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  1. Thanks! Had to update it quite a bit to fix some issues. Lol
  2. Yep! True I could. But I think this way it makes it harder and better. Also some POIs will completly respawn with quests so my logic is it doesn't need to respawn. Also forces you to keep exploring and finding new places. I know right? But with this then there would be no need for loot respawn. So I guess I know why TFP didn't put it in.
  3. Here is a link to the new modlet I made. It degrades all the proper blocks.
  4. Fixed immersion for all blocks to degrade after looting. Versions 1.0 All blocks degrade with looting. 1.1 Added Store Shelves. 1.2 Added Grills. 1.3 Added Kitchen Assets. 1.4 Add Wood and Metal Desk. 1.5 Fixed warning and infinite loops. 1.6 Fixed cupboards/cabinet to downgrade correctly. Disclaimer: I got inspiration for this mod from Stallion. Kronons-Immersion-Mod.zip
  5. I actually have it for every shelf and rack. Haven't done cupboards yet. When I get cupboards in. I can release an AIO version.
  6. Turn into empty book shelf or book case
  7. I really disliked how when you loot the books piles they disappear after you loot them, but the shelves/cases did not. I think it's more immersive by having the book cases, and book shelves disappear after you loot them. Also makes the game harder. I can also make a version where none of them disappear after looting, but that's a bit immersion breaking. kronons-bookcase-mod.zip
  8. Thanks Khaine! I'm a noob. I'm just messing with it and playing around. I'll try static and see if it works.
  9. Hey Khaine I've been messing with darkness falls. So far very little issues. But I would like you to look at an issue I am having. I decided to spawn guards using the dm F6 to replace dead ones. You can spawn them just fine, but they don't save. If you exit the game and reload they don't save. Everything else does. Thanks!
  10. Hey Telric! Awesome mod. I have been using it and seen YouTubeers use the mod. The one issue it seems is the inaccuracy with the mod. I looked at the code and it is not granular enough. Currently you have it set at 12, 25, 37, 50, 62, 75, 87, 100. Can you make it more granular going up by deducting one hp at a time? If not can you release the unity3d source files so I can do it myself? Thanks!
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