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  1. @Faatal My Poi question came from multiple twitch sessions/commentaries, each about separate new changes going into A20. You, Ken, MM, and the last was the gentleman that spoke about TFP adjusting the loot table to more logically distribute the type of loot per poi type/Tag. The Poi tags are what i was talking about, Madmole had FubarPrime to refresh the Poi's generated in the area to show the nearly infinite random spawn layout visually. Ken showcased the Street stamping layout, which showed a visual view of his coded street configuration, he had produced in a prior alpha and had now perfected. You spoke of being able to assign custom Poi Tags to regulate entity spawning. Then the last TFP member spoke of loot redistribution. Separate processes that are all related to randomized and controlled spawning. Heirarchy: top down Biome/Entity, city/layout, street/grouped poi according to tag, loot/distributed to poi group/per poi tag. Result higher more difficult volume entities surrounding specific pois naturally, no matter the randomization. That combined with loot distribution control makes for a nice flow. I only wanted to know if its Poi tag, street stamp, or the old biome association, from prefab xml that could regulate how many of a particular Poi would repeat in a random generation. Or none of the above.
  2. @Faatal I have two questions, i hope you can answer. The first is directly related to A20, the second not so much but is an included feature that I am curious about. You mentioned something on your Twitch playthrough. Regarding grouping POI's, to regulate spawn rates and volume. The question I have is, using this in conjunction with the group stamping city layout will it be possible to regulate "how many" of a particular poi will appear in a random gen? Example: 8k world random, if I'd like it to have 5 military pois, no matter which one. This is mainly a thought for the RPG style i play. Scenario: 5 outposts, loot xml only has arms and armor in these outposts, hospital medical equipment, and each is a death trap, other pois would have misc. survival necessities like food water, regular clothing. The second question is regarding the shadowed lighting when entering an enclosure. Is it based on distance from a portal, or are certain block positions given a designated value to regulate light level. Example: doorway/window/hole light gamma 100%, distance +2 paces gamma 60% OR is it radius to perimeter gradually reducing to 0%.
  3. Dear Joseph They call him Mister Tibbs, I mean Jiminy. Cricket that is. No lie I swear. I once bottled methane at camp as a joke, volatile to say the least. Later you could order a concentrated vile from a joke company. My friends and i would break it on the floor of the subway. Just 4 fun. So it proves anything is possible. When you put your mind to it. 4Sheetz
  4. @Roland Thanks I understand now. I was thinking about it from a reverse engineering view. When I saw the concept art, and read about the in-house system, on the first page. The art looked like a single molded model, more detailed than the previous iteration. So I wondered how the pieces could still be included if they each had an overlay without clipping. Personally I like the new suits, they feel more in sync with the detailed environment, shown by FubarPrime on twitch. 4Sheetz
  5. @Roland I'm curious, because of what you wrote, and the full dialog prior. Since TFP will be using an inhouse, or even if a precursor in UMA were used as a test. If the outfit was simply a single full body bonded pieces, a onesie if you will accept, that overlays the full body. Or when worn simply referred to an alternate model when the slot is active. It would possibly allow for M/F representation, no clipping issues, ability to add remove change personally chosen armor, and camouflage armor strength or weakness. Example: Base model, allows for the traditional, head chest arms legs visual addons. A fifth slot that is a visual over-ride that refers to an alternate model. This model has the full garb visual. The armor is merely the numeric of what is worn in the other slots. The full outfit is basically a visual, and Cvars used to adjust abilitites. So if you are a strong farmer, you can wear full plate, but still look like a farmer. If the outfit slot is vacated, it refers back to model one that shows the pieces worn. You lose the perk incentives, but you are still protected. Wanna do battle just put on the the nomad uniform, SLOT 1, and receive The added bonuses and visuals. Even a color tint can be added, if a grayscale overlay pattern is used, similar to adding a tattoo. It adds variety, flexibility, adaptability, and mod-ability. It can also use both systems concurrently. To attain the full outfit, could be a one off find, or a piece together quest, and when all are found a single item is the result. @Roland is this similar to what you meant?
  6. I once played a game online for 15 years 97' to 2012', the name is not important, although it is still online. It had an adjustable but rather rigid approach to attribute separation. It worked initially with a slider, but only focused on 3 attributes, Strength,Dexterity,and Intellect. There was also an absolute attribute and skill cap. On character creation you could focus on strength, it would not allow the others to go to 0 instead i think it was close to 15ish, and vice versa. I had 5 characters that I would start with different ratings, depending on what i intended to do for the day, I would log on with that character. There was a strength dex int requirement for each weapon you wield, each skill to progress effectively. Once the Cap was reached, your character was complete. strength was for HP, digging, heavy arms and armor, fighting slow overpowered creatures. Dex was for using the bow and arrow, spears, and fighting humanoids, intel made specialty weapons and was the only one that could repair them, it also made the medicines. Each of the 58 skills learned was strictly used to advance a specific attribute, no bleed. The skill cap also meant that you could not specialize in every skill associated with that attribute, between 75 and 100% you saw bonuses when that skill was used. 7DTD has 5 attributes Perception, Strength, Fortitude, Agility/Dexterity, Intellect. Supportive perks/skills. The main differences are the expanded upper limit or cap, and a single dedicated player normally assigned to a created world. So inherently each player, must strive to learn and earn nearly all perks and become a jack of all trades. They just choose a different starting path each play-through, but end up with nearly the same build each time. This limits other potential choices. This is not a request, because Ive learned to adapt and temper my desire for specific outcomes, in-game. My request would be two actually in vanilla. The first is to allow a person to create additional starting profiles. 5 to be exact, it would allow for variances in play with each logon. Today if they were playing COOP. They may want to be the cook, or hunter or miner or builder. On Horde night they may want to be a fighter or defender. With a separate profile that shares in the loot location but keeps their own backpack resources, they could role-play each character, with each being a specific build focus. The second request would deal with specialized animations and abilities that would be regulated by upper tier attribute achievements. Examples: Agility at upper tier a spear may be able to do a spinning move. Although a strength build would be able to use a spear, it would have degraded DPS, and not do the special move. Strength may burn more food than it produces, but intellect can cook more efficiently. Perception would make a great tracker, and stealth raider making less noise as they move about, but they may not have as much speed as Agility does to getaway if chased. Agility could outrun and out climb perception, but Zed awareness distance is greatly shortened. TFP has written regarding specialized suits in the future,if it becomes possible I'd like to see each suit dedicated to specialized animation per attribute, and regulated to being worn only if the prerequisite attribute is met. That would be a nice late/end game perk. 4Sheetz to the wind PS. Often I would start as my cook, have a person come up and talk about a battle adventure, Id log off my cook, and bring in my warrior class and head out, exhibiting a different personality for that character.
  7. TFP or anyone that can answer this for me. First id like to write that I watched the stream six with FubarPrime on Twitch. It was great, the environment even from a voyeuristic view, gave a feeling of natural flow. Then they mentioned the inhouse stamping system. This is what prompted my questions. What are the inclusions, in regard to what is available to be stamped. The questions i have if they can be answered are. Will a mask color be included for modding potential city layouts, or do we simply flatten the land to specific L/W sizes? I am asking this in regard to suburbs and outskirt areas. Cities have a tendency to be laid out in 90 degree corners. Towns a little more loosely structured. Suburbs more terrain oriented. Within the cities, if we created a custom terrain shape, a circle for instance, that was large enough to hold a few lots, could we also stamp, lot sizes for custom ditribution of potential POIs or is it random? Prior when I would customize terrain I would often have flattened areas that would not generate Poi's. It seemed that it was a hard coded altitude regulation. Ken will this still work for modding terrain <terrain_generator name="vanilla2" base_height="32" water_level="38"> <module name="HM" type="NoiseFromImage"> <property name="metersPerPixel" value="15.14"/> <property name="imageFile" value="sarek.png"/> </module> <module name="BIAS" type="BiasOutput"> <property name="sourceModule" value="HM"/> <property name="bias" value="-30"/> </module> <output module="BIAS"/> </terrain_generator> 4Sheetz
  8. Faatal This is something I thought of a while passed. Since each entity has a set of sound files, and 7DTD has dynamic music, would it be possible to break up an entire battle song into subchannel overlays. To create variable fight music. My explanation: An old program Mixmeister Studio uses loops with the same BPM that allows for drag and drop sequence creation. The second old app is Sony Sound Forge. This app allows an MP3 to be broken into approx 32 tracks. Fruity loops allowed volume controller. An example is the Taiko music from Deep Rising. Toying around with the two of them and then using FL volume to time per track controller, I was able to phase in loops at specific times. RE: 7DTD DMS, could a single or variety of songs be broken up in the same fashion and each track be associated with the entities, volume per track to be controlled by say proximity, or awareness level, with a constant rhythm or score playing in the background as a base. Depending on the entities and situation involved the music would dynamically change. But is still a single song. Examples: minding my business on a roof, and a predator comes close, i am not looking for it, because i'm crafting, then i hear the low predatory loop added in to the base music. Walking across the roof if i get closer the volume raises. Entering a sleeper den, all associated track are on minimum, with base music at standard level, one of them begins to stir, and its track begins to raise. It's an idea I got from horror movies, example Friday the 13th, you don't see Jason but the music tells you he is around. Or Jaws, same premise.
  9. The files I had on the shared server were removed, because they had been there for 3 years. A lot has changed in that time. Below is the chart to adjust the atmosphere to your desire. The file that needs to be edited is resourc.assets. The tools required are UABE,possibly a zip program,a graphics program and notepad++; Examples are photoshop, Krita, GIMP. On the left sky box, sky, sun, fog, fogfade. are the file prefixes that need to be edited. each has a four digit number suffix, examples sky2288 sky2738 sky1763 etc. Each one would be called depending on the biome you are in. The numbers have changed in each released alpha. so if a person wants or needs to revert to a prior color. easiest way is if you favored a color scheme from say alpha 16 or 15 download the alpha, use uabe to extract the files with the names shown in the first line of this paragraph. Open them in an image editor look for the favored color, and save those. You then open the version you are playing and export all sky fog and fogfade. The way I would figure them out is paint all of them black and paint one group 1 red 1 blue 1 green 1 yellow 1 purple etc. start game in Dm and teleport to each biome. Just look up and there is your color, which points to the exported file. Now rename the saved sky file that you liked from the prior alpha to the new version name. repeat for fog and fogfade and sun. You reimport and you are done. If you see a weird variance in the game, go to biomes.xml and look at the biome to see if the old version is making a call to the spectrum, highlight that line and in notepad ++ temporarily comment it out.
  10. I don't use that color, as a preference when I play I like a dark balmy feel. But a person can edit to the color of their preference. By editing the the files listed above. The old tutorial is still a valid way of getting a specific color desired. The hardest or longest part is that the numeric extension changes per alpha, so you have to chart them then adjust the color. normally I play with gamma 0, then begin an a modified adjustment to the atmosphere. to get to that color its basically editing sky fog fogfade to shades of green and leaving sun as is. sky is the central of 3 circles of color the fog and finally fogfade is from the horizon up to fog ring.
  11. Here are a few with captions. These are all from A193 variants. They are blended biomes, that i hand painted, I wanted a more subtle blend from one biome to the other and they are based off of the elevation map i designed so snow is at higher elevations, just a personal preference. Then I added some of the other atmospherics from assemblycsharp dll like snowy. This should give a general idea of the capability. Enjoy.
  12. I will try to answer this for you. This is a link to a tutorial I did a while back. Basically TFP has given us the ability to adjust atmospheric conditions to an vast extent. The files are sky, fog, fade, sun, fogfade. They are gradient color values. Each one has multiple values example sun2092 sun2468 sun5011. Each of these would be associated with a different biome, and also horde day and night. The names have been altered a bit per alpha but still do the same thing. A simpler more limited way to adjust the atmosphere is changing the spectrum, in biomes.xml. I will upload some of my A19 images to show potential. So in short with a bit of work you can adjust to your hearts content. I hope this helps point you in the right direction.
  13. Faatal "That is not as simple as it sounds. Is that a hill or a staircase or a bunch of blocks placed like a stair case or a combination of all of it. Should the AI beat the side of the hill because you are 5m up it? No. It would not make sense. So you have to looks at all those blocks, which is slow and try to figure out what the 3d cube of blocks around and between the zombie and you mean. Tons of edge cases for nonsensical behavior. " This is a question brought about by your answer to the above question. Basically it's a multiple behavior scenario. The simplified version, I copied all of the zombie profiles multiple times changed the name by a numeric at the end of the name. Each one I varied the parameters of awareness "sight hearing", approach speed, and the volume of their voice like suppressed magnum vs un-suppressed magnum, then added them to the spawns. They all use same models but I never knew the reaction they would have. This included sleepers. All blocks in the game can be categorized into groups or hierarchy. simplest "station created, player placed, terrain, even prefab pois have a combination of those." Player placed can be absorbed by station created. Instead of adding a weight or calculation. Can they be given a binary designation of I and O. If that zombie is spawned, and follows the basic pathing to a specific x,y perimeter and z is not equal. then any "I" block is destroyed, as they move more "I" blocks are within sphere to be destroyed. Call it the "Foreman Zombie" heat is generated at an expedited rate by this type of zombie's activities, bringing next level zombies such as wights, cops, demolishers. These zombies favor non line of sight, so it would draw a player from safety to get rid of them before the rest come. The crew drawn by this zombie would be cloned models, but follow the same logic as the Foreman. Destroy area. Would this add a lot of overhead.
  14. Ok I understand now, I was thinking it would be situational Like horde night. Will they possibly have their own pulse raising music, and will they detect you in a barrier and attack? The reason I ask is because id like to attach a heat bloom to a perimeter attack that draws other zombies if not dispatched quickly. Thanks for the answer.
  15. Faatal: This is a question regarding the Feral sense. I am using prior alpha references, only as a reference. In a prior alpha there was a visual screen indicator, the reactional eye. There was also for a short period a LUT screen overlay. Will there be an indicator as the feral sense is being active or inactive? Potential thoughts along the lines of a tinted Lut, or using the music system; the sound of a heartbeat. At a low volume it could be an auditory enhancement consisting of whispers or chattering teeth or clicking claws. References Infrasonic sound 18.98 - 19 HZ binaural beats, Friday the 13th movie series, Aliens, resident evil, doom adrenal shot, TWD the whisperers. Or is it intended to be an on\off parameter? My personal wish would be a temp light level over-ride, combined with a black LUT overlay so no matter the \ brightness or gamma setting the closer you are to getting caught the darker and less colored the screen. Just don't use this theme or you'll cause someone a heart attack. https://youtu.be/9WcU_PrauOQ
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