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  1. Vehicle idea: Lifted Suspension mod for the 4x4. So that I can go over obstacles more easier. Vehicle idea: Reinforced Ram Bar mod for the 4x4. So that I can ram into blocks and destroy them in hit.
  2. Something that I too would like from as I found it from a mod, is colored attribute text.
  3. The iron bed should have no bullet/ arrow collision allowing it to be shot through.
  4. Have to agree. There are some perks that I feel should possibly, be merged? Such as the Lock Picking perk into Treasure Hunter perk. As for "learn by doing", devs should take a look at how Undead Legacy does it, with its action skills.
  5. I wish the drone had a follow distance setting. Right now, it follows super damn close.
  6. After a few more generating. It does seem that random primarily affects the towns, with some generated having them be the default size to others basically being mega-cites.
  7. I think that's exactly what it is. Along with what Boidster also said. I think I'll ping @faatal to see if he can provide insight.
  8. My question is which will come first though the outfit overhaul or will it ship with bandits? Cause either way, no clipping clothes would be a godsend.
  9. Personally, I think some of the the farm poi's should spawn in the with the oldwest tiles as well. Since, the oldwest poi's often seem to be spawn with their own gravel road.
  10. I understand that it randomizes things, but what specifically? Since I have everything set to default, does it even matter when I set the random setting to the max? Should I put in between at 5 instead? Because, overall, to be fair the maps I've generated with that setting are indeed random. They're not the same.
  11. Item idea as suggested by L0RDDREAD, a powered sledge turret. That can be wired up to generators.
  12. Please @madmole I need this for my castle build. What castle wouldn't have it's own food supply!?
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