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  1. Perhaps they should play an ACTUAL stealth game with ACTUAL stealth content? I cheered when they put snipers in bandit camps in Mist Survival. I got tired of the camps being too easy to take out with a bow and basic arrows. The bandits had patrols and assault rifles and should NOT have been super exploitable.
  2. Ohhh, that means the stack of fire barrels trick prolly still works to draw the screamers away. This is good to know.
  3. I've seen ruined survivor encampments, the one with destroyed shops and the water tower in the middle. That one. Hitting it is a nightmare too. I was hoping one day to see it make into a quest style POI. When bandits get put into the game, I want to see some nice fortifications they have built and I wanna be able to rip a hole in one and raid them. That would be lovely to see in this game for certain.
  4. Kids play this game. I don't think emphasizing drug use is a good idea. Especially using in such a way that that teaches this is how goals are completed.
  5. I hit up a book store and there it was. Day 5. RNG is the enemy of the people sometimes.
  6. create spaces in your horde base where it won't matter much if they blow up. Dump chute/pit style horde bases means demos are not even remotely a threat. You can also have redundant pillars and other support structure in case they go off in some place important. In our MP base, we have a Help Desk style of base. Modified killing corridor design, only no walls except on the inside. There is a way to create a bottle neck with shaped frames to allow a person to go melee or ranged. No bars needed. Ramps and wedges are both used regular and inverted. The downside is that the inside is completely protected from birds, but the outside isn't. Some of us like to fight on the roof while the melee peeps are inside the help desk area. There are three raised platforms, so if one gets blown up, the other two are just fine. You can also gird your superstructures with plates. Id rather kill a demo quickly, and loose some construction mats than to let it get into the heart of the base structure.
  7. At max perk turret syndrome, try two tier 6 junk turrets with AP turret ammo, drum clips, and extended barrel mods. Sit back and /beer.
  8. There is wonderous snark to be had with the entire thing, I couldn't focus upon any one given item.
  9. Although I prefer good immersion, there's also the 'How many jeeps can I shove into my inventory' thing to bring me back into the reality of the game.
  10. I kinda wondered that too, based upon subtext of the photo.
  11. I see a lot of problems arguing that. First being, that RNGesus devils needs no advocate. If you're just unlucky, then you're just unlucky. I wouldn't blame the dev's if you're that unlucky. Secondly, at a gamestage when pistols are rare, trying to 100% stealth even a small POI seems like a dubious prospect at best.
  12. People have issues running out of murky water? Have they tried to loot cupboards at all? Because that's usually one of my first things to establish is a water supply. After a while, I don't even loot them anymore.
  13. We have cooking, but its not a chef simulator. We have vehicles that can ram stuff, but its not a demolition derby. We have archery, rifles, and animals, but its not a hunting sim. We have food, water, and farming, but its not a starvation sim. We have looting and shooting, but this isn't HALO. We have 2 weapon perk lines with every single tree, and 3 if you're in PER. We have buying, selling, and trading with other players, but its not an economy sim. 7 Days to Die is not Assassins Creed, yall. Call me crazy, but... as a person who plays primarily AGI, and uses stealth a good chunk of the time.. I have zero issues with rooms that agg me. Because I also have customizable pistols, 2 different kind of magnums, an SMG, and a knife line that also has a very nice chance to decap. Power attacks to the head are solid against trash zeds. AGI has STRONG versatility. Ignoring the rest of the entire build to focus upon 1 aspect of it. doesn't seem wise. I can empathize with folks that want to see if they can 100% stealth kill a Tier 4 Towerblock, but a single minded pursuit of that goal seems to espouse an inflexibility on the part of the player, not the game.
  14. Stealth doesn't help you on Horde nights, but horde nights are literally only a minor percentage of the game I frequently play AGI builds with Stealth built in and I can tell you that my SMG bullet hose disagrees whole heartedly with your statement. I can also live through horde nights in AGI, without an actual base, on open ground and without the use of a vehicle. So.. yeah. Come again?
  15. Sarcasm post. Here is what my base defense looks like. This will keep all the zombies off your lawn.
  16. I'm my MP groups trader runner, and those are all the buffs I use. They even add up ridiculously for small price point trading. It's disgusting. I'm sitting on 15 stacks of dukes in MP with 5 fergit its and enough building supplies to build the bellagio. I haven't been able to accumulate this kinda cash since i was selling bikes back during A17Exp. There becomes a point with all those buffs that money becomes nearly worthless because of how much you can get after a while.
  17. Around February i upgraded my potato and it took some fiddling to get everything to ultra. I used to be the guy that would have to fall behind all the time, getting random (or seemingly so) fps drops and disconnects. Turns out, it was the dust storms and weather that was my issue all along. When i found out the command to get rid of the particle effects, it freed up a lot of my processing power. I didn't even realize these effects were in game (because potato) until after I heard about them from others.
  18. Something I learned a long time ago when it came to self awareness. I hate to bring philosophy to a flame war, and I expect to get ignored, but.. for those that might appreciate: (Paraphrasing) Mark Twain said something to the effect that those that feel the desire to complain have a mountain of reasons to choose from. So, you CAN in fact live with a skeptical eye upon everything, but the moment you let it become the only lens you look at things with, then you become a hammer and every problem that arises starts to look like nails. I dont care if its and intended feature or if it wasn't. Up until shortly after this thread, I stopped using spikes (and even barb wire) altogether. Missing neither of these things didn't break the game for me. I guess what im leading up to is, take responsibility for your own brand of pessimism. The world owes you nothing. It was here long before you were.
  19. Having known (and empathized with) a few gaming developers in my past, wait till you see their Hot Tip checklist for players on what not to do in the forums when complaining about how developers have "ruined" their own game. Hot Tip for you: Aren't you glad that you can still EVEN ACCESS a16? I mean.. that's pretty noteworthy considering you can't do that with the majority of other games. This is coming from someone whom enjoys and has both versions downloaded
  20. Honestly, you wanna know what I'd like to think is a REALLY good primitive weapon for INT? A motherf@#$ing Sling. But before you hate on me, hear me out. The sling is a time proven weapon. Hand-Eye coordination is of extreme usefulness here. I actually practice slinging IRL, and it takes a while to master, but so does archery. Also, stones can be your ammo, and they can be found in ever stitch of the map. Plant fibers, leather, and blammo.. you get one. It doesn't need to do much damage, but a head shot is just as lethal. Press out metal ball bearings and you have something that will kill just as easily as any black powder weapon. You can even sling golf ball sized explosives if the devs wanted to go that route as well. The problem is, that there's already a large amount of perks that take up INT already. It would be a tough call to implement another one in. The upside is, everything you need is already spawning in game, and a recipe and ballistics pattern is all it needs. For fun an interesting facts about the sling, google Balearic Slingers. These guys were so good at it, they were brought into not only the Carthaginian army, but eventually the Roman army as well. There is an ancient and rich history surrounding the sling, and its worth a solid mention in the book of primitive warfare. I also.. would love to see a richochet effect with sling stones, if I could be selfish and code that in. Perhaps it doesn't even need its own perkline. Perhaps it's just a thing that anyone can make, and it's just a static thing you can hit stuff with, like the torch. Perhaps there's books for it.
  21. I LOVE the Vulture. It's all about that double tap. ❤️
  22. So I've been playing a MP and this time I perked full on INT. I'm playing with a sledge turret and often using it to knock people away. Things were fine for a bit and then I hit Big Momma sending her flying, her underwear ragdolling in more directions than her actual body did. Whomever added this feature needs to answer for this crime. lol
  23. As someone whom was raised with corn bread, I'm offended by this, on every angle. 😛
  24. In my MP group, we can get to a certain gamestage and make so much money that we can buy these for all of us, change our builds every week of play, and then do it all over again the following week. I often perk out of beginner skills because of this. Right now I'm enjoying the hell out of a glass cannon INT build. I'm the king of horde night.
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