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  1. Hi, I found, in a previous save, a prefab I'm interested in setting up my day-to-day home in a new game. I've been through the editor but cannot recognise the building in any of the thumbnails. It's a medium sized house, surrounded by brick walls with a slope down to an under-house garage area (pic attached). Does anyone recognise it and/or is there a console command to get the name of the POI/prefab my character is currently in? That would be super handy! Thanks!
  2. I had a recent issue with the latest beta where objects were just popping into existence right in front of me (within 10 blocks or so) rather than low detail LODs appearing further away and gradually getting more complex the closer I got. I fixed this by turning Object Quality up to High because this behaviour isn't tied to View Distance or LOD Distance (for some bizarre reason). Maybe check your Object Quality setting?
  3. I think I've answered my own question. Water apparently needs to be totally #000000. This island came out much better. I really love the way Nitrogen generates urban sprawl. Super cool.
  4. First, thanks for this amazing tool - I can't remember the last time I played on a non-Nitro map! I note that import_HM.png is flipped vertically - is this by design? Not that it's really a big deal. On a separate note, please see the attached heightmap and corresponding preview map. Is there anyway to prevent towns being generated in the water? Whilst it could be quite a cool map, it's not what I'm after at the moment Thanks in advance. (original map nabbed from here: https://medium.com/@travall/procedural-2d-island-generation-noise-functions-1
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