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  1. Since we're still in @POCKET951 's thread; Applying that formula to the OP: min (63 + 13.5) * (1 - 0.15 + 0.4) = 95.625 max (63 + 13.5) * (1 + 0.15 + 0.4) = 118.575 Soo, yup, you should be close to the max roll on that. But that would not be showing the effect of skill points then; maybe it isn't? Let's see what BFT figures out about that ...
  2. Yup, that tightened it up real nicely. A bit surprising - I tried a couple combinations, but didn't think variation wouldn't multiply with quality ...
  3. I wasn't sure if I'm just being nitpicky, or if there "must" be something at play here, so I thought about it a bit.. Your predicted range with Q6-Steel is 65.22 - 88.23. That is 23.01 'wide'. Your results land between 69.7 and 84.1. This is 14.4 wide. 14.4 / 23.01 = 0.6258 The area where your 144 samples land, only cover 63% of the prediction. The likelihood for that sounds.. quite low.
  4. Started anew in 20.1.. Yup. First quest cafe had a straight up usable flat roof. Yup On day 4 I did happen to wonder how bad the screamer hordes are, so I built a little farm setup on the dead-end road next to that roof. Farming went fine. => Hmm, so ... now I actually have a horde base. Likelyhood of me bothering to move on..? Rapidly approaching zero Maybe toss some walls around the cafe roof at some point ...
  5. The sample size seems good, and the equation is definitely in the usable range; but.. (sorry ) It looks your prediction might "overvalue" quality somewhat, like 0.5 points per quality. In both directions. In your quality 1 you have samples landing spot on on the prediction, but the higher the quality, the further the samples "miss" the limits. This may well be just a rounding issue somewhere in the programming, or just bad luck with the sample - but I can't spot any "as exact" hits in the higher qualities as the first, I'd assume at least _one_ closer hit.
  6. Mollies do give XP, that's how I know when the wandering hordes die off. Traps give some XP when you have specced into it; I think Advanced Engineering 3+. Combination; the mollies do so much more damage that you should get most of the XP when zeds are stunned by an Electric Fence. The killing damage counts, so technically you might have them all killed by the fence, but that should be unlikely.
  7. As far as I know, vanilla really shouldn't do that. It's just a border on the edges of the map, a small sliver to stop you wandering off the edge of the world.
  8. You could also just remove CotC? Not that I would really suggest such. I'm more triggered by the fact that a single corn is now worth the same as 5 meat as a basic food item. Not that meat is hard to come by, it tends to find itself to me just fine.
  9. Looking at my couple random preview images, the rad-border isn't exactly straight, but I'd think it's within a few meters. By how much are we talking about here; preferably in meters/coordinates? Then again, the A19 version of the debuff was a timer of some seconds, so getting a border by looking at when it stops isn't going to give a good result either; haven't run into one in A20 yet thou, so could've been changed.
  10. I think it was random between game loads in A19, just rolled once upon loading. If still so, might just be oddities of luck. EDIT: Sod that. Seems it is random per search now. Not only that, I could also repro. Snipers from 1 to 5 increased from about 60 to 80, then 6:s were at 60 again ..
  11. Now you're just triggering us on purpose. I mean, no, a point of damage doesn't mean a thing, and yes, I will swap my BDU top for the one with +0.2 heat resistance.
  12. The current doors do close by themselves when power is cut, right?
  13. I'll volunteer here; I see earning XP as progressing in the game, the loot gets better and the enemies get better. Also, more skill point makes my character better. Win-win-win. So, as far as XP has an impact on my decisions, I'll pick the upgrade path. For actual building though, I haven't built anything massive yet. I also swapped to over to 20.1 exp wiping my progress again - so I can't say much about big builds. I tend to want to upgrade for the XP, but I wouldn't mind just dropping blocks. For the little I actually build, I always go the upgrade route; the stuff I'm doing is shaping a POI into a horde base, so I'm testing the weirdest shapes. Once the wood has been laid out, the resource cost isn't an issue, it's a few dozen blocks usually.
  14. That would be nice; you make it sound like a separate block though. The door could just have settings for that, like triggers and traps. Likely easier to implement as well.
  15. That looks pretty satisfying. I do hope you knew in advance that it wouldn't work, thou .. You need to 1) spawn them in and 2) kill em. The sewers wouldn't matter, 1) can only me accomplished by triggering the sleeper volumes. If you missed one and then destroyed the building around it, you can't really trigger it. Poling up to it might trigger it, but I don't know if the volume still exists after the room doesn't. It is "clear", for sure, but maybe the idea was to take it over, so it might not be that wrong to say you didn't exactly complete the task..
  16. You can implement stacks with 'averages' pretty well. - It takes 100 time units (TU) to spoil an item - Each stack keeps a TU total to itself - Each time you're adding to TU, you add (stack_size X time_elapsed) - If TU total went past 100, spoil one unit. Spoil N if above 100N - When you combine two stacks, you just add the TU totals (and potentially spoil one unit instantly) - If you split a stack, you give each stack their proportion of the TU total Having written that, I don't see spoilage being added to 7dtd, so, kinda pointless.
  17. (I'm not a lawyer, just a cynic of imaginary rights..) I wouldn't try to conflate a statement about video content with screenshots of icons and hope to have a legal standing, let alone an apple-policy standing. Especially the latter is at the whims of a corporation, who are by default afraid of everything. I don't see anything wrong or even against copyright law in your project, I'm assuming it would essentially be a proprietary wiki-app; you wouldn't even necessarily need the images for the basic functionality. Just make one; if apple gives you a hard time, remove the "infringing" content. And again, not legal advice, just my weird practical/moral take.
  18. Now now, is that any way for a little sith to think?
  19. Not bad overall, plenty of changes in the "main" suggestion though; might be a little beside the goals for pimps. Quickly about the shorter ones: starting with a care package; doesn't really fit the lore of being robbed naked and tossed to the side of a road, but it wouldn't hurt me - especially if limited only for low difficulty starts. A care bear package if you will. No crafting seeds? Yeh, probably unpopular. People want their reliable farms, and I can't see getting the balance of seed drops right for anyone, much less everyone. For the complex one; bringing back farming on topsoil would be nice, I never learned to like the flower pots. I wouldn't mix trees with farming, but it could work of course, and they're realistically more related. "Unlocks farm plots" - would the POI plots still work? That would make them quite valuable, you could have a permaculture there with a little luck. Once you get a seed recipe, you have instant exponential growth on POI plots (the pimps seem quite adamant of having everything in recipes). Since you don't define numbers, it's a little hard to judge anything. Roland was looking for guesses of what the pimps are going to do in the future, I made a draft back then; if you want to compare notes, check:
  20. Right, a more "static" world, where a POI doesn't just magically change its contents when you happen to bonk enough heads for XP. I can respect that, that could make for interesting games. I think modding is the best course of action, the pimps seem pretty intent about the current way. Let's hope Johnny can deliver ..
  21. That 5 of mine was the cost of the seed converted "back" to crops. Otherwise I mostly agree; I'd only point out that LotL 1 is the difference between a farm that grows exponentially by itself and the farm that will fail over time, making it arguably the only important point of the skill. The rest just speeds up the process by pushing up the exponent I don't exactly like the design either, any design with "normally you're fine, there's just a chance of disaster" is ... off putting.
  22. The seeds do drop at 0 LotL already. Assuming you're still talking about LotL 1, you're not looking at the whole picture. If you include the chance to harvest a seed (= 5 extra crops, 50% chance makes that effectively 2.5), you have an average of 1.5 crops instead of -1. As in, you can reliably farm at LotL 1 with some basic backup crops for extra seeds when needed.
  23. Sshhhh, you're giving away the competitive advantage...
  24. Heh, I kinda thought it was probably melee* after I'd written that, but wasn't exactly worthy of opening the xml to check for the actual point .. thanks anyway
  25. Could just be a "base mod" to make other mods from. I think there's a zombieHandMaster somewhere in the melee config and such.
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