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We need night loot bonus

Ray Garraty

Do we need additional loot bonus at night?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Do we need additional loot bonus at night?

    • Yes, Loot Stage should be higher during night time
    • Yes, but it should be locked behing a skill book
    • No, the loot stage calculation is fine the way it is now

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I'd say it should get a buff at night, IF the zombies are set to run or higher at night within the settings.


There is 0 reason for nighttime itself to just buff the lootstage if the zombies are the same as day. The argument could be made that there are more ferals, however they are still slow when set to walk.


Otherwise you can just go through a POI like normal and have bonus loot for no real reason. There needs to be a hedge to get over.

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Voted no. By looting both day and night the reward itself is more loot and a better chance to get better loot.

Since it also is likely to include a bit of fighting , your gamestage and therefore the chance of getting better loot automaticly increases more,

as opposed to beeing somewhat idle during night.

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Im gonna say no. It would just be gamed, people go out, clear POI, knock out back wall, wait for night, go loot everything.


Gotta be careful about things like that, people will always game things and you dont WANT people to play in awkward but optimal ways. Having crap loot for 18 hrs and good loot for 6 would feel silly. I also think hiding things behind pictures is a bad idea, it just means everytime i explore somewhere i destroy every picture to find loot. Or with getting skill points for crafting, it makes sense but making a thousand stone axes to level up tools was bad gameplay.


Not every risk needs a reward, not everything is meant to be an intentional challenge. It would be like higher loot for being hungry.

Some things just drive decision making, for example having the runs makes you look for goldenrod, broken leg makes you prioritize wood, glue and cloth. 


Night time is meant to be a time to go crafting and add a break to constant looting, if you cant handle the risk you dont get the loot. Thats enough. AS

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I wouldn't want it, really. If you really really want something along those lines, maybe increasing zed-bag drop chance for the night would be better. I wouldn't want that either, but at least that wouldn't be as trivially gameable. But might be an idea for a modder out there.

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By the time you get T1 ranged weapons, zombies aren't significantly harder at night anyway. Unless the roaming horde is huge, or the POI you are raiding has a very high density of Zombies and is difficult to move while fighting, they never get within melee range, so the speed they move is largely irrelevant.



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i vote no as well. if not mistaken, there are perks designed for the night time player to use and benefit from with easier killing and stealth (not sure because i dont deal with them). i, like most, will do the needed repairing of gear, weapons and base at night and just loot and kill during the day.


so with the perks, improving your skills by practicing and xp from killing zeds at night... thats enough of a benefit and thus... if on a pve server where others dont do night maneuvers, then you also benefit there.


i dont see this as something pvpers would want because they would be ambushed by other players.

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I have voted no but this would absolutely suit my play style because from Day 1, I never loot while doing trader missions. The only thing I do is clear the POI as quickly as possible and return to the trader. This allows me to do 3-4 missions a day and then I go back to those POI's at night and loot them. All the sleepers are cleared so the odd Z from outside isn't going to be a problem, even on Day 1.

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