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  1. I've always felt it was a combination of an original plague + a radiation mutation as the result of bombs dropped upon the original plague. The alien spore theory was coined by Romero, and touted by quite a few since. I mean.. its neat and all, but I prefer leaving it unexplained.
  2. My first quest points go into: 1. Lucky looter. Always. First. Then its typically a mix of: 2. Cardio 3. Pain Tolerance 4. Adv Engineering 5. Weapon skill.
  3. I think Neebs has read this thread. lol In the past, I've tried to fix it with disastrous results. I simply gave up out of material hunger. It's just not worth the time and energy to me anymore. I also mused that perhaps the devs at the time had a similar issue, and then once it finally settled into its final form the devs were like.. "okay this sucks, and i don't like it, but I'm on a deadline and it's not like this isn't within genre!" lol
  4. Padded armour looks terrifyingly bad, and there's no way I'm going to die looking like I duct taped a shower mat to my chest. 😕
  5. My Fave POI's are literally ruins. They make awesome starter bases.
  6. TBH all I want is something that makes a better sound than the stupid clown horn sound. Everything else is gravy.
  7. I too rock Leather for a very long time. In AGI builds you never know when you gotta throw yourself from a third story window and land safely. Free movement speed is your best friend.
  8. Let me give you a real world example: Napalm. (Non-military grade, that is) A lot of basic cooking involves some diverse scientific principles.
  9. Yeah they cannot be killed. Everything around them is fair game though.
  10. Yes, in legit support of Bob's Boars and farms that dot the countryside.
  11. I jumped when I first heard it. Then I stuck around to hear more of it. Spoopy as hell, and I like it.
  12. There are berries in literally every shrub for miles. Or, you can tame a Moschops (you dont need a saddle) and let it do all the local gathering FOR you. (if you get this post, kudos. If not, go play ARK) And that's precisely how I feel about the OP in terms of relevancy.
  13. Chef here: You'd be surprised what they teach, and what they do not.
  14. I smash rocks with my bare hands. Totally. On the real though, I tend to prefer keeping my blue bar for as long as I can. I don't use iron until I can get my hands on a lot of coffee or beer. Then when I feel I am comfortable enough, I'll go to Iron and stay there for most of the game until I get my grubbies on an auger and its smooth sailing from that point forth. I only use Steel pick if I am actually playing on a tool focused build.
  15. I got the impression there was a war against the united states, and sometime during that war.. biologicals were used on us. Scientists in the Dishong Tower had gotten their hands on samples, which had been deemed as highly contagious and mutagenic. The mutated strain somehow got outta quarantine and to contain that outbreak the US started to pound nukes into Navezgane, to stop the plague from reaching the rest of the US. But then... the radiation of the nukes had an unintended effect on the virus causing it to mutate further and become super charged, causing the dead to rise to infect the
  16. I hate this bug. Only gotten rid of it relogging.
  17. The best base for killing has a breach area you can protect. Otherwise you can build square bases and kill from elevation, but the larger the base the more problems you'll have, versus the number of people you have with you.
  18. On a few MP maps, I'll pop one in a pretty secure location if the demand is high enough, mostly for people to merch their loot. And while the zeds can destroy stuff around them, the traders themselves can't be killed. I also don't think traders attract spawns on their own. There are actually two methods of spawning them, one used to be temporary, but the other is permanent. I forgot which box to click for the perma one. I've heard this but never experienced it myself, personally. Is there some other form of workaround for it?
  19. Well, you're in luck. You can go into console and summon traders, just be aware of how you face.
  20. I have this bug as well currently in my MP world. I think it has something to do with the sheer number of things I have about. I have a massive tradeskill/home base with a tree farm and a huge garden (this is to serve 5 people) along with a severe number of storage boxes, and a thorough garage door and security system with automated turrets. The boxes appear and disappear constantly, even though I may still interact with them and use them properly. It's frustrating but I never have this issue with any of the smaller outposts I put in other more remote portions of the map. Yeah
  21. I did this just this week, and I feel like I should regret it - because i died like.. over half a dozen times on day 7 no less. It was a blast though!
  22. Somtimes I play single life survival but only when I play alone. On MP I just play. It doesn't make much sense to build a server, be the first one to die from a first night feral - and then scrap the entire server while your 3-4 other friends are still gathering day 1 stone age materials.
  23. And I can tell you don't get fact checked very often when you use words improperly.
  24. I looked up the definition of artificial, and this is not it. This is an opinion, and should be treated as such. You aren't speaking for everyone. If you don't like something, fine. Why not just say that?
  25. Agree with this. I prefer to highlight the notion of treasure maps. Random locations with semi-nice loot negates the need for hidden stashes entirely.
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