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  1. I have a question regarding the cores, am I correct in believing that it can utilize 4 cores at the current moment? I'm using a 10 core with hyperthreading disabled on the last 4 cores which I allocate for 7 Days. Would this mean that I can have 6 non-hyperthreaded cores to run the game and get potentially more boosted performance?
  2. I open the launcher, then I press all 3 tabs that pull up the saves/install/registry in file explorer, then I use the tool to delete all maps and check mark everything to delete. When that is finished I close the launcher, and delete everything in the saves/install/registry files. Then I uninstall on steam and reinstall, I will have to try the file verification instead of uninstalling after everything is deleted. It'd be really nice if the launcher didn't default to using EAC because that really causes issues with the game. Doesn't matter what I do, the EAC version always breaks and I've noticed little to no issues in the non-eac version. I'm currently on a new save on day 9 with no problems. My previous save broke on day 3 with an "object not yet implemented" so that seems fixed now.
  3. I'm genuinely curious as to how this would be best utilized. Navezgane only has one lake that is worthy of raft-crossing and it's in such a remote position that getting to the either side yields tier 1 POIs. So.. not really good to utilize it in Nav. I've also been playing the current RWG and there's hardly any lakes, just small patches of water here and there.. so if the new a20 RWG actually has lakes that are plentiful and connect over vast distances like in a16.4, i would 100% use the raft
  4. I stated that I used the launcher tools to delete everything. It let's you purge everything, and seeing how it said 5.6gb on disk, i was asking if there is something i missed which there wasn't. I appreciate the feedback though
  5. I believe they don't have the old strippers anymore due to Youtubes ToS, and Twitch doesn't allow nudity either. It just means anyone sponsoring or showing off 7 days to Die needs to censor their content or not stream it on twitch.. It doesn't work for the devs either since they do their streamer week before a new alpha and getting banned is the last thing they need.
  6. I figured that was true, just wasn't quite sure because after about 7 hours of gameplay stuff begins breaking. Just trying to make sure i purged everything
  7. I just completely uninstalled 7 days and deleted everything within the launcher tools, and when I redownload it shows I have 4.8gb downloading, anyone know why it would still have 5.8 gigabytes are installed? Not sure if this is general support since this isn't a bug report. Feel free to move it around if needed!
  8. Only cars you can search with "E" have a CHANCE to give engines/batteries. If I'm correct, school buses and army trucks are guaranteed to drop an engine. For more info, there are 3 tiers of a car. The third tier just gives iron i believe, the second tier can give you everything a car can drop, and the first tier just gives gas, short iron pipe, oil, springs, gas, and headlights. So look for the cars you can search if you want some engines and don't forget to check the school, and pass 'n gasses if you want to find engines on some tables you can wrench up if you happen to find em.
  9. Something similar to The Forest? I could get behind this. I would prefer if we didn't have an animation either and we could just place blocks. Having to wait on the arm animation, even in creative is just tedious.
  10. When the fans in the computer start getting loud! Seriously, @%$# zombie dogs (or whatever floats your boat).
  11. Ah, alright. My bad then, I'll have to go rewatch them tonight and see what I missed
  12. It's a glitch in the site lol. But yea, they've been doing live streams on fubar_prime in twitch, they're extremely vague in the information that they give out as to not spoil anything. All they said was "you'll notice some new traps as well" This is opinionated, so you play however the f*** you want: if you're mainly speccing in INT then I personally would spec into a separate perk just for their weapons, I'd use INT specifically as support as it can craft healing/vehicles/traps, you all do you though!
  13. INT still has everything it had before, if not a bit more with a mention of extra traps in the latest dev stream, plus you get a drone, even if it doesn't shoot (i think you need a mod for that, but I'm not sure so take my words with caution.)
  14. I've actually had one, it's difficult with how long it takes to upload on YouTube. But I'll get the video to you within the day hopefully. Edit: i made a recording, it's not great but it's the best I could since a 55mb file takes 40 minutes to upload, a 1gb file straight from the recording software would take literally forever. I managed to get a recording of SCUM on my phone at the very least, but YouTube won't let me upload more than 1 video in a 24 hour-period.
  15. A cutscene doesn't end your save mate. It would finish the quest and you can continue playing navezgane or whatever else you were doing. I'm not sure if you've been keeping up with the dev streans, but they are adding endgame quests, and they've said you can do previous tier quests, for example tier 2 quests if you've unlocked tier 4. A lot of games allow you to continue after you do the final cutscene or final mission, i don't see why this would be any different.
  16. I haven't stopped delving into the problem despite that I can't fix anything on my end (aside from a Nvidia card) and it is really going to come down to their drivers from what I can tell. An RX 580 has 0 graphical issues, my old 960 didn't have issues, the 5000 series "had" issues, and the 6000 series has massive issues. From what I've continuously gathered, it might be another 2-6 months before it gets resolved/worked on, and it might take a lot of the top-tier articles putting pressure on AMD to fix them much like the 5000 series. It's a shame, more vram and core clock than a 3070, AMD genuinely peaked my interest but it may be back to Nvidia when this card "fails".
  17. I'd also like to add, it is not as exploitable early game as you're gonna keep getting spammed with items that you can loot, though the zombies would be an infinite level early game, which there are still plenty of. The only real use you would get is XP and foid/drinks. Still useful and I don't think anyone should use it, but it isn't all that in the end.
  18. I think it would be an amazing implementation for the endgame when the game goes gold. In the dev livestream they were talking about meeting the duke and what not, being able to leave the planet and go to a government safe zone on a different planet would be amazing. It would be rather interesting since the game Outriders was based on resources running out and they had to go to a completely different planet which had earth-like resources to rebuild. So it wouldn't be ENTIRELY impossible the devs have an endgame (or modders) that the player leaves the planet in a cutscene to live on another one. Just unlikely, but a genuinely good concept in endgame terms.
  19. I am believing it's more based on shaders. I see minimal flickering at noon within the game, but in the shade/night it gets atrocious. Praey has intense crashing issues on the latest drivers, i did more testing and an older driver fixes it. As for SCUM, I believe it uses Unity as well, and I've found turning the lighting effects to the lowest possible setting makes the lightning not cause my entire screen to go white, just all the trees and the sky. It also has terrain with a lot of black patches moving around the terrain, which a lot of games are having the issue. It seems to be a shader issue from what I've gathered. Yet I'm not sure whether drivers or game developers need fixes/patches, perhaps both? I've undervolted, and disabled XMP to test. There's a lot of forums and discords claiming the 6000 series is having problems in Unity and Early Access games. I've not noticed anything in Killing Floor, Ark, Minecraft, Deep Rock Galactic, Doom, or Skyrim. It's purely in select games which is rather odd, I don't know a lot of people with a 6000 series card to do their own testing. But there are plenty of forums of people having issues, so I think it's safe to say my card isn't faulty as not every game has problems and out of my 200 game library, this is what I found.. So far.
  20. If anyone is still possibly reading this, the issue is within the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series cards. I've had confirmations within multiple discussions on multiple forums and discords. It's still a gray area whether it's on AMDs end, or the game developers end. People are saying it's possibly game developers not optimizing for Radeon, or card manufacturers doing bad with software. All I've managed to figure out with the help of the community: Radeon 6000 series is buggy and we're still on 100% is causing it. Flickering is a problem for everyone, and crashes on other games like Praey for the Gods are occurring as well. Do with that information what you will, I'm not equipped enough to dive deep into the possible fixes for it, but it's a good idea to bring it to the attention of everyone otherwise a fix will never be on the radar or in sight.
  21. I've used that too, the game looks a lot more pixelated with lines on certain blocks of different colors, and the flickering is 4x worse, especially if the sky is on the screen anywhere.
  22. I can play ark on 1440p on epic settings without a single graphical issue, same with Horizon Zero Dawn. The Gpu hits 80c and the cpu hits 60% so i can vouch for power being fine. I should've added that i disabled every single radeon setting available to off/application controlled. It makes the flickering less noticeable (still there) on 7 days to die.. while making the entire game look like a giant blob. Edit: I'll also add, i had to downgrade the AMD driver to 21.3.2 in order to even play Horizon Zero Dawn as it is the only one that doesn't crash the game.
  23. Not at all, 60c. I don't know anyone else with the 6700XT to confirm the issues so it really puts a damper on confirming what works/doesn't work.
  24. specs: CPU: i9-10850k GPU: Radeon RX 6700XT Drive: 2tb Samsung Evo SSD Ram: 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz Monitors: MSI OPTIX Mag27cq, and an old Element TV. Issue: Upon getting the 6700xt, i've noticed flickering and darkening textures when I walk. More info: The flickering and darkening occurs when I do ANTYING, walking/attacking/looking around on everything. I haven't noticed any flickering on enemies but that could be since I'm not looking hard enough. I tested the game on my old GTX 960 2GB (yea I'm that guy) and it had no problems on either monitor. I've noticed the game SCUM has issues with flickering as well where the ENTIRE screen flickers white every 4-8 seconds rendering it unplayable (I'm well aware its a different game, its to shed more light on whats going on). For some reason I can't catch the issue when I do a recording or an instant-replay, I can do a recording on my phone if you make it so. Attempted solutions: Testing each monitor individually, used the old/new HDMI, DP, DVI cables, upgrading the AMD drivers to the latest 21.6.1, and downgrading to the least (I'm using not the least but currently using 21.3.2), lowering all settings to low and high within the game, changed the MSI monitor's refresh rate to off/extreme, disabling and enabling "Freesync", moving the game to a different drive, using DDU to completely wipe all the Nvidia and AMD data, disabled every Radeon feature, OpenGL launch option, and used different ports on the GPU. Edit: it's a 6000 series issue. Unsure if it's a game developer, or a Radeon driver issue.
  25. I noticed in episode 2 you took fatal damage or entered god mode since your 33 minute broken arm got fixed hehe You do a fantastic job working it in, gonna watch it now!
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