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  1. I have no idea about that 14-hour event, but otherwise what you're seeing is what I've always understood it to be; Different events give different amounts of heat, but ALSO "decay" at different rates. Gunshots seem to be one group in your test, kinda makes sense; but torch heat, forge heat, building and mining are separate beasts. With that in mind, for you 14 hour experience; it wouldn't be too far fetched that some heat type is just simply bugged - the xml settings for heat are perfectly unreadable, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone just misremembered the system while doing a change.. Also it used to be the case (not sure for current patch) that even jumping/landing would cause heat, which made testing .. annoying.
  2. It's not really "lying", just inaccurate. (Going with an example of "normal" rounding, the game may round differently) If your gear has 53.6 armor from a full set, the UI will display that as 54. Now if you look at two leg pieces, showing 10 and 11 AR on the comparison (and you're wearing one of them). Their actual values may be 10.4 and 10.5; the comparison will round them to 10 and 11. Now if you swap the 10.4 to the 10.5, your total will rise to 53.7, which will still be displayed as 54. Note that in this case, the better armor could be 11.2 and the UI would still end up showing a 54. The comparison only compares the specific armor pieces; the assumption that the character UI total armor number should change is just wrong; intuitive, sure, but wrong. IMO it should just show the actual values on the UI, or alternatively change the actual armor value to the shown rounded value when generating the piece.
  3. It's pretty simple.. the armor pieces have a random Armor Rating, like between 10-15. The actual value is a float, so it'll have decimals; while the UI only shows a rounded number. The only way to figure out if you've rolled a 13.50 or a 14.49 is to equip armor pieces with the same UI numbers and see how the total changes.. not exactly great.
  4. For what it's worth, I was testing Pain Tolerance in A17 or so; it was implemented as a little "heal" after taking any damage. If you took 20 damage, with 5% PT, you healed a point afterwards. It was even visible in the health bar, often showing both numbers. And, if you took a hit of 20 points at 20 health, you died before the heal could save you. I haven't tested A19, but at least then it wasn't armor, I doubt they'd have changed it. Assuming they didn't, you should be able to squeeze an extra 2.5% from PT at the 90 AR cap. For the suits and others, I have no idea; the fireman's helmet is light armor, right? That might make it a poor choice, depending on the implementation; getting from 89 to 90 AR is worth about 10% reduction, the 5% (assuming it's not straight up armor rating) is obviously worse.
  5. It does save time, but then you end up missing half your gear on your next trip - ammo, meds and the like end up in the storage. I have started keeping an empty box at my storage area, dropping everything I want to keep in there before sorting the rest. Not perfect, but at least I don't lose my stuff.
  6. Right; it might also be somewhere completely different on a server. I haven't ran one myself, so, yeah. I hope a server owner comes across this one ..
  7. The folder you're looking at is in the steam/steamapps installation folder, that's not the place you're looking for. There's another folder with the save game data and that includes user-generated worlds. I'm on a linux, so I don't have the windows paths, but mine is ".local/share/7DaysToDie/Generated Wolds". I think that translates to something like "\user\AppData\7DaysToDie\Generated Wolds" in win, something like that.
  8. Hah - partly as a non-native speaker, mostly for being a little insane - I appreciate the pedantry. From that list, I actually didn't know that trees can be bled as well. Plus, there's nothing better than being technically correct, so, in that sense, you win Although, if we get to pick random definitions from that list, I'd go with 11; just because, well, the example given is "Labialization bleeds palatalization." ... sounds quite, enticing. An implementation of 8 would be interesting in game, especially if Deep Cuts had verbiage close to "applies bleeding" (can't remember) - taken far enough, you might apply temporary allyship to the poor zed at the tip of your blade. What needs implemented? I listed some options in my previous rant, including "by leaving everything as is", so, I recognize nothing Needs to be implemented to say it is in effect. It is the poorest implementation of such an intricate plot device though, it might deserve getting used visibly somewhere, that could only improve things. And no, your company isn't bad, just sane... And indeed, the bleed would fit, but then it would take away from the already slightly weak blade specialization. Of course the blades saw major rework with the stealth buffs, it might not be all that significant in the end.
  9. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "counted limit", my best guess is you've been using a mod? A mod that locks the first X slots of your inventory, so no automatic transfer takes place? My options in vanilla are (from memory): - sort - transfer stacks of already-in-container items into container - transfer all into container I think that's all that vanilla has implemented as of yet, and they worked fine for me today (although I might not have used transfer all, but I didn't notice anything different)
  10. Umm, progression.xml. 61 hits for "bleed". Couple in the translations, I'm sure. If you substitute the meaning of the word bleed to "well, some kind of goo is coming out" then I'm bleeding from my nose quite often.. and from my urethra. And if we venture into the happy blissful world or word redefinitions to argue points, then how could you know that I actually hold any point of the matter as my words can't have a meaning? (If the previous sentence is a garbled mess, that may be intentional ) Sure, Roland's solution can be implemented in the game. It can be implemented many ways; by leaving everything as is, adding some kind of lore note somewhere, showing the mechanic in action in animations, re-using the idea in other places to create apparent inconsistencies to surprise the viewer, all of the above or likely other options. At the moment, I wouldn't count it "implemented", as in, it's not intentional. I wouldn't be that much happier with it, unless properly fleshed out, as just giving it as an explanation on a "Lab Note #27" isn't much better than saying, "yeah, it's a bug, but we'll live with it". They could also simply add a bleed effect to the dismemberment effect; wouldn't be perfect as the mechanics wouldn't really line up, but it'd be closer to good. Quite a trivial addition as well, I'd assume. With an illogical system you can then derive illogical consequences.. this is exactly what we have here, sure. But the less holes in the logic, the easier it is to swallow for general audiences. At least having watched a few Critical Drinker videos, one might end up with such a conclusion. And yeah, I added a silly little OCD point of interest in a discussion about zombie blood, and now we're writing novels off it ... le sigh
  11. While you can, and IMO should, leave the world unexplained, it should still work. The flux CAPACITOR (darn you, blasphemer!), wasn't explained, but it didn't do much else than "power" the time travel so it didn't annoy anyone. You needed the 88 to travel and getting there was a problem quite often, a problem everyone understood, but had no idea why, and it worked. Because the world worked, while it wasn't explained. "Can't really put up theories about how they bleed" ... If it bleeds, it leaks bodily fluids.. the damage is done by the familiar cutting instruments; without redefining more words than the average marxist professor, you can't argue that we don't know how This Form of Bleeding works, it's bleeding. And it doesn't "work properly" in the mechanics of the game. And if it's not bleeding, why call it bleeding... I mean, calling "Murky water" just murky when you're pulling it from the toilet is clearly just to calm the squeamish, but other than that, what else isn't what we call it... My Sniper rifle happens to be a banana? Jen isn't a Trader? And, yes, I might be quite bored ... but hey, at least this is fun
  12. In a game where you're spending a lot (as ammo, mostly), the main thing is to keep gathering them. At least for me, plastics are a thing I want to toss, because I never have a use for them. Until I do, and then I have to run around for the scraps for ages. Ages, I tell you, ages. It's a little annoying when it happens
  13. Well, I get your position, such little things don't bother you; but I don't think you see what I mean with "internal consistency". There's no need for "universal biology atlas for zombies" if TFP themselves have created a system with, in essence, bad logic. You know: 1) zombies bleed from their arms when you wound them. 2) zombies don't bleed from their arms if you cause the largest wound possible, detaching the arm. and, albeit really rare 3) if you first cause the zombie to bleed from an arm, and you then detach said arm entirely, the zombie will keep bleeding "from the arm". (This would then conflict with Roland's decent attempt, and with step 2) What is taken from the external world, is the basic ideas of "bleeding" and "circulation" and "limbs". No need for zombie atlases. The end result is inconsistent in itself with how bleeding works, until someone comes up with an explanation and inserts it into the game. Preferably in a way that appears in several places in the game - that reinforces the made-up rule in the mind of the player and makes it more, acceptable for lack of a better word. Does this little case matter? Not as much as I have spent time on it. How would I change it? I dunno, taking into account that the Pimps seems to have re-purposed the existing animals-only bleed effect to differentiate Blades from other weapon types, I'd say poisons would be another classic way for similar damage. Zombie poison? Why not, make the recipe use some antibiotics... That would also solve the more generic trope of "undead don't bleed", although of course, they're usually quite poison resistant as well... but I might buy a zombie poison in a world where they've clearly learned to manage the infection somehow as the Duke is stuffing these semi-corpses into every closet in the world ... EDIT, Woot woot! 500th post
  14. Sure. Or the Deep Cuts perk gives the character an infinite supply of hypodermic needles to attach to the blade, and thus the bleeding effect is like taking small blood samples... that would be more consistent with the mechanic, and about as useful with regards to internal consistency resolution. As in, it still makes no sense, but whatever, magic.. I have a differing opinion to you about a minor tiny speck of a game we both like. I'll just return your words to you.
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