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  1. That's cool and all, but has no place in the main game. It's practical the way they have the game setup. If your looking for something op, dynamite is also available in the game. It's not an "explosive always wins", every single class is viable in the game. And as I've said, explosives are utility. People aren't supposed to run around with rocket launchers and pipe bombs. As for your "it's usable but people complain about lag" just because you don't have lag, doesn't mean other people have a lower download/upload. If i host a server on gigabit (1000 mega bits) and someo
  2. Unfortunately that's just the way it is right now. We can only hope it gets better from here.
  3. The game breaks around day 30. I just had to start mine over. My previous game did the same thing, whenever i exit and continue a game, i get around 3 bears and 4 direwolves, and 6-8 zombie dogs in a pack running towards me.. it's extremely buggy as of now
  4. I disagree. You have to mine nitrate, coal, and have the ability to craft gunpowder. You also have to take into the account that a pipebomb only does 5 blocks of radial damage.. it is literally a giant tube FILLED with gunpowder, while a grenade is a small ball dedicated for shrapnel. The devs want everyone to be able to use anything. And explosives are mostly craftable, there are people who like pipe bombs and people who don't. I don't really like them since there is cooler stuff in the game, you should look into something else. Have you even seen the dynamite? In the
  5. I was afraid of having to copy and paste all the vanilla lines, I do use N++ thankfully so I appreciate the help!
  6. That is entirely correct, I'm starting with making a singular POI work, then I will work on others. However, I can't make this one work for some reason. I've been watching tutorials but everyone is doing stuff like "faster forge smelting" or changing all the properties of items with a single line which isn't what im trying to do.
  7. I'm trying to make it so you can see all the enemies spawn in a quests POI no matter how many enemies you kill. So far this is what i have and it does nothing. <prefab> <append> <setattribute xpath="/factory_lg_01/prefab/property[@name='ShowQuestClearCount']" name="value">30</setattribute> </append> </prefab>
  8. I just did this quest again actually, the crawler at the entrance and the dogs/radiated zombie were missed on my first playthrough. The dogs above the freezer and the zombie to the right of the dogs spawn did not activate the first way through. I ended up getting lost and just nerd poling my way to the ceiling tiles. On my second way through, i had to walk REALLY close to the zombie dog like 3-4 blocks so it would notice me and i had to manually trigger the crawler by punching it, and the room with the lone zombie and cault door was no issue to find after that. The first time throu
  9. The tier 1-3 houses have a set path to follow, and that path includes all zombies. I can understand the "path only goes to the treasure" but.. I'm not there just for the treasure otherwise id just bash the treasure wall and grab and go. (Which i don't do, but that's the point of doing any POI). I've been keeping an eye on the dev notes and they tweaked the lower tiers (because the higher ones are obviously too large to be top priority over other things that need added and fixed) so that "you don't need to break any doors to complete a quest and do pois" which was their goal. I am o
  10. The game SCUM did what you mentioned about character statistics. It's an insane chore to manage and really takes away from the fun. And it would be an excessive chore. The character creation is also getting an overhaul so you can't make abominations. Also, if you could punch like a sledgehammer, then they might as well remove it from the game. I get the point your trying to make and it's not a bad one, but it's not a good option. Instead, you could try getting the older systems back. "I punch zombie, punching has leveled" "i hit zombie with club, blunt weapons have leveled" would b
  11. I cannot do testing at the moment.. but you could theoretically run a dedicated lan server and specify the bedroll deadzone to be.. 200 blocks (can't do that with the in-game settings). And just go to town with an auger on some iron with bedroll nearby or see if it will prevent zombie spawns during bloodmoon
  12. Couldn't complete red mesa, shamway factory, or shotgun messiah factory, or dishong tower without using the "killall" command every 5 steps in order to "find" all straggler zombies to kill. It's ridiculous, how does the quest giver know there's zombies there yet doesn't tell us where till NEAR THE END?? I've had zombies behind locked doors, in places behind rafters (looking at you grocery_2) all of which didn't appear till i got 2-3 blocks next to them. Its impossible to complete a poi on 1 hour days with zombies set to sprint before nighttime, assuming you
  13. I just started with a str/fort sledge build and I'm literally unkillable. I moved from steel knuckles because it was just, too op for me and wanted to go a step down. Sledge is so goddamn fun compared to steel knuckles though is SLIGHTLY weaker. I've been meaning to do a stealth build but the sleeper volumes pretty much ruin that and your seen on horde nights anyway so it's (useless?) Perhaps more tweaking can be done. But your point is correct, the game is what you make of it. Especially with talks of armor sets, a full archer set would be cool, same with a
  14. When did harder areas offering the same loot as easier areas become the norm for games.. it didn't, which is why the devs are fixing loot tables.
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