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  1. A dog would be enough in my opinion. Kind of like Dogmeat in Fallout 4. I don't know how it'll keep up with the zombies though, only if it won't get torn apart in a matter of seconds.
  2. Hate to tell it to you, but it seems you suck at this game. I never had a problem with managing my stamina in the game. Use it wisely and be smart about when you use it. Even then in late game, the OP perks make your stamina practically godlike. I can run and power attack with a sledge at the same time without/barely losing any stamina now.
  3. The post was on version 19.2. I don't use any mods other than the Darkness Fall mod. It seemed to be an general issue.
  4. Thank you for the links. I had a hard time getting the issue through searching on the internet and decided to create my own thread about it. I managed to fix the issue by restarting the game completely, which fixed everything. I later found out one post about it which had the exact same issue and on the base vanilla game, so it was definitely not the mod at work. Nevertheless, if people who have the same issue at the moment, they know what to do now to fix it if they stumble upon this post.
  5. Update: Killing myself didn't fix the issue. Everything seems to work now, but now whenever I shoot a weapon my camera stays locked in position and I cannot move it at all anymore unless I enter and leave a vehicle to solve it.
  6. This issue wasn't there before. It started to happen right after I loaded two times into my world right now to see if it would fix it. Nevertheless, it didn't. Basically, I spawn in and can move freely for about a minute. What I noticed howewer is, that the gear I currently hold in my hands doesn't bob with my steps I make. It stands still. After the minute is over, I begin to lose control over either the X or Y axis movement of the camera rotation (means I can't look either up/down or right/left at random for the rest of the game, but I still perform movements and actions). When I jumped, my
  7. 1. Does high tech end game content appear in RWG maps on 19.3? I heard these bunkers only generate in pre set maps 2. What's with the fireballs of demonic zombies? They seem to have an insane radius being able to set you on fire even if it hits a thick wall of concrete infront of you (which you should be hidden behind), making fighting indoors practically useless unless you rush at them with the sledge. I can't grasp how they can set you on fire through walls even if you are 5 blocks distanced away from a barricade they hit. It's especially noticeable in the military bunkers with t
  8. Is radiation in the wasteland still supposed to cover my screen with green static despite wearing a full hazmat suit providing 80% protection against radiation? How to properly get rid of it? Do I need 100% protection? Do I somehow repair the hazmat suit? It's difficult for me to orientate and see what's around me for that matter.
  9. How can I replace the current mod's NVG which is just a bright red light with green vanilla NVG and the oval shape representing the vision of the player? I don't like the current NVG at all
  10. Depends on luck in my opinion. Giant direwolves and bears occupying the forest areas would make it difficult to traverse, and if you stumble into one, you wouldn't be able to outrun it fast enough before getting mauled to the ground. Lack of survival experience apart from hanging out in forests and fish from time to time. I would only know how to make a campfire and the basics. I did suck myself into tonnes of videos and articles about survival in various situations, but I don't think they're gonna be of much use if I haven't even worked with my own hands that much. Run
  11. Bikers aren't really a threat to my character either way. One power attack to the head from my sledge will bring them down. The strongest I've seen so far is the feral obese woman who takes like 4 to 5 hits from my modded steel sledge full perked out.
  12. I've never had problems with vultures. They are actually a joke to me starting from the beginning of a new world. I don't mind them at all at horde nights and on the roads since I just casually one tap them with my SMG across the air
  13. Where did you get the info that wights and gloweye ferals are getting kicked out of the game?
  14. I'm playing on default difficulty, balanced for the zombies and the player. I don't want to rack up to insane as I don't like that every NPC in the world will become an spongy ammo eater tank while I'm a weakling bearing on 25% damage. I'm level 71 and I've noticed that I kill wights who are supposed to be the rare and top tier enemies in two shots to the head from my sledgehammer. The first blow knocks them out and the second finishes them off on the ground. With high powered rifles they seem to pose no threat at all. I remember in earlier version prior to A15 they used to take li
  15. Yeah. I think I stepped on a landmine in a factory in the staircase not knowing it was there and that was back in A16. You kind of develop your guts to survive as you get used to this game!
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