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  1. well done. welcome to the dark side.
  2. could be, maybe, idk. can really remember idk which guy that is
  3. WELL THE PARTICLE THING KEPT HAVING ISSUES. so in order to fix that i merged both sets togheter into one, link at the first page changed. remove old mods and use this new one and should be fixed.
  4. cool, i think i never understood the error you told me and i saw the skins working so i wasnt aware of anything going wrong, honestly i aint playing at all so i never noticed the particle missing. glad it got sorted. mr.devolver pointed it out to me in discord, so maybe I paid more attention to the issue, i dont come to the forum much.
  5. ok so... mr.devolver found a bug i wasnt aware of. i used the same buff on my skins set 1 and 2. so the skins load fine, but if you are using both sets at the same time the buff conflicts so its not loading, its only a visual thing. the radiated versions of my skins use a buff applied particle that guppy made, its just some green vapor comming from their mouth. so i just changed the files in the original download link. if you want this sorted you can redownload the skins set 2 or if you want you actually only need to replace the xml files buffs and entityclasses. or keep using it a
  6. if you got discord we can talk about it, all help is welcome.
  7. i didnt even played a15 so i dont know those old models and to be honest im not really interested in making extra skins atm, im moding other stuff. i WILL most probably finish up all the new HD zeds once they release more, so far there is only 2 models i didnt make, new stripper and bussiness man, but ill wait for more to be released to make a pack probably if xyth is also up to it.
  8. i dont know what that is about, when i tested they were working. idk if someone else had that issue. try again maybe?
  9. Well yeah. As Xyth pointed it's all his fault. Lol Just kidding. So he was the one making all that amazing work cloning the vanilla zeds because they were not taking the skin replacement as default ones. So you can try what he just said because that is for sure not my field. I'll be honest with you I was just venting away that I'm a bit concerned this mod is not really been used a lot. So really considering atm if all the work is worthy or not . I will most likely NOT fix this issue now. If I decide to make more skins at some point for the other new models then I'll try
  10. I added another link in the fromt page, this completes more zeds as described there. you add this as a separated mod, so no need to replace things. now this zeds were made in a different way, had to be re assambled entirely in order to make them work, not just the skin as ussual, the entire model was extracted, re assambled in unity which is a ton of amazing work and it was all made by XYTH our lord and savior. just to make clear that without his intervention this zeds were not able to be re textured as i usually do. this was tested and works fine so far.
  11. thanks, well the others need actually more work, they dont take the skin the same way and it will take a ton of extra steps and more work to make them, so im asking some creature pack modders for help on that. It is really just a small stupid difference they have, to work or dont, but that small difference makes that now we have to do a lot of extra work to make them take the new skin and the others zeds bundle will be a lot more heavy in MB because of the way we have to make them. but we found no way around it unless some PIMPS get mercy on us and throw us a bone.
  12. I just placed this on the top of the first page, it has been tested and should work just fine. good luck. have fun.
  13. thanks, i dont do free stuff for money tho, i know some modders friends accept donations but honestly they spend that money and a lot more even in assets they buy. i dont buy any assets is just time i invest in this and i do it because i like to do it. so again, apriciated but no need mate. i have never looked into the traders really, i think i used some traders models or parts to mix them up in blender for some early xyths NPCs but im not sure if this same method of reskin would work on them, i mean it dosnt even work atm on all the new HD zeds so lol. may look into it at some poi
  14. got the crawlers and moes working, next is YO and that would complete the first set
  15. technically the old zombies from the earlier pack could work, for the remaining old models, tho the xmls may need some tweaking
  16. im still making a lot of changes on them and adjustments, got 2 sets done. boe and arlene. thats 4 regular skins + 1 feral + 1 rad for each zed. now, as i commented before from the 10 new models tfp originaly released only 5 models work for now. (and i havent checked the 2 new ones in the latest drop) so for now i will drop only the 5 zeds that work fine with those variations 4 - 1 - 1 for each model. once that is done i will release and then get to work on making the other 5 models to work also. now i know you people get inpatient but have in mind we h
  17. the arlenes, now with an awesome guppy effect addition to the rads. all hail king guppy!
  18. well they quite dont work yet, the new models have many differences and present issues, i got all the skins re made but trying to solve the problems. so will take some time and probably some help from fellow modders to work it out.
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