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  1. Specs: i9-10850k, 32gb DDR4-3200, Radeon RX 6700xt, 2tb Samsung SSD (moved from an inland professional) I've got it running at 1440p, with occlusion on, motion blur and depth of field are disabled. Radeon Image Sharpening is enabled at 100%, Radeon Enhanced Sync is enabled, and i'm use Radeon Anti-Lag. Average framerate is 72. It goes to 90-110 in fields, it can drop to 60 in towns, which i've only tested in Diersville as of now. The CPU didn't exceed 45% which is still about 4-5 cores but thats not bad in the slightest. I've tested it in the hospital (i'm uploading a video but it might take a day or 2 due to Youtubes insane upload limit.) and it ran at 40fps with Occlusion OFF, so i enabled it and went through the hospital off camera, and it ran at 55-60fps which is excellent. Its not perfect, but it works perfectly. The GPU has reached 100% multiple times which is expected at 1440p, so I'd say its excellent and does the job proper.
  2. I definitely will! Plan to get the card either Wednesday or Thursday, I'll update my comment on here if i can still find it lol
  3. Probably answered in an earlier page, so indulge someone inferior.. May i ask what cpu you tested this on? I'm currently using an i9-10850k processor and am curious if it would be limiting at 1440p? I've got a 6700xt soon to be put in the rig so i assume I'll be cpu bound.. but by how much is my question?
  4. But which one? Majora's Mask? Link's Awakening? Twilight Princess? Ocarina of Time (the best one), Skyward Sword?
  5. I'm not sure where to post this, or if this is the proper place. The pinned FAQ spoke nothing of specs when it came to manufacturers so i figured I'd ask. Will the radeon rx 6700xt play the game well? My only concern is that AMD generally doesn't get support until later games, and can have faulty drivers until games get optimized. (I'm sure it's got way more manageable) but I'm just erring a side of caution. Will a radeon work out of the box with little issues for this game?
  6. That's amazing then, I appreciate the feedback and can't wait to play A20! I certainly hope it will allow all the POIs to be on one map for RWG. If not in A20 then a future release, Rummaging through a newly created worlds config to see what POIs exist is a little disheartening.
  7. That sounds amazing, I'm not sure how much your allowed to tell, but I've got some questions. Is the cities in RWG a lot better? So it's not like a large area with buildings scattered at random distances? Are the roads not as.. drop-like on the sides? Can we now fail dig quests for leaving the radius.. which moves? (Seems stupid in my opinion, but I could just mod the quest radius like I've done before) And finally, how does feral sense work? It would seem stupid to ever go in a city since buildings would just start collapsing by zombies breaking them trying to get outside to where the player is. Potentially breaking the loot and containers. Edit: it seems like a very worthwhile update, i hope they can't climb through a half block gap!
  8. The site wouldn't let me ping you, https://forum.airportceo.com/t/solved-game-freezes-then-ctd/15363/23 check out that thread, I just crashed again after a couple hours of seamless gameplay, increasing my CPUs volate by +0.5V seems to have fixed a lot of the "spikes" in the cpu usage, and it runs a lot smoother. I'm not the only one experiencing the issue on the unity forum, and the fix for the issue may not be a bad idea to sticky somehwere as Unity is still being updated and undergoing.. issues.
  9. If your computer is stated that it can't run windows 11, either your using something really outdated, or they haven't even implemented every processor, gpu, drive, and ram combination yet. It is quite literally in the earliest of stages, we won't be seeing it for 3-5 years so why does it matter that much? A lot can change, just like this game. Just as much as the GPU market can change in 3-5 years. Just because "there is a chip shortage" doesn't make an OS that is heavily processor and drive bound useless because GPUs are 2-3x MSRP.
  10. I just got everything verified and everything is working perfectly! I am in the exact same situation as you are. I might actually have a 6700xt secured from StockX, but who's to say. The site isn't the best.
  11. I noticed i had a base system device not having a driver in Device Manager. Just did a windows update with all the drivers, installed, restarted and that error is gone. Now I'm reinstalling the geforce game ready driver on Geforce Experience. Then I will verify integrity of game files, restart and give the game a go again.
  12. https://pastebin.com/kB3adH9i InvalidOperationException: Cannot access the data as it is not available at UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest.GetData[T] (System.Int32 layer) [0x00017] in <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc>:0 at OcclusionManager.OnRequest (UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest req) [0x00010] in <8676d591e24b4790910cdee451580eac>:0 That appears to be cause, but I am unsure of how to fix. This is a fresh world after deleting everything in %appdata%, steam 7 days to die directory (fresh install), the in game launcher/tools/clear game data, and the removal of configs in the registry. Edit: Error was fixed. Required a windows update with all optional drivers then a restart. Followed by a reinstallation of the Geforce Game ready Driver, verification of 7 Days to Die install folder in steam. Followed by another restart. Everything is working smoothly once more.
  13. That honestly sucks, but if you look at it from their POV. It would be allowing someone to freely risk everyone's account/credentials of compromisation because "it wasn't me". Anyone can use that excuse, and personally, it exercises caution. That's how identity theft, and what happened to you occurs. As awful as that sounds, imagine you got one of those messages and clicked it, then had the exact same problem. It exercises caution entirely, cyber-security is serious, especially since ALL of your accounts, and other people's could have been compromised. You shouldn't be downloading anything that could give malware anyway.. so that one is on you unfortunately. You still have access to the game, and this site if you're looking for people to hang out with or tips/screenshots.
  14. I agree that this would be amazing, but i can see it being a major hassle. Especially for RWG saves. If it were ever apart of the game, it would most likely be on Navezgane or Pregen_01 and Pregen_02. Only because you need an algorithm to know exactly where to put each and every sign while being accurate at the same time. Especially for painted roads, which i don't think wouldn't be too bad if they only implement a solid/dotted yellow line down every road. The best way for a RWG would be for it to place the roadmap, then have an algorithm that places said signs, where it looks like they should go. It's a cool concept, but the biggest issue would be the creation and coding time. Especially since roads, don't have asphalt and dirt going 2-3 blocks away as it is making it more difficult. I can imagine the RWG map generation being increasingly longer, but i like the idea and I hope a moderator or Dev will comment.
  15. I agree with everything you've said, but i can't call the game bad in much ways. The spikes nerf was absolute garbage. You don't really build a defendable base as much as a path for the zombies to run so you can repair a door/wall and attacking when possible on a bloodmoon. The barbed wire is kinda pointless in my opinion since you can generally get 1-2 electric fence traps before day 7, and if not. Quests will give plenty of ammo. The farm plots are actually not as bad as one might think. Easily put 2 perks into living off the land, it seems stupid but being able to use 5 flesh, and plant everything is amazing. ESPECIALLY, since you don't really get a lot of seeds anyway. If you manage to come across a bobs boars, it's absurdly filled with "meat piles" for you to obtain rotting flesh. But to be honest, i would save a lot of the ranting until A20, only because RWG is getting an overhaul, which is insanely helpful if you use them. If you don't use RWG, Navezgane has all the POIs you want, within 1.2km of Jen, which shouldn't take more than a couple minutes of running IRL time. Which isn't too bad. It definitely is a repair/blade trap grind though. I use 8 blade traps in a small room, 8x13 total, where I've got fence posts on the side. It's really the best way to do stuff unfortunately, but it's still a fun game and it is getting improvements so it won't be as dull, and will become increasingly better. Bonus points if you use pipe bombs for hordes and make a ladder you throw down on them.
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