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  1. Just ordered mine if anyone’s wondering if they’re in stock.
  2. I kinda understand where you're coming from. I honestly have my own opinion on how the perk system should be done but I am probably in the minority. I don't think weapons should be tied to an attribute. I think simply applying an ability increase across all weapons depending on the attribute would be better. For example, a perception perk increases your chance to critically hit with headshots for any weapon. Skills like Run & Gun and Flurry of Blows cover a range of weapons across all attributes and that's what I would like to see more.
  3. I wanted to create a list of new business POI names for the level designers that fit in to the style of 7 Days to Die and are trademark free. Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon (trademark dead) Weirdough Bakery (trademark dead) We're Dough (not registered) Could be used as a Pizzeria The Coronary Burger Joint (not registered) Penetrator Locksmith (not registered) Wilt's Flower Boutique (not registered) or Nursery Pete's Mortuary (not registered) You whack 'em we stack 'em You cut 'em we gut 'em You slash 'em we stash 'em You stab 'em we slab 'em You kill 'em we bill 'em Armed Forces Recruitment Center I will add more to the list as I come up with them. Please feel free to add your thoughts. This is just a brainstorming area that the designers can look for inspiration.
  4. Do you know if we will be getting the next stream soon or is it still a ways off?
  5. This makes a lot of sense to me. Glad the change was made On a separate note, is a video stream of more features going to be coming sooner rather than later?
  6. Since you're adding all these primitive weapons I just want to point out that both the lead pipe and candlestick are lethal weapons. Just watch the movie Clue.
  7. I'm not for or against degradation. If it gets added then I'll adapt to the increased difficulty. I would only suggest ways to make degradation more gradual so it is less impactful if it were added. What degradation can add is making some perks/schematics far more useful. Especially if one allowed you to master in a craft to repair an item to full health. This would increase team dynamics. If running solo, then as someone suggested, a trader could repair to full for a price since the traders are now specialized.
  8. With having to constantly make new weapons, tools, armor, and vehicles you should be able to scrap anything completely worn out for more parts. It makes sense from a realistic point of view and makes it easier to replace broken items.
  9. I could see this with vehicles too. My suggestion would be each tire, engine, battery, and chassis all degrade separately based on their quality. Each part could be replaced individually so to make it easier to keep it working.
  10. Not just any cat. The undead cat from Pet Cematary.
  11. If you are having difficulty at the default settings you should definitely consider lowering them. I just got a friend playing right after experimental opened up and he loves the base settings and is ready for a jump in difficulty.
  12. To be fair there is a difference between hyperbole and constructive criticism. Crazy buffs to animals. Sure some got tougher, but if you hadn't had it easier before you wouldn't know the difference. Either avoid the predators or learn a better way to fight them. Looting and raiding pointless till you're GS 30+. Blunderbusses were pointless before. Now they have a purpose. There is already the ability to increase loot in the game options if you want to find better stuff faster. No judgment here, I have definitely done this. I'm not wild about the vultures attacking vehicles but I'll adapt. However, if avoiding horde is your thing there is also the option to turn those off too if you just want to focus on exploring and building. Once again no judgment, everyone has their own playstyle.
  13. You clearly did not live up to your namesake
  14. I like the added danger as well but maybe allow wolves to spawn on day 1 and then dire wolves to spawn at night or a higher game stage.
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