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  1. This has been something i have wanted for a long time, specializing straight away is a huge boost to the game because the early game dictates a lot of stuff for the mid game (late game you just buy an elixir and respec). Sometimes i want to play a pistol game but all i find are rifles, and shotgun being the only spec with a t0 weapon made them more attractive than the other options. Im assuming the pipe weapons will have crappy reloads which i unironically look forward too so i can play like a pirate with a belt fill of pipe weapons to draw fire them over and over.
  2. Im all for that but we need variation in silhouettes too. Having more variation of the same zombies would be amazing for immersion. I think they need to do what they did with the stripper zombie (retooling her into the 'socialite' zombie) and retool another zombie into a more versatile one that fits in more biomes. One idea i had was a wild-man trapper kind of character with furs and stuff. He'd fit right in with gun ranges, snow biome, shanty town and forest biome and would look great in the middle of a forest where the socialite would be out of place. The cowboy could b
  3. Lumber jack looks great but i agree with captain obvious that the hat should be a different color to the beard otherwise its easily mistaken for poorly modeled hair, particularly from the front where it looks a little like a comb over. Will we get a bit more variety in the snow biome as far as zeds go? id like to see less lumberjacks and more of the various other zombies if only for variety. Dont get me wrong, i like the lumberjack and appreciate the threat he poses but seeing the same zombie over and over breaks immersion.
  4. TBH i dont ever use dart traps, i might need to give them a shot, but i wind up with thousands of feathers end game that i have no use for since early game has brainwashed me into thinking they have value. Vultures are plenty late game so harvesting feathers shouldnt be that big a deal, and there are other options for base defense too. I might not be qualified to comment on this though since i dont really know what role dart traps fill since i never use them, but i think consolidating a few niche items where it makes sense is more fun (like mouldy bread and sham sandwiches)
  5. guy has a point though. Dart trap ammo is only used by one thing, i think it should shoot arrows instead (iron only), that would provide a good end game use for feathers
  6. I thought of adding water as a property instead of a block so that change is pretty exciting. Hope it all goes well putting that together, i cant imagine that water is ever an easy mechanic to add, especially in a voxel game. If your taking a look at meshes at the moment, any chance to make dirt mesh well with blocks? there is always that goofy dip at the end where they meet, i can guess why its done that way (less polygons for that spare side that might never be seen?) but it has always been something that irked me. If im going to push even further with dirt block meshes, could the
  7. Im sure changing a single recipe will result in bandits getting pushed back an alpha. /s
  8. Honestly is there a reason those two are separate items? may as well merge them imo.
  9. Yeah i noticed this too, roids are great for early game where encumberment is a major issue, but are only craftable late game when you have far better ways to curcumvent that issue. I initially thought they boosted melee damage so hoarded them, along with testosterone, when i could finally craft them i was pretty disappointed that they are really just early game QoL boosts as opposed to late game power multipliers. They should probably get reworked with something else taking their place. Could be a good use for a candy?
  10. My only problem with it is that i never find treasure maps and the digging quests stop at t2 or 3. Of course id hate to deal with a t5 dig quest (dig out a shamway sized hole lol) but i could definitely use more treasure maps.
  11. Yeah thats what i initially though, but i think the infection is supposed to represent an internal infection that your body is already fighting, grain alcohol would be good to fight off a topical infection, which would be confusing so i thought hygiene could be a good alternative since dirty wounds get infected. For that matter making soap out of fat, crysanthemum and goldenrod could be interesting, but as always there needs to be an excuse to add it. as it is i barely use medical items
  12. I was actually just thinking of that the other day, grain alcohol should have some use baseline as a cure for some problem. I thought of hygene as one, just a regular infection bar or something where you lose hygene after getting hit by zombies, jumping in dirty water or doing anything dirty. Bad hygene increases infection rate, gives dyssentry after a certain amount, increases heal time of other issues or something.
  13. I started destroying trash recently till i get the 'sneak over trash silently book'. Thats a hell of a lot of investment though to get a stealth kill off, the risk is far too high and the reward isnt that good. The thing is, its not online when its needed, for example: Early game its just far too unreliable, early game knife is bone shiv, it might not deal enough damage to one shot them, and you probably wont even get the sneak bonus damage in the first place. Mid game its too risky for the reward, if your doing stealth build at this stage then you probably have a woode
  14. Sooo out of curiousity how is the knife supposed to work? i gave up on trying to make use of it because everything wakes up before you get to it due to the small range and trip hazards. The stealth bonus really seems like a booby trap to me, i have been able to make use of it a few times but i get the impression id be better off with a longer range weapon and using their heavier power attack. You could say that you need perks to really use it but i feel like that defeats the entire niche the knife is supposed to inhabit, you may as well make the bonus damage the perk at that point. I
  15. From the sounds of things he was walking on trash, he mentioned the zombies woke up every time he stood on a particular spot and spots that were scripted. I didnt ignore most of what he said, i did skim through it, but i got the impression that he was walking on trash spots that wake every zombie up in a large area. He is talking about scripted spots, that is basically what trash is, if you step on it without the perk it doesnt matter how many sneak skills you have, you will wake everything up.
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