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  1. +1 +1 +1, etc. This would be the #1 thing for QoL afaic. With the increased loot drop rate and backpack sizes, unloading and sorting takes FOREVER. I'm not saying turn it to easy mode but my eyes go blurry just looking at my inventory trying to remember what box it goes in. Didn't used to be an issue, but with so any items now...
  2. Current state of PvP, just an opinion. I play almost exclusively PvP (2k hours), and 7D2D has a really good foundation to be a GREAT PvP experience if TFP would give it some tweaks. I understand they don't want to focus on it, but they are missing out on what could be one of the better ones out there with some love. Currently, just to help with all the bugs, exploits and imbalances, the moderator has to add an unrealistic number of mods and tweaks to get it even semi-fair for all involved. Servers are plagued with hackers, dupers, glitchers and exploiters. I encourage those who also play PvP to help list out some of the exploits they know so we can try and get them in the hands of TFP. A lot of folks don't want to reveal the ones they use because they want to keep using them, but I know a large number of people who quit playing simply because they want to play the game fairly, without exploiters and bugs being the primary reason they lose everything they worked for in-game. Here are just a few issues: 1. GROUND GLITCH! This is the one that really makes a huge difference. Players can dig in a certain way so that their body is partially buried and they can look at your entire base underground, knowing right where to dig. There are ways to glitch your vehicles into the ground and drive through the terrain, even flying your gyrocopter around underground revealing everyone's base on the entire server. There are also ways to use this to instantly elevator yourself from bedrock to the surface. And the WORST part? You can shoot players through the ground using these same techniques. 2. Render glitch Players can stand a certain distance away from structures or terrain and see right through your walls, revealing your crafting stations and loot boxes...and can also shoot you through your walls. 3. Audio Certain weapons and tools have an inordinately large sound radius. Wrenches at one point had like a 150m radius, don't know if that's fixed yet. Sledges used to have the same problem but got fixed in A18. Blunderbus sounds like a bomb going off at 50m. I realize it's a loud weapon, but the volume is the same at a large distance. Not only that, but you can't tell the direction it comes from because the directional part of the audio has not been put in. Silencers also do not really reduce the audio distance, and the sound is not directional, so you hear the shot but can't tell what direction it's coming from. Another one is sprinting. You can be at bedrock and hear someone run on the ground above you many blocks away as if they were right next to you. Also, when you run low on stamina and start breathing heavily, that sound is also not adjusted for distance and sounds like someone running out of breath right next to you, at many many blocks away. 4. Lag swich Folks can exploit lag to make it so your character appears (to them but not to you) to run in place or stand still while they shoot you. I'm not a programmer but have heard people mention that it's because there are some client side issues that allow this. 5. Duping Hard to pin this one down since it seems like every Alpha a new way is discovered to do this. Vehicle duping is a big one and our server has to remove vehicle inventory and player vending machines (I think other objects also) to eliminate some of these. 6. Consumables Mega Crush, Steroids, the candies...all these have to be nerfed to make it reasonable. Easily done with mods, but a PvP server host has to add it to his growing list of mods to make it playable. High run speed makes the player visually hop around the map making it super easy to appear out of nowhere and kill you. 7. Brightness and video So just assume all the PvPers out there are turning their brightness all the way up, rolling back all the tree and grass render distances, and changing their settings to reveal as many other players as possible, so you can no longer hang back and hide behind trees and bushes. All in all, the server I play on has a VERY large list of mods just to make it fair. Not to increase QoL or add cool features to the game, but just to make it playable as a PvP game. And this doesn't even fix the big issues, just makes it tolerable-ish. TL;DR Needs attention: Terrain glitching Render glitching Audio Lag Duping Consumables (related to lag) Brightness/video Any other PvPers out there please share what you know. I know there are many other ones out there players would rather not have revealed, but those of us who just want to play a good game and get this fixed should say so.
  3. Also, looted padded armor is usually equal to the leather armor that you craft at the same level. Should be fixed though imo.
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