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  1. I did this just this week, and I feel like I should regret it - because i died like.. over half a dozen times on day 7 no less. It was a blast though!
  2. Somtimes I play single life survival but only when I play alone. On MP I just play. It doesn't make much sense to build a server, be the first one to die from a first night feral - and then scrap the entire server while your 3-4 other friends are still gathering day 1 stone age materials.
  3. And I can tell you don't get fact checked very often when you use words improperly.
  4. I looked up the definition of artificial, and this is not it. This is an opinion, and should be treated as such. You aren't speaking for everyone. If you don't like something, fine. Why not just say that?
  5. Agree with this. I prefer to highlight the notion of treasure maps. Random locations with semi-nice loot negates the need for hidden stashes entirely.
  6. But, such is the way of the world. Point of view makes everything a little complicated.
  7. I'm not sure I can agree with that statement. The entire reason why I love the horror genre is precisely because of that loss of control and challenge. I like the idea of a close battle where I come out covered in blood and victorious. I like the adrenaline, as well as the sense of accomplishment (even if its in virtual form.)
  8. Wait till you see the tsunami of intellectual commentary on Youtube! Yeah. I've seen this go both ways. I've seen the zeds come at you from all angles and my SMG rather prefers they clump up on vulnerable spots. I actually wait for it. I sometimes build walls with built in flaws specifically for this behaviour. I've used kill corridors and I gotta be honest, they are boring because I feel too safe and get bored too quickly because of them. Some people like them, but.. i don't see a reason to harm on their prefs.
  9. 1. Because I want a specific starting point in a discussion. Unfortunately, people on the internet are so dead inside that some folks take the OP as normal discussion and I don't react well to people being prickish to start a discussion. If they tried that it real life, it wont work out like they think it will. 2 and 3. I submit these responses as proof of 1. Haters gunna hate. When I look at questions like 'What does it matter to you?' I just like to posit the fact that the reason why forums exist is to invite feedback, otherwise I come back with 'Why post your per
  10. I was thinking of the bear from The Dark Tower book series myself lol
  11. The medical system has been diversified and upgraded for a while now. You don't always get an option to slap a bandaid on something and call it good like you used to.
  12. 1. Are you here to actually have a discussion, or, to vent? 2. What exactly does 'Cheesing Horde Night' mean to you? 3. You have the ability to go back in time and play previous alphas.
  13. I would like to take a moment and make sure certain folks in the back of the room re-read this part again, and with special emphasis on what's underlined. And yes, I play stealth too.
  14. The variance in POIs already seems pretty diverse. Id rather they just keep on making new POI's in lieu of varied regular ones.
  15. Spitter attacks do cover a wide area and do minimal block damage. Demolishers actually can damage multiple blocks in double walls. But to do just 1 pt of damage inside/outside blocks sounds like someone is firing small arms or punching attacks. Do you have zed block damage set at 100%?
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