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  1. I don't think there are any random screamers in vanilla; you just caused enough heat to summon one. Augering safes, plenty of gunshots and explosions, you can easily get one in a decent POI.
  2. Atm, in seven days to die, no; I was talking about your "battle res" - type thing in other coop games. So, I got the idea, I just don't see it that tempting for this game.
  3. Heh, no wonder this felt familiar Nomad, the old normal where the tooltip damage is roughly the expected damage.
  4. Nope, each separate hit was done to a fresh clone of a certain poorly dressed zombie. Makes re-checking any values a little easier as the zed carries the data for me.
  5. I intuitively disagree here, and I did some hits.. Had a steel club with listed damage of 40. (Some mods in it.. the numbers are odd) No skill points: body shot: 40, head shot 80. 1/5 in pummel pete (+10%): 43 body damage (I'm not asking...) .. 86 head 10/10 str: 43 body, 129 head 5/5 Pummel (+50%): 53 body damage (still not asking...) .. 159 head. So the headshot damage is consistently multiplied by either 2 or 3 when compared to the body shot. Not exactly proof of anything yet, but I'd expect some of those not to line up perfectly if the headshot multi was just added to the pummel pete multi. EDIT: Repeated quickly without mods, with a club with 30 listed damage. Essentially the same result, except the 5/5 Pete was doing 43 damage while even the lowest case of 29.5*1,5 > 44 ... Math and 7 days to die .. it might be rounding down before applying the Pete modifier, 29*1.5 would be 43.5 ...
  6. It is, but only sort of. It will keep you in place while you're revving up your thrust, but the moment you start moving it basically won't slow you down anymore. Not sure if that's intended, or if the game just considers you "flying" from low speeds. The gyro is all kinds of clunky, but that isn't really an issue that bothers me. And it seems to behave like a decent real life gyro, so it's not bad.
  7. Relax, take a deep breath. Remind yourself you're talking about a tiny pointless part of a tiny pointless game.. we may love the game, but it's still just a game. The discussion revolves around "how" because that directly effects the "after". The after seems to consist of "run to the corpse, skin it" for most of us, there isn't much to discuss there. You seem adamant to push your idea through; that's fine. Me, I'd rather not have such markers at all since cluttering my UI with icons all over is just annoying. For example, I still don't really like the dig quest markers and such. All of that icon spam is a much bigger issue for me than losing a chicken every now and then.
  8. While it's a common mechanic in co-op:s, I wouldn't deem it important in any way. For me 7dtd is as much a solo game as it is a team game, and I don't think I've seen a particularly good implementation of "help-me-I'm-useless" even in team-PvE games. For PvP fights it does give a layer of complexity, where you can risk your own hide to recover a teammate, but for anything else, it's mostly an annoying "disabled state" to wait through before you die.
  9. Imagine the day-night cycle actually having an effect on the game play?
  10. Not really, as long as they keep it just a quality of life change.. just give the turrets a radial menu - works as it does now, but you can hold 'use' to choose reload. Standing there holding 'use' is in itself a risk; but if that's a little too easy, give it a short timer.
  11. Just beeline to the corpse right after the kill, drop a frame or two next to it; clear area, find your frames.
  12. And it seems none of that actually answers the "how" of it, while the last sentence implies something: "Of course, this requirement only applies to new laptops being sold by OEMs in 2023, not your existing one." With a slightly positive reading, all that means is that OEMs can't pre-install a Windows on a laptop they're advertising to you. Nothing is implying Win11 won't install/work on a camera-free laptop, just that OEMs can't sell such. I don't trust MS, not a bit, but I'm equally annoyed about reading too much into every snippet on the web. It should be obvious to anyone who's opened a web browser that EVERY title is pure clickbait and the articles themselves are rarely any better.
  13. Good start.. For the power attacks, did you take into account the regen-loss that happens, in any way? If not, the numbers may shift pretty radically, and the situation gets a lot more complicated for multiple swings - you can get more swings in with faster weapons while the regen is off.
  14. That... that is going to be the legendary heavy armor. Needs to come in pink. Yes, cubes of steel plated concrete are so clearly so much weaker ... sorry
  15. Darnit, you're trying to spoil the fun of testing things for one's self ..
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