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  1. We need the full log and as unholyjoe already said, it is best to put the log into an online service like pastebin and just post the link to it here. This is explained in the Pinned thread on How to Report an Issue you don't seem to have read.
  2. There already seems to be a routine in there that handles fractions of loot results. If you are right and rounding is used there the fix would be to simply change that to use that routine instead.
  3. This is an english language forum only. Please translate your posts, if neccesarry with an online translator like https://www.deepl.com/translator
  4. I think a dev once explained that a 50% loot chance would be handled correctly in that an internal dice roll would decide if an item drops or not. Whether that is true, false or bugged only a test can show
  5. You are correct. It was just an idea he mentioned.
  6. Isn't smelting on the way out already? You are beating a horse that will be dead in A20
  7. With the added difficulty that it glitches through walls sometimes 😎
  8. So what? It makes the game more difficult. Now increase zombie spawn like in most mods and zombies get harder. I listed 4 things to do, do it all and you will find yourself challenged. Or start A16 again and feel as bored as you are now. I know, I have visited the hub city in A15 when I had more experience with the game and it was much less dangerous than when I had been a newbie.
  9. Reply from a tester, they are aware of the problem:
  10. This is the difficulty mulitiplier. It depended on difficulty setting in earlier alphas but in recent alphas is just fixed at 1.2 PS: Made a bug report. Probably won't help you in your game, except if they fix it fast and backport it to A19.
  11. This is a consequence of capped player level (at 300) and dayssurvived capped at player level. Therefore maximum gamestage at the moment is (300+300)x1.2 = 720.
  12. BlockPenetrationFactor is also mentioned 4 times in items.xml ----------- Hint: Get yourself an utility to search for strings in lots of files, makes looking for stuff like this much easier. Or it might be possible to activate Unix-support in windows and simply type grep "searchstring" * after changing to that dir in the shell to get a nice list of every occurence of that string
  13. I see your mouth is capable enough to take on a mountain lion 😁
  14. The field above your base has to be plated in cobblestone or concrete, not just the ceiling of your base. So that a single digger does not create a hole that eventually presents a faster path. Also there needs to be a field of spikes and later turrets to pick off the zombies that go into destroy mode instead of following paths. Headspace may be a problem, even if you can walk down there without hitting your head the pathing of the zombies might see it differently.
  15. I made an empirical test: 1) Sat around somewhere safe measured food use while nothing was happening. It was one food every 2:15 minutes. Lets call it base digestion 2) Jumped on a spike trap then let myself heal by natural healing. It was roughly 10 food to heal 10 health, after deduction of the base digestion 3) Then with Healing Factor 2 did the same. It was again 10 food to heal 10 health after deduction of base digestion. It just happened about twice as fast (5 minutes instead of 11-12)
  16. Usually this means the other players data is borked in the save game. To make sure it isn't the world data itself your friend should move 500m in any direction. If the error still persists it is probably the player data Then you could try this: First let your friend join again so he can write down his level and the books he knows. Then he should put everything he owns and wears into storage While the game is NOT running locate your savegame, go into Players and delete the two files that are named like your friends steam-ID. To be safe your friend meanwhile should d
  17. You said this. So I showed you the lines where it does (presumably, I didn't exactly analyze it, the comment line seemed enough to show its purpose).
  18. There is more in buffs.xml: <effect_group> <!-- set the speed at which crit buffs heal naturally --> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$critHitNaturalHealingRate" operation="set" value="1"> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkHealingFactor" operation="LT" value="1"/></triggered_effect> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$critHitNaturalHeali
  19. That doesn't say much. It could be a setting some providers use for their routing or traffic control, it could be the internet router brand given out to customers of the provider. In both cases it could happen in any country.
  20. Possibly. In our 4 player co op game it is always the same one player that gets disconnected frequently. One difference is his provider which looks like it could be the reason. Any other hypothesis? We also have locks being forgotten, again he has it all the time but it seems we do too sometimes. Which is something that points more in the direction of a universal bug instead of one induced by FPS or very bad connection or latency
  21. Sorry, but you can't promise that. 😉 Before you had said "Then it just stopped working". But here you say the problem started when you tried to go back to 19.3. If it happened at that time that would be a HUGE pointer to some registry settings for either 7d2d or unity that did change between those versions having a detrimental effect. Since you cleared 7d2d settings and since the culprit seems to be graphics and the unity crash Log crashes I'd say there is a big chance there is some unity registry setting at fault here.
  22. I'm using vulkan on Linux for months now. Apart from a strange frame update problem that only showed up in a specific mod I am very pleased with it. FPS is better than with opengl/GLcore
  23. I'm not saying it is a class less system and I think neither is Roland. But you are not locked into a class. Lets assume it was a typical skill-tree. In such a system you would as well either have to choose between knowing one skil branch perfectly at some point or know two branches less perfectly or far. Does that lock you into a branch?
  24. Not from the start, in the early game it costs you nearly nothing to branch out. And it actually costs you the same to make a dual-class without the 5th perk level than to make a single-class with 5th perk level.
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