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  1. Yeh, do what Slaasher suggests, host it locally for the two of you. Servers are of course a different experience, but figure out how to build a base of your own design first.. half the fun is in the journey Just make sure that if you know one of you will want to play while the other isn't around, you're hosting it from their setup.
  2. Seems like the horde can't spawn on water... now, for the cheesiest of cheese (or just to test), add some Top Soil blocks to the sides of you bridge some 30-50 blocks away from your defensive position. If they can't spawn on water, they'll spawn on the blocks you've placed and you'll have perfect control of where they're coming from... The distance where they spawn at is pretty close, but you might have to figure it out precisely, by placing a Top Soil every 5 blocks or so. Otherwise the block you've placed may be outside the range they're willing to spawn at. Bug, annoying and pointless? Yeh. Just try to make some lemonade from it ...
  3. Yeh, agreed. The whole Mega Crush tangent started from a "It's fun to sprint home at night with a lucky book and a drink". They're not too rare to have roughly one per day if you make it a goal (drop in to loot all the soda machines you know of), but I wouldn't suggest trying to rely on them as a means of transport. But it's "things are fun to know", who knows, might even mean something in a pinch (hoping A20 will be able to throw something of that nature at our way) when you try to decide whether to flee on a bike or on a crush..
  4. Yeah, no-one needs to see that.. I mean by bony physique might be appealing to some, but no-one wants to see me collapse after 20 feet ... This is just a difference in approach and what one optimizes for; I'll readily admit that the bicycle is faster for anyone wearing heavy armor. But for my "actual normal gameplay" it offers very little speed increase at the cost of hunting down a couple of acid / wheels. Those are sometimes a real pain, and you might end up needing to hunt for more for the minibike the next day. Has happened to me.. I rather save the first two wheels for the mini-/motor bike. If you need to spend any time to actually look specifically for the acids/wheels, you kinda have to reduce that time from the saved travel time - not entirely, but you could be doing something else more productive. And for the phase of the game the pedal bike is relevant, eggs and hunting also are. The bike is just annoying for either, you'll either have to run back and forth for it (have fun while encumbered to the teeth) or try to park on top of a deer. "Where did I park it" is no longer a real issue with the icon, but you'll still have to run for it specifically. I fully understand others playing a different meta and thus appreciating the bike more, and it's just good fun bunnyhopping along the countryside, but for me.. no thanks
  5. Oh hey, it seems you can be convinced without video evidence? (ok, I'll stop ... )
  6. You're insisting on seeing me run naked? Well, I haven't made a positive claim, yet, so I'm not recording a vid (would need a friend to test and setup a video sharing account somewhere and whatnot, way too much pointless effort for a playstyle difference argument... ) I did some sprinting in Departure, Navezgane though, East-west runs across the city, with the following results (not exactly scientific, but it is what I got.): 32s mega crush + jacket 32s mega crush + jacket + light armor perk + 5x custom fittings (so, likely capped, or 9% just doesn't show in my test) 35s bike (sprint on) 45s on foot (sprinting) This is a straight line, any corners or obstacles will benefit the runner, and the crush is already a couple seconds faster. Stamina use seems pretty similar per time spent (didn't check or use any of the stamina modifying stuff other than "Drinking" buff)
  7. Padded armor says hi, 0 mobility penalties. 0 noise penalties. Somewhere around 35 armor rating. Add some noise reduction mods and stealth actually works reliably without points. Add armor mods for 10 more armor as the game progresses. Or if you prefer, Military armor with two or more points in Light Armor perk and a Customized Fitting Mod, runs faster than naked (on the info page at least, might be capped by now.)
  8. And now you got theflu; to like you. Thanks man, I've been got by a lot of people, but no-one seems to care these days... I'll get 'em yet... He's talking "with mega crush", that's +50% .. you so sure about that?
  9. Even though this wasn't really a minibike thread, I'll add to the ongoing distraction.. I'm one to skip the bicycle entirely, I rather run. I prioritize mobility for fighting (padded armor etc), which means the bike isn't really faster for me - certainly somewhat different for anyone in a scrap armor. The only real upside to a bike, for me, is the ability to completely overburden oneself, for one half of a loot run. Usually easily solved by a box on the side of a road, I don't need most of that stuff before I have an engine to rely on... On the other hand, on foot I can gather eggs and random trash, plus traveling on foot is a whole lot less clunky.
  10. The current system is quite odd, but it works.. watching some other survival games with pocket shapes and weight systems.. usually makes me ask "why would I play tetris while trying to survive? my guy can reload a gun, I'm sure he can organize his pockets by himself.." If you want realism, you'd need trucks to haul build mats; not impossible even for this game, might even make for another venue for gating building. Could work, not that I want it here. Vehicles exist, they'd need to make some kind of a "building mode" to make things unmovable, but that would kinda destroy the sandboxyness of the world. For a test of a "50 kg carrying capacity", you have about 50 slots of inventory. Go through the stack sizes and change them to have max stack weight of 1kg. 3 cans of food, 100 rounds of ammo, 0.001 blocks of concrete... a thousand feathers? That would give some kind of an idea, of course, that would still make one cube of concrete weigh a kilo, but even at 1 block per stack, building would be _annoying_.
  11. Throw stones, Ever? Yes. Mostly to watch them run around, I guess you can call that distract. There isn't any real reason to though.. The things that are a threat are already coming at you and the things that aren't.. usually aren't in the way. Now, throw a stone, follow it up with a boom boom? Yeah... not that often is there a great opportunity for it, but .. it works ..
  12. Never tried it, but you've prolly messed up the xml.. sounds kinda obvious? yeah
  13. As far as suspicious links go, that one is so suspicious that it has to be safe ...
  14. Hmm, my butting in might be pointless, but, here I am; the generated maps and saves live in separate file types, the saves generate delta files (region files) to be used on top of the world map data. There's no trivial way to merge them, that would require a specific tool. Now, anything is possible, but I haven't heard of one. Not that I follow the custom map side of things too closely.
  15. The night time spawns in the wasteland should be pretty hectic by default, I think they don't even have a cooldown (as in, you kill one, it's free to spawn back right away). Or something to that effect. Couple things come to mind - is the POI entirely in the wasteland, or at a biome border.. if the spot you spent the night isn't in actual wasteland, it might affect the spawns. - you may have had the zeds spawned, but since you didn't make noise, they didn't spot you and thus just wandered around. I don't tend to sit THAT quiet ever though, but I suppose it's possible if you're roleplaying thru the night ... (I mean, the rain doesn't affect you, so .. )
  16. Hmm... I wouldn't count that entirely out, we have bandits coming, you know. And even Jen is due some protection payments, I'm pretty sure she could use some extra income ...
  17. That might not be horrible; nerf the quality 1 items of the higher tiers by a lot, and allow some of them to be looted from the thematic containers (stiffy / messiah crates etc). Make them (Q1/T3) have durability for about 20 shots and a similar damage to a decent (Q3?) pipe version of the same weapon. You can find them, you can use them, but mostly they'll end up as parts. That's what most Q1 weapons become anyway.
  18. Excellent, not only because you seem to have landed on the same page I were, but because your testing sounds pretty comprehensive. For instance I haven't tried shooting "past" blocks, just at selected spots on a solid wall - basically the same test, but aiming past it could've had an unexpected effect. And yeah, the pointer/aim is pretty dead center most of the time when testing - it moves a lot more when the player is moving. The crosshairs should reflect that by closing in if that's the case, but I'm just guessing that they haven't honed the system to that level yet. As in, haven't decided how random the aim should be etc. Could be worth a bug report, I'd assume it's a known issue though; you can't really not see it if you're testing it at all, should come up in dev testing already.
  19. Check task manager for memory status while launching, maybe you just OOM while loading.
  20. 1 block = 1 meter .. ISS orbit = 400 km. 400 000 blocks. Earth orbit is 150.000.000 km, so we couldn't quite reach the sun, but orbits around Earth sound quite trivial ..
  21. Huh, that's ... different. I assume you're not running any mods? I just placed a Generator - Camera - Dart Trap setup in my test world and all the trap shows is the ammo window. I don't think the Targeting window should be there. That's either a bug, or a mod (or both), AFAIK. The Dart Trap should be a "passive" thing, shooting when powered (and ammo locked), otherwise not.
  22. The dart trap.. doesn't. I'd assume you're talking about the cameras? They should always show it. You got something confused.. Save your ears and swap the Speaker for a Relay. Camera > Relay > Plate > Dart Trap Basically, the combo "Trigger 1 > Trigger 2 > Trap" will give power to the Trap whenever either of the triggers are activated. If you want to require both triggers, use "Trigger 1 > Device 1 > Trigger 2 > Trap". Device 1 is any non-trigger electrics, relays are the "easiest", but even an electric door will work. And most traps. The way it works: when Device 1 doesn't have power, Trigger 2 isn't powered, and thus can't power anything after it. So, turning the power for Device 1 on, by activating Trigger 1, will activate the Trigger 2 and make it able to trigger the Trap.
  23. Yeh, water is all kinds of wonky; couple useful tidbits: - Pouring water from a bucket creates more water than picking up a bucketful consumes. Usually. Try it out on dry floor, pour a bucket, pick up, you'll have water on the floor and a full bucket. - The issue with placing water on a lake is mainly the aiming system; you can't aim at a water block to pour, you need a solid block to aim at. (lake / any other deep water target) - To fix the holes, if you're close enough to shore, you can build a "bridge" above the water, from the shore, to throw water at. Above the water, so removing it won't cause more holes. (wood frames or if you're between 8 and 15 blocks away, check forge for iron frames) - If you're too far (> 15 blocks) from shore, you can build support pillars from the bottom, but removing them will leave holes to fill as well. So you'll likely want a bridge from shore to get the support holes filled too.
  24. Confusing edit.. anyhoo, the quests usually do spawn everything "somewhere", however that "somewhere" may be "behind the next hill, buried waist deep in the ground". And since That can happen, I wouldn't be surprised if "buried entirely under the surface of the next hill, on his merry way to bedrock" would also be a possible "somewhere". But worry not, any wild version of the same zed will eventually count for the quest.
  25. Indeed One could argue losing that water gives you an excuse to drink more Red Tea and starve a little less. But, of course, nothing's stopping one from drinking the extra tea with the grilled rabbit.
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