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  1. I made a 7 Days to Die soundtrack to play for myself when I'm playing. I couldn't help but notice after doing the search that there was a large number of other spotify playlists for the exact same thing. Maybe I'm just older and crustier than most folks on the internet these days, but I found myself appreciating the amount (and quality) of content there. I definitely encourage people to go check it out.
  2. I for one, am glad we can pick up vehicles. They glitch and are sometimes rough to deal with when you hit invisible bouncy walls and get catapaulted several feet up into the air, or fall into the ground. I remember once my minibike glitched literally under a highway. So I'm thankful. But honestly.. you're not required to pick them up.
  3. It's a very powerful build, for both mp and sp.
  4. My personal favourite name to be disgusted over is OLDMAN SACKS in Dishong T. Just ugh... lol
  5. Normally I am anti-cross genre platforms. I dislike their lack of purity. But, if I could ask for something.. I'd love to see a crossover with Dying Light. The parkour, physics, banditry, storyline, and gameplay of that one - coupled with sandbox action with base building from 7 days to die I would literally cry with joy.
  6. I used King Gen to create 90% wasteland map, with no traders. I'm on day 3, and Holy bawls... this is some rough living. It kinda brings me back the memories of A16.4. Without the initial trader and the lack of long distance visibility, I have no freakin clue how to orient myself. This... is.. interestingly brutal to say the least. And some might remember that I @%$#ed about first night ferals for a few posts, but I got not one but three of them right after another. Then 3 zombie bears, and a freakin wight shortly after. Arrows are.. at a premium here for sure.
  7. I've tried to avoid this subject, for political reasons because women seem to be overlooked quite a bit in a lot of hot button topics that are absolutely related to women. I will not speak for them. However, I would like to point out that human history is rife WITH the exploitation of women (and others, with or without their permission) and to erase any semblance of that historical exploitation (with or without their permission) is literally just as bad as saying it never existed. I have personally observed that some of these things serve a purpose to be a trophy for the things that they have overcome. A fine example of this is how Tina Turner kept her last name after dumping Ike, because she fought so hard to keep it. Its not a universal practice, but wouldn't it be best to teach our children how flawed we are, with the intent to give them examples of how better to treat each other regardless of the circumstances that created such division?
  8. I mean you can keep doubling down but all I see is you missing the forest for the trees based upon a preconceived notion of what you think this game should be, instead of what it actually is. At some point you're going to have to reconcile the differences instead of leaning into them.
  9. There are a few ways to get player kills in single player. I've had it happen to me through in game bugs, and also through killing myself indirectly. i.e, doing dumb stuff.
  10. This is also not specific to 7 Days. It happens on many other games as well.
  11. Congrats. You learned how to use your toggle settings effectively.
  12. You come at me like somehow I was arguing what Endgame content was. Yes, its a change of playstyle, Sherlock. But if you want to argue semantics, let's do that: Rust and ARK both have their nuances, but the Horror Genre that you are propping up also doesn't technically have a defined end point in terms of gameplay. Without a storyline the goalposts are moved towards something a little more subtle. Now, Survival Horror as a genre does have a point to it, and it's written on the tin. Survival. Survival means you end the game when you want to end the game. You die. You come back. You can choose how to deal or mitigate when you reach that point of liminal space. If you keep surviving, then you've skipped the notion of accepting death. Therefore, death IS the endgame. You get to choose how you meet that point, and what to do when you get there. At least with ARK there comes a defining point at which you get to decide to ascend or not. I would seriously caution you to not put everything into neat little bite sized boxes. Nuance is the mother of all precedents. And Assumption is the mother of all *&%#ups.
  13. Okay I absolutely need to see this guy's movies now. I became an instant fan.
  14. Out of all the options presented, its the replayability that brings me back. Also, when I want to look for a change of pace, I try to actively build outposts and expand operation here and there across the map. I do this both in SP and MP. This keeps the game fresh for me because sometimes I have to change my environment to feel like things are progressing. I don't really have much fun sitting in giant fortresses and crafting bases for weeks at a time. And that's the key thing to me. When I get utterly bored of a map I make a new one, and start fresh and the challenges start anew. Once I get to about gamestage 150+ everything slows down considerably for me. I think keeping things fresh is really what gets me to cycle on. Also, trying new scenarios REALLY digs me in. I @#$#$ love Romero mod in single player. The initial gamestage challenges make it damn near impossible for me to fully raid medium sized POI's from start to finish without having to drag the horde into the street and lining up your headshots. Large POI's are a damn nightmare, but it just... gets to me. The futility of survival. Also, loosing your backpack and toolbelt I find to be integral to actually feeling like there's a death penalty. If you never loose anything, the death penalty feels hollow. That's when survival starts feeling like a reward, when you have SO much to loose.
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