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  1. I've been infecting a lot of people, just that no-one cares about a little sniffle anymore... But seriously, not that much, once over 30 hours or so.. not taking a beating in either of my playthroughs though, so not that many chances for it either. Seems to be working, just a little rare if you're cautious.
  2. Caveat, I haven't tested, only speculating: It's unlikely to differentiate between different reasons for a knock-down. As long as you're punching a knocked down opponent, you should get the punching bonus. So, it shouldn't matter if your friend knocks one down by a club or w/e... There are different types of stuns (or at least were in A18), don't know if the book applies to all (I assume it should).
  3. If you want to fill the slots for damage boosts, I think Hunter, Structural Brace, Iron Breaker and the like should fit in. I don't think there are 4 good ones for the knucks anyway.
  4. Yeh, it's pretty bright out there. Just tested it today; while outdoors, even setting brightness to 0 was clear enough to spot zeds for the whole effective fire range.
  5. If that's a direct quote, it might explain my slowly draining drink buff. I took a drink just for the sta regen for running a distance, and the icon was showing a counter in seconds, but it was ticking down really slow, I'd say at least 5 seconds per tick. "Consumed slower", so as the buff counts down slowly, it will increase your hydration/food over a longer time, so you'll have time to burn some calories while the slow buff refills you again. With the drink though, I think it also kept the +sta regen buff going for the entire duration; I was pretty happy about it, albeit a bit confused
  6. For the off-topic start of the thread: next time someone posts a "pointless thread", don't waste people's time by even more pointlessly complaining about it, just move on to a more interesting one? As for the thread; I voted NOx2, although neither one will really bother me in the current implementation, both ways can make for a good game. For the jump-scare game as the sleeper system is trying to become, such indicators should be off, or at least somewhat delayed. Maybe tie the dynamic music to purely player actions.. stealth + visible sleeper = suspense music, first hit (in or out) = combat music, which carries on for x seconds after last hit. The death indicators are only really useful if the threat is real with even a single zombie; only the last one you know of will have a real chance of surprising you.. as things stand, I wouldn't really care if the last zed to die gets a new life. If the difficulty end up tuned towards more dangerous singles, then sure, the indicators would be better off. Of course they could also be made misleading, give the XP before the zed actually dies.. or give it in two halves, first some for the half-health-stun and then some more for the actual death - that way you could get confused with several targets, not being sure which ones are just down for the first time.
  7. If you head over to wikipedia for a "List_of_casinos_in_Arizona", you'll find: "This is a list of casinos in Arizona. All of them are operated as Native American gaming facilities." Is that against the left-identitaryism? It IS the reality though. So, if the world is one way and a game repeats it, is the fault in the game or the world? I'm keeping my rear out of your politics, but having a "Duke's Casino" is smack dab in the middle of the non-political reality.
  8. Depends a little on luck, but I often find myself scrapping poor quality iron axes in favor of the trusty stone axe. The marginal improvement isn't worth the extra toolbelt slot; I want to have an upgrade tool there for the early game anyway.
  9. Even that is more likely just due to having better vision in the area flattened by the road, so you spot them more often. Also, might be that the ones on the road are "blocking" you; since running in the forest your route is more free, it feels easier to dodge them.
  10. Heh, yeah... the UI is in various states of Work In Progress. The stats themselves are in a slightly better state, but there might be some surprises there as well. Testing is the only way to be sure, but testing stealth mechanics isn't exactly trivial even in a test world, much less in actual game...
  11. It should generally be 10% with light armor. The football helmet is an odd piece, not belonging to the actual sets, so it could be either really. The mufflers, I'm not even sure if they do anything, but if you can fit them in, shouldn't be harmful either. For me they're the lowest priority mod in any case, usually they won't fit in. (Mostly I go with the order: Slot specific mods(light/bandolier) > pockets > mobility > armor > temperature control > anything else )
  12. While that's the goal for the mechanic, at the moment there are several POI rooms that wake up regardless of any noise/vision source. A bug, sure, but a feature for now.
  13. I usually take the mining part in an ordered fashion; doesn't really matter what the order is, any order will make the navigation a lot simpler. Some of my personal guidelines; - dig straight lines when looking for a deposit underground. Makes for easy to spot "main routes" -- some side digs are fine, keep them short and straight so you can see it goes nowhere. If it manages to confuse you anyway, block it off with frames, or even with gravel/dirt. - clear a deposit in some kind of order.. usually layer by layer from top to bottom, quite natural for deposits you uncover from the top soil; for underground you'll just have to decide the height you'll work down from. This leaves large open caverns instead of tunnel mazes. - use your markers sparingly.. and only in positions where they'll make sense, right next to an exit tunnel. If you end up with a long enough tunnel system, consider making a floor for the main path(s). Just a stack of flagstone blocks goes a long way, you can't pretend you don't have the stone at that point... As a permanent block, flagstone is distinct from your "work frames", and draws some recognizable shapes in the environment making it easier to remember.
  14. Sure, that's correct, at least on paper. But the bursty nature of incoming damage with stealth (usually none, occasionally a lot) makes me want to top up HP anyway for my next mess up. Mostly a discipline thing for me I suppose; weapons loaded, meds on toolbar, HP as high as "can be needed" etc... There's a couple days worth of analysis to throw at this of course.. For this thread, my point was to argue against the whole 4(5?)+3+3+3 points in Fort for very little actual gain; one can get pretty decent stuff with 13 points in the main tree.
  15. Since you're skipping hordes, you won't need much in the way of mined resources; I wouldn't worry about miner/motherlode. Those Fort points.. They're all right, but not really that necessary. Healing factor sounds great, but it's quite slow at the lower ranks, so you'll need meds/food anyway. And PT is fine for the stun reduction, but at 3/5 you'll still have a decent chance of getting stunned, so you can't rely on it. I would suggest skipping Fort - skilling up pistols instead of the AK. Even if you want to use the AK as well, it will do fine without the points - but the pistol / SMG will get the headshot bonuses from your 10 AGI so stacking your points there should do better... Light armor, the main effect is the mobility, might be worth the points - until you find the combat book that removes armor penalties while in combat. I personally love Parkour 3/5 for that sweet 2.5m jump; since you're in the tree already...
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