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  1. Welcome! "Scrap boxes" took me for a loop, thinking about some boxes around the Navezgane spawn points, but right, you mean the crafting queue. I used to do that, but it's a pain to remember to cancel it. Also usable by scrapping things that you don't have the end result for. As in, you have no iron in the inventory, scrap a can with a full inventory, the scrapping pauses until there's room for the iron. Just remember to think when using meds and such ... Nowadays I'll just make a drop off box whenever I'm full, a chest off the road, marked on the map. There's plenty of stuff
  2. And since you've now done the work to have a "realistic" infinite water source, you can just start using the infinite water trick: - pour out a bucket of water on dry flat land - gather the water back into the bucket - use the remaining single splash of water to fill your jars
  3. Humm, AP ammo is broken since the armor mechanic is somehow borked; does that mean the spike mod doesn't do anything - other than the +damage for being a mod? Might be worth a test... of course, it looks badass, which is all that matters. but still...
  4. Well, I'm 95% sure there isn't, but it is possible I've missed the addition of that, so... that doesn't help much, I know
  5. Humm, what can I say, except I appreciate the vagueness ...
  6. No losses from burning frames, I think they even used to be better for a while. Now they're even, 50 secs per wood, 100 secs per frame. And wood isn't usually an issue by the time you have a reason to run a forge for an hour... You can bypass the wait by just queueing it up in a workbench, make 400 if you want to aim for 100 or 50 (or just accept the losses at 125 and 63... ) There used to be a number input, but that was stripped in a UI overhaul, one of the features I most miss.. You can also look at the recipes, if there's something that takes a lot
  7. Craft a 100 wood frames, split the stack (right-click-drag) and put 50 into each forge .. (I always have a stack of wood frames on my hotbar for combat engineering, so I've used them for firewood since forever) For a more direct answer, splitting the stacks several times is likely the easiest solution, just needs some free inventory. 5k, 2k5, 1250, 625, 312, 156 => 2x78 or so. Leave a stack of 300 into one of the forge outputs for next time..
  8. The trap XP comes from a perk in Intelligence, maybe later ranks of Advanced Engineering. Will say so in the description, check them out. The electric fence is slightly different, the trap is formed at the connecting wire between two posts; you'll need to bring power from a generator to the first fence post, and bring a connection straight from the first post to the second. And from the 2nd to the 3rd etc. Feel free to use whatever switches, relays and triggers you want between the generator and the first fence post, but none between the fence posts.
  9. Yeh, you're not wrong, it's still broken. Will be fixed, but I'm not sure when. The penetration works, so the AP ammo is still great for that.
  10. Hmm.. it is missing Corner1, you've given it a corner1, it might just be case sensitive? Check that first. If that doesn't help, the tool should have examples somewhere, check their use of coordinates from there - they may have their own coordinate system, as in, that use case (resetting) wouldn't really have a use for the height, so it's a little impossible to guess from here..
  11. Middle of the map is 0,0 and it grows to the right and up, like any standard graph. So, negative numbers are south and west, positives are north and east. Checking in Navezgane, trader bob teleport takes you to 1008 E, 1343 S; in the prefabs.xml it is listed as <decoration type="model" name="trader_bob" position="1008,60,-1343" rotation="3" /> .. the 60 is the height from bedrock. That might help you decipher whatever you're trying to do, sounds like you're planning to use some tool to reset a part of a map?
  12. Hmm.. I tend to stop and figure out what started to make noises in survival games, but that might not be common, sure. It is an early warning though, which is fine, preferable even, for the specific case of the apartment building. Not so great for the Bear Den-style "this is clearly a hole I'm meant to jump in with no way back" sort of places. Active zeds there would kinda spoil the trap, it's no longer just a bad idea, it's literally full of zeds down there. I'm not entirely convinced about the auto-aggro-crew Not moving to the player. That's mostly because I haven't tested it to
  13. Heh, yeah, easiest part of the job. And that's one legit way to read what I wrote, my bad; in the context I was trying to say something like: "They won't mind (if the report lacks some details like CPU/GPU/etc) if it's a duplicate (as in, a known issue and will just be marked as such without further investigation)" But yeah, that would be a little off the standard practices guide.
  14. Yeah, true. They won't mind if it's a duplicate, but I shouldn't be giving advice against the guidelines.
  15. Sounds like a bug to me, but it's one of those those things that could be considered a feature. Also, they're quite likely aware of it since they just "fixed" it. But, a bug report won't hurt. I would make it a "simple" one, just the description, since it will get a "duplicate status" anyway. Just be ready to do a proper one if asked to and make sure you're in vanilla etc... :)
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