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  1. I've had bags despawn during horde, but only the really early ones. Are we sure there isn't just a basic timer for it, instead of a flat time zone region?
  2. Yeah my very first A20 buried supplies I had no idea what was happening. I thought it was a bug. Nope. Need friends now, or you gotta do that Prairie Dog tactic mentioned above. Edit: What I really hate is that since I'm a very big kiter.. if I leave the area I fail the quest. This doesn't cause the loot to vanish though, so sometimes extra digging is needed if you do fail it.
  3. To whomever in TFP coded the Biker zombie in the crate at the end of the semi-trailer... (laughing) I'mma need you to go hang yourself. I keep falling for it. ❤️ Seriously tho, it's brilliant.
  4. I actually like the pipe baton, but it has everything to do with the animation aspect of it. If you power attack with it, the end of the swing hangs for about half a second. You can fire the pipe baton early in a power attack while rushing forward and the hang time allows me line up VERY precise head shots,
  5. Knife. Knife. Knife. I am like Chucky from Child's Play up in this biot. EDIT: Runners up include the Baseball Bat, and the Stone Sledgie.
  6. Have you tried not 'face tanking' a bear? Have you considered running and kiting? If the answer to both of these is 'no' or 'i don't want to' then congrats... the problem is not the game. Also, it's been reported multiple times on social media that 7 Days to Die is one of the most hotly played games on Steam this first half of winter thanks to A20.
  7. Roland, here is me a second time - appreciating your grace in communication. I have way less patience than you do when it comes to handing out details instead of doling out consequences when saltposters try to think they are coming to collect.
  8. I actually love the fact that dukes are still useful past lvl 70. I remember more than once I've melted down a big storage box full of them.
  9. I think you're missing a few of key things about character building here, and that's YMMV, buyer's remorse, and play style. First of all (counting myself here) there are people that have a high skill on certain types of weapon use in the melee category. I feel often that clubs are just OP because they have the best of all worlds, meanwhile Knives feel a little behind. But, I don't have to do much thinking with clubs because they do so much knockdown, whereas a Knife I have to be very skilled to get as many decaps as I can get. I find myself fighting often better with a knife, and often will use it unperked because I have a looong history of using it. Clubbing someone doesn't nearly as much require the that because no matter what, you're gunna end up with a decap or AT LEAST a knockdown of some sort. Chain and weighted mods make that distinction even moreso. That's just the difference between the two. I feel way more confident because I adapted to get better with knives, as opposed to the club which is a very easy weapon to crutch on. But then, I feel the animation of machetes is a downgrade because I'm so used to being more precise with the knife. Rolling over to other skills you mention like Penetrator - I am currently running a fully perked Infiltrator with sniper rifles and the reason why people don't particularly care for it is because you can't use it 100% effectively 100% of the time. If you're not lining up your shots then OFC it feels useless comparatively. If you're using a rifle to breach a building, then its a sincere case of using the lesser effective tool for the wrong job. You can use shotguns unperked to a greater effectiveness than a Rifle for a breaching action. Therefore, saying Penetrator is the problem seems a little like throwing the blame for going for the poorer choice. Lining up your shots w/ penetrator is really powerful, but lining up those shots requires a lot of area and base building knowledge. If you're not taking advantage of your lines of sight, then you're not using rifle as effectively as it was coded in to be. Pack mule is a choice, and not a necessary one - most people understand this already when they have a certain level of skill in inventory management. I never perk into it anymore because its often way simpler and more effective to leave drop chests about. Furthermore, when you get a vehicle, then the worries are even less so if you have taken advantage of drop chests. Pack Mule, like some other skills that can be superceded with armour and weapon mods are an option, not a must. But, they certainly do help people whom are on earlier stages of gameplay, or people who haven't chosen to be better inventory managers. I think you're looking at skills too thinly, and not as a whole package. There's something there for everyone, and that includes people who don't play like you do. And that's how we lead into the last portion - buyer remorse and play style. Because if you're good at your chosen play style, or can adapt to several different kinds - this puts you ahead of the curve compared to others who enjoy sticking to just one. There's no remorse if you pick perks according to the effectiveness that includes your playstyle, where as you'll be full of buyers remorse if you are perking into something that isn't fully supported by your play style. Example of this is playing with turrrets but perking (using your example) infiltrator. I don't see those perks as being particularly useful if the real power behind INT based combat is Area Denial.
  10. That sounds like a Dire Wolf, for sure. Regular wolves are not that tough.
  11. I love the Dead Chicken. It's a great spot to build up into a home base.
  12. Depends on my build. When I am rolling AGI (my personal fave) I often have both crossbow (for explosives) and bow (stealth + combat) silenced 9mm (moar stealth) Vulure/SMG when the proverbial @%$# hits the fan. And I almost always carry a knife. In my current playthrough in PER, I'm rolling with one stack of pipe bombs, my sniper rifle that modded for long range snipes, Lever action for pure cowboy feelgoods, and a back up pump shotty with a duck bill mod just in case of the desire to spray and pray. And again, a knife. Hot bar reads like this typically 1. Frames for nerd poling and reinforcing structures. Only wood ever. I don't think I'll ever cross over to fully upgraded frames. 2. Hammer/Stone Axe/Nail gun. 3. Axe for chopping down doors 4. Pick, Ratchet, or Impact Driver (for getting through pesky metal doors or stripping cars and houses) 5. First Aid / Medical Kit 6. Melee Weapon (99% of the time is a knife, even if im not specced into it) 7. Work horse firearm for the Git' r' done. 8. Specialized firearm (typically for stealth actions) 9. Specialized firearm no 2. 0. Modular slot. ***** * Fists for harvesting * Molotovs or Pipe Bombs * Torch or Flashlight in case of visibility issues * Fully Automatic Weapon when available * Rocket Launcher when I feel like NFG.
  13. During the last horde night on my MP server, our drones waited till about 4 minutes before sporadically saying things like: "I don't think were alone." and "Prepare for Combat" I actually laughed and broke out into song and started to sing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley to it. Anyway, I thought that @%$# was funny.
  14. I think you should try to proof review your RWG maps in a 'try before you buy' and you will prolly enjoy the game a bit more. Also, I'd chuck the notion of needing a 10k map. Larger maps, in my experience, also come with large tracks of unnecessary wilderness. There's nothing wrong with going to mods to enhance the minutia of your world experience. They do help in a lot of nuanced ways. Also, and please be aware - Despite having an A20 branch that is stable, does not mean this experienced in considered finished in any way. Things are still a' changin'.
  15. I have found that a pack of zombie dogs coming straight at you is worse than a single zombie bear. Ugh. I've had nightmares about that. I've lived in bases in a19 were we had 4 of each workstation going and screamers did come fairly often, but we had auto-turrets in place to deal with them.. I think the lack of screamers might be because its one of the things they are toying with in terms of coding. In our big city wasteland base we don't get many screamers (but I have seen one or two this week) but we are under CONSTANT assault, night time being way worse. The big city comes with so many other issues as well, so much so, that the group I play with is considering making 5 LCB's and spreading them out in the neighbourhood to stem the tide.
  16. I'm super guilty of this. I get really squigged out by that. I am also a massive loot organizer. I can spend whole hours just managing loot from my vehicle to drop chests to getting it inside the home base. I also.. think I should hate this, but there's something oddly calming about it.
  17. Quick, someone make a mod for that to satisfy the OP!
  18. We must be living in an entirely different universe because I am the go-to miner in my MP server and even after 30 minutes with an Auger I have yet to have anything more dangerous than a zombie bear in my mine while in the Wasteland. Details: Gamestage 150 ish, level 77, and on warrior difficulty. Our base of 6 people in the green biome the screamers are so rare even with 3 chemi stations and 4 forges going. Re: Reason to have them in game: You're not meant to feel safe, ever. If they have become and annoyance, then.. how good it must feel to shoot them in face, right?
  19. I have found this to be true but only in limited scenarios. Prospective players are sometimes worried about 100+ days because long time server goers can sometimes be WAY specced and have an amazing amount of loot, which puts some of them at an advantage in terms of PVP, but also means that: a. Most of the world is already looted and waiting on a respawn cycle. This is generally not a desirable thing and hinders early game survival. b. The map has been turned into a blighted hellscape of failed and/or destroyed bases, overmined (with cave ins), badly placed traps, and generally looks like about as trashy as you'd expect a college fratboi bachelor pad to look. But, this is a correctable problem by providing intermittent map implementation, loot cycle restarts, and even some good old fashioned communication. I have to admit the number one reason I won't play on public PVE servers OF ANY KIND is because of overmodding in ways that are unpredictable, or even worse are dead Discord panels where randos end up informing me that 'the admins are on vacation, etc', and the only members of said servers are basically people who discovered it that day and may never play again.
  20. I loved the old Valmod. If I go back to A16 ever, I will load that back up again NFG. The Romero mod is nice too. I dumped it the moment we got to A20, though. Early A20 game on a higher difficulty solved most of my need to never feel completely safe.
  21. Ugh. This is the part I age uncontrollably and fall over as a pile of bones. I'm talking the original 1978 version, where the two zombie kids bust in on the main characters searching the airfield for AVfuel.
  22. IIRC even before the 90's. Children as zombies has been a hot button issue for quite some time since the scene in the original 78 Dawn of the Dead. The scene with two children were quite controversial. Later, in zombie film culture - the genre had more and more directors and make up artists pay homage to Tom Savini and his protege Greg Nicotero have since managed to conjure it up in a way that didn't hurt too many hollywood (and abroad) sensitivities. The Majority just didn't want to see that kind of thing. The Japanese film industry in particular had a full range of outright artistic embrace of it (particularly the Dawn remake) to full scale rejection of it. The reaction so far has been when zombie films are produced they have certain editions cut to fit official censorship boards and regional sensitivities. For instance, there are Russian zombie films so violent and disgusting they aren't very popular here in the states for our own marketing reasons.
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