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  1. start getting used to the prefab editor as we all are waiting to see your ultimate prefab newstand (with a trader inside) and a skeleton on outside in front of the window.
  2. its been known for a long time now... when zombie has no arms he/she BITES.
  3. first paragraph says it all but feel free to read it all enjoy https://7daystodie.com/
  4. but you wouldnt mind it if it was you doing the sniping at 90m away at the bandit! equal rights for bandits and zombies
  5. *************************************** a complete output log of the game that this is happening in uploaded to Pastebin and then link here would be very helpful in narrowing the issue down. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  6. i sense a time disturbance here or déjà vu
  7. <head tucked down> catches local train to the Bermuda Islands <dont have to stay here to get the brush off... i can go back home>
  8. you can still make the frames (and the frames can be any shape you pick in the shape menu) .. just no more rebar needed.. easy upgrade is still the idea.
  9. precisely and i answered the same question earlier either here or different thread. no more need for rebar and the only rebar i have seen in game (thus far in a20), is the ones sticking out of broken decorative blocks. if you have the resource to make blocks respectively wood, cobblestone, cement mix and steel. you can make the block without the need to start at wood and then upgrading. EXAMPLE: one cobblestone block (or shape you desire) 10 cobblestone or if you can make steel blocks (or desired shapes), you need 10 steel bars. cant be no simpler IF you learned the skill/perk. seriously, there is no need to unless you wanted to and thats to use frames as the shape menu makes it easier then boiling water (for most)
  10. currently, it is known and reported and future development of the pois and quests will/should stop it...
  11. dang it Roland, you promised you wouldnt reveal the new secret tool. oh and occasionally Jen will drop a hint towards that as well.
  12. that and/or dancing with the party girl watching the physics (hunting for bugs) as i have oculus quest 2, i will be curious to see if it happens and how the game will look.
  13. fully agree and i cap all my vid settings to max (barring motion blur and DOF) i suffer from that crap in real life and dont want it in a game i play to get away from real life. but back on track, i have "anti-aliasing" set to temporal and only see the difference when standing still to admire the beauty of the game... but when zombies are hot on my tail.. no time to stop and smell the roses.
  14. if you have the skills you will start at wood and upgrade to each stage when you have all the resources to do so, if you have the resource and skill to out right build the steel block it takes a little time and will still have the hp of steel block which is 10,000. upgrading from wood to steel still makes it 10,000. down grading/destroying just keeps going until its gone (no more down grading to lower tier). efficiency depends on your knowledge (perks/schematics learned) and amount of resources you have. so again. wood block 500hp steel block 10,000hp. upgrade path frame shape=100 hp - wood=500 - cobblestone=1500 - concrete=5000 - steel=10000
  15. i can see the "bug reports" now yet to come.... "help" my server crashed! can you fix!
  16. *************************************** start here - Hated's post on making a usable report. logs can be a big help. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  17. you guess... geeesh thats where you messed up. 9pm central will always mean.. 9pm central not 8pm central or maybe i am just guessing too but if you still have to guess... here is some pics
  18. *************************************** as per Sylen's post above https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/25230-miningshooting-problem/?do=findComment&comment=442518 there is a link to a page that gives great detail into what files/logs are needed and where to post them so you can post a link here and if (IF) the file is too big... save it in smaller volumes and upload them. so help the guys here and provide some more info... too much guessing atm. QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  19. that safe zone appears to be a trader and yes i see him taking small damage from the barbs as well and they dont do all that much damage but slow you down (if you are on foot).
  20. actually! and how it looks in game is going to be 50 shades of whatever as every monitor and players eyes will perceive something different.
  21. Learn By Dieing was never removed.
  22. *************************************** please read Hated's post on making a usable report. https://community.7daystodie.com/bug-test-1/bug-pool/before-you-post-a-report-r929/ as already hinted. disable (move mod folder out of game), verify file integrity thru steam, restart game, all functioning, add mods back one at a time carefully testing to find when world gets broke, when it does you found the issue (hopefully). preferably test it in a new map as that one could possibly be corrupted. but link to the full output log will greatly help QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  23. set the player block damage back to default. restart and then mine for a spell... 250 seems too high so you basically have player mutilated blocks (which includes busting ores and such) multiplied by however many players mining at same time. wont hurt to try eliminating possible suspects (includes some mods for verification).
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