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  1. I think the command /wallet should be available by default. Other commands like the /sethome, /home, /spawn+, /revive+ commands are reserved for those that donated.
  2. Yeah. Honestly, it feels a bit weird how strength has two perks separating the clubs and sledges into their own niche. Yet, agility doesn't have that. I feel like agility should have the same thing as strength in separating the bow and crossbow into their own niche as well.
  3. Server wiped and new custom map created via Kinggen.
  4. One thing I hope that comes with the new pois are more uses of water in them. Especially since zombies can swim now.
  5. Server is all the way up to Day 4000-ish, around there.
  6. Map and server is still up for those want to try Undead Legacy.
  7. Yeah, I'm hoping with their improvements to RWG, hopefully those specific poi's will come. Hopefully.
  8. @madmole Will some Navesgane only poi's come to random world gen in the future?
  9. I wonder if quest rewards should be nerfed, specifically the xp rewards. Especially, since doing quests or a single quest rewards quite a hefty amount of xp. Possibly, tying the amount of xp rewarded at the end based on type of quest x tier level.
  10. Seeing the new RWG pic makes happy, strangely but for real. For me personally, it's starting to look like an actual real world place. @madmole Any other new props or creative items coming to the game?
  11. @madmole or @faatal Regarding critical hits, is it possible to edit something in the xml to allow a player character to do critical hits on zombies? Like being able to add in a chance for my player character to cause a broken leg on a zombie. Feels a bit unfair they can give me broken leg but I can't do the same to them.
  12. I don't know. The current encumbrance is pretty basic and barebones, that's a mixed bag. On one hand it's easy to understand and solve. Much like others that have posted above, well after playing a mod. I am more biased towards a Fallout 4/ Skyrim weight system than instead of what we have right now in vanilla. I don't like being limited to only a specific amount of backpack space. IF the pocket mods added more slots then I'd be ecstatic! In general I just want more inventory slots.
  13. @Maharin @pregnable Yup, that seems to be how it works. Rather than it be a stacking debuff like how I interpret it. It basically works like how you two said.
  14. I've decided to start testing this perk because to me it doesn't really seem to work or it maybe it does and I'm just interpreting the way the perk description in another way. So the Deep Cuts perk states: Level 1: "Blades deal 5% and can inflict up to 3 Bleeding Wounds on enemy, power attack inflicts 2. Every attack refreshes bleeding duration. Bleeding enemies run 10% slower." Level 2: " "Blades deal 10% and can inflict up to 4 Bleeding Wounds on enemy, power attack inflicts 3." Level 3: " "Blades deal 15% and can inflict up to 5 Bleeding Wounds on enemy, power attack inflicts 4. Glancing blows have 40% chance to cause 1 Bleeding Wound. Bleeding enemies run 15% slower" Level 4: " "Blades deal 20% and can inflict up to 6 Bleeding Wounds on enemy, power attack inflicts 4. Glancing blows have 70% chance to cause 1 Bleeding Wound." Level 5: "Blades deal 25% and can inflict up to 7 Bleeding Wounds on enemy, power attack inflicts 5. All glancing blows cause 1 Bleeding Wound. Bleeding enemies run 20% slower" Emphasis on Bleeding Wounds. Now I did test out the Deep Cuts perk in a modded version that shows the HP of zombies and buffs/ debuffs that have been applied to them. Each and every time I've done a power attack. Regardless, of perk level it always seems to only apply 1 Stack of bleeding and not the actual amount as described in the perk. So either the perk is not actually applying what I interpret or the perk is indeed working. It's just a limitation of the way it's implemented in-game.
  15. In-Game Commands Economy /wallet - show how many zcoins you have /pay 'username' 'amount' - transfer money from you to another player, provided you have the zcoins to give Other Commands /help - show all commands available to you /revive+ - revive for free - perk 3 only /grablcb+ - grablcb for free - donator perk 2, 3 only /spawn+ - spawns on your bedroll - donator perk 3 only
  16. You kid, but oh geeze. Their movement is just atrocious in my opinion. But, I guess it's more because I play on a multiplayer-server. I'm sure in single-player their movement is at least better.
  17. @madmole @faatal Will the animals particularly the bear and mountain lion animation become more smoother? Right now they're a bit janky when attacking and jumping.
  18. @madmole Question about a specific POI, the Settlement_01 and PiggyBank. What are the chances of us seeing more types of these in the future? Is there any plan of turning the Settlement_01 POI into a central trading hub or as the home-base for "The Duke"/ bandits?
  19. I wanted to go with maximum for both, but reality is that my horde base usually ends up being a general design that I usually don't then work anymore. Only adding some extra electrical traps once I have the resources. Meanwhile, with my home it always ends in later days becoming more organized to the point where I have specific rooms set-up. Like an actual kitchen area, bedroom, work/ forge area, etc.
  20. All Night Gamers - Undead Legacy I PvE Come on down and have some all night fun! General Server IP: Game Port: 17470 Game Version: A 19.6 (b6) Undead Legacy Version: 2.4.28 Difficulty: Survivalist Basic 24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes / Daylight Length: 18 - Default daytime: 4:00 Max Zombies: 100 Max Animals: 50 Advanced Player/ AI Block Damage: 100% Loot Abundance: 100% / Re-spawn Time: 30 Days Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing Blood Moon Count: 8 Multiplayer PvE only - No Killing Claim size: 51 Blocks/ Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PvE only No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader and don't build or within 200 blocks of any city. Respect other players and the admins.
  21. Considering that not much info has been put out yet. Quite some time.
  22. @madmole Artistically will the wasteland biome and burnt forest biome get a remodel to make them look more unique? Currently the only difference in terms of model separating them is the ground textures and debris.
  23. Are you a night owl? Play games at night? Then come on over and check out our server All Night Gamers – Jericho! A PvE, vanilla-ish server. Come on over and have chill, friendly day. Note: You don’t even have to be a night owl to play either! Just play and have fun! We also have modded zombies too via Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS. All Night Gamers - Jericho | PvE : 12571 Direct Connect: steam://connect/ Map: Difficulty: Survivalist – 60 Minute Days – Daylight Length: 18 Max Zombies: 64 – Max Animals: 50 Loot Respawn Time: 30 Days – Blood Moon Count: 8 Drop on Death: Everything - Drop on Quit: Nothing Claim Zone: 51 Blocks – Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PVE Only No active base raiding, don’t claim a poi (in city or wilderness), build close to a trader and don’t build in or within 200 blocks of a city. No floating bases – exploiting the game will get your base wiped. No bases supported by steel doors, that is exploiting the game – remove or lose your base supports. English only in chat. Respect other players and the admins. Full settings: https://imgur.com/xH52HZ2 https://imgur.com/EZJ24IB https://imgur.com/ApCaHrd https://imgur.com/fit0w01 https://imgur.com/j5AtZ7c
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