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  1. Then I misremembered it, probably from earlier times. I have seen the bug with invisible exclamation mark a few times, but always in modded games I think. If you can reliably reproduce the bug in vanilla, make a bug report. If not, deleting the quest in the quest log should remove any problems with it.
  2. All pieces will be middle ground because they will have armor value (I assume)
  3. Killing lumberjacks (AFAIK) is a quest without location. You just enter the winter biome and kill Lumberjacks there until you satisfied the required amount Even quests with a location can be finished everywhere and on your own time. That is important in multiplayer as there could be more players doing the quest than zombies are spawned at that location
  4. You make it sound like there was a point in the game where you would need to commit to one path and thats it. But in reality you can change your path at any time in the game and you have lots of possibilites even if you want a dependable result: Either one of you maxes out INT to get the recipes from the get-go, or you get them through creative menue, or you get them through a forgettin elixier, or you simply decide the gyro is not the goal of the game and you don't need it. (If you ask what the goal of the game is, the game isn't finished yet, there will be a goal for people needing a goal). Just playing without INT and saving money for the elixier while always looking out for the recipes or gyro parts is in fact a strategy that does NOT depend on chance because in a very limited time frame everyone can get enough money in this game for the elixir.
  5. I think 7D2d provides something different to do with the 5 classes aka attributes. Playing a miner instead of a farmer is a big difference ONLY at start of the game, when you already swim in food, garden plots and materials in end game nobody cares anymore whether he has perked much into it or not, it is just something to be done once in a while. Strategies differ when you play agi/stealth instead of strength instead of Int. And sure, one could first get fully perked in strength, then turn to say Perception to try that out as well. But then he would need to poke advanced zombies with unperked spear, not a good idea! He would never need to use a hunting rifle. He would not need any of the utility perks of Perception anymore (Lucky looter, for what? Mechanicalthingy, for what? So whats the use? This would not be someone playing perception, this would be someone just collecting perk points without ever needing the benefit from it. Now maybe my friends and myself (and all the other people in this forum who largely seem not to play one game forever) are the only ones who do so. But then the game is made for us. As far as I hear, everyone here restarts once they reached a certain level. You don't? Ok, but to know what the rest of the players do we would still need someone measuring it. I don't just believe you even if you are sure about it
  6. As I was not sure what your question was about exactly I thought it prudent to ask first to clear any misconceptions before even trying to answer. Now even if pipe weapons get specific mods only for them I still don't see a difference to the specific mods for shotgun. But I haven't seen the dev stream in question, maybe there is one. What I can say about the new armors is that mods were (to my knowledge) not mentioned while showing them. I would assume that the armor mods we currently have will still be available largely unchanged with the new armors, but that is just a guess. I would also assume that the current clothing mods will also be available to make the decision which mods to use more difficult. The reason for the armor streamlining was not to make anything easier but for strictly visual reasons: Armor and clothes were clipping into each other and that seems to have been especially a thorn in Madmoles side. Independent of that mods absolutely need an improved UI or better descriptions of the mods so you can find out which mods fit into which weapon or tool
  7. My guess is that one reason they went for that exclamation mark was its visibility. In that case I would deem a waving flag on a pole having a better chance at getting implemented than a slightly more immersive corpse
  8. Yes, until now there were a lot of blocks only available in specific materials. The driving force behind many new blocks was what the POI and world designers needed (not the players) so whatever material a designer needed got added. But this will change completely with A20. TFP upgraded the build system so that we have fewer materials (removing the distinction between normal and reinforced) but you can build any existing shape with any material. AND it seems they added hundreds of new shapes. Buildingwise A20 will be a completely different animal
  9. As if that idea worked well in Fallout 4. Remember how much time Bethesda put into that feature and what meagre repetitive gameplay came out of it. Now you didn't say, maybe you played FO4 and liked it exactly for that. Many people consider FO3 as the better version because it had more handcrafted content and less shallow grind. Ok, that was just my opinion, something else is more likely to prevent the implementation of this idea: This game is on the last leg of EarlyAccess and TFP wants to finish the game as soon as possible. So the chance to add development of a new extensive features to the already full schedule is practically nil. But we don't know what they want to add with the bandits and the factions story. Maybe if you ally with one of the two factions you get to protect bases of that faction
  10. "weapons will have weapon specific mods". That has been the case for 2 years now, since A18 (maybe even A17?). Have you been in a cryogenic tank lately?
  11. I heard they want to add giant anime swords for the players. Also chibi versions of a player showing up when that player talks in chat. I think that will be great.
  12. Should not happen, zombies can swim. But possibly they can't spawn in water and the lake was too big !? If not this might have been just a glitch. Anyone know if zombies can spawn in water?
  13. I would say no, because they are not working on A19 anymore (for the programmers A19 would be ancient history 😉 ). Animal tracker is known to be bugged and the likely repair work in A20 might have already corrected some or all of the problems. It would make more sense to test it in A20 and report only what is left to be done.
  14. Excellent summary. To answer another question by the OP: I don't know if it was shown in Madmoles discussion of the original design, but I would assume that the individual items would have armor values similar to the armor now. * Because they are supposed to be clothing/armor * Because of balance in early game (it is not guaranteed that you find complete sets, but you need armor even in early game) * Because armor 10 for a complete armor set would be very weak so it is surely just a bonus to armor, not the complete armor value.
  15. You can read about the history of 7D2D if you follow the link in THICK red above. As it says your version of the game will not get any updates anymore. But the newest development is that TFP has maybe found a publisher who will port the PC game to console once the PC game is released aka out of EarlyAccess. That publisher will also determine if it is possible to make a version for the ps4 (I have my doubts though, the publisher may be willing, but they don't know yet what it would take to get the newer game on such ancient hardware).
  16. I would say it is the server log from nitrado. The players log is missing.
  17. <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value="-.15,.15" tags="perkGunslinger"/> <!-- random EntityDmg --> <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".1,.5" tier="2,6" tags="perkGunslinger"/> <!-- tier bonus --> <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_add" value="-2" tags="perkGunslinger"/> The first two lines are in the pistols definition in items.xml. The last is inside the desert vulture definition. The base damage of a gun is defined in the ammo definition. A gun may have an absolute bonus like the last line above to decrease the EntityDamage The first two lines are percent differences. The first line does the randomness, it simply says that a random value from -15% to +15% is added to the base damage. The second line says that when you perk into gunslinger (from tier 2..6 with 1=unperked), it adds from 10% to 50% percent to the base damage.
  18. Without details we can only guess its Santa doing something evil 😉. Read the pinned thread in this forum section that tells you to read it and follow its advise on how to post the logfiles of the server, if possible, and the client with the error.
  19. The game has been optimized by Fataal the last few alphas. But a voxel game with changeable terrain is always a heavy load and many optimizations that can be done in normal static games can not be done in a game with a dynamic landscape. For horde night I would guess there is still the hope that they find a way to make instantiation of zombies less FPS-heavy, but if they actually find a way they could instead turn up zombie numbers, because that is critizised a lot by players. A19 already uses up to 6 cores, as far as I know there is nothing new in A20, sorry. There won't be large gains in FPS, just more of the spikes to lower FPS will vanish as that is what Fataal as been optimizing lately. The whole code won't be redone either, changing to a newer version of Unity changes only some glue code. Faatal said multiple times that they won't change to a newer render engine Unity provides because it would take too much time and effort. Here some of that info in Faatals own words: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22366-alpha-20-dev-diary/page/99/?tab=comments#comment-444979 https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22366-alpha-20-dev-diary/page/93/?tab=comments#comment-443926 https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22366-alpha-20-dev-diary/page/92/?tab=comments#comment-443925 Any which way, I don't think the FPS will change much from now until release. So good luck with your money saving effort. If you don't buy your graphics card before 2022 your budget will be enough to provide quite a different play experience. Just remember that 7D2D is CPU bound so get a good CPU (at least ryzen 5600x) because your CPU will determine what FPS you get for this game, not the GPU. You might even buy anything except the GPU first for some FPS boost as the prices for CPU, motherboard, RAM... are ok and buy the GPU later when the price has dropped.
  20. Yeah, you could be correct. I found Kinjayoo's post about the stamps again and while a tile without any spaces for POIs could very well have a cliff or a lake, mountains sound more like a "bigger" feature while city tiles are definitely all the same "small" size.
  21. You didn't say how you get the minibike, strength guy.
  22. If you want help please post this as a new thread instead of highjacking a practically mummified thread with a totally different issue. Also please read the sticky thread that tells you how to post a logfile I have not seen the reshuffle of the inventory and the throwing of the vehicle in my games and no other players have reported this
  23. I very much doubt that they see this as a problem since they have "solved" it years ago, just not implemented yet. I have seen actual props of this end game story in vanilla since I have been playing this game. And I think even the kickstarter already talks about the "white river and the duke" story line that will surely end in the demise of one of them at least. Never heard of this phase being called "self actualization" but I like it. I like that idea with the barter quest rewards (assuming you meant the trader nerfed in the store and secret stash as compensation)
  24. Isn't what you call a "tile" and a "stamp" actually the same thing? A city in A20 will be made out of many such 150x150 tiles that define spaces for POIs. (really not sure about this though) The interesting question to me is whether tiles are used outside of cities (or if they will be) and whether 100% of the land will be made out of tiles eventually or just selected places.
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