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  1. Simulating sound, for AI activation. The game incorporates, Heat bloom for attracting AI attention, prior was also a smell actuator for AI. Light emission presently is a bit more passive but still exists. The one that does not feel as evenly actuated is sound. Its usually a hit and miss as to whether it will work during personal gameplay. Most Ai seems to react through Raycast, and direct line of sight, this includes using weapons of varying decibels, Light emissions, tracking. I don't think this idea has presently been used in too many games, but, here is my query. For each of the sounds emitted is it possible to attach a simple square shaped invisible collider? Each collider would be of varying size. Depending on the sound value applied. They are centered on the emitter, Be it player, falling tree, building, destruction, workstation/forge/chemstation, firing a weapon, walking, opening a door or box. For solid objects, the collider could penetrate it like bullets through the bars, but they would act as a reducer or blocker. Example: If firing an M60 in an open field, any AI struck by the collider would change and begin heading in the direction of the sound. Eventually their ray cast would direct them to the source. This could also work for stealth, sneaking up on the AI from behind, would allow for real stealth that is dependent upon speed of approach. If they are walking through grass or a high yield sound actuator it would reduce the sound collider size of the stealth approach. If they are standing still then it would simulate listening, and increase the collider size. In regard to POI's it would drastically change how clearing on is approached. Stealth clearing VS Run and Gun Vs Brawler. Each would have its own pros and cons. If a person does the Kite long distance action then it would work just like doing a fetch or clear quest, and reset the volume. Excess sound would penetrate walls floors and ceilings, potentially bringing all to the player position. Excess sound could also be used to actuate volumes on multiple levels, increasing the threat. Z-AI it would be prudent to put them down as soon as possible even with stealth because their growls would also have a collider that can awaken other zombies becoming a cascading effect. A square is 2D, to actuate 3d a second square collider can be used in vertical position also centered on the emitter. So instead of needing 360' or 360 raycasts per sound one compound collider could be used to simulate AI sound activation. Breadcrumbs
  2. Faatal My Question first, then an explanation of my thought. Is it possible to add an xml that allows you to scale the POI sleeper Volume/Spawn in the Config directory? My example is based on the 7 days horde. This scales progressively as a player or group's gamestage progresses. POI prefabs have a base governing xml file for each. When logging on there are options for setting run speed, horde quantity, etc. Can TFP, at some point, add a file that uses the same sort of logic for the POI's when actuating the sleeper volume? When entering a POI, culling works great limiting render, making this is a controlled render environment. Example: Base Gamestage 1 POI volume would run using the default poi xml. As a player or group's gamestage progressed so would the POI spawn to compensate or vary. I dont mean create a bullet sponge, but instead if you enter the same poi in two insances, at two different GS levels you would face different adversaries "progressively harder than the prior". The reason for the suggested file addition is simplification of actuation. 1 file to rule them all. Formatting: In the poi xml give a designation to the spawn volumes, "1,1a,beta,etc." This could be based on POI size, or potential loot yield. It would allow the scaling of the volumes instantly on a case by case basis. Example: beta property value = 0, can be adjusted to beta property value = +204, the 204 being GS + 204 so at gamestage 20, this POI volume would be 224 from the Horde file less the amount. The second property would be beta quantity property value = 0, 0 equals default, adjusted to beta quantity property value = +5, So if the default quantity of rendered in an area is 2 it would change to 7. Both single player, and Server admin could adjust the POI scale to match the intial selections, from the settings screen. If a person is new and wants to try their hand at hard levels, but don't want a high volume of zombies in pois they could play warrior on the main selection but set the POI's to minus 1 or 2. For a replay after getting accustomed to the game mechanics, they could set the scale to +100,+5. So the same game has their own custom replay ability. On the other end Players that have been around for a while could set the POI's to a personal level of difficulty, and quantity, that can be adjusted from a single file, thus remapping gameplay. I thought of this because I observed how well the culling camera, is working in the controlled, areas. POIS are set in basic grouping types, For me I could set weapon shops to hold Zcops, and medical caches like popNpillz or hospitals to have rabid nurses, from the beginning without editing each file. To ask me to refrain from going in these places early on, is like saying Go to the beach and only look at the water and sky. Human Nature.
  3. This gave me a thought In the workstation, if a multi-slot upper queue was added like in the forge. You could put the repair kit, and other repair materials there similar to the anvil bellows cruc. You could,then, place up to 6 items in the repair slots and hit the start button to begin. This way you would not be holding the weapon or device on person until complete. But, stone age axe, and shovel should stay on character.
  4. Can you add random to sleeper volume, between +50 and 5778 And add a file to the config folder "Prefabs.xml" Poi's presently have a single or multiple Sleeper Volumes. My dream is to have the sleeper volumes be randomized but advanced to make transgression cost, and have to earn the loot inside. Thought process, Poi's have linear space so after single play-through, the average player single, multi, Tuber, know what to expect. I would like the unexpected without adding to your load of specifying per volume per POI, that's a lot. But in the end it will still be linear. It could add replay-ability, an really unknown aspect, and still be fair across the board for new players, and Longtime players. Prefabs.xml A single controller file, that assigns gamestage difficulty Add a line to assign, difficulty per POI 1-10. Example: 1 would be a single level, where upon entry you can see everything "cabin". 10 would be the hospital, the factory, Towers. 2-9 would be dispersed among the rest. Gamestage = Random(Gamestage +=50,5778)* Days alive. Each volume would set and drop its own choices upon generation. The inclusion of the two numbers would let TFP, Server managers, New Players, and everyone adjust the difficulty level, in all POI's simply by adjusting the the variables in 10 lines. For multiplayer it would would use similar formula to the horde. Group Gamestage average and DaysAlive Highest value. The result is that no matter how it is configured, it would randomize what is spawned. Ten of the same POI side by side, would have a different set of Zombie infestation, without editing to infinity. Last can a Line be added to code to allow 0,0 be a valid input. So a new or young player using this, in say level 1 - 3, would have no spawn in these, POI's to get their feet wet. It would also add a nonlinear progression of difficulty in the POI's depending on the level preassigned. A final addon, is if you have multiple volumes in a poi, a line could be added so each volume in a POI can have its own random spawn both in quantity and Gamestage. If added then a player desiring random can config it , If commented out then it sets to Vanilla default. Basically an over-ride command.
  5. @Faatal I have a question regarding sleeper volumes, and no footsteps when Z's are spawned from within. As I've played I tried to pay attention to what happened and when. When Z is spawned out of sight in a sleeper volume, you here the thud as the contact the floor in their preset position. When engaged they in a single volume they walk with no sound. When multiple volumes within a single poi the ones from another volume have random footsteps if they move to a prior volume where the player is. The set born of the first volume don't. If a Z is dragged from the street, they have constant footsteps outside, and intermittent inside depending on POI and volume size. Randomly if you melee a sleeper spawned Z, they begin to make footsteps when they get up as if I smacked the volume out of them. SleeperVolume.SpawnPoint spawnPoint = this.spawnPointList[_index]; Vector3 a = spawnPoint.pos.ToVector3(); a.x += 0.5f; a.z += 0.5f; The Z height is += 0.5f, so when they stand they are bound to the volume. Does the volume even though virtual, have a Z height collider at the base? If not can one be written in to adjust for the .5 plus height. The reverse of this is the single block egress, by reducing player walk/run crouch height to .49 you can go under single block openings. I had asked a similar question a while back. During that time I expanded my search to find out why. I came across the above formula when I was playing with adjusting POI sleeper volumes to be +50 gamestage.
  6. MadMole You posted a statement regarding too many tris or or poly on screen, in relation to the unity engine. So, I did a test, and it may only be related to my pc, a19 pre stable. I adjusted the Grass to 1.0 for all of the the biomes except desert. The result was visually beautiful, but it would kick out in the Pine forest mostly. It gave me a thought regarding zombies. In the future can there be 2 levels of detail type zombies produced. The Top billers Moe, Joe, Steve etc. Plus a Low poly low generic color texture, Fodder set, sort of like the single digit Alpha Z's for random roaming, roaming horde, or 7th Night. They would have low HP, Low XP yield, that can be used as a scenery and activity filler. For them just use a general controller, sort of like a swarm AI. Distance based, like a sphere of influence.
  7. new candies The I-ZombI Series "SpyderBytez" Lasts for 1 minute allows you to take on the attributes of the spider zombie. Player animation changes to spider, Allows you to do the spider jump including distance. It allows you to jump to stationary vertical walls. Can be used for pounce stealth melee attack. But prone to counter attack of easier broken bones, and lacerations. If an arc trajectory overlay is added, can allow low building roof access, and building to building hops. You will have a random stumble and fall animation upon landing. Negative effect, can't hold a weapon during that time, except the fist gauntlets. "Creepy Crawlerz" Lasts for 1 minute allows you to take on the attributes of the Crawler. Uses the crawler Steve animation. To hide better when being hunted, reduces zombie sight range within vicinity. Can only hold the Gauntlets, But prone to counter attack of easier broken bones, and lacerations. "Ragin'Bull" Lasts for 1 minute allows you to take on the attributes of the Demolition Zombie "minus the explosion of course". Player can run at full speed but weight is temporarily adjusted to allow sending a horde flying like bowling pins, "Ragdoll Much". Running at full tilt, also allows for crashing destruction of most wooden doors, or lateral walls. Upon crashing through, you will have a random stumble and fall animation. You take damage upon collisions, to stationary objects, creates a larger area sound. When colliding with NPCs, minor damage is taken per collision, unless contacted by an Npc melee animation then greater damage. Armor rating is standardized to bare bones so don't get hit. Bare knuckle brawler, Can one punch a pestersome coyote, or vulture. Breaks blocks like an axe. Can hold no weapon does extra melee damage to blocks and entities. But prone to counter attack of easier broken bones, and lacerations. "Halitosis-Z" Lasts for one minute. Only mildly radioactive candy. Allows you to take on the Puking effect. Reduces health overtime, and fullness, by 7% per puke. Can only be healed after timer is complete. Has same effect to blocks and entities as the zombie spitters. Aoe effect. Max run speed is reduce during this time. "Scream Queen" Lasts for one use, Pull a horde on your favorite enemy base or while they are deep in a POI. Sound bytes sampled from "Down with the sickness" "Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah". and "The immigrant song" "Ah, AH, aHHHH, ahH". Temporarily raises the heat emmission for the targeted area, like the screamer does. A personal wish is adding the, ragdoll knockback, and stumble to the player, especially if within the area of an explosion, causing dropping of hand held weapons. except Gauntlets.
  8. For me I like simplification of the Assets in games. Permanent degradation then break would be one thing plus No repair. But ite would also need a balance or compliment, Similar to Crysis 3. As you fight Npcs have vaiable vaiable weapons pre-equipped with custom mods already installed. All you do is add bullets and attitude. The only part that ever seemed out of place was and is the ego additive. An AK is an AK, The grains are still the same, the things that change the ability of the weapon are the mods. The color coding should only regulate the amount of possible mods added, and the use quality. Ive always been contemt finding a weapon period. "In a survival game" the rest is superfluous. I find or make a club, thats better than my hands, then i find or make a bow thats has the advantage of distance, the compound has the advantage of strength but uses more stamina as a tradeoff. A pistol has power but attracts attention. Rifle types have range and auto re-fire. ETC. The zombies don't increase in strength just in quantity of spawn rate, the balance is pema deg and an it is what it is weapon. You scavenge with you 30% weapon, and save your 100% for the horde. When it gets low it becomes your scavenge weapon the other is scrapped or sold, and you hunt for another high durability horde weapon. "Monkey Wrench additive" would be the durability bar is invisble and the title is Ak47, That would definitely tighten the sphincter when playing. References COD Zombie each weapon has its own attribute but is limited use, Crysis 3 premodded weapons abound, Pre 19 7dtd, club iron spiked barbed club, Dying Light Crazy specialty perma mods quick degradation avter the first few upgrades no anguish just play. Fortunately these changes are still allowed for personal satisfaction. You can Negan up the traders a bit, to increase the game survival factor, EX: quests: you need to get them inordinate amounts of clothes food weapons etc. Within a time limit say 6 days, or Luceal speaks up. You can make your own bullets, well Neganistic Joel needs a ton.
  9. @Faatal I have a question about the inside weather check. It would not be perfect but can it work if the weather passthrough is tied to light? What I mean is I have always played with 0 gamma, because it allows the true colors of the game for me, plus it enhances the lighting subtle changes. I tested and realized that certain blocks and objects caused light clipping or passthrough when attached to solid blocks. Examples: air conditioner on roofs, certain containers on roofs also, and wedge slants on the vertical walls. My simple goal was, if I was in a solid cube I wanted pitch black, no light seams, or god rays and the necessity for manual lighting. What I did was adjust the ambient-sun, gradients. Removed the wedged areas, junk and ac from the roof. This left the white for the trash and the counter tops with the small squares. These have a passive luminosity of their own, so i had to make an off-white and more grungy texture for them. The last part was I adjusted light opacity for blocks, doors, cutouts. Result: the reduction of the gradients, and the opacity changes not only got me to near pitch black, with no reflective surfaces, but also made my character hands shaded. With god rays on, If i destroyed a block or opened an external door the light in the room changed in a more constant fashion. My thought/question is can weather be tied to the light level of a room, similar to the way altitude controlled temperature before?
  10. MadMole I had a thought regarding this. If it can be enacted then you can actually set any/every POI to potentially be a sweep N clear, or fetch quest. Less repeated poi calls. Depending on quest level of difficulty, "Tiers" then Tier 5 or an ultra tier can be assigned to something like the apartment building where the dogs are in the basement. And a random Horde night Gamestage can be added to or replace the default spawn. I imagine, entering a building, with unknown level and type of entitity classes, entering this a player would need plenty of resources at the ready. To build makeshift fortification on the fly. Do you barricade yourself in a room and take your chances that the zombies wont come through the ceiling or tear the floor from under you? Gotta remember they also attack support structures. Do you run and bash and gun and potentially run out of ammo? Don't forget the bombers. Time and tide are against you twice. First for the quest, and second because another horde is coming on the 7th day. It would inspire some teamwork and quick thinking. Benefits, Not mandatory can be added as a special choice unlocked after surviving the first horde , Provides potential to increase xp and well earned loot bags, And greater rewards "earned" from the trader upon completion. Since it can be made as difficult as you want, The quest can be divided into quarter completions, so if it cant be completed at least something is earned. Potential placement for non immersion breaking, certain plots of land with nothing on them can be Trader land claim blocked, and only set the poi of choice during quest time, after ejection,have it removed. Ejecting player far enough away not to see the change.
  11. I played an online game, MMORPG before. The way they dealt with multiplayer environment, and quest regulation was something like this. A list of quests is presented from NPC: Player "Group Leader" chooses quest It checks location for players in the quest area. 7 DTD version <property name="EntityType" value="Player"/> If yes, then message unable to attepmpt quest at this time. 7 DTD version "Trader says pick again, or come back later". Show a timer, for next attempt. The Predesignated quest POIs could not be taken over by the equivalent of a landclaim block or a bedroll. The land for a specific perimeter has a barrier that activates if a quest has been engaged. If not player occupied, and you are not a part of the party that has accepted the quest, you cant penetrate the barrier, by weapons or person. 7 DTD Version: Trader open/closed mechanic and "Trader area invulnerability". Each player in the group is given a temporary "Time limited" "Non-tradeable" Non lootable Gump to allow access. "A key" It is one way, once a player enters the area, the gump disappears, if you leave the area you can't re-enter, Until quest is completed, or a new quest is activated. Player "Group Leader" accepts quest. A timer engages giving a legitimate amount time to reach the POI. From the time the first player crosses the barrier, a secondary timer engages, to clear POI in a timely fashion. If the POI quest is not completed in the time alloted to the first player to enter then all in the party are ejected, and it returns to a basic poi. 7 DTD: After quest, and after ejeting players, simply turn off the trader mechanics. Return to the preset loot respawn selection in the main menu. But for all intent and purposes the POI is a simple looted POI until a new quest is formed. 7 DTD: For the catch 22 situation of constant reset, and loot exploit, enable more potential POI's, and set a cool down pool of POI's after quest reset. An ingame Day would be sufficient.
  12. @Faatal Ai pathing question. In a few of the streams I saw a constant behavior. The border framing around windows, and the attic stairs caused the AI to break off tracking the player, and pound on the border, even though they, and the player can pass through it. Is that intended, or a collider overlap problem?
  13. I have Blanket questions, because I'm genuinely curious. Also this is how I learn, and make personal adjustments to compare results. Regarding the DMS, Is it Theme, Volume, Timing, Instrument choices, too many situational occurrences, repetitiveness, Instant Intensity, that are most disliked? Regarding: Sleepers, should they all wake in a poi, once the the stealth factor is blown, or should it be distance related, and if so what distance? Examples: A shotgun blast in a two story dilapidated house should wake everyone and the neighbors in most instances. A bow or melee weapon in a semi-closed room should at minimum cause a stir, at most cause curiosity. Should player light level, stealth crouch, plus sound be a combined equation, to adjust individual sleeper volume responses? Followup question Should there be a cascade or herd effect? Example: Enter poi, stealth crouched, use a bow, z1 volume 1 does not die instantly, angry growl 1 stirs the rest of the volume, if not killed by the second growl, the rest awake, take too long to kill these and it becomes a house party. I ask about these because I have been adjusting, the ambient, and direct lighting gradients, in a16 a17 a18, and at one point had it so, in stealth stance, if I began to enter a room, the closest Z would turn its head but not wake. I back out and it returns to default pose, repeat same result, One shot him with a bow and as he died, the next nearest one stood up. I didn't move and they stayed in the new position for a minute then layed back down.
  14. Watching the streams to pass time. I listened to a few comments, and thought. It will probably be a mod later, since vanilla already has icons for the map and TFP has included the color tinted onscreen locator icons, If 3 icons can be redrawn. A green dot,an amber dot,and red skull. Green for friendly completed, amber for quest completed, and red to be solely for multiplayer PVP. A fourth can be added BLUE for meet up location. It would help provide interactive mapping. A quick unobtrusive visual for map overlay, and if the red is coded to be shared, it would be green for the friendly side, and red for non-party members, it would create territorial zones. For basic single player and friendly party only would be easy, just two shared icon changes. For PVP, would need code: player would have to clear all of the sleeper zones within POI, retrieve a certain percentage of loot, and destroy a specific foundation block to assign the Red Skull. This would work best in a controlled PVP RP environment.
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