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  1. MadMole, can you share any rough percentages you are seeing from A19 gamesparks telemetry on single player, vs hosted Co-op vs Dedicated Server multiplayer? Can you tell PvE vs PvP?
  2. Here is a copy and paste of my notes that I took during the A20 Dev Talk stream tonight. A20 Roadmap notes. Many of these will get details in later A20 Dev Talk Streams Unity Update as we expected. RWG is getting more work. Vehicle Mods Shape Menu They are working on Updating Distant POIs/Terrain. Not sure if it will make A20 Microsplat terrain is getting some performance updates Feral Sense game option. Lets you set how easily zombies see/hear you. From dumber than now up to Horde Night GPS all the time Biome Progression. Some biomes will be ha
  3. Did you save a copy of the generated world the save was using? That's in a different folder than the savegame itself. You need both parts to play the save.
  4. @e1ghtbit Invisible zombies happen when the server is still running B154 and the client is on B157. They updated the entityclasses.xml for the crawler. Depending on what happened with the save during the mismatch period you might have to wipe the save.
  5. You actually have the code to implement those buttons in the vanilla game dating back to A18. They just need button art and to be placed in the inventory UI via a tiny bit of XML. The dev implemented Store All, Fill Existing Stacks (but not new stacks if it fills one totally), Store existing (including new stacks as needed), and a system to lock the first X slots of the backpack from being used by the rest of the storage buttons. You are right that they are very handy when enabled by the little bit of missing XML.
  6. Roland has been a lot more active moving off topic posts to other threads in the A19 diary. I wonder how the new software will handle tomorrow's refresh storm though
  7. And the build is live for Streamers with the Password and a few are already done downloading and have started streaming
  8. I think we managed to get them to answer most of the questions from the specific forum thread for tonight's stream. Lots of good Q&A time this stream!
  9. What if any limitations do you have on block selection in a POI to keep the performance up? Are there particular blocks in the CM that cause performance issues due to their complex shape?
  10. Yah if he had used slugs with their native AP it would have been much quicker. He was also using a shotgun with NO mods so lower damage, large spread, slower firing, etc. By the time you are running into Radiated Soldiers you should have at least SOME mods to improve the gun.
  11. They plan to record it and upload it to YouTube. Due to processing and upload time that probably won't be available until tomorrow though.
  12. Rick, what was it like when you first started developing the game? How big was the team? How long did it take to create something that you can look back on and call it a Playable version of 7days? Did you consider finding a big publisher to fund things or was self funding and Kickstarter always the plan? Lathan, when did you join the team? How did you get connected to this crazy bunch?
  13. I would assume the telemetry would include what build/branch you are playing. Since the internal test builds are known and different from the public builds they can filter out the QA team and anyone in a closed testing group like they are trying right now with pre-experimental. Knowing what % of players are on what stable or experimental build is also valuable data for TFP.
  14. New A19 screenshots from MadMole The new Linear Lightspace and textures are looking nice!
  15. Steam name: Tprice321 Hours played: 1,043.5 hrs on record according to Steam. Started on Alpha: Late alpha 14 Discord name: Tprice321 Native language: English
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