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  1. I'm mostly surprised that Steel tools even get figured into this since I've never had to use them during the last couple of alphas. I always get an auger before I need to get into steel tools.
  2. I always have an auger by the time I am able to make or loot a steel pickaxe, so I haven't had the need. I'll loot a steel shovel or pickaxe before I have to make them also. I've never made a single steel tool in all of A19. They might as well get rid of them, at least the crafting of them.
  3. Not saying that the addition of fog is a bad thing, but...So when you are in the fog, you see the fog and don't see out very well. When you are outside of the fog, you can see into (where the fog should be) just fine. Same goes for seeing into/out of the burnt biome. So the fog doesn't exist unless you are in it? Sux for immersion, and MP, not even mentioning PvP.
  4. 3000+. What I like? Multiplayer and PvP communities. This game has much potential in this area that is untapped. Gameplay is just OK, easy peasy at this point. What I don't like? The lack of the developers to address the multiplayer community in any meaningful way. The developers introducing new features without addressing old, very game changing bugs.
  5. If you cant at least make an AK by your first horde night, you are doing it wrong. If you find a wrench, you can make an AK. Buy machine gun parts from traders or loot.
  6. Every previous alpha I just dug a hole straight down 3 blocks, stood roughly at the location of the center of the red flashy chest, then dug around in a circle till I found it. Was much, much quicker. No bugs, etc. I'm not knocking the difficulty, though. I'm fine that it takes longer. Just don't like the yellow ring. I don't have solutions either, but the holes are even bigger now creating craters all over MP maps which was already a problem using the old method, requiring moderators to police them.
  7. The new system does require more digging. Don't like the circle, though, breaks immersion for me. Also makes tons of holes all over the MP maps, it's a hazard there.
  8. Well known at this point. Hopefully they do something about it.
  9. Well then there's nothing you can do about that. That's how the cookie crumbles. Go find a set. Go look at the game Rust. It's pitch black at night for EVERYONE. Look how successful that game is. (In before you can say this game isn't Rust nor does it intend to be or some BS like that). So if you don't have NVG or a light source, you can't see. Simple as that. All I'm asking for is the option for server owners to turn off the brightness slider at night. It's an OPTION. Although I will say that I think playing at night with the slider slid up is ultimate cheese. Do it if
  10. Sounds like you just use your gun too much between horde nights. I use a bow with sneak attack and/or a sledge on nearly every zombie between horde nights. For ammo, brass, coal, and nitrate are easy to get. Never had a problem with ammo before, don't have one now. Food is more difficult, but they swung the other way and put a crapton more animals in also giving more duct tape...then they rolled that back a bit. I'd say they'll roll back the ammo somewhat next update.
  11. That's an interesting take. So having an option for the server moderator to disable the brightness is not ok, but having an option to adjust brightness is? Some options are ok but others are not? Sounds like you are into all the options...except that one?
  12. Tell that to folks on a PvP server. They are usually large groups of nice people who will do what you say, right? Exactly this.
  13. You can see which way the door opens before you place it. It always swings in towards the square you place it on. You can also see the orientation of ladders and traps before you place them. That being said...having something like a 10 second timer that allows you to pick it up would not be a bad idea for misplaced things. Also, there is already an icon change if you know a book or schematic already. The book in the corner appears open if you already know it.
  14. Crazy isn't it? I'm not sure why you would need anything brighter than what could be seen on a stream in the daytime.
  15. You can only say that because that's the default setting. The old "play how you want" is an argument that only assumes that the current setup is optimal. How about we remove the cheese...then those who complain that it's not cheesy enough can listen to you say "if you don't like it, you don't have to play" because that's what the current settings are? The point is that I CAN'T play how I want because everyone else is running around at max brightness, seeing things I can see even with a light on a realistic darkness setting, and night vision goggles are only a late game item, so by that time
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