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  1. Wasn't it always that you could only have ONE land claim block active, specifically the last one you place? The same with bedrolls, only the last one is active. I may be totally wrong because not a console player, but I did play A15 once and that version is very similar to the console game.
  2. You are right. Lets move Motherlode into Perception so Bad Mechanic doesn't feel so alone. 😁
  3. If the game really had used the UHD it might have set some config options for that card in the registry. I don't know for sure but I think you can delete such settings through the game launcher's "tools" tab
  4. On my screen (setting brightness is at default) the first hour of night gradually dims the light, that is much different to before. But at 1 am or later the night is quite dark. I wouldn't call it pitch black though. If you want it darker you might set brightness to a lower value. Total darkness means you absolutely need a helmet light. And the night stalker books are not that much use until you get night vision goggles. So I'm fine with the fact that there is no total darkness.
  5. I don't really know from experience how it is in Windows, but in Linux F9 does screenshots in 7D2D and the pictures can be found in a subdirectory ("Screenshots" or "Pictures" or something similar) of the games install directory. You can find the install directory through steam (right klick on the games name, "game settings" and in one of the tabs there is an option to show you the install directory)
  6. Error messages help to identify a cause, bla bla does not. What exactly does jack diddly in this case mean? I assume you can't dismount the bike with "E". Do you get an error message or does nothing happen at all? Are you stuck in some hole? Does the bike still drive a little back and forth? Are you on a server or can you directly edit your save? in the latter case and if nobody else has a better idea you could simply delete a file vehicles.??? (I don't remember if ??? was "xml" or something else) and hope that this deletes the vehicle without anything else breaking. ------- PS: Posting a logfile also helps, all the error messages are usually in there already, no need to type them yourself
  7. Well, then you should also complain about Trader Joel in a big fur coat whatever the biome 😉
  8. Maybe we don't need to but I also don't see it as a problem (naturally as a male I have a lot more tolerance for that as well). Her cup size is somewhat extreme. But the form of her t-shirt would be a common occurence in summer. She also doesn't look like a fantasy character. What youtubers do is not my concern, I mostly ignore them, but would definitely ignore someone who thought talking about her cleavage was funny or interesting in any way.
  9. Generally I agree. But even if you try to get your materials from building/construction sites you save a lot of time with miner69 because the resource piles have to be mined as well, not looted. Maybe shoveling or axing resource stacks in buildings should use LL boni instead of miner69 boni. Or maybe they already do and I never noticed 😉
  10. I agree. When I compare with my friends I play co-op with there are strange discrepancies. I seem to have more problems with stamina then they have. There must be something I do, and it could very well be too much targetting with a bow, that uses excessive amounts of stamina/food.
  11. You look at sex.rex but in the first week miner69 seems to me the more important perk here. Because miner actually decreases stamina use (and therefore food use) while sex.rex only allows you to expend it faster (AFAIK, I don't have the game near me to check). And in the first week food is a major concern
  12. YESSS, we want the quest right there. 😍
  13. There is an option to turn off horde night and there is an option to give you 400% lot. There is an option to spawn in a T6 M60 on day 1 or give you 1 mio XP. There is an option to make you invulnerable and fly. This has absolutely nothing to do with the default vanilla game that everyone is playing. And it definitely can't be used to conclude something is not necessary because you have an option somewhere. Default vanilla game must be dangerous and balanced, this is TFPs resoponsibility. If you use OP options, creative mode or giveselfxp then balance and fun is all your responsibility.
  14. If there are two survivors, which one will the zombies prefer and attack first? The brain in the spiffy mouth-wateringly good looking package or the carelessly cloth-wrapped brain?
  15. Klick on the red link above that say "Updating to Alpha 19 instructions". Follow the advice "Clean out A18 data" . Then create a new world where you put a random word into the "world seed" tab. If that doesn't solve it, come back here and post your logfile (instructions are in the sticky thread that says "Read before posting")
  16. The fact that you landed on Pedalu County again shows that you probably didn't choose a new map seed. Check the folder ...\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds . Write down the Counties in there. Create a new world and make sure it is in a county that isn't already in GeneratedWorlds
  17. The Statement is "Every prefab gets spawned only once (as long as there is a new prefab to spawn left)". Higashi would only be guaranteed if you make a map big enough for >530 or so pois
  18. Don't put fuel into your minibike ---> zero emission vehicle
  19. At higher tiers? If you don't have at least a minibike at higher tiers, the Duke has a job as dishwasher for you 😀
  20. I heard a few times that only worlds dividable by 1024 work correctly.
  21. Make a new post in "General support" AND read the sticky thread there on how to post your logfiles. Also you might mention what version you were playing together with your friend.
  22. Faatal posted that he had patched the ammo stacks **yesterday**. So you should see lower stacks when the next patch arrives
  23. I actually think they improved the probabilities compared to A18. In A18 it was faaaar to good, half the workstations at a trader were working. Now it seems it will be a nice surprise if even one is working And IMO that is as it should be. We have a perk for that and the perk should be good for something, right?
  24. I like that it isn't pitch black immediately at 22:01. Did you check it at later times? 1:00 in the morning it is very dark, on my screen I can't see much outside. I didn't go into poi's at night yet but I can't imagine I would be able to see anything since I already have problems seeing much in cellars at daytime. Maybe your screens brightness is too high. There is the brightness setting ingame.
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