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  1. For me it likely has a little side effect.. If I'm hurt and well fed, I'll fight carefully. If I'm fully healed but hungry, I'll fight more recklessly. "I'm fine, let's go get some food" .. once you start counting the hits you take landing 1:1 on your food bar, that's a different feel. Plus, if I don't have Healing factor, I'll heal with meds when I can fit one in, so a lot less food used that way. So, while it might not be a Real drain, it's a real drain ...
  2. I don't think it's intentional, it wouldn't really fit.. I have used a turret to knock down zeds, and it was pretty finicky; my issues were with pretty much any blocks in the proximity; I first made a little shelf for them, which made them unable to aim; then I put them on the floor and they still wouldn't aim properly.. that changed when I removed a nearby pillar. Having it stand on a flat floor eventually worked.. after that it was possible to modify the area somewhat, but I didn't do too much testing at that point. So, if you have anything else there, try removing it ... pretty
  3. The zeds don't really like to dig, they'll rather break things. BUT. They'll choose to dig if they don't have a "fair" path to you. So, if you're standing three blocks above your cave floor on a structure without a ladder/staircase leading from the floor level to you, they may choose to dig. All the more likely if the "structure" is terrain (ie stone, left there for lazy reasons). The path to you can be blocked by concrete/steel, but it needs to exist. So no jumping puzzles / broken ladders / etc in underground bases. While they can jump, they don't use that to path to
  4. If the mid really is the only block that will collapse, you can quite likely hide an extra support at either end by adding metal sheet blocks (or any plate blocks) to the first "supported" position. I can't remember the structure at the ends, but at worst it'll be some trussings or other non-cube shapes, which makes the addition visible. Using some imagination, even that should be doable without looking terrible.
  5. To be fair, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it did fit into gloves... or your minibike. And yeah, a 30% increase in five pieces plus a couple aoe effects sounds about right to hit about 60% ..
  6. He knows.. your eternal optimism just missed his sarcasm. How long will they stay.. well, I can't find their removal on the roadmap. ba-dum-tish...
  7. The triggering is pretty much the same as the plates; while something is standing in the line, the trigger is powered. They also have settings for trigger duration and delay if you want, but those aren't that useful for dart traps. Distance, pretty similar to the fences, just test it out in your land claim area, so you can just pick them up.. note that you don't have to walk to the trap to wire it, as long as you can aim at it. Gives some more distance in practice. Depending on your setup, it might get tricky to set up, since you'll have the dart trap "blocking" your in
  8. Thanks for your patience, I hope you're getting paid for this And well, don't get me started on covid, although.. no, this would get political quick, I'll refrain I asked for your reasoning mostly since you supported my original bias; seems absolutely reasonable, but not entirely conclusive .. good little confirmation for my bias though ... Looking at toilets in the xml (cntToilet01), it'll drop pipes on "destroy", which is likely not affected by harvest boni. So the usable variable from those would be scrap iron. It changes between 5-10. Ten toilets would then drop something
  9. Too long to quote, so I won't, but a quick recap; - without knowing the mechanics, we can't decide anything from a small sample. Agreed. - the method of deciding the "contents of a car" and the method of giving them out as "harvest" are not related. Agreed. - terrain harvesting is set up similarly. Yup. You can see the harvest numbers for cars set up in blocks.xml as well, under "cntCar03SedanDamage1Master" and friends. This doesn't really tell us much about how the car loot table is handled. - Your conclusion; how did you decide there's no draw count for the car loo
  10. There's where we differ; I'm assuming the salvage system is different. My reason for that is mainly engines, that drop from the exact middle of the car durability - ie, whichever swing hits that 150/300 point has a chance. (This may have changed without me noticing) That suggests that the "middle swing" is special, and I would assume the others as well. Also you can get several resources with one swing, and there seems to be some patterns there as well, but nothing I'd have recorded properly. But to me it seems it's more like harvesting the old boulders where you'd get a random amount of every
  11. If I were to test this, I would just spawn the things in from creative menu. Comes with a risk of using a different block than what is in POIs, but at least you can get a decent sample size - getting a 20% difference from 10 toilets may still be hidden in the randomness. Maybe, but it seems to me that the car salvage drops are not dependent of each other (you can get a battery AND an engine for example); if so, there would just be a larger number of results from the same effort (each item type would be its own data set)
  12. Nothing wrong in it being complicated, I've merely shown it is somewhat unpredictable, I even managed to surprise you with a 10 minute test of the simplest case possible. I ain't doing no guessing with this for a sample...
  13. I'll agree, but I'll also agree with the original claim of "kinda stupid" ... So, essentially for those four variables it would be something like: ((Ammo_Damage * Gun_Skill_Multiplier + "Gun_damage?") * Headshot_Skill_Multiplier) I'm not going to guess where I should insert the 10% from a book series.. or Mod damage for that matter. EDIT: No wait, Ammo/Gun backwards... EDIT_2: Went to check if that's valid .. 9mm ammo, normal vs AP gives 32 and 41 damage, while the gun gives 42 and 55 while loaded respectively, differences of 9 and 13. I yield.
  14. You made me test, now we all get to suffer. My results in spoiler don't exactly line up:
  15. And there was a sudden shift in the force; like a million mathematicians and programmers joining together for a collective "REEEEEE!"
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