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  1. Okay I absolutely need to see this guy's movies now. I became and instant fan.
  2. Out of all the options presented, its the replayability that brings me back. Also, when I want to look for a change of pace, I try to actively build outposts and expand operation here and there across the map. I do this both in SP and MP. This keeps the game fresh for me because sometimes I have to change my environment to feel like things are progressing. I don't really have much fun sitting in giant fortresses and crafting bases for weeks at a time. And that's the key thing to me. When I get utterly bored of a map I make a new one, and start fresh and the challenges start anew. Once I get to about gamestage 150+ everything slows down considerably for me. I think keeping things fresh is really what gets me to cycle on. Also, trying new scenarios REALLY digs me in. I @#$#$ love Romero mod in single player. The initial gamestage challenges make it damn near impossible for me to fully raid medium sized POI's from start to finish without having to drag the horde into the street and lining up your headshots. Large POI's are a damn nightmare, but it just... gets to me. The futility of survival. Also, loosing your backpack and toolbelt I find to be integral to actually feeling like there's a death penalty. If you never loose anything, the death penalty feels hollow. That's when survival starts feeling like a reward, when you have SO much to loose.
  3. Lemme light some candles on the philosophical cake here for just a moment. Question: "What is 7 Days to Die?" Answer: "Whatever you want it to be within the framework of the game that exists." I keep a fond eye on the idea that people play games for a plethora of reasons, and these change over time as needs and desires change. Any one or more of us could put just about any game into genre box, but ultimately if you look at just a larger picture you may potentially loose the nuance that could be the catalyst that hooks any given persons interest. In this case, the game has several elements and more than 1 thread has begun over what kind of salad this game is, and quite frankly I feel the answer to these questions lies in the experience it brings.
  4. I usually hear them just before they start making with the slapping noises on walls. The screamers have this breathy cooing noise, and its creepy af.
  5. Not to inspire the conversation, but I am suddenly reminded of the incidents that put billionaires in near orbit.
  6. This reminds me of a tabletop session I had for a game called All Flesh Must Be Eaten. A zombie game set in modern day, much like 7 Days. One of my buddies was playing a character that SCA/HEMA trained and decided to become a 'Paladin' as a means to deal with his growing mental health issues in the face of dealing with an actual zombie apocalypse. He made his own chain mail and used his replica sword to crusade against 'the growing darkness' lol The character also played WAY too much DnD.
  7. I'd also examine your game settings. Are you running 30 minute/120 minute days? That will skew your numbers. Do you have the difficulty tuned up? Harder fighting increases food and water usage (even IF you're shooting!). Travel around much on foot or by vehicle? That has a factor in the equasion as well.
  8. Zombies... in space? That's your suggestion?
  9. Or at one point in time, the only language translations that are commonly known in scholastic circles at the time are in Greek, and are prolly spoken with the same care as people use in Spanglish lol. For instance, I watched a video somewhat recently I think it was on TikTok where someone pronounced all the Egyptian deities in actual ancient Egyptian, opposite of their Greek names. It happens in Paleontology all the time. My most recent experience with something like this was learning Quechua (Incan tribal language) from someone who knew zero English, but also spoke Spanish. I had to translate the words in my head from English to Spanish, so he could translate it from Spanish to Quechua and then back again. I had to add in Youtube sessions to even out my practical understanding, and even then the accents were somewhat different because of regional variances. It was a fun but also frustrating exercise. TOTALLY reinforcing how bad humans are at language. At least in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries, there were concerted efforts to standardize a national language. Don't get me started on Gen Z's internet coded language, or my experiences with Bostonians and most New Englanders in general. lol, but.. thats just MY damage.
  10. The Kukri is not the only blade in the world that is also unrealistically called a Machete. There are a plethora of other weapons that also share the same misnomer. Also as someone who minored in linguistics, I recognize that as much language as people use - people are actually REALLY bad at language. I can tell you with confidence that linguistic science also takes that disparity into account.
  11. My opinion is that I have so many fine points to debate about realism and firearms from actual real life experience to debate your entire reason for posting. Not that I want to come down upon you and make you feel bad for posting, no. Actually, I encourage the exchange of ideas. However, there's this .. gut wrenching knot im left with and you DID solicit us for our opinion.
  12. Snarky. But consider the fact that regardless of the information you provided, I still have zero desire to actually eat out of virtual trash cans anyway. I can still be happy for those that do, however. I just gave up on the idea of it being valuable as a food item when I found it so much more economically approachable to simply use the undead hamburger to make garden plots so I can enjoy other foods that took less time to prepare.
  13. If you have a high level of combat skill with melee; The spear and the sledgie have enough range you can do the backpeddle and still be okay. Definitely not for newbie combat though.
  14. About bloody time. Thanks for the update.
  15. Romero mod has made me scared to go out into the city again. I love it.
  16. Hobo Stew has a cooking time of 9 years.
  17. I'd like to see them roll up 4-6 deep. They approach player camps/bases with a big white panel caravan. They empty the contents of these vehicles in the form of about 12-20 zombos of various types and unleash them on the players. While we are busy dealing with the zombos, they are attacking with a plethora of different weapons both ranged and melee, possibly molotovs. The zombos do not attack the bandits, only players. It will feel like a really real raid. But, that's just me.
  18. 9mm Pistol. >Extended Magazine. >Stealth = Silencer; Not Stealth = Barrel Extender >Rad Remover. >Reflex Sight. >If Perked Penetrator 1 = HP Ammo; If not Perked = AP Ammo. Handiest sidearm in all the land.
  19. I eat cat or dog chow pretty much only on day 1, if I have to. I also never loot toilet water. F that.
  20. I'm almost always with a Chai Tea. But, if I'm drinking drinking, it's Rum and Coke. I tend to have Kraken, Sailor Jerry, or if I'm feeling particularly rich that week, Plantation.
  21. Well.. with an M-60, AP ammo, and Penetrater 1 perked I've sawed through them well enough in a straight line. Some activate and some don't in live situations. I imagine the button itself isn't always perfectly in line with the ones behind it because they do tend to twitch a lot. Not sure if that makes a big difference in terms of coding, but it's the biggest detail I note when im on horde duty.
  22. I sometimes wonder if the gold nuggets I loot are like the gold teefs from Red Dead.
  23. I like the idea of NavezCon. I'm not sure if I like the idea of being in crowded room full of smelly survivors. lol. Sorry, couldn't help it. 😛
  24. Zombie dogs. Just when you think you got them figured out, they go back into deadly ninja mode. In earlier alphas bears (and sometimes dogs/wolf/dire wolf) would make no noise. They'd spawn in as a horde and you'd never hear them coming. This was also before the new AI. One of the things that never ceases to surprise is that even after 3k+ hours in this game, sometimes the most effed up things can happen when the environment and mobs trigger just right. Speaking of new experiences, I had to throw dynamite at our horde base to make sure that horde couldn't penetrate our door defenses. We lost a portion of our southern outer defense, but they had a kitten of a time trying to corpse ladder each other to actually get to our inner defenses. Holes in the ground take less resources to build back up then our entire inside structure. Made the decision easier for me to nuke it. This game can sometimes force you into some situations like the zombie dog issue, when you gotta make split second decisions. Its the ones that make the least sense that force your hand into... interesting and often deadly solutions. And the heat situation is a complicated one. The math is somewhere here on the forum, but I'm only experientially qualified enough to say 15 torches and two campfires aren't that bad. I would make the move to candles though. Those generate less heat. In my MP game we have at any given time: 1-4 campfires, 6-8 forges, 4 work stations, 4 cement mixers, and 3 chemistry benches going and it takes the same amount of time to spawn screamers. Once we learned that, the decision to have more workstations became easier. And if you REALLY wanted to summon screamers, just lay out 15 fire barrels out in a field somewhere and watch them from a rooftop. This led me to believe that perhaps the spawn timer has an initial global cooldown.
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