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  1. I can only comment on the blocks and the Shape Menu, you'd have to scroll through 1000+ recipes in the crafting menu and the Shape Menu was made to not have that problem. The sawmill was okay for earlier versions, but having to go to multiple stations to fix a POI? No thank you, there's better stuff to do like hunt dire wolves and make sure I can stay alive. Having to craft multiple blocks at different stations is just pointless and makes it's more difficult for people that are already builders, for no reason. As for your last statement about modlets and xmls.. you should go ahead and create a mod that allows certain shapes to use the sawmill, you can easily take code from the sawmill, change the recipe to it if you'd like, and gate whatever recipes you want to yourself. That's the fun of modding! As for the rest, I personally don't care if it re-implemented or not. If it does, that would be cool and add more stuff to pay attention to, otherwise the game is also fine as it is
  2. It's really going to make pop n pills viable again and really force the player to scavenge and explore. Which goes perfectly with A20s random generation
  3. The city random gen is phenomenal, the wooden crates instead of reinforced crates are absolutely amazing due to the new loot table, and the fact that we won't have POIs with a locked box where it was supposed to be unlocked (looking at you Mo Electronics). The new ducking feature for zombies could use some work as it is instant and can throw a melee hit off with no warning. Having access to guns very early on is amazing since we don't have to perk around the first real gun we find. But most importantly, the grass is so spread out and small that I no longer have to have my grass distance set to low or be on max lookout for a birds nest. The game runs way better than A19 and I've noticed a much better array of creatures and animals. Easily the best alpha to date, and the last few were very questionable, but this is godly!
  4. I heavily like it the way it is. It really annoys me sitting there for 2+ minutes just hitting a tree with a stone axe, I'd like to explore more and spend less time grinding. Slower progression should come from lower EXP gain in the settings. I love the way it feels currently. I'm not rushing quest after quest to get a pistol, shotgun, or AK from the trader by day 3 or 6. I can progress at my own pace and it's very nice. Plus loot is actually rewarding and I don't have to wait till my gamestage gets to value 20 before I can start looting Working Stiff Tools or a Shotgun Messiah. It was too technical in A19 and I hated it. Everything contained a @%$#ty stone weapon, there was no point in looting anything but kitchens or trader courier supplies.
  5. I just started the game (04:00), I had a quest to go to another trader 1.8KM away. I've only been taking the main road and I've killed 4 chickens, 5 rabbits and about 20-30 zombies and I'm at 07:40. It's literally to the point where if I don't stop killing, my entire day will be wasted just getting to the trader. It's amazing, but very tedious at the same time having to kill everything or spawns get backed up.
  6. Did I stutter? If you want to most optimized experience, then you do hourly restarts with this game. Otherwise you come to this thread wondering what's going on.
  7. i9-10850k, 32gb 3200, Radeon Rx 6700xt, 2tb SSD. I've been running ultra settings and I'm pulling more FPS in this alpha than any previous alpha. It runs at a solid 1440p 120fps with dips down to 90 in mountain areas. SSAO, motion blur, Dof, and reflections are disabled. If you don't have it turned on, I'd heavily recommend activating the occlusion setting as it will massively help with performance.
  8. It seems they just stay around forever and only 64 zombies can be spawned in at a time unless using the entity menu. I've been restarting my game every single hour at 04:00 and it keeps all the spawns fresh. Had a bear, 2 wolves, 3 rabbits, some chickens and 2 wandering hordes. Almost every day consistently so far. I'm glad for the pipe weapons! Edit: I forgot to add that spawns get backed up and as you leave areas the chunks get unloaded and the enemies within them don't despawn. It'll cause the spawn counter to be all the way up and less will spawn over time until you restart, or kill the spawned ones.
  9. It's normal for games in Early Access that have the issues of which this game suffers. So yes, I am. It's currently in experimental so you should take the proper steps for a bug report about zombie spawns getting backed up, and have you exited the game after you generated the world? There's a known bug of memory allocation when you don't exit the game after generating a new world. So generate a new world and exit the game after it's finished, then play on the new one. Which may fix the issue and save you the hassle of doing a bug report.
  10. Hourly restarts have always been a thing in gaming, and depending on server specs it shouldn't take more than 4-5 minutes to start back up which is plenty of time for a break to get water and go to the bathroom in person. Have you tried verifying files because I've only had your issue when I don't restart the world after every hour.
  11. Have you restarted your game every in game day? And how often are you exploring, spawns do get backed up over time. I've been restarting at 04:00 every in game day, and I am constantly getting surrounded 24/7.
  12. I have a question regarding the cores, am I correct in believing that it can utilize 4 cores at the current moment? I'm using a 10 core with hyperthreading disabled on the last 4 cores which I allocate for 7 Days. Would this mean that I can have 6 non-hyperthreaded cores to run the game and get potentially more boosted performance?
  13. I open the launcher, then I press all 3 tabs that pull up the saves/install/registry in file explorer, then I use the tool to delete all maps and check mark everything to delete. When that is finished I close the launcher, and delete everything in the saves/install/registry files. Then I uninstall on steam and reinstall, I will have to try the file verification instead of uninstalling after everything is deleted. It'd be really nice if the launcher didn't default to using EAC because that really causes issues with the game. Doesn't matter what I do, the EAC version always breaks and I've noticed little to no issues in the non-eac version. I'm currently on a new save on day 9 with no problems. My previous save broke on day 3 with an "object not yet implemented" so that seems fixed now.
  14. I'm genuinely curious as to how this would be best utilized. Navezgane only has one lake that is worthy of raft-crossing and it's in such a remote position that getting to the either side yields tier 1 POIs. So.. not really good to utilize it in Nav. I've also been playing the current RWG and there's hardly any lakes, just small patches of water here and there.. so if the new a20 RWG actually has lakes that are plentiful and connect over vast distances like in a16.4, i would 100% use the raft
  15. I stated that I used the launcher tools to delete everything. It let's you purge everything, and seeing how it said 5.6gb on disk, i was asking if there is something i missed which there wasn't. I appreciate the feedback though
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