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  1. Well, they did boost melee damage in earlier alphas. It seems now they moved (melee damage buff) that to the candy called "skull crushers". On the other hand though steroids still negate heavy armor penalty or in general armor movement penalties and gives you a speed buff.
  2. I'm still mixed feeling about the current way loot is tied to game-stage in this alpha. I like it in that it now makes me feel more less-fast paced about looting everything, but once I hit the higher game-stages, sometimes RNG just doesn't like to have good loot.
  3. Hm... is the second stage of the iron frame blocks upgraded meant to be the same hp as the first stage? Stage one upgraded: 1000 HP, stage two upgraded:1000 HP.
  4. I have to agree, but for me I handicap myself by choosing to play a on an mp server that is 5/6 difficulty.
  5. It's primarily the basic attack that I would envision added to, since if I were a spear guy. I would open up with a power attack if possible, then mostly do basic attacks. I know for a fact in the instances I've tried a spear out it can and does ragdoll zombies, and being able to pierce through 1 zombie at least, would be a small buff.
  6. @madmole Hm... regarding the agility and melee weapons. I think why it feels so weak is primarily due the extreme differences in weapon damage, stamina cost, and durability. Comparing a hunting knife of quality 5 vs a machete of same quality. Hunting knife: Damage (basic attack): 8 Power attack damge: 28 Stamina cost: 5 Attacks/ Minute: 120 VS Machete same quality of 5 Damage basic attack: 26 Power attack damage: 45 Stamina cost: 12 Attacks/ Minute: 55 It's no wonder why the rank 1 and rank 2 melee for agility feels lacklustre. Essentially, if you want full potential you pretty much need a machete or just rely on the bleeding effect. Though, on the other hand once Alpha 18.2 comes out we shall see if it still needs another pass, as the knives are being buffed with a speed debuff as well. As for the spears? Why not also allow them to penetrate zombies, considering that perception really is all about that trait.
  7. I have to agree with this, at the moment Master Chef really is more of a convenience perk.
  8. Is there a chance that the sand and clay could also have a bundle option? I'm speaking from a self-fish point, but my group does use a a lot of clay and being able to bundle it up would help. Same for the sand, we live the desert biome and being able to bundle up that sand helps all with saving inventory space.
  9. Feedback for the following mods - Barbed Wire mod, Metal Spikes mod, and the Chain mod in terms of what they should be installable on. I say that they should be installable onto the sledgehammer, spear, and stun batons as well. Since the following don't really have much item mods for them and would help with getting rid of all those extra mods you find during looting.
  10. Feedback for Strength and Fortitude I think its more appropriate for Strength to have the Living off the Land Perk instead of Fortitude, since Str has the Master Chef perk and needs it more. Fort honestly in this case wouldn't miss it.
  11. I don't think so, I only still get the weather buff when using it. I think the change was for it give more damage when mining right? Can't remember.
  12. Any chance of having sandbags explosive resistance come back? I remember it have that type of stat in A15 and having it for A18 would help out with dealing with the demolishers.
  13. @madmole, when will vehicle tints/ color mods be added? I want everyone on the mp server I play on to see my garish pink motorcycle!
  14. I'm assuming you're going a from stable build to experimental build? Then yes, I'd say reset your worlds.
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