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  1. I think if you make a map where the town density and the map size allotment meet at a very dense cruxpoint, then you're always gunna generate maps like this. One thing I've learned after generation about 30+ maps with varying settings, is that the those settings matter more than people think.
  2. I think this discussion was had already during the last alpha update. You can't just do the thing that speeds you through content, and then complain that you sped through content. You did the thing that made it possible. There are LOTS of ways to do that in lots of different games. There will always be players that do the thing. You don't have to do the thing. A single player in a big map is going to do the thing because the thing exists everywhere and you know how to do it. If it bothers you, stop doing it. If you can't stop doing the thing, the problem isn't the game.
  3. Though not tested it fully, I have noticed that when I have huntsman perked I seem to get more eggs per nest too.
  4. I've been back to this forum for a week and I already regret it.

  5. I've seen a properly upgraded and modded electric baton do incredible damage and crowd control. Why do we need a next tier upgrade?
  6. I think one of the most interestingly supernatural thing about this game is that its also keen on punishing people who have too many pre-conceived notions about what the game actually is, how it plays, and what it does. The glorious amount of karma it gives and exacts from people truly never ceases to amaze.
  7. I'd also like to add that as a person using an INT build, when you fall into pits or headlong into fight, you effectively eliminate what INT builds are strong at doing. Tight spaces and desperate situations are the enemy! In close combat, the pipe baton is not a terrible weapon - but it's also meant to be your last resort.
  8. I am currently playing the Miner (STR build) in my multiplayer game. One of the challenges of doing that is that I often need to focus on early resource harvesting and I am often leaving weapon skills behind for that first week of in game play. I have to rely more upon friends with more valuable battle skills right away when raiding POIs. HOWEVER - this has changed somewhat and I've been able to use an Iron Axe to GREAT effect in fighting the zombs. I feel like I don't need to be tied to either clubs or sledgies in order to be able to save myself both as a solo player and in a multiplayer situation. At level 20 a few good power attacks connecting are good enough to do the job, and I'm liking that fact.
  9. I play INT quite a bit, and I can tell you playing INT is not like playing other builds. It's actually quite OP if you use it for what its meant to be used for. That being said, you can add any other ranged weapon (unperked even) and it will be a serviceable solution to your problem. Rifles and shotguns are a great addition to the utility that INT offers in terms of its crowd control factor. In my experience, most people that try INT builds don't understand what that build provides right away. If you aren't seeing the value of the versatility you find in INT builds, then that might be part of the problem. It pairs well with just about everything.
  10. While I don't personally disagree with that idea - a system like the one you suggest doesn't exist at the moment, but your problem with it does. I currently play with 5 people total on my multiplayer server and while the magazine system can run a little thin for all us, we are very good at making sure that the right magazines make it to the right people. A small increase in loot percentage is not a drastic change right away, but it does help alleviate some of the pressure and doubly so over time. And if you need something crafted, you can always talk to the right person, yes? In terms of perk mags, you just need to be a bit judicious who gets what, and what sort of diversity of dynamic functions everyone might be serving. And this is stopping short from being involved in a group where everyone wants to run similar builds, in which case this is a people management problem and not a game problem. That is more in line with why i recommend it as a practical solution. I cannot stress enough how helping yourself with the settings can make a difference.
  11. Getting to know how to trim your experience using the difficulty and detail toggles will solve 90% of your problems.
  12. Some people like to sit on lit campfires and then complain that the wood is flammable. and... I never get tired of ragey gamers that say things to the tune of: "I've been playing this game since forever, and I still hate it after a decade of constantly playing it."
  13. I hope you lower the sub count on the requirements to join for youtube. 5k seems so far out of my grasp at the moment.
  14. Howdy Survivors! Today in my ⁠7daystodie series the Downtown Dead, it's time to build back better and take the fight to the undead! It's a struggle every blood moon each episode, and the challenge and world details are in the description! We are live at 5pm CST (GMT-5) Can I thrive and not just survive? LETS GO!
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