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  1. Yes, it was a pure 19.4 B7 install. Only your mod was on it. I tested it multiple times with a friend in multiplayer who also has the same copy-
  2. Well, I updated to 19.4, reinstalled the mod and downloaded your set of config files you provided. The chat bug still persists and doesn't want to send messages to the global chat. This is one is a hard nut case
  3. I'am running Alpha 19.3. I checked on my upper corner and the mod says 19.4.01a Test version. Do I run it on a outdated version of the game?
  4. I moved your new file into the folder. The chat still doesn't seem to work. I type a message in, press enter and the chat closes itself without sending a message. Additionally, it seemed to remove the top tab switches like character, inventory, journal etc. and I have to use shortcuts to access them. Thank you for your efforts in trying to fix it though.
  5. Hello, the chat box does not seem to work. I run a local server and play with a friend, we can write in chat but messages do not show up. Is this a bug? It makes communication extremely terrible between players when they have no microphone
  6. Will we ever be able to see our current handwear on the first person hand model at some point? It seems like a tiny detail, but it would definitely improve the sense of really wearing clothes rather than having naked hands despite being fully geared out. I'd love to see how military or steel gloves would look on the character's hands. Really badass when you picture it.
  7. I'am not TFP, but I really doubt they're going to let you have access to their own game's assets even if it's just some icons. I'll just say no. Well, I'am not exactly sure on what their stance about this is so you can just ask ahead and see what answer they will give you.
  8. Is the link infected with the navezgane zombie virus?
  9. As of now we only have a soft yellow and clear white light for two different lights available. It would be neat if we could have the possibility of getting an RGB option to choose the color of our placed electrical lights.
  10. The desert offers an tremendous amount of oil shale which you can convert into gas that you will be supplied for the next 150 in-game years with it. If you can find a working chemistry station inside a POI which I have seen multiple times around. The perk for it is relatively cheap to access to as it only wants level 2 grease monkey. I have so many stack of gas cans laying around that I do not find the space to store them anywhere at all.
  11. Thank you for the response, but could you help me a bit with that? I'am unfamiliar with editing files for the game as I never did that before. How does a comment look like and what characters would I remove?
  12. Has been the dynamic music removed from this mod? I don't seem to hear the tracks when in combat at all. The exploration music is still there. If I had to say honestly this is the feature that I miss somehow. The combat music made battling zombies more lifeful to me. Is there a way to turn it back on?
  13. Zombies as of now seem to be really deaf and blind. You can sneak into an POI and kill every zombie with stealth attacks with no issues, even if another sleeper is 2 blocks away from you from where you are meleeing. If I remember (correctly), early alphas used to have a noise system which also took voices in account. The spider zombie's screams when it died would bring half of a town's attention towards you. Here, you can mutilate him inside an POI and make it scream it's balls out with a gorillion sleepers around you, and it will have no effect. I used to shiver for a second when I killed one, thinking it may have woke up the entire building, but everything still sleeped. If I'am mistaken about my memories and such system was never there in the first place, then my bad. Though it would still be great to have one in which took more factors to noise in apart from steps, block hitting and such things.
  14. Looks promising and gives back that early alpha feeling. I'm looking forward to playing it soon by the weekend. I like how the purchaseable perk system has been pulled away from this mod and that's all what left is an LBD system, and of course the lives count. It gives the player another reason to explore and search for books instead of farming zombies all day. Additionally, I believe it was necessary to majorly remove the perk system because most of the perks in vanilla are ridiculously overpowered. Can jump 4 meters high with parkour and freefall from a decent sized building with your given mechanical legs, armor and damage reduction perks which makes you a living immune tank on the field taking minimal damage, magical temperature immunity perk so weather survival doesn't matter anymore in the later stages, hunger/thirst reduction perks, sneak perks to make you completely invisible and able to one shot everything with your silenced pistol supported by x4.0 stealth damage perk, stamina perks of infinity which make you an ultra athlete and enable you to sprint and power attack with an sledgehammer for eternity, melee perks which also reduce stamina of an attack, increase damage and overall harm you do to your enemies which results in you dropping them like chickens in one hit You are basically a invincible superhero demi-god if you manage to acquire those skills. I think from what I have seen in the footage, this mod does it right in putting your role as an actual human survivor, and everything in the world feels really rough now, which I like and give plus points to. Overall good job and I will follow the development of this project to what it becomes. Хорошая работа! я буду следить за развитием этого мода
  15. Is there a way to revert back a technology injected vaccine? Some guy of me injected himself with a technological boost to get to know the system of that perk system, but he wanted to go for bio boost instead and he can't do that anymore since he's locked into the wrong perk tree now
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