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  1. This mod allows you to craft MOST perk books and schematics excluding some of the tier 1 weapons you can easily just get a perk for and make a better one. Everything WILL cost Duke's Casino Coins along with some paper. This is an endgame mod, if you believe it is too overpowered or "game breaking" to have in your game, do NOT install it. Its purpose is to allow you to find those few books you may be missing or trying to gather that steel armor or steel tools schematic you haven't gotten lucky enough to find after a couple months of in game time. Could also be because you want
  2. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, so I figured it would be a good idea to get everyone's input. Do you feel like the Master Chef perk belongs in the fortitude perk tree under the "survival perks"? 1. Fortitude is a perk tree EVERYONE should specialize in, especially if they're getting hit a lot or they want that much needed defense if they happen to get struck on harder difficulties. 2. It would make A LOT of sense for cooking to be under the exact same perk tree as "Living off the Land" which is the perk that SPECIFICALLY lets you craft farm plots AND seeds.
  3. It doesn't make sense that you have a crosshair AND an already built in scope/iron sight. Its difficult to tell for some if they need to wait 5-6 seconds for that sniper scope to settle just to be sure it is accurate. It also gets in the way, especially for the M60. Some players might like it the way it is, so having an option to enable/disable that feature would be nice.
  4. the sky scrapers are not what you want to complete. The devs haven't seem to modified them yet to perfectly fit the game as they did with other POIs. They're still fun to get through with SOMEWHAT decent loot. Though don't expect to be able to easily find everything because they're still using the exact same models and what not from previous versions and decided to slap the "tier 5" on it. So zombies can definitely be behind doors labeled "locked" without a defined way to get in unless you break it which goes against the spirit of the designated path system.
  5. I did indeed, my friend ended up finding 3 zombies just in a room by breaking through a locked iron door, there was no way to find them otherwise. No yellow dots appeared until those ones died. Took us 1 hour, to clear the entire POI after we killed everything on the roof. Already had all the loot from the end, took us an hour to find the last 3 zombies to trigger where the rest were. I like the loot and the clear quests but holy hell is it a real pain to find the final stragglers.
  6. Just did the skyscraper_01, cleared the roof, went through the designated path, and I see zero yellow dots showing me where the rest are. How do you know where to go or what to do if they're not going to be the designated way. Dishong Tower and the other sky scrapers should be modified to make up for that. Every other house from tier 1-4 doesn't have a single problem with making the designated path the proper way to go.
  7. Flamethrower. Just straight up, a flamethrower.
  8. We do have a kill funnel, hard to defend against 24 zombies with 2 pistols and one level 2 ak. Especially when they keep spawning new waves. I did go a bit extreme because default settings such the biggest balls ever if you try to play without cheesing. If you cheese you can never die, like it's impossible. If you don't cheese, your just dead. We've tried avoiding kill funnels but in our latest game we have a large square with 4 entrances. Each filled with a row of 3 blade traps and electric fence posts to stun lock them while they die by the blades. That's the way to play now i suppose 😕 and
  9. I personally play on 90 minute days, air drops every day, mark air drops, loot 200%, xp 150%, zombies ALWAYS walk, and Nomad difficulty. The game progress TOO fast on 60 minute days for me. I personally don't see how any beginning player or experienced player can "easily" make it through the first 7 days with the new "stone age". Hell, wood spikes got that major nerf. Back in 16.4, wooden spikes were all you need. In the newer versions, iron spikes are the new wooden spikes. 60 minute days do not provide enough time to get even a reasonable amount of time to build a horde base, loo
  10. Blade traps are doing no damage and cannot be repaired UNLESS you turn off the blade traps and turn them back on. Enemies such as cops cannot be seen, but their acid vomit is still visible. I've also noticed that some AI elements are broken as i'm on day 14 in my singleplayer and have used the exact same method on multiplayer and have noticed enemies try breaking through the walls despite them never doing that before. Before anyone says "did you update your world". Yes. Erased ALL save files in %appdata% and generated a new world AND changed the name to something I never used befor
  11. I would think there is a pistol and some bullets in the box. Perhaps even a cigar, because why not? What if poor Ted needed a smoke before his final days? Or what if his son was going to get it as a birthday gift as a gesture of his father.
  12. I don't believe you should find "stone age" tools in boxes. Yes I am a "realist". The ENTIRE purpose of a working stiff tools is exactly that. Working, Stiff, Tools. Not flimsy, stone, tools.. It is completely unrealistic to expect to find steel tools on day 1 but it is NOT unrealistic to expect to find at least a level 1 pickaxe OR fireaxe. If we're going to raid a shotgun messiah, we expect to see guns. How much guns? That specifically should be determined by your Game Stage as the devs intend, however it should not be thrown off the table as a lot of people are claiming its "game breaking"
  13. I usually have everything set to default aside from air drops being everyday, day set to 90 minutes and seeing a few less zombies on screen during a blood moon. Though im curious, what does everyone use? Everyone should tweak their settings to be the most fun and not the boring grindy mess this game CAN be at times. It'd be nice to know what everyone else uses to fit their needs and play style.
  14. it is a completely new save, but no. It did not spawn to the night before as I killed that bear the night before thanks to the wood spikes around my house. It became daytime and I went mining for a while for iron and then decided to do my trader quest to the west and right as I was going over the hill a bear made a growling sound next to me and I took off running to my quest. I just finished the quest and going to head back to see if it's still there. I truly think it could be from a bug in some way as it happened in previous A19 beta worlds too. As i've said, completely new save, when it hit
  15. You clearly DO NOT understand. I decided to check this thread just now as I just saw a bear on day 4, 14:35 at the exact location I have marked with the quick marker. A bear right there, at 14:35. "do not go out at night" ITS NOT night. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. If you're not going to bother to even read what i am saying then don't bother to reply.
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