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  1. @Faatal Ai pathing question. In a few of the streams I saw a constant behavior. The border framing around windows, and the attic stairs caused the AI to break off tracking the player, and pound on the border, even though they, and the player can pass through it. Is that intended, or a collider overlap problem?
  2. I have Blanket questions, because I'm genuinely curious. Also this is how I learn, and make personal adjustments to compare results. Regarding the DMS, Is it Theme, Volume, Timing, Instrument choices, too many situational occurrences, repetitiveness, Instant Intensity, that are most disliked? Regarding: Sleepers, should they all wake in a poi, once the the stealth factor is blown, or should it be distance related, and if so what distance? Examples: A shotgun blast in a two story dilapidated house should wake everyone and the neighbors in most instances. A bow or melee weapon in a semi-closed room should at minimum cause a stir, at most cause curiosity. Should player light level, stealth crouch, plus sound be a combined equation, to adjust individual sleeper volume responses? Followup question Should there be a cascade or herd effect? Example: Enter poi, stealth crouched, use a bow, z1 volume 1 does not die instantly, angry growl 1 stirs the rest of the volume, if not killed by the second growl, the rest awake, take too long to kill these and it becomes a house party. I ask about these because I have been adjusting, the ambient, and direct lighting gradients, in a16 a17 a18, and at one point had it so, in stealth stance, if I began to enter a room, the closest Z would turn its head but not wake. I back out and it returns to default pose, repeat same result, One shot him with a bow and as he died, the next nearest one stood up. I didn't move and they stayed in the new position for a minute then layed back down.
  3. Watching the streams to pass time. I listened to a few comments, and thought. It will probably be a mod later, since vanilla already has icons for the map and TFP has included the color tinted onscreen locator icons, If 3 icons can be redrawn. A green dot,an amber dot,and red skull. Green for friendly completed, amber for quest completed, and red to be solely for multiplayer PVP. A fourth can be added BLUE for meet up location. It would help provide interactive mapping. A quick unobtrusive visual for map overlay, and if the red is coded to be shared, it would be green for the friendly side, and red for non-party members, it would create territorial zones. For basic single player and friendly party only would be easy, just two shared icon changes. For PVP, would need code: player would have to clear all of the sleeper zones within POI, retrieve a certain percentage of loot, and destroy a specific foundation block to assign the Red Skull. This would work best in a controlled PVP RP environment.
  4. Faatal, MM I have read some of the comments, responses, additions, subtractions, and the tech used. Faatal recently wrote about script customization to make external or imported shaders more amicable for this game. That brought a thought to my mind. I am not a programmer or coder so please tell me if this is or will be possible. Roland I know this will most likely pertain to the future gold more than A19 but this is where I was inspired. I had to find them. These are 2 examples of what I meant, I kept tne normals and the outline and just replaced the texture and it conformed to the premade model shape. This was without the advantages of better lighting, higher resolution texture, and Texture2dArray. I can only imagine the game capability now. The TFP goal as I under stand it is streamlining, optimization, and non Kimpossible coding aspects. Using Texture2dArray, the Random call, a custom script, and setting the Body models as a template. Example Boe, Joe, Marlene, Darlene, and Steve. More can be added at your discretion. The face, scarring, and apparel are baked normals, but the overlay is merely a texture that adapts to these texture maps. In a similar manner to having multiple walk types for variety, this is animation I know. Use the body models as blank animated mannequins. Its also ever so slightly similar to the uma technique but without the bones and additional overhead. Can Texture2darray, + "Random" script call to a specific layer at runtime creation of an entity, + assortment of facial/body/apparel textures and colors be used to create an extended amount of appearances, without adding an overload of models. The idea comes from forum conversations, and one of the first overlays I did for my character. I used the cap, mask, armor and biker boots, erased the textures, keeping the outline, and clone overlayed it with chainmail. If its possible then it may also be extended to a Texture2dArray for the block textures allowing for and extended amount of visual variety for every aspect of the game, lower drawcalls, and 7DTD unique entities, and nearly infinite combinations. Examples: In the code you have 365 day reference, trees can have different tone leaves and bark. Poi's can have variable layers of decay which is a grunge overlay, blocks can have different tonal discoloration. But you would not have to change any of the normals or heightmaps, only the albedo/diffuse reference. Prior Tfp used altitude to adjust temperature, Altitude can be use to change the grade of snow overlay for vegetation with out a code hack. Plants can have a color overlays to follow the lighting gradient for day/night time shifts. Basically an interactive look added to the environment, without a massive rework. Expanded thought: For those that like to paint, Texture2dArray, can allow for a huge expansion on color and pattern selection but using minimal sized images. Code and time wise would this be feasible, with the incorporation of PBR and optimization? 4Sheetz
  5. MM What environmental changes have you incorporated for A19? A17 was microsplat precursor, texture2darray for blocks a more reactive lighting. Was that the first linear test? Image heightmap to create worlds. Quiet walking sleepers. Biome reduction. A18 was microsplat terrain full, texture2darray for blocks, interior poi culling. Still tiptoe sleepers. Active music system. Biome reduction. A19? Just looking at the environmental evolution. What is your personal environmental representation goal? Examples: old,new,mixed POIs. Clean,ravaged,mixed landscape. Realistic or surreal lightingscape. 4Sheetz
  6. Roland I don't know if im allowed to ask about the animations. But if so, here goes, If not then can you move it to the dreams. To add simple unpredictability. Is it possible, if animations are being adjusted, to first remove just the death animation and sound, while you retain the kinetic ragdoll and the knock down animations. Increase the knockdown probability. Remap the bones damage percentage, while retaining the dismemberment. IE: critcal, nominal, incidental. Keep the randomized time for getting up, and remove the death xp notification, "just for deaths". A player would still receive XP but not as a popup. Presently majority of the time the second knock down accompanied with a death animation and sound even if decapitated is a constant. Last subtraction is to remove the mouseover screen notification for the body the one that says corpse I think. Just exhibit model name or noting at all. This would make a major part of the game simply unpredictable. The only real guarantee of inactivity is decapitation. No matter if you play run and gun, roleplay, or casual player, all Z designated entities especially POI sleepers are a renewed threat. The body removal time is approx 30-60 seconds. If getup time is randomized up to the max time, and a random proximity variable is added to a knocked down Z, any player would have to really clear an area. It would not make them bullet sponges, just make the necessity for accuracy more relevant. Yet retain all of the Ai interativity of vanilla. Looking at the pictures with the corpses on the ground you would never know if they are props, the dead undead, or undead undead waiting to pounce. 4Sheetz from the back seetz
  7. MM Would it be possible to do a time lapse of A19 showing the linear lighting for a full day. Approx 175 speed at 120 days should be about a minute, out side in a rotating direction. If so can you include an animated view of a short internal walk with a torch then a flashlight. Ive been readjusting the gradients on my game so that I can use 0 gamma. 4Sheetz
  8. Instead of just quests, why not use a pool of the TFP staff's personal ideas and also create challenges. Many of the responses to whatever you add both here and on the vids, no matter how good the additions are, that was too easy, I can do that like this. So the foundational or underlying thought is Challenge. Example: Using the "Event System" written about combined with "TFP" input, There is a local base, impervious until nightfall, filled with dilapidated boards, and some of the strongest AI. Full of desired loot, and weapons. The exterior blocks are all trader protected so no cheesing. The interior blocks are stress supports so must be careful or excess structural damage by player or ai causes cave in, being trapped, and death. Player placed blocks degrade rapidly and are destroyed. Torches have a short life span then are destroyed. Randomized locations of lootholders behind plain looking boards, or non-obvious locales. Radioactive and poisonous areas included. EMP and RF flux causes flashlights to flicker, and turrets to fail. That would leave torches and basic mechanical weapons. Include screamers, to raise the dead, no entity ai is excluded from res. can only be entered at dusk, timer is set to eject player at dawn then it resets POI so no leaving stuff behind to continue. If you die you are ejected with no backpack just belt accessories. A player would have to plan more carefully. The only way out is through, The weapons received are in the form of the trader recover packs so they can't be stored in the belt slots. If player survived, then they could be turned in at trader for weapons and armorments exchange dependant on level and type of packet. It would showcase POI interior culling, the linear lighting added, the music system, Event system, Stealth, sleeper and awake ai. POI dungeon creation in place now. Radiation and dysentery in place now. A good first poi would be the Nav House on the hill dungeon. You can call it "The Horde in a Box Challenges". or "Beat the Clock".
  9. I have 2 questions regarding water. Will an animation be added to automatically holster/disarm weapon when in water, or else make player sink? Second, Will staying for extended time in the water swimming or treading, raise the probability of dysentery. Example: when the gulp sound happens. I wish I could apply for chance to pre-screen the a19 release. I am at one of the essential places, business is 100% above expected, a few of the employees are out sick, but gotta keep on moving.
  10. That is the part I don't know. I understand the math, but not the programming fully. I didn't know if a custom variable was limited. Because if not It could possibly allow an unlimited choice of randomized values in all of the xml values. color, speed, random reaction. instead of a single controlling value, to let a random roll create unpredictability. The reason most things in games are figured out quickly is because they usually follow a linear path. I was inspired by what he posted, the main desire was a truer randomization of action reaction, basically the unexpected. Similar to what a learning AI Neural net or Fuzzy logic do. It may be impossible codewise. But I knew someone here would know the answer, or if it were possible.
  11. Faatal, Sorry I meant can the variable Random be used in the game with a min/max for 2 or 3 numbers sets. The thought came from your post reply regarding random zombie speed. Example: <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="base_set" value="1.10"/> <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="base_set" Rnd2_value="1.10,1.5"/> 1.10 being the minimum and 1.5 being the max. So on generation each entity has an individual has a different speed, but within a controlled parameter. Can a Custom variable be used in this way? The longer was for the set in the cars. Example: <property name="RandomTintColor4" value="80,80,15" param1="crushed_vehicles"/> <property name="RandomTintColor4" Rnd3_value="(1,80),(20,80),(0,15)" param1="crushed_vehicles"/> I know the syntax is incorrect it is only way i know to show the separation I am asking about. Within each bracket is the minmax to that can be chosen for each number in the set. My prior incomplete post question was can a variable be added either as a class called Random_variable. That includes an allocation for number sets of 2 or 3. Or can CVar be called to do it? I'm trying to understand both CVar and RandomRoll. I know they are different applications but do they apply to a singular value, or can they be expanded to include multiple sets? My thought was that if they can be then, you would def know how, and could have a random speed for all entities, on screen.
  12. Faatal can a Random variable be added to code, that can be used in the xml, example Random float,float,float .000 .000 .000 to 100.000 Or does it exist and and I have not found it yet. I didn't know if a generic random class called RandomArray can be added that can be utilized within all xml parameters, or if it has to be added strictly to each class.
  13. My "It worked for Gerber" statement explained. My managers would let me read their books. This one was one of the best. https://gulfbusiness.com/top-10-marketing-disasters-in-the-world/ Scroll down to #10. Read and try not to laugh.
  14. I didn't realize the poly count was that high. I was only thinking within a base putting 1 or two strategically. But a compromise might be to be able to put the texture, of the ammo bag, on a block face vs text. It worked for Gerber.
  15. Nice Laz, Just downloaded it will use when off tomorrow, thanks.
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