, despite the rest of the game not holding my interest for long.
  13. In real life your field of view is huge - almost 180 degrees. In a game, you have to cram that field of view into the confines of the player's display. If you didn't, and you only saw as much of the world as you would see through a window the same size and distance away as your display, then it would be like playing with horse blinders on. So the easy solution is to reduce FOV in game, but you could also increase your real life FOV with an ultrawide, curved, or just bigger overall display. Or just sit closer.
  14. At this point I have no plans to develop ComSenMod for Alpha 19. I barely got CSM 5 out before A19 was playable, and now A20 is close enough (I'm guessing) that if anything, I should just leapfrog over A19 entirely despite it being the more polished alpha. My 7DtD time has been split between building prefabs, testing experimental builds, and even sometimes (gasp) playing for fun. I have had ideas percolating for a more expansive mod, that's more differentiated from vanilla, for some time. All I'll say for now is that it would cater to a nomadic playstyle. If I ever get such ide
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