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  1. I don’t consider this a problem as you still have to decide if you even have time to do both. Second, if you already looted the building prior to the quest or you are on a repeat quest isn’t that essentially the same thing?
  2. Will we ever see any other handmade maps like Navezgane?
  3. Awesome Adam! A little trick you can use when taking pics is Shift + Logo + S and you can cut out just the image you want.
  4. I would like to see mods for the turret so you can customize it to either have longer range or cover a wider range.
  5. The idea of a special zombie that only comes at night and makes all ambient light get darker is so creepy that I can feel the hair on the back of my neck rising just thinking about it.
  6. Well that blows. Where was this at?
  7. Honestly, being able to see all the way to the bottom was a bit disturbing. I agree with the limited visibility
  8. Deadlakes at Mount Rainier in Washington has water so clear you can see all the fallen trees at the bottom throughout the whole lake.
  9. Our world and it's creatures are just pawns in a battle between Great Old Ones. The one known as Yidhra infects creatures that devour to feed her life force. Every 7 days she needs to feed though creatures linger about in between. The wright, spider zombie, cop, and screamer are just mutations from those infected. Of course there's plenty of material from Lovecraft you could weave into the lore.
  10. WTH is going on? I have entered the twilight zone. Wonder what oddities the new forums will bring...
  11. Steam name: Mushroom Cloud Hours played: 689 (PC) unknown (Xbox) Started on Alpha: Xbox release June 2016, alpha 17 on PC Discord name: Mushroom Cloud#7631 Native language: English
  12. Probably meant lobes. Your lungs are made up of 2 lobes on the left and 3 on the right. Pneumonia typically occurs in the lower lobes and can be on both sides or just one.
  13. And here I thought he would have been happy with the head
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