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  1. yep... RNG is hard coded and totally hidden so it cant be commented out.
  2. *************************************** was already reported internally and being addressed referenced only for qa: https://7daystodie.atlassian.net/browse/SDTD-15281 Thanks QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  3. *************************************** this was already reported internally. for QA reference only: https://7daystodie.atlassian.net/browse/SDTD-15735 Thanks QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  4. i plead guilty... i drank 2 sprites and a dr pepper in the process.
  5. any item (in vanilla 7dtd) that has a quality bar can not be stacked because not all item will have the same QL levels and hp/degradation. if you see a number on the bottom right hand side, it can be stacked, if there is no number and no QL bar, it can not be stacked. the game would have to constantly track the levels and degradation on each item in a stack if that was possible and would severely hit on performance. which is another reason TFP didnt want to stack things with QL bars. so agreed with @BFT2020 in that, it may be a mod related issue.
  6. i just tested in my a20 and 21 builds and can indeed farm underground at bedrock IF you have a ceiling high enough for plants to grow (eg:corn) and.. you must have some light source (such as a 1m opening all the way up to allow normal light down to cover a small radius (? dont know radius). i do have a simple glass block up at the tunnel opening and still can plant down there. up to the individual to test if you can block the tunnel with bars and such.. but i feel as tho, if light can get thru such as glass then an iron bar should work. dunno
  7. i reported the back door issue. the hatch is tagged and tied to the switch below and is locked in my builds in editor, playtest and in navezgane. sorry
  8. https://www.amazon.com/The-Fun-Pimps-LLC-Black/dp/B08CJM639H/ref=sr_1_2?crid=25T7CTWOMQFFD&keywords=the+fun+pimps&qid=1641996636&sprefix=the+fun+pimps%2Caps%2C103&sr=8-2 not sure unless its your area that is out or do you not have it in amazon? they are in mine and available and i do have one.
  9. from what i just tested with 2 drones, one has cargo mod and other has healing mod. the one that is deployed has 2 items in the storage. the other doesnt because i have it in my inventory. i did not save manually just quit game, deleted the drone.dat and the drone.dat.bak, go back into game.. one still intact in my inventory, the deployed drone is still deployed but its 2 items are now back in my inventory as it was supposed to be. the drone.dat simply appears to contain info about its inventory only and not the mods nor their existence. as meganoth pointed out, the locations of drones and turrets and such should be stored within the player data apparently. @BFT2020 as for chiming in on the suggestions, i cant give you any remarks about them as (this DOES NOT reflect on any players), i do not use the robotics and vehicles.. i will test them to a point but far more people/testers more into them then i am so my opinion on them would be meaningless. sorry. but i do feel we need to find reason for the bugs and fix the real issue as opposed to just deleting the drones/turrets when bugged. i also see we have an internal ticket for making a dev tool for deleting bugged drones.
  10. *************************************** for this type of issue, it is best to start here and if the guys/girls here feel its a bug they will tell you to post it in the bug report using the proper format as noted in the blue banner link at top of forum. either way please read the link and provide the people here with more info and output logs. i agree with star as this just sounds like a corrupted region maybe. but give up some info so they can help. Thanks QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  11. could have been a bad update (packet loss), corrupted file after the update,... many things can go wrong when you least expect it. glad you got it sorted now.
  12. *************************************** i can not answer for what Steam does, but I do know we (TFP), have not put out any update(s) (regardless of size) since a20b238 was tagged as stable. but for your game, did you verify the game files thru steam interface, are your folders attributes allowing steam thru.... can be anything but it is not by any daily updates from TFP. you might want to check steam forums to see if they are updating anything. or check for virus. Thanks QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  13. ok i stand corrected.. thinking wrong game... thats ark that takes away a perk... but 7dtd does reduce some of your xp thus you have to gain that back before you can gain xp again. i just tested it because something seemed wrong and i was wrong in which game took your last perk.. sorry
  14. *************************************** lets try this: 1. go to where steam installed 7 days to die 2. click into it -> click into Data -> click into Prefabs -> click into POIs ( you should have over 3,000 files inside it) 3. so delete the folder. 4. next go back out to Data folder and click into Worlds -> click into Navezgane 5. see a file called prefabs.xml -> delete it -> now go to steam interface and make steam verify the game files you will receive all new ones to replace the deleted ones. 6. all done, good, now fire game up create a NEW navezgane map with a NEW Different seed name. let us know what happens and provide logs and screen shots of game creation settings and after you get in the game. yes you can get the launcher to do all this but lets pretend it is more confusing or that you may not make the right choices so we do it this way to be sure. good luck and we will be waiting Thanks QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  15. or possibly a place holder for future changes yet to come such as maybe... armor sets / clothing
  16. as a side note, i think this is separate because of blocks able to join/blend with another block. as i said i dont know completely why, but this paint all side option is here for such reasons as well. some blocks are just down right stubborn to paint so i always use the paint all and then un check it so i can left click to clear a side i didnt want painted.
  17. try this if you havent yet. pull up the radial with paint brush "press and hold "R"" choose the paint all sides option and have fun.
  18. yeah i could be wrong but i sorta dont think the forum would break from all the complaints on that one. also @meganoth they are called feature requests or improvement tickets..
  19. dont forget a death (grim reaper) after level 6 will cause you to lose the last perk you pointed into until you gain the xp back. it seems i was thinking of ark that takes away a perk point on death. 7dtd just takes away some xp and before you can gain points to level, you have to gain back what was lost.
  20. the mono missing libs do not have anything to do with the prefabs issue. as much as i hate to see wrn and such.. those arent an issue unless the error is red, then there is an issue and needs reported/investigated. as i told someone else with the issue.. i have them in all of my output logs and my game runs good. which puzzles me because so many reports of crashes and i cant seem to get any..
  21. yep and actually digging was in for a long time... it just didnt work and if it did, it was seen as a bug because people didnt think it was possible way back then. i play (AND NO i am not telling anybody how to play) with feral sense on and they jog during the day... everything runs at night.. and i still can deal with them a whole lot easier then starting a new game in ark completely naked in the mouth of a couple raptors... that is game play i really dont like... but after a couple deaths i manage to quickly survive and come back for revenge...
  22. i mean seriously, people have seen the vids where joel will use some of these tactics like blade traps under the iron bars he is standing on up where zeds cant reach him... i do it as well and have since i been playing and testing 7dtd. biggest problem i think, is some people just want to complain if they see someone having fun. well i play sp and mp with my daughter, what we do and what others do is their own business and it doesnt affect my game nor does how my daughter and i affect any other game. i will point out tho.. i dont waste my time with designing and using blocks that thwart the zeds... and thats just me.. others... have fun if thats what is fun. just remember to stay off my grass and we be good..
  23. try this for those errors because you have a bunch of a19 prefabs that have not been converted. if any remain after doing this, you should contact the person that supplied the prefab packs. 1. Start game 2. At main menu, press F1 (opens the console) 3. type command: prefabupdater loadtable 4. Press enter. 5. It will spit some text. Then type: prefabupdater updateblocks 6. It will run for a few seconds. 7. Hit ESC to close console 8. Play game. good luck
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