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  1. its in the strength tree now, so i was thinking it could interact with heavy armor, like reducing the movement penalty of heavy armor. That way it could have good end game use. Alternatively i though you could remove the movement penalty on armor and just make it add 1 to encumbrance, that way a few points in pack mule will still be useful late game even if you have triple storage mods for every armor piece, and heavy armor users wouldnt be slower when unencumbered, but would encumber sooner.
  2. Thanks for that response, its good to hear what your stance is. Honestly its not a big issue for me personally and if you want me to drop the topic im fine with that, im just here for the banter afterall. Personally i hardly ever get to that stage in games where im looking to make finishing touches as is. Its my personal opinion, but i dont think putting hi res models on some vanity tier and restricting them to land claim blocks as 'trophies' would actually feel like its half finished at all. I get that feeling more from having items i can see but not craft, it feels more like they were forgotten when creating the item lists, like when wedge tips were only craftable in that table saw, for the longest time i thought it was a bug. If its explicitly stated that they are limited items, then i know that i cant be stupid and make a building out of them and i know the devs have them accounted for, and that if i want them i need to dedicate a land claim to them. If it really is that much work though then im fine with it being benched or forgotten, id rather bandits and higher tier zombies to kill (or die to), though i think further down the line there might be some merit to tying certain behaviours strictly to land claims and fleshing out the idea of having player bases being better defined. All that aside im loving A19 so far and im looking forward to the 'blunderbuss stage' getting expanded on.
  3. I feel like im getting scolded here for thinking of a solution to someones problem? A certain amount in an area is fine, land claim sized should be big enough to make it fine, even with 4 corners overlapping and players trying their best to create lag its probably not going to be a big deal. Tie the vanity items to the player who placed it, if their land claim goes then their vanity item goes. I wasnt forgetting multiplayer, i had that in mind specifically, land claim zones should be big enough so that clusters wont be a problem, and thats really stretching to create a problem here. 'at this point' i never said they are adding them now and this is how they have to add them, its 'if they want to add them then this could be a solution', its not a problem so long as they NEVER intend to add them. fine, idc, but if they do, and it is a problem, then heres a solution! not sure why anyone feels the need to say the problem doesnt exist, its utterly pointless to say, its a possible problem to overcome at some potential point in the future, if not having a solution is why they dont bother then coming up with one might be a good idea.
  4. The problem is that players cannot use the hi res models. It might not be your problem because you might not care, but its a problem some players have, and they are entitled to think of it as a problem as much as you are entitled to not care. Its not a big issue for me, im not invested in it personally, but i like to think of possible solutions to problems, so i presented him with a possible solution. The solution i offered would allow players access to the hi res items while restricting them from bogging down servers by building a 50x50 base from nothing but hi res bookshelves. Thats probably what a compromise for that problem will have to look like outside of everyone just getting better hardware. I dont think the rule would be that hard to enforce, land claims cant overlap, we are restricted to one per game atm, and replacing them with junk if the land claim is removed means that the whole base wont collapse if they were being used to support the base. If you decide you want to give players access to hi res items, then consider this as an option. If not, then dont worry about it.
  5. The rule would be that player placed complex items can only exist within your land claim block area, if you remove it those items are replaced with trash. Its not a bad tradeoff considering the alternative is that you never get to see them at all. None of them are mandatory, they are just finishing touches. There will always be trade offs and thats fine, it would be better to be able to place six hi res book shelves than none at all
  6. What if we had a limit of items per land claim block? i think you could solve a lot of problems by expanding what a land claim does, there are a ton of things you could add to land claims and remove from the open world if you wanted, some things are great for building and some of those same things are terrible for the open world (nerdpoling)
  7. Eh, id think of it less as an inconsistency and more a perk for building in your land claim area. Its like not being able to pick up workbenches in the open world vs ones you place personally in your land claim zone. That is a possible solution to nerdpoling though, there will be a number of possible solutions to consider if you want to remove it in the open world to stop players getting to the end loot without earning it. There have been a number of other solutions like temporarily scaling loot based on zombie kills (my other idea) which would nerf nerdpolilng but it might not be so intuitive, or make zombies drop special keys which has its own issues. At the end of the day, whatever solution you pick will have some other consequences. I think my solution works, having different building rules for different areas isnt a terrible idea, and we have land claims to differentiate different areas.
  8. you missed 'while jumping'. that would only affect nerd polling, meanwhile building a catwalk over a dicey trap would still be perfectly fine (so long as your not jumping!) I like the idea of finding a special key, in fact that key could be unique per character so that as long as a player loots that key they can get the chest, regardless of who else has been through, which would be nice in multiplayer. Nothing worse than clearing a shotgun messiah and getting to the loot at the top only to realize a nerdpole sitting next to an empty chest.
  9. Thats a nerdpoling issue then isnt it. Heres a very simple solution: you cannot place a frame while jumping outside your land claim zone. You can still build and make a ramp to your destination, but it will be a lot more difficult. Alternatively, you could have a loot stage modifier that temporarily increases depending on recent zombie kills. Say, each zombie killed within the last 5 min or so increases your loot stage by a certain amount up to a cap. Killing another zombie refreshes it, this way you have to kill a minimum number of zombies to get the best loot and nerdpolling will give you @%$*#! loot. Essentially this ties the challenge to the reward, if you cant do the challenge and go straight to the reward, you WILL be disappointed.
  10. For me the only real problem is breaking immersion. If you loot a building you deserve the loot, doing the same style building twice in a row isnt a problem, doing the same exact building twice in a row though feels like cheating (regardless of 'earning' the rewards). You could roll existing loot from the poi into the refreshed one so that you only have to loot it once, honestly that would remove the feeling of cheating but give the same rewards and remove the incentive of doing it twice, unless the player really wanted xp for zombie kills. Honestly though it think its more a perception issue, you are allowed to loot every poi in the world and start quests that refresh it, its not game breaking or cheating, but it sure feels like cheating.
  11. I have to agree. Maybe a zombie that buffs nearby zombies or something could work, effectively the same thing only there is a reason for it that wouldnt undermine your progression.
  12. I think having a pipe gun for each branch would help starting players pick a tree earlier. Currently i cant craft a pistol till i get pistol parts, but i might be more interested in speccing into pistols earlier if i can craft a shoddy flintlock pistol, and speccing weapons early means less points spent in questing perks or survival perks. I like the idea of stretching out the blunderbuss stage, i enjoy having 3 blunderbusses on my toolbar, id like to try out a musket and flintlock pistol too. Melee is useful for a long time still, pipe weapons are a liability when dealing with large numbers. I think they need to tune down the amount of ammo we get by a LOT. Traders offer full stacks of shotgun ammo on t1 quests, i have more shotgun ammo on my current game than blunderbuss ammo, and the trader was selling a pump action for 800 dukes, so it was kind of a no brainer, my blunderbusses are just there for aesthetics. Id like to see more gunpowder in loot and less ammo even if it is unrealistic. gunpowder means you need to unlock a bunch of things before really being able to get your regular ammo, but having a ton of GP, no workbench and a couple of pipe weapons, making blackpowder ammo seems like a tempting choice.
  13. They are great for early game and im glad that we are seeing them a lot more in this patch (dont think i ever used them in the past) but we really need some variety. We could use more gun parts so that we can begin to build some real guns, it would do a lot for loot variety without actually advancing player power too much (in early game stages you will likely only have access to craft whatever perk tree you are dedicating your points to) Other than that some more 'antique' weapons would be really nice, if for nothing more than diversity. Flintlock pistols and muskets for a start. Also perking for int early game is great for questing but awful for weapons since there is literally nothing to use in the stone age. I know its going to be awkward making a stone age stun baton, so i thought maybe the burning torch could be retooled into a tier 1 int melee weapon. Low hit damage but it has use in applying bonus effects, and nothing screams stone age scientist quite like the guy that invents fire! for the next tier you could use a flashlight baton (they are a real thing!) with an unreliable 'overcharge' stun effect, then the stun baton can be balanced as the T3 melee weapon it needs to be.
  14. I checked on a fresh game with creative enabled and i got 2 level 6 of each, and both had same damage. if you are short on ammo then efficiency is the top priority, in which case using a bow is probably the best option anyway. In most situations a pistols damage and rate of fire are plenty unless you are in an open field against a zombie bear and out of stamina. It is subjective, and i did state it would be a massive upgrade in 'nearly' every situation, the only one where it isnt is when you need to conserve ammo because you are short for a horde night, which in my experience i havent been short for a horde night yet (though im stuck in A16 where you use a bow for everything because you still dont have a gun at level 60) I still like the idea of every gun having a niche even in late game, even if its just 'efficiency'. We probably need a few more situations where the player feels forced to trade efficiency for throughput outside of horde nights, like 'world bosses' or special encounters. Maybe i just have the difficulty set too low?
  15. It only works with it at 5 points in the perk. You get the crit bonus on gunslinger 3, but it only activates after 5 hits, then 4 then 3 at 5pts into the perk, which is where you need it with the burst mod. Oh, looks like im wrong about smg vs pistol. Was sure that my pistols did slightly more damage than my smgs per hit. Honestly im kinda disappointed that it doesnt, i liked the idea of the top tier weapons being highest DPS weapons, but the lower tiers having slightly more efficiency so that they can always have some value. Even if the pistol did 5% more damage per bullet, its still half the mag size and nearly half the fire rate, the SMG would still be a massive upgrade in nearly every situation other than when you need to conserve ammo or are using it to stealth for single shots.
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