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  1. I only want my gloves to be visible on the player hands
  2. just turn on godmode and see what there is
  3. The drone lifted me all the way up of an 1 block wide shaft in a gigantic POI while I was stuck in a basement pit swarmed by ferals. I jumped and it flew under my feet, causing me to stand on it and move up with it. Was like an elevator and I rised onto the roof. It's greatest purpose.
  4. 1-4 Tool section Slot 1 - Steel sledgehammer Slot 2 - steel pickaxe slot 3 - steel axe slot 4 - steel shovel 5-7 Firearms Slot 5: Desert Vulture Slot 6: Sniper rifle Slot 7: Pump shotgun Slot 8: Either a construction tool or hunting knife Slot 9: Stack of a medical item Slot 10: Building slot with a 200 count wood frame block in it.
  5. Lol I've never found a beaker in my day 110 game as a level 150 character. My level 150 character still wouldn't be able to craft a chemistry station if he didn't find the beaker by luck sold at a trader. And I found steel tools schematic by level 130, but by then I already looted level 6 steel tools. Funny update
  6. I still find gear. I'm level 133 with like 450+ loot stage, don't remember exactly. I find military and steel armor parts, full armors sometimes so you can scrap them into parts. I found a level 6 set of steel armor and SWAT helmet for my character, along with level 6 steel tools and machine tools. I have so many of all that I got enough parts for everything
  7. Because the blocks are not Minecraft square shapes but rather diamonds or triangles. If you dig and figure out how they behave then it's actually fine.
  8. please explain kind sirs why u no like a20?
  9. I've yet to clear a T5 quest inside a skyscraper. I haven't been focusing on quests most of my game till about recently now. I'm currently on Tier 2 for my trader with a character level of 133. But I've had similar experiences with horde armies having legendary enemies + high count inside the wasteland especially at night. It's actually very easy to clean them if you have access to guns without having to retreat. I always have wood frames with me I nerdtower myself up to some random rooftop of an POI, then clean them by clicking on their heads to pick them out one after another with my sniper rifle. They'll be too busy bashing against blocks and running against walls so they are static most of the time. If I do not have any guns, I simply use my melee weapon and motorcycle. Sometimes I go into a building aswell and stand at a certain spot which will make the AI bash against blocks with high durability. I sledge them through holes and windows. Zombie bears go down quickly with this since they'll be running against the wall and their heads will clip through blocks so you can hit it at that. If there are no buildings. I drive my motorcycle away from them and divide them. I take on a group consisting of 3-4 zombies with my sledge. If everybody starts to swarm, I drive away a distance then circle them. This is how I pick them apart. I do not engage zombie bears on foot in the open. I find a ruin in the wasteland to stand on and sledge them from above while they run against the walls and bash it. If it's in @%$# panic mode, well then just try to cheese him by putting you and himself between trees, maneuver around cars while hitting him and that, somewhere where he can get stuck or take time to move. I've yet to die in the wasteland with my strategies.
  10. Don't remember it exactly. Last time I checked, I think it was around mid 400s or more.
  11. I have all of my windows completely shut down, curtains covering it aswell so it's dark in my room with only the computer screen emitting a light source. Works perfectly for gaming and I can see every single thing. If air is getting tight and unclean I'll open a small gap and let it open for 15 minutes to breeze into the cave.
  12. I only started having acid, wheels and sewing kits as common items when I reached level 133 yesterday and it's about day 100. My lucky looter is maxed out. What I found yesterday was - 5 bottles of acid - 4 wheels in cars and buses - tons of sewing kits from just random loot, sometimes in garbage. Before that I was emptyhanded for most of the game aswell. And I still have never found a beaker to this day. The only reason I got to a chemistry station was because I bought a beaker off from a trader.
  13. Vehicles have the same issue I leave them somewhere only to find them teleported away a few blocks into the ground plus some distance from where they originally stood aswell. I always have to dig them up and drive out of the hole. Same thing happened with the drone, but it was only once.
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