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HDHQ - Textures/Lighting/Environment

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Wow, amazing...can't wait for this. This game seriously need a facelift and we have found our doctor :D

Just one thing, even in games like skyrim where modding is easy and give great performance, going above 2k textures fast become a memory challenge and limit fps. Keeping it between 1k to 2k usually have small fps impact.

So I hope you consider making one for 2k and maybe even 1k, until then I will track this mod.

Keep up the awesome work.

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Ive added the files to the modded files ive already done & WOW at how it looks, FPS dips a little in certain areas, My only gripe & not sure if this is meant but the waste land now looks like the Radiation zone ? so when im on the map & im biking I keep getting a panic set it switching zones thinking im about to die lol...... Is this intentional & if it is can it be changed so they look more separate ... Thanks



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Not intentional per se.


That is caused by the mipmapping, which I believe is fixed in A17.

You can also see the same effect with the vanilla wasteland texture (large orange bricks).


That effect happens with any terrain texture that has reasonably large details in it.

In the case of the wasteland texture, the bigger rocks.


I plan on changing the Radiation texture (still currently vanilla 1K) to something else so you wont have that confusion.

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Thats cool, & ill just take this opertunity once again to say great job on what youve done so far... My heart skips a beat automatically as soon as I enter this zone cos for the hole time ive played this game its linked with death lmao....

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Dust we converse on Discord, but I had to come here and say, "Grue Voice" That's what im talking bout. You seriously need to post it on youtube before and after. Ive read uninformed posts about voxel not being visually represented, as well done as poly games. This proves them Wrong.


Im literally living next to a campfire in the open woods right now. I cant bring myself to go INSIDE! You are right, this does not look voxel at ALL. Its truly a work of art.

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So, A17.


I do plan to update this, however:

Lots of changes to how things work. Currently a number of hurdles in the way.


Terrain is currently a go. The result of a quick 2K test below. UABE currently doesnt work, this is via another method provided by Emu in A16 whom is a great help. Its much appreciated and without we'd be well and truly stuck.




We'll see how we go.

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Dang dust this looks nice. When is it to be released. Why dont we have this yet. What is taking you so long to release it. Maybe do shorter more faster updates blah blah blah lol :-P jokes Haha cant wait mate good work.


Question this still need sdx or when it is finally released

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