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  1. I've had this happen to me multiple times. I've got two spare motorcycles and a spare 4x4 in my last game, in a server that was a19 all the way through 19.4. But that's not the first time it's happened to me.
  2. I could envision two scenarios for the Vegas Strip. The first being, a re-imagination of the Strip from FNV. The other specific to 7 Days and will include a story from Army of the Dead. and I'd want a Dave Bautista character model included. 😛
  3. Just 6? Damn dude. I can't live without at least 250+ in my first hotbar slot.
  4. The Wasteland is great for XP, terrible if you're looking for a quite neighbourhood home to sleep in.
  5. Maybe it suffered from a cheesy Fallout villain style ending, where needed to prove something before the Cancer took it.
  6. I'm a huge fan of the Henry 45-70 rifle. It's an old world classic. I am not sure if I've even seen the revolver, but if I do, I'd consider it. Where?
  7. Wow. Yall bringing back memories.
  8. I've had the opportunity but I turned it down because I've broken my wrist before and I wasn't willing to risk the recoil for the pain afterward.
  9. I'm not sure I'm parsing what you're getting at, other than your disappointment that this game isn't going the route you had specifically designed in your own headspace.
  10. And the amount of knockdown would be on point.
  11. I believe that one is in already, but its made in a much smaller model and while the track is there, the tram is gone. The hive is REALLY tiny.. I see what you're shooting at here. 😛 I'd make this its own map overhaul, complete with it's own story.
  12. Yeah, I know this pain. I've fired a real .44 revolver before and the animation for this in game is just.. frighteningly unrealistic.
  13. The first night is also meant to be particularly dangerous. 99% of the time I also experience first night ferals that tend to take the form of the harder zombies to kill, like the tourist. Survivin' aint easy!
  14. That is a very specific concept within the Survival-Horror genre that vanilla 7 Days to Die flies away from when you consider the Tower Defense aspect of the game. But, you CAN do a lot of things to trim your game to clip it towards scarcity. I'd also split hairs with you about scarcity in games like Fallout 4. I've never felt threatened for gear in F4, like.. ever.
  15. Two words. Learning Curve. This isn't Skyrim. You actually have to think about stuff. Welcome to the forum, btw.
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