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  1. Okay, I did some comparison tests to see how things work out. I wore military stealth boots, ghillie pants, a ghillie shirt, and a ghillie hood. I had "From the Shadows" level 3. In the middle of the night, I crouched in my base with the lights off and fired a shot at a distant target with each silenced weapon after my stealth meter had minimized to 2. Quality level and ammo type didn't matter. Yes, I could've checked the xml, but this was more fun. These were my stealth values. Pistol: 20 SMG: 21 Compound bow: 29 (7 if it never hits anything) Compound crossbow: 36 (11 if it never hits anything) Desert Vulture: 38 Double-barreled shotgun: 38 Pump shotgun: 38 Auto shotgun: 38 Marksman rifle: 47 Sniper rifle: 47 Tactical assault rifle: 54 M60 machine gun: 58 Other weapons were either not compatible with silencers, or I didn't have them. Long story short, if you want to use a silencer and be as quiet as possible, use a 9mm weapon. The bow/crossbow revealed another factor: the impact can be louder than the report. Shooting the Desert Vulture at a faraway satellite dish topped out at 38, but shooting it at nearby adobe or wood raised the stealth meter to 44, and shooting it at a nearby iron reinforced wooden door raised it to 50. I would hope shooting a zombie is a 'soft' impact that doesn't appreciably raise the meter, but I'll have to test that too.
  2. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I have a level 5 sniper rifle that does 100 damage and holds 12 rounds now, so I plan to try the silencer on that next.
  3. Texture streaming is a feature that was added to the game, which allows textures to be 'streamed' as needed. Only the textures actually in use at a given time are loaded into video memory, which helps to keep hardware requirements in check. But the paintable textures are kept on a giant 'atlas', like a patchwork quilt, instead of individual files. So either the whole atlas is loaded, or it isn't, which means the whole atlas has to be loaded pretty much all the time. I hadn't really put two and two together before seeing this thread, though. It means a huge proportion of what we see in the game doesn't take advantage of texture streaming. Is it shooting yourself in the foot to do world textures though both texture streaming and atlases at the same time? At this point pretty much every POI is using some non-streamable atlas textures, and I'd say players are close to a POI more often than not.
  4. Wait, did we actually lose paintable textures? Do we not have all the ones we had in A16, except now they're all unlocked instead of gated behind books? Many have been redone, but I can't think of what ones we've actually lost.
  5. Please don't grave dig old threads. This is doubly confusing for readers, between that and the console vs. PC confusion.
  6. I'm pretty deep into my game now, and I have most firearms at a decent quality level. I'm shifting from a strength-heavy build to a more agility/stealth-heavy one. The bow weapons and melee weapons are great, but I'd like to use a firearm with a silencer* more, if for no better reason than it fits the cool spy guy role play. Phtup phtup! So which firearm works best with a silencer in your experience? Where's the best tradeoff between damage and stealth? For instance, the Desert Vulture is the 'best pistol,' but it still seems awfully noisy with a silencer. Are you having better luck one-shotting sleepers with something unexpected or crazy, like a silenced Blunderbuss? * The game takes place in a universe where there are "silencers" and not "supressors", so don't start with me.
  7. Gosh I hope they do modular clothing and/or body parts. And it's not even as important for human NPCs as it is for zombies. Zombies are and will be the primary antagonists of the game, we're told. So we expect to encounter more zombies than bandits, even when the game is finished. They've put so much work into having random worlds populated with a plethora of different POIs. But consider that we encounter hundreds of zombies for every POI over the course of gameplay: not just the sleepers inside the POI, but wandering/screamer/challenge/Blood Moon hordes. In other words, we'll see ten identical Zombie Steves, easy, before we see our second identical house_modern_04. In that light, it becomes clear that individual variation among zombies is where the real bang-for-your-buck is.
  8. Thank goodness for the trellis shape, right? I think using the couch end pieces as floor pillows is especially creative.
  9. It's best to ask a mod-specific question in the thread for that mod, which will be in the Mods section.
  10. I don't play PvP, but I agree based on the numbers that timed charges are likely the fastest way to break in.
  11. Well then I'm genuinely confused. Those spikes are on the ground, at waist height, rather than in the ground. That means they're in the way for AI pathing purposes, and the zombies would prefer to go around. This comes up often enough that I made my avatar to help spread awareness about it. So as soon as one spike breaks, there will be a way in where they only have to go through 7 spikes instead of 8. And it's my understanding that they will ALL switch to that easier path once created. Maybe a few do something random just for randomness's sake, but the A* pathfinding algorithm that they're all using recognizes the lower weight path within seconds of it opening up. In the long run, they should work their way in having only destroyed 8 spikes, plus whatever they destroy incidentally. Again, that's how I understand the current AI. I'm not disputing your results, but they conflict with my understanding.
  12. I'll move this to Pimp Dreams for you. I agree. I'd like beds to work as they do now, where the last one placed is your respawn location, except that you can place a bedroll as a temporary respawn point, and if the bedroll is picked up or destroyed your respawn point moves back to your bed. To reduce exploits, the spawn suppression feature could not apply to bedrolls. I can't think of any gameplay downsides to this setup.
  13. Yes, and to be clear you can search for a name even if that's not the name you see in the creative menu. For example searching for "ammo" will bring up all the ammunition types, because behind the scenes what's listed to the player as "Shotgun Shell" is in the xml as "ammoShotgunShell". This applies to blocks too, so don't be discouraged if you've manually searched through the entire creative menu and can't find what the F3 menu says a block is by name.
  14. I've said this before, but what I'd really like to see are block-based speed modifiers. Then we can drive full speed on asphalt, and somewhat slower on gravel or sand. Land with more blocks of tall grass could slow us down more than land with the grass cleared. And where it comes to debris, we would have an in between state between 'slam to a stop' and 'destroy the block instantly.' Because of how voxels work, there will be no pushing a pile of trash out of the way with your car. So allowing travel through 'soft' blocks with a reduction in speed, instead of going over them like a speed bump or destroying them like they're nothing, is the next best thing.
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