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  1. Allied relations control base ownership, "my stuff is your stuff" Party is mainly to share combat XP and show your location and hp for combat utility.. "that guy needs a lil healing" The split is useful if you want to party up with a stranger but not give them access to your base. Which is pretty rare of course with the low populations per server. There's no way to set up a permanent party, I'd like one too... No idea why, other than allyship needs to exists while one of the people is offline, but party doesn't.. can't see how the offline-party would hurt, but that's how it is for now.
  2. Ok, no shade intended, it was just quite a high number for a five-days-in-existence patch... And they have been meddling about the animal spawns in the last couple patches, that might - for example - change entity IDs and mess up the skill that way. Hmm, spawn in a fergettin' elixir and reset the talents just in case? Does "major patches" mean you had the issue in A18 already? In A19 I've used the first rank of the skill to track chickens while running from place to place, quite handy to track while recovering sta. More than 80% success for the icons for me at least, so, can't really complain myself. No mods either?
  3. If you're at 1/100 for the icon, you're pretty definitely bugged. Level 120, I would assume you're keeping the world across several patches? That's a likely culprit.
  4. Having a horde base next to a trader and an oil refinery. The long fence of the refinery is partially trader-protected. Guess where half my XP spends the night.. I think I might need to move... For the practical side of things; if you're building your own structures, use mostly whole blocks for the parts you want the zeds to .. "see". Most of the shaped blocks are a little weird for the AI; fences, sheets, and poles are practically invisible for them.
  5. I'm starting to see the whole of equipment, not just tools, as two tiers essentially. There may be a short moment where a high quality Tier 2 will outperform a Tier 1, but the difference is so small that the middle tier might not even exist. And you'll get the low quality Tier 3 upgrades shortly after due to the static drop system. I do use an iron pick in a str build, but I haven't bothered to "upgrade" to a baseball bat over my wooden club... The difference would be minimal to non-existing and for a horde night I can stand there with the right-click pressed for as long as there are targets. The refunds from my full SexRex cover all my sta needs. I suppose next up is agi for more swing speed... Knives, a Q5 Bone is better than a lowly Hunting Knife, even before mods, and the issue seems repeating in bows, spears, salvage tools, light armor, in other words, everything I've "seriously" used this far. Edit: For iron tools, the issue is even worse of course, you'll have to replace the stone axe with three separate tools, (axe, pick and a hammer plus repair kits). Depending on play style, that's a lot of wasted inventory for marginal improvements.
  6. Unless it changed in b173, no. The green paws buff doesn't pop up if you don't track anything, accompanied by the on-screen tip "you don't see any tracks here" or some such. It's not a cooldown, it's a duration for the tracking - during which you can operate un-crouched. You can even refresh it back to 20 secs by crouching again.
  7. The way it seems to work (for now) is: you see the icon on your compass, map, and on top of the animal. These are somewhat range-dependent, separately for each indicator. I've also had situations where I have only seen the paws-icon, but I'm not sure if it's: - a straight up bug, - too far to show on any of the places it should, or - maybe a type of animal you can't track at that rank
  8. Not that I know, but sounds like a fix for when you drop waist-deep into the ground; it'll push you further up when trying to recover from that. It's been pretty hit and miss getting up lately.
  9. I think that's wrong; I don't see a jump in my sta while drinking water, but I see the regen go up to 6 sta/tick for the duration of the drink buff.
  10. Woah.. now you're making me doubt myself. Is that A19, and did you test it in A18? I'm sure I was able to place stone-looking-stone above desert textures in A18, but that asphalt on concrete is higher than I remember it requiring.
  11. Sure, there are cases where it won't work.. if the RNG has made a terrible road and you want it look half decent, slap on some sheets and paint them to look like a concrete sidewalk or something that's not entirely horrible...
  12. Nearing 3k, albeit slowly nowadays... like, building - making silly overkill things rarely happens as the grind has gotten real, will need a good stable patch to get a build off the ground, haven't put in the time in A19 yet. Building the minimum effort functional bases where a player can just run through a POI but zeds will cluster for XP is its own challenge and pretty fun as well .. Hopeful for deeper combat mechanics (and a good matching combat AI to boot); at the moment the combat feels haphazardly random at best, monotonous left-click-repeat at worst. Depends a lil on how much you cheese, but doesn't really feel all that great as is, with or without dairy. The worst of my dislikes are balance issues, which are always changing, so, meh .. not bothering to list them.
  13. The only way you can get the texture you want is to build either high or low enough, the re-texturing has a height limit. Yeah, that means a lot of digging, or filling, but depending on the build, it might work. Figure out the limits by placing blocks on top of one another until you get the "proper" one.
  14. Heh, that's pretty terrible.. Completely logical though, it's just a cylinder instead of a circle. A cylinder that paints everything it touches - if you dig a lot of layers, you'll get a lot of marked surfaces.
  15. Damnit, I'm 9 minutes late with this: https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=graphhopper_car&route=34.248%2C-110.038%3B33.386%2C-104.496#map=8/33.836/-107.267
  16. - build 163 wolves - build 169 log-in - one where I actually majorly messed up a tier 2 dig quest, dug down diagonally, opened a flat cavern at box level. Got the box, tried to run out the ramp, got stuck due to the weird corner-terrain shapes at the bottom of the ramp, running zeds stunlocked me at the exit.. I should've, well, not sucked ..
  17. I did read it before posting; I don't doubt you, I assume we're talking about slightly different cases. IFF the zeds have a viable alternative path within the pathing range*, they will not dig through terrain. Our difference might be that your setup doesn't provide them with a pathable route out of the ditch.. if the steel upgrades are the cause of the change in pathing, well, that just points to the fact that the route is being selected through the terrain, it just got more expensive. But it alone doesn't break the idea I'm proposing as the difference; that if they have a non-terrain option, they'll take it, if not, all bets are off. There's other possible differences, especially things I can't think of right now... That's how I tested it to work in A18, it's been a part of plenty of my bases for a while, easiest "funnel" in the game. But, I may also be wrong, I'll never claim otherwise ... And it well may have changed in A19, the zeds are a bit more random I think. I might run some fresh tests soon. *I think the pathing range varies nowadays, so, quite short distances to be sure
  18. Do you refer to digging, or are they attacking terrain in a horizontal way? My simple moat of a 2-deep ditch makes them run circles, so they're unwilling to dig one 250 hp Top Soil block horizontally to make an easier path. In A18 they were completely unwilling to attack terrain if they had any other path available - I mean they'd attack through a steel block rather than the Stone block next to it. I haven't tested it in any official way for A19, but I haven't noticed a change in the regard either using the natural stone formations as an instant fortress.
  19. I wouldn't mind it either, if it was properly designed It just seems quite opposite to the recent push to get people questing, but we'll have to see how the chips fall over the alpha. For min-maxing in solo / co-op with this patch, I'm starting to think chain-clearing POIs for the first <number-of-days-to-respawn - 1> and leaving all the loot for the last day before repops might yield pretty good results with improved GS from all the dead zeds. Completely silly, but at least you might get scrap iron instead of 3 stones from a Stiffy box
  20. Heh, not that I disagree, but have you checked the stats though.. the iron tools are effectively a reskin of the stone ones, no real difference in performance (sure, some differences, but any upside for iron is demolished by the stamina use) Just toss some of those in the store boxes, and no-one will be any stronger anyway.. and at least they'd scrap to iron
  21. Haven't taken part in this discussion, but since you ask; I would consider the apocalyptic look of the items as the bug, rather than the fact that they're found in tool stores. And it's a trivially minor bug for the items that would need skill and workstations to craft - the higher, "manufactured" quality of those items is obviously implemented in the game mechanics, the look is just a "unified placeholder" (although having factory-made skins for the ones found in loot would emphasize the apocalyptic feel of the self-made stuff, and would just overall be pretty neat). For stone tools, yeah, they're a twig and not-even-a-sharp stone bound together by grass by game mechanics, finding those in a store crate is .. unlikely.
  22. The loot part irks me a little; it's a weird change of pace. Assuming TFP follow through with their plan of bringing the trader wares and quest rewards down to the level of the current loot, it pretty much means you're better off just spending the first week digging for clay/stone/ores and building a base purely for the XP. If the animal spawns aren't reduced back down, it'll be easy with a little hunting trip every other day max. There is no point going to loot level 2 stone tools while you can craft them yourself.. maybe blitz through a couple kitchens for some recipes / possible wrench, little point in looting anything else until the GS picks up. Getting that up is faster via mining / maybe chain clearing POIs.. On the other hand, I'm quite sure they'll change it over again during A19. It hasn't exactly been well received.
  23. Yeh, pickaxe. Sorry for any potential false hopes there...
  24. While I dislike minigames almost as much as the next guy, I'd still take any minigame over the current implementation; stare at a container in a UI-freeze for 15-20 seconds, and then break a random amount of lockpicks at the end. One by one. It manages to combine the worst of both worlds, wastes as much time as a minigame would and doesn't even give me anything to actively do. Sure, it's not a big deal, at least as one can swap to the steel picks for now; but I'd love an update to the mechanic if the "you can only get the loot in this container via lockpicking"-part is ever implemented.
  25. It will "flip" to the next tier in the next "quest reset" for all traders; if you find a new trader, his quests will reset on arrival to populate the list. For known traders, their quests reset every night, so you'll get the next tier on the next morning. The Opening Trade Routes - quest is just an extra waypoint with no other functionality.
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