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  1. Ok, good to know. Maybe deleting power.dat and then redistributing fences so that not one of them is at the same spot might be a better idea. Just an idea, I have built with fences all the time and never got that bug, there must be highly specific circumstances to fire that bug.
  2. Yes, they overhaul for no reason. Madmole rolls a twenty-sided die every alpha to select the subsystem that gets an overhaul. Then Faatal rolls another die to select the version of Unity the alpha is ported to. Finally Gazz rolls for the ailment he makes most bothersome this time 😁
  3. Please use pastebin or similar to post your logfile. There is a known bug with vehicles but it usually makes vehicles duplicate. Relocating vehicles is often a sign of a slow server or problematic network connection. But "usually" and "often" means there is always doubt and you should look at both as likely cause. To combat the vehicles bug you should tell everyone to pick up his vehicle (if you can't reach someone you could replace his vehicle later). Then stop the server, delete vehicles.dat and start the server again. As you can read there, vehicles relocating is also a result of this bug besides the duplication There also could be problems with anti-virus programs who might block writes to vehicles.dat, as there is a warning that vehicles somehow can*t be removed from the game after someone logged out. Make sure to add exceptions into your anti-virus programm for the appdata/7DaysToDie/ directory. Lastly, do you have a hard disk or SSD on the server? SSD is highly recommended.
  4. It doesn't matter at what time you are reading it, NOT reading at all is the problem. So KhaineGB should make a wiki with a FAQ where the answer to all of the questions is always "Check out the relevant section in the Journal". 😁
  5. Your log shows a bug about Physix engine and "Simplex input points appers to be coplanar" As explained, it is most likely from a bug with electric fences and your friend should stop his server and delete the power.dat. But then he also needs to rewire all electrical connections. Since it only happens when you log in it might mean the problematic fences are only in the part of the map you are in(?). If not, (and that is only weakly supported conjecture by me, I'm really only guessing here) as a further safety measure your friend could delete your player files on the server and resupply your new character with XP and items.
  6. Is it really necessary to pick up vehicles every time you play? Sure, if this bug happens you should pick up vehicles, close the game and delete vehicles.dat. But then it should be possible to return to a normal routine, right? Or is this a bug that will never go away anymore once it starts occuring?
  7. Well, to be honest we will probably reach or get very very near the decade eventually. But while all that change and waiting for a release version might be a problem to some players, other players including me will celebrate the anniversary and salute to the next decade 😁
  8. It helps to post in the right forum section. I moved your question to "General Support". To answer your question: In the starting menue klick on options and then "player profile". There you can select one of the premade characters or create a new one.
  9. Wait: You started a new game with 60/40 and it immediately broke? While a new game with standard values for daytime is fine? That would be very surprising. Ah, I think I see the problem. You probably set the DayLightLength to 40. But that value is the number of in-game hours of the day with light. I.e. that value should never go above 23 or 24 because a day only has 24 hours
  10. In the logs from the laptop you posted I always see an error NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at GameManager.PlayerId (System.Int32 _playerId, System.Int32 _teamNumber, PlayerDataFile _playerDataFile, System.Int32 _chunkViewDim) [0x0005d] in <8676d591e24b4790910cdee451580eac>:0 at NetPackagePlayerId.ProcessPackage (World _world, INetConnectionCallbacks _netConnectionCallback) [0x00000] in <8676d591e24b4790910cdee451580eac>:0 So those logs are all already from sessions where the player character is already damaged. The "discarding NetPackage..." error afterwards is just a followup error after parsing the player data failed. One method to find relevant logfiles would be to search the logfiles for occurences of the string "GameManager.PlayerId". The earliest logfile with this string in it and the previous logfile to that one would be the interesting logfiles where the problem started. Apart from that the problem might just vanish after you deleted her player id since her laptop should be generally fast enough at reduced settings. Though you never know, badly designed laptops can have a bad heat distribution and run at much lower speeds because of overheating the CPU or GPU. Tell her to hit "F8" once she is in the game, there will be a small green FPS counter to the left. Dips below 20 are not immediately problematic but if FPS is below 20 for a substantial time of her playtime she might need to reduce resolution another step or turn off more video options
  11. I don't see the problem. Imagine a late game cooking station that operates on electricity. This would be a pure comfort upgrade as wood is limitless at that stage. It would still be sought after.
  12. Not quite. A20 still has new features (vehicle parts, shape menue, pipe weapons) and the usual redesign of placeholders or parts that seemed not ready for release (RWG). But more and more parts are made of cement that is slowly drying in the sun. Someone might still round the edges or put a cable canal into that cement, but generally those parts are largely what you will see in the release version as well. Whether someone considers new features that are still on the agenda as game changing or just filling in the blanks (like the pipe weapons are for the weapon system) is in the eye of the beholder.... ...There could even be fundamental changes to gameplay if one of the new features leads to this. Yes, bandits and story will essentially shut down any new featureitis, but until then developers not involved in bandit work will surely add stuff that is high on the wanted list.
  13. workstations are not equal. Some are available from the start (campfire, forge) and others are supposed to be mid game. An advanced workstation for something available from the start could be an option.
  14. Use the lan ip address. This makes everything easy as the router is NOT involved, at all. All data between server and clients will stay local. The worst case would be if you instead wanted to host a public server and mix that with local players. THEN you might need to use the external IP address to avoid bugs in routers or network code. Actually I tried a similar setting a few years ago and used the LAN IP address while external players obviously used the public IP and I had no problems with this. But it probably depends on router, the alpha version and a few other things, on the forum there were people occasionally who had problems with this.
  15. Thats the difference between a service game and a game in EA approaching the finish line. Still there is hope that some of the features still planned will have an impact on gameplay, but that is just incidental.
  16. Tell that to the dead guy with a little more XP 😁. If you take the game serious then staying alive must be the top priority and anything else is just gravy. Yeah sure, somehow you still die sometimes and by some miracle are alive again. But you don't know why and you don't know if this will happen again next time. Next time could be the last.
  17. Did you just get the rifles through the creative menue? That is not really doing the correct randomness AFAIK. I made a similar test once with a different item and changed my method: I setup a few workbenches (from creative menue), got the raw materials (from creative menue as well) but then built the item in parallel on all the workbenches. And that way they had a normal random distribution
  18. You need an internet connection for steam validation, but that is a few kilobytes of traffic at the start of a session, you could do that even with smoke signals 😁 The heavy traffic will be just between the server and all clients which are all on the same LAN. You don't need to setup the router in any special way since the server never needs to advertise its services to external players. You simply connect to the server through the IP address, there is a button below the server list where you can connect by IP
  19. We got a lot of signals and information from TFP that story, setting, style are already written out by madmole and that that is also already finished. This is definitely not among the few things we players can influence in any way.
  20. You probably need to delete his player file on the server.
  21. Dire wolfes can spawn at night even in freshly started games, night is dangerous. The dire wolf that attacked you around midday should not have happened except if you were in or near one of the more dangerous biomes like the snow or wasteland biome. Or less likely the dire wolf was a remnant of the previous night (it would have had to be near you for the whole morning otherwise it would have despawned). In the first few nights you should always have a safe location near you for events like this though many of the nights dangers you can outrun. Other games without a fully destructable and changeable world just let a designer tag any space with a flag whether it is indoors or not. A game like this with fully destructible world needs to find out by some heuristic if a space is inside or not. Since 7D2D needs all the CPU cycles it can get to support minimum spec PCs the heuristic needs to be very simple. The result is some wonky light changes, but mostly it works.
  22. The user in that old thread never got back with the data I've requested. I assume the client log is from you using your friends steam account on your PC and you got the same problem then, but playing with your own character has no problem at all. I also assume that when you tried with her account you used the already corrupted character The most probable explanation (from the limited information I have) is that her laptop is too weak and has a high change to corrupt the character. Look at older logs before the failure on her laptop. There are lines with "FPS: " in it and when a lot of those lines are below 20 FPS the chance for file corruption increases. If that is the case, decreasing the resolution on the laptop and lowest settings might help to get her over the 20 fps. Since the server is under control of a friend you can always just delete her player file on the server (and her local cache data in Appdata\7 Days to Die\SavesLocal), give her xp and items to get her back to her previous state and let her play until the next corruption. A question you could try to find out this way is: Will the next corruption be back directly after restart of the server (like the other thread said) or is it random? Maybe you are lucky and the error never surfaces again or so seldom the wipe of the player file and xp is acceptable for the time being. Another question you could try to find out is by way of a switch: Either switch your hardware or switch the characters you play so that on YOUR (probably more capable) machine the newly reset character is being played and on the laptop your current character is played. If your current character then gets the same problem but not the newly reset character then without a doubt the laptop (or its internet connection) must be the culprit
  23. Even for tiers T1 to T5 there could be better weapons one tier lower. It is random. What you are looking at is the xml for the base value that is not random. look above this line and you will find the line <passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="perc_add" value="-.2,.2" tags="perkMachineGunner"/> <!-- random DegMax --> This adds a random value between -20% to +20% for each crafted or found weapon. Either remove this line completely or reduce the value to maybe "-.07,.07" and there won't be any overlap between weapon tiers. Note that damage and a few other stats such a random roll is happening as well. So for each weapon and armor in items.xml you would have to remove a handful lines to remove randomness.
  24. Alpha 19 is not being in development anymore, it is practically finished (AFAIK). A further version A19.6 just means that some bugfixes were backported from A20 because they were deemed a little too critical to be left alone in a stable version. In this case twitch integretation was a very recent addition, it was added in 19.3(?) not 19.0). Therefore it had much less time to mature than the other features in A19 and probably still had critical bugs. Especially because bugs on twitch integration are very public affairs.
  25. Sorry, my posting was a bit ambiguous. What I was saying was that even IF it did penetrate (which I thought it did not), its effect would have to end two blocks from the hit block at the most because of <property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="2"/>.
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