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HDHQ - Textures/Lighting/Environment


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Will the server need the assets files? I assume it wont need those or the .manifest file? May I ask why the blockstextureatlases dont need a .manifest file? I have no idea what that does, so no idea if its a forgotten file or just not needed :)


The terrain bundle is built directly out of unity which is why it also has a manifest file.

The block bundle was edited via uabe, so no manifest file.


The server may need the HDHQ.unity3d bundle, and will need the xml files. That should be it. Shouldnt need the block/terrain/resource file on server.

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Very nice screens! Thank you :)


Any feedback Im all ears.


Keep in mind that this is a baseline release for feedback gathering and testing performance.


I cant make the trees any more low poly. I can only increase everything from this point on. And, providing we have headroom for other mods/zombies and everything else, we will.

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- - - Updated - - -


Looks like a must have mod, was curious though, would it be possible/practical to make use of the modlet system to make whatever changes has been done to the xml files instead of replacing the original files? :)



i just spent way too much time combining his .xml files with the unofficial .xml fixes. so yea a modlet for the xml's would be great if possible.

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The huntingrifles need an entry under "modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer" in item_modifiers.xml, the silencer doesnt line up with the barrel. Havent checked other weapons yet, but I'll see if I can do that after dinner with family a bit later in the evening :)


I would think a modlet version of the xml's is possible, but I havent compared the biomes and blocks xml's yet. If I get time I might be able to do that aswell. Thinking about having a look at adding the guns into the Quality Effectivness Bonuses mod too. As it is now the guns that are reskinned dont scale with quality lvl like the nonskinned versions do on my server. In the weapons mod I am working on I am adding that directly to the weapons themselves instead. I also would add the AP and HP versions of some of the ammo types to the guns. Imho I think this mod will be popular enough to justify making versions of popular modlets that are tailored to work with this one :) But a modlet version of this one would require that any modlet targeting stuff from this one loads after this loads.. /me overthinking stuff again:P


And as requested, a link to my stream.


My channel

Just a tiny streamer tho, so wont gather that much publicity for your mod.. Not even affiliate (Three followers away from qualifying for that). Didnt actually end up doing a stream last night, got too late. But might be on later tonight :)

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will this work on Dedicated servers? I would want to play with my friends with this mod.

Just tested it, doesn't seem to work 100%, the server is spewing out red errors and won't start with these files there :(

But atleast some of the textures are working for the client, just not whatever all the xml edits are for.

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I don't post very often. As I have grown older, I find I lack the required patience, more and more, to deal with the cauldron of madness that resides in both the outside, and inside worlds. However, I respect the work you have done here, so I thought I'd give you some honest personal feedback. Any smoke I blow up your ass here, will be balanced with a gentle critique here and there. I may waffle also. And for that, I apologize in advance.


I also run the game in 3440x1440. With your mod, I get anywhere from 65 to 95 fps in the wilderness with reflections off or on low. DOF off, Motion Vomit off, SSAO off, Sunshafts on, Textures full, AA off, Trees ultra, Water full, Water Particles Full, Shadows near, Shadows Reflections off, Grass Far, Lod max, Reflections usually off.


I think you nailed the desert. It's excellent. I rolled a new 16k map (it took 57 minutes on an i7 6700k with 32 gigs of DDR 4 3200Mhz memory and GTX 1080 8 gig) and immediately after spawning in the desert, I felt like I was back in the old 7 Days. For me, this is a good thing. I have been with this game since the zombies shambled across blocky terrain, scaring the absolute ♥♥♥♥ out of me like no other game before, as I crouched in an attic on my first night, while they ripped the house apart below me, like a terrier shredding a box of tissues.


And while it has been sometimes hard, watching TFP rework the game over and over again, sometimes, ripping out systems that seemed to have worked fine, they always manage to sail the damaged ship to shore and repair. Find balance. And set sail again. But like the "Ship of Theseus" how much of the original remains? Is it still the same ship when so much has been replaced, or only by name, and the gravity of it's notoriety.


The older 7 Days lacked the overly gratuitous, and banal graphic card selling features of DOF, and the vomit inducing inclusion of perhaps the worst "features" ever to come out of the rock solid marriage of AAA games and the graphics card marketing machine... Motion Blur. Later, smaller developing houses like The Fun Pimps, who initially, were "true" punk rock developers, who initially gave the big boys the finger and said ♥♥♥♥ you, may have felt pressured to match up to the "graphic prowess" of these AAA games... personally, I'd rather have substance, stable frames and the beautiful lighting and environmental effects (that tell a story of their own) that your mod adds. That said, I love good graphics in general, just not effects for effects sake. Not your environmental effects which again I think are beautiful.


These are just my opinions.


The trees in the desert really work well and I got a great sense of a vast arid expanse as I stood on a sandstone ridge and peered out in all directions at the endless sand. This is the first time, in a very long time, I actually felt concerned for my water intake. I had none and had to cross 4.3 clicks on 43% water to get to the trader. Yes, it was the larger map. Yes it was The Fun Pimps changes. Yes it was the less water mod from the prolific JaxTeller, but the way you have the desert now, adds to... wait for it... the immersion! Hands up who remembers that? Your mod also makes the current paltry offering of biomes tolerable and for that, I salute you.


I think the vanilla texture for the desert is bad. It looks like a sandstone rock-face covering everything. And the trees, while pretty, were jarringly out of place in most cases. If of course one cares about such things... which obviously you do. And for that, I also salute you.


The burnt biome is awesome. For the first time since 10.4, I felt like building an outpost there, just to see the "crispy creepies" (as my dear wife calls them) meander around, igniting the darkness with their burning misery.


However, the wasteland ground texture, is a little too clean for me. I think the Pimps texture work, (which I regard in some POI's as masturbatory and highly inefficient, bringing my fps from 96 to 21 in one instance just by turning on reflections) is better there personally. Their texture also helps to hide dogs and mines which I regard as a respectable trade off, to the risk involved in getting access to the abundant resources there. But then again, I'm old school, I never got a trophy for finishing last, but I have been beaten senseless and fed ♥♥♥♥ a dog wouldn't eat.


The Hardwood Swamp is an assault of green on my senses. To be honest, I'm in two minds about the tree density, but I respect your philosophy on it. I also agree with Guppy, the trees are far too low poly. I do like however, how the plants are merged among the grasses; feels very natural. I think I can get used to the Hardwood Swamp, but I'll have to take out those small palm trees in my next world gen, as I find them too distracting. Just a personal gripe, no offence to your artistic eye.


I haven't been to the Alpine biome yet. But It looks awesome in the distance.


I really think you should try to get your other changes into modlet form. With all due respect, dropping full files into the config folder is a bit archaic now, and the antithesis, to the emerging cohesion that is forming here in this modding scene. In saying that, it's easy to see the pride here, and you can be totally forgiven for getting it out for testing in it's loose form. You have done good work.


As I also use the Unofficial patch, I will have to uninstall this mod for now as I believe it clashes with certain important changes. I do so hope, that The Fun Pimps give you access to blocks so you can fix the problems I and others are having with reflection. I wish there was only a setting for certain things like some metal, glass and water, not log cabins, brickwork and concrete... bizarre.


Best of luck to you and thank you for all your hard work. In closing, I would gently recommend slightly higher poly trees and perhaps slightly less tree density in the Hardwood Swamp.

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Thank you for all the kind words, feedback and other suggestions.


I do plan to make this use xpath but as mentioned I then need to deal with load orders which is something I wanted to avoid for this initial test release so I could get information with the least amount of problems immediately.


There is stuff that isnt complete, wall torchs for the hdhq torch, shadows, the guns etc.

I need the baseline, as my torch is twice the range of vanilla, that means also twice as many shadows when I turn that on.


One person in Grumbuls stream last night gained 17fps. Thats huge.


I also have to be aware of people adding mods on top. I expect this so I cant just make this photorealistic because then whats the point? you cant have zombies or anything else.


I dont necessarily want to take it all away and make perf stink on the lower end machines immediately either.

But there in lies the rub. I have so many more trees, that also equals so many more shadows. I can easily take away that fps with one wrong move, or one super heavy tree.


Also being a voxel world adds extra complexity to the fold that other games just dont have to deal with.


Im looking for that balance between the high end and the low end.

Im open to suggestions for any and everything. I can often get bogged down in my own mind and a fresh set of eyes is always needed!.


Ive spent a lot of time on this since experi, and I plan to spend a lot more time into the future as well.


Ive made a list and I'll keep adding to it, so keep dropping me feedback and suggestions. If you have reference pics of something you would like to see as an environment etc, post them!


This is just the start, and only way from here is up. :)


Launcher problems should be resolved now too. So its available on Sphereii's Launcher for those who hate Nexus

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Going to explain bloodmoon as its a big change from vanilla, in a way.


The game takes the light info of the world and reacts accordingly to the light cast.


TFP use the fog that makes the game look horrible to do 2 things. Hide the shadow drawing, pop in, the area outside the player defined range that isnt lit like the player area etc.


this fog is also part of the lighting system and it behaves in an additive fashion to whatever else is around, think like an overlay.

with my lighting, everything is based more towards reality, because the moon is now responsible for the red light, its a blood moon horde afterall, not a blood fog horde.

but because of the forementioned things, how red you get depends on the environment around you.







Black absorbs light. ;)

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I understand the importance of balance. And if this is a baseline, it's a damn good one. I gained on average 25 to 30 fps in the wilderness around trees. In the desert, my fps was well over 120 with your mod. In vanilla, I was getting around 75 to 95 which is still very respectable.


Also, I completely understand about this been a test release; I acknowledge that above in that wall of text up there. ; )


I wish you the best with it and hope you get help to put the config changes in modlet form. I'll be watching this mod like a hawk.

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Just tested it, doesn't seem to work 100%, the server is spewing out red errors and won't start with these files there :(

But atleast some of the textures are working for the client, just not whatever all the xml edits are for.



it works on a dedicated server, i had the same issue.... but i realized it was a Id10T problem.


ONLY install the one circled in RED as show in this pic, https://i.imgur.com/ETMi3Q0.jpg , and the xml's inside the config folder to the dedicated server.





As for compatibility with the unofficial xml fixes, i blended them this morning.



here is the mods xml's combined with the 3.70 version of the unofficial xml fixes.... MINUS the guns from the mod.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/4inpuaxve72t8yu/Config.rar?dl=0 (MD5 Hash 513D38DF8CAECAC331E5DE0A3969B783 )



as it is now i have it running completely fine on my dedicated server with everything but the the guns themselves installed.

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