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  1. I offered to give credit as I was made aware, but I decided against it since he didn't want it. And also he being condencending. Read the DM.
  2. Sorry I used it as an example of you creating your own bigger backpack. Even though others have made a similar mod. To provide evidence that someone can create a similar mod.
  3. Please prove it! I'm being honest and yet you keep on accusing me without any evidence, making wild accusations. I even offered to you that if you requested it. I would put a line stating I got inspiration from you. Yet you continue to accuse me. Here is the DM you sent me. So everyone can see. That is the story you keep talking about. Now everyone can see the evidence I have. So good day sir! Report reply stallionsden 278 Started conversation: yesterday at 02:40 AM Just so your aware I had already done this since a17 in my open door syndrome mods Quote Report reply kronons 8 Replied: yesterday at 04:19 AM I know that's how I got the idea for it. When Alpha 19 came out yours wasn't updated. So I made a new one from scratch for myself. But people asked for it so I shared it. Quote Edit Report reply stallionsden 278 Replied: yesterday at 04:28 AM Its not the modders ettiquette and how modders do things. 1. They ask permission of work taken from other modders. 2. Once approved they then credit the original modder. 3. Dont just upload someone elses mod cause they haven't uploaded yet. i am requesting you remove the mod please As well as read and learn the modders ettiquette guide listed in the forums. Quote Report reply kronons 8 Replied: yesterday at 11:53 AM What are you talking about? I didn't take your work! I got inspiration from your work yes, but I did everything by myself. Look at my xpath code. It's all from scratch. So stop accusing others of taking your work. Research and look at the code before you make such accusations. And no I will not remove it. It's my own original work. Now if you want me to add that I got inspiration from your work I can do so. Quote Edit Report reply stallionsden 278 Replied: yesterday at 11:58 AM I did look at the code. Quote Report reply kronons 8 Replied: yesterday at 12:38 PM Good. Now you know I didn't just copy and pasted your work. I made my own. Yes I got inspiration from you, but I did not take your code. Quote Edit Report reply stallionsden 278 Replied: yesterday at 12:40 PM You miss the point. You have no modders ettiquette and i never gave you permission. I will be continuing with the next steps. Quote Report reply kronons 8 Replied: yesterday at 12:42 PM So I need to get permission for inspirations? It's not stated in the rules that I need to get permission for inspiration.
  4. I was going to make that point but refrained from doing so. His logic is flawed. If his logic is true we wouldn't have so many different types of i.e calculators, OS, word processing software, etc...If it is concluded that one cannot see good ideas and make ones own version of it. Than that's fine I won't mod anymore. I leave you with this. Following stallions logic, If the genre or idea of making a zombie apocalypse game is so propriety to one person. We wouldn't have 7 days to die, Dayz, Minecraft, etc...People draw inspiration from others all the time. That's why we have such a diverse community. In my mod I decide how things should breakdown and what to breakdown. I haven't looked at your code, but understood what it did. I made my own version in my perception of how I would like it. For one example, I chose for somethings to degrade and some that I don't because I feel like it shouldn't. P.s. since you keep stating the rules of conduct. Read it as it states, "6) If you upload your file you should understand that you no longer have control over how it is used. TFP is the sole owner of all derivative content created using their code and files. Also, other users could use your work without your permission. Before uploading your file you should decide whether you can accept these possibilities. "
  5. Dude I don't know why you are so riled up...I have nothing against you and I wasn't talking about you. Many others have made their own versions of the backpack mods. I'm only using the backpack mod as an example. And many people make similar mods. I did not steal your code and put my name on it and distributed it. I wrote mine from scratch. Yes I did get inspiration from your mod. But I made my own mod from scratch. I wrote it to match my game play and my ideas of what should and should change. So calm down. And no I do not need your permission. It's a mod I wrote by myself from scratch.
  6. That I can agree on. But many mods are functionally equivalent like the backpack mods. So please pass it on and let me know. If it is not allowed to make a mod that is functionally similar please update the rules. Thank you.
  7. It's his open door syndrome. I thought it was a great idea and drew inspiration from it. Made my own version from scratch. To the community. If one cannot get inspiration from others and make their own mod that I wrote from scratch. Then I don't know what to say.
  8. Me either. Yes I drew inspiration from his previous mod. But I wrote and made my own. I did not copy right infringe or copy and pasted anything....
  9. You are welcome. I don't understand it. It's my own work I made from scratch. I did get inspiration from him, but I made my own. I didn't just copy and pasted his work and slapped my name on it....
  10. I got inspiration from his mod in A17. But I wrote everything from scratch. I did not just copy and pasted his work. It's my own original work. I did not break the copyright infringement rule. Look at my code please and say it is the exact same to his. I got inspiration from Stallion but I did not just copy his work and uploaded it. I wrote everything from scratch. I did not take your mod. I did not take your code and copy and pasted it. I got inspiration from your mod. I wrote everything from scratch because of the new alpha. Go look at my code and compare it to yours before you start accusing. In the rules it does not say I have to give credit for my inspirations. Now if you want me to give you credit for the inspiration I can do so.
  11. Yep! True I could. But I think this way it makes it harder and better. Also some POIs will completly respawn with quests so my logic is it doesn't need to respawn. Also forces you to keep exploring and finding new places. I know right? But with this then there would be no need for loot respawn. So I guess I know why TFP didn't put it in.
  12. Here is a link to the new modlet I made. It degrades all the proper blocks.
  13. Fixed immersion for all blocks to degrade after looting. Updated to V1.1. Change Log: Added night stands, and tool boxes. Updated to V.1.2 Change Log: Added wooden desk and metal desk kronons-immersion-mod.zip
  14. I actually have it for every shelf and rack. Haven't done cupboards yet. When I get cupboards in. I can release an AIO version.
  15. Turn into empty book shelf or book case
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