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  1. After more testing I find the setting that control reverse start speed, its the same setting that control start acceleration, unstickForce. If unstickForce is increased, acceleration both forward and revers is increased also.
  2. xxx73

    Sam's Special Ammo

    Nice mod, thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. Ok then I know what it is, in the end it dont really matter so much since it often work and give plenty of resources. I hope you will make more quests since this is so great.
  4. Hi again After setting it up so the thumper events do not happen too often this quest mod is amazing. Its so cool seeing those broken thumpers falling from the sky, even more great to see the excavating thumper, and the voice on top of that, just amazing, love it. Just one thing, the excavating thumper is sometimes disappearing after finished. After the voice say: "excavation is now complete, thank you for using thumper industries" instead of folding up its just gone. I have tested with zombies hitting thumper and not being hit at all, and sometimes it disappear in both situations. Can it have something to do with whats on the ground where it land, brush, dead bodies or something else?
  5. About version, I have no idea, not sure where I downloaded from. I removed all fantasy zeds from the game, was not sure who that caused the errors. This is the ModInfo file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xml> <ModInfo> <Name value="0-CreaturePackFantasy" /> <Description value="Fantasy Creature Pack Base Modlet" /> <Author value="XythCommunityProject" /> <Version value="" /> <Website value="" /> </ModInfo> <DMT Hash="b53e312d4ea0271a517226a87b55fad0"> <dependencies /> <conflicts /> </DMT> </xml>
  6. Hi guys One thing that annoy me is the reverse speed of vehicles. I can drive pretty fast forward, but the moment I hit something or need to go reverse, it is barely moving. So I hope it is a way to improve this in xml files. Anyone know if this can be done?
  7. Download link dont work. Anyone have a mod to share or a working link?
  8. aha thanks, I did not know that, I guess that's why I got those error messages. No more guards in trader then Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi and thanks for your reply. Ok thats great to know, Im just worried if it will cause any issues in my real game. I placed them on top of the trader wall, trader Rekt, then I killed them and put new on the grass around the trader. Im playing with more than 90 mods but I I have never seen this error before so, I guess it was caused by something I did with content of your mod. I have used guards before without issues so maybe it was some weird occurrence of something. From what little I know of spawning, they way it work in your mod is what I understand the proper way to do it, and the way other mods like darkness falls do it with animals. About removing the, is the best way just to shoot them, or is there a better way? Anyway I love the mod, keep up the great work
  10. Great mod, thanks for sharing. I was placing 3 guards today but had to shoot them due to bad placement. Then short time after I started getting this red error when entering are where those guards was. This is a test game so I was just placing them, not by spawn menu but from what you get after reading the book. Now I cant get into the game without getting this errors continuously: IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at UMACharacterBodyAnimator.assignLayerWeights () [0x000cb] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at BodyAnimator.Update () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at UMACharacterBodyAnimator.Update () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at AvatarMultiBodyController.Update () [0x0013d] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 (Filename: <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70> Line: 0) So is this mod safe to use, and is there something I can do to avoid this error? Can it cause issues just placing them without reading the book first?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I love that they fall from the sky at random times, only challenge is to balance it. Right now I'm using it in my game and I balance it on the way. Thanks again for a great quest mod, really nice way to do it. Keep up the great work, your mods adds a lot of value to my game, thanks.
  12. I really like Telrics Thumper 2.0 so I like to give some feedback. The great: Innovative and fun way to make quests. Make more like this Nice with new resource to craft things we need. Things that need more balance: The event is happening too often, making it annoying instead of something rare and fun. The crafting of things should be in accordance with normal requirements or it will become very unbalanced, like making ammo with no perk.
  13. Included HD Forge in my current game, still problem with location of fire, anyway to my surprise resourceScrapIron had changed to resourceIronFragment when mining iron. Please inform about what mod does do, it just becoming annoying instead when gameplay get changed with no information.
  14. I have done a lot of testing with subbiome probability and there is something that seems weird. If I reduce probability of all subbiomes there is less subiomes spawned, if I increase all the there is more. But the balance between the subiomes seem to stay the same even if i set probability in some very low, or increase some others, the composition of the different subbiomes seem to stay the same. Is the composition/balance between the different subbiomes hardcoded?
  15. Here is an update so far on my testing. 1. 8 different subbiomes seem to work fine. 2. As I expected the layers and decorations at the bottom of each biome seem to behave like filler when no subbiome is selected. Reducing subbiomes probability cause more of this bottom layers and decorations to spawn. 3. It work well to add stones to a vein to have other fill materials than gravel.
  16. Hi I'm going to add several new resources to the biomes, and I like to make new subbiomes. To do that I'm trying to understand a few things. 1. Is there a limit to how many subbiomes one biome can have? 2. Each biomes is setup like this in biomes.xml; First weather and then subbiomes, most if this I understand. But at the bottom below the subbiomes come somethings called layers and decorations that is not connected to any subbiome (using snow as example). In a subbiome I understand layers and decorations, but this is not connected to a subbiome so what is this? <!-- Block layers: Snow --> <layers> <layer depth="1" blockname="terrSnow"/> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrDirt"/> <layer depth="*" blockname="terrStone"> <resource blockname="terrOreIron" prob="0.6500" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrGravel" prob="0.7830" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrBedrock"/> </layers> <!-- Decorations Main: Snow --> <decorations> <decoration type="prefab" name="deco_iron_vein" checkresource="-7" onslopes="true" prob=".00657" rotatemax="3"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="rockResource" prob=".00033" rotatemax="3"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="rockResource02" prob=".00033" rotatemax="3"/> <decoration type="prefab" name="rock_form02" prob=".0005" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="prefab" name="rock_form01" prob=".0005" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="cntForestRandomLootHelper" prob="0.00025"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="rock05" prob=".005"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="rock06" prob=".005"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="rock07" prob=".005"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="cntBirdnest" prob="0.001"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterEverGreen" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine13m" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine19m" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine28m" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeSnowyDeadBush" prob="0.005" rotatemax="7"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeSnowyGrassDiagonal" prob=".1"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="treeStump" prob=".0002" rotatemax="7"/> </decorations> What is this and how does it work? Is this some kind of "default biome" that get created if no other subbiome gets chosen? If that's the case, how often does this "default biome" get created? If I reduce probability of all subbiomes, will I get more of this "deafult biome"? 3. Some of the resources I'm adding is suppose to be rare, but I like to give them separate subbiomes. Only problem is that if adding a rare resource with gravel it all will collapse. To avoid cave collapse, can I add stones in that subiome?
  17. Thanks for information, I also hear people experience issues with weather in A19.
  18. Thanks for your reply. Nice, only way I know to add economic value to items is by adding EconomicValues, so if I understand you correctly I can add EconomicValues to mods also? Update: I just want to confirm that adding EconomicValues to mods work as Gazz said.
  19. Hi guys I have made a few mods but they all have no sell price and trader sell them for 1 coin. I have not found any settings in item_modifiers.xml that have to do with prices, but I see that vanilla mods have high price at trader. So where can I set/adjust price on a modification?
  20. Hi again We have really enjoyed these packs on our server, and everything work fine. But there is one big issue, one of the fantasy creatures create problems, we get this error message: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at BlockDamage.OnEntityCollidedWithBlock (WorldBase _world, System.Int32 _clrIdx, Vector3i _blockPos, BlockValue _blockValue, Entity _targetEntity) [0x000a5] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at ChunkCluster.CheckCollisionWithBlocks (Entity _entity) [0x0023f] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at World.CheckEntityCollisionWithBlocks (Entity _entity) [0x0002b] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at Entity.ccEntityCollisionResults () [0x001ce] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at Entity.ccEntityCollision (UnityEngine.Vector3 _vel) [0x00016] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at Entity.entityCollision (UnityEngine.Vector3 _motion) [0x0001c] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityAlive.DefaultMoveEntity (UnityEngine.Vector3 _direction, System.Boolean _isDirAbsolute) [0x00275] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityAlive.MoveEntityHeaded (UnityEngine.Vector3 _direction, System.Boolean _isDirAbsolute) [0x002c1] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityZombie.MoveEntityHeaded (UnityEngine.Vector3 _direction, System.Boolean _isDirAbsolute) [0x00124] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityAlive.OnUpdateLive () [0x001a8] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityEnemy.OnUpdateLive () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityZombie.OnUpdateLive () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at EntityAlive.OnUpdateEntity () [0x0001e] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at World.TickEntity (Entity e, System.Single _partialTicks) [0x0015d] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at World.TickEntitiesSlice (System.Int32 count) [0x00037] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at World.TickEntitiesFlush () [0x0000c] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at GameManager.UpdateTick () [0x00033] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at GameManager.gmUpdate () [0x00265] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at GameManager.Update () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 Sometimes it break the game so we have to restart, other times it slow down the game for many seconds, but if we mange to kill the right zombie everything is working fine again. I think it is fantasyNightmare02 but not sure. Im currently using a version of the mod.
  21. Thanks for your lengthy reply. Global weather was unknown to me, so if we have no rain or no fog, it is a global weather issue and not your mod fault right? Also I copied your mod into original files to avoid any problems, so there is no links to your mod in ConfigsDump. Do you have any why global weather get stuck?
  22. Im also looking for a way to make headlight more bright. Gun flashlight and vehicle light is much stronger and I see no reason why headlight could not be as strong. I have been playing around with settings for modArmorHelmetLight mod, I tried to use settings from vehicle mod, I even tried to use vehicle light mod and gun flashlight in helmet with no luck. Adjusting LightValue have no effect, same on gun flashlight, vehicle light is possible to increase.
  23. Hi again Im running a server with only your wind, temp, cloud, fog, temperature and precipitation settings from your core weather mod. It work great in singleplayer, so much varitations, But on my server it is sunny all the time and only temperature is changing, I never see rain or fog or much cloud changes. I removed your mod from server and weather is till "stuck". So I have 2 questions: 1. Is your weather mods working on servers? 2. Is there a way to restart/reset weather on server to get back to normal weather behavior?
  24. Hi, I tested the HD Forge and the fire effect is wrongly placed on top of the forge and not inside window with firewood. Is there version where fire is placed correctly?
  25. Working perfect now, thanks again
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