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  1. Faatal Thank you for the answer. The reason I asked is because the particle effects that you worked on previously, stopped the huge fps drop from previous alphas. The fog overlay adds atmosphere to my playthroughs. I do wish it were closer to the camera. Visually fog\sky\atmospheric-weather seemed or felt like separate systems created by unlike thinking individuals, not one cohesive. Your answer explained why for me.
  2. Faatal I have a few questions regarding the "weather system;sky manager". Why do the clouds not have variable opacity? Can a gradient be used to allow for an opacity layer dependent on speed of change parameter? Is it possible to achieve without making clouds particles or objects? What is the absolute variance rate of weather, wind ,fog, cloudthickness ,fogfade ,precipitation, snow? Which if any parameter can be adjusted to allow for a subtle ebb and flow, instead of a constant per biome. Can a similar system to the "ambientInsideSpeed" be used t
  3. No matter which models are made available. Can the quadrupeds and the vultures have the addition of colliders please, this would include rabbits, and chickens even though chickens are biped. For the quads the collision with fauna, and the tick tick sound of enemy nails on the terrain, the rabbits and chickens scurrying through the brush . For snakes just a simple sliding across terrain. For the Vultures increased volume to the flapping of the wings and possibly the pecking/scratching sound of block attacks. Last addition if possible can vultures be allowed to smash
  4. Fair point. I did understand the reference i first saw it in Mario cart , then NFS. I was just thinking of an AI alternative, to make the game a bit more of a hunt for survival without modding. When I up the difficulty the main thing that I notice is the Z speed and strength I always adjust the spawns, because each play-through I take on a different role, either in perks or the materials i covet to see how long I can last. That is always a manual choice. Until you pointed out both sides of the mirror, I was wishing for the game to force me out of a comfort zone, and mak
  5. Does it say has virus, or does it say it may have an IDP? That is a general term for an antivirus program saying I don't know. The majority of the time these are a false positive. I often got them when I installed a program dealing with Java applets or programs that wanted to update. Here is a link for Mcafee Stinger. Free, updated regularly, portable, official from site. https://www.mcafee.com/enterprise/en-us/downloads/free-tools/stinger.html
  6. Faatal I have a question regarding loot distribution and randomization. Actually it has to do with randomization in all aspects of the game. Would it add undue amount of overhead to processing if, there was a database monitor added for the acquired inventory of each player? What I mean is if you open inventory you see whats in the backpack, If you open what is in any storage box either game produced or player placed the inventory there remains the same. So there is a form of database in play. The type of monitor I am writing about could b
  7. If its the same as mine. It should be the WalMart one. Ryzen5 3500 Nvidia 1650 super ssd windows 10. Alpha 19.3 b3 It plays just fine for me. I have tested on 1080 2k 4k custom maps, higher yield spawn approx to 24 street walkers regularly 8k map, 3887 prefabs rendered. average 60 - 110 fps. Settings ultra and high, will snapshot them if you like. 50" vizio 4k monitor, using hdmi port 5 on back. For me the 8 to 16gig just extends my length of play. But otherwise i play 1920 X 1080 I have not had any glitches yet. Welcome
  8. I have a question regarding random gen. We have snow burnt pine desert and waste, but voronoi does not blend the landscape. It separates them into puzzle pieces. Can a biome stamp be added for blends? I have created a blended terrain map. Using the 5 solid biomes plus the blends adds up to the equivalent of 25 landscape visuals without adding anymore biomes. I also chose a singular lighting so that there is not an abrupt change. The major differences are the terrain decor, and particle emission. I mean at the borders of two biomes, I will use pine_fo
  9. This may help When using "use import_HM.png & mask.png" it shouldn't overwrite the biomes.png Just drag and drop your own custom biomes.png into the world folder created. Is there a reason heightmap & mask are upside down? If not would be nice to have the the same way as the final map It is the way the official game generated the height map. To edit to match you must flip vertically to match when editing. It is just following the same rules. And I know this might be a big one, but: Would it be possible to add street helpers inside the mask as w
  10. @Faatal Is it possible to change the trigger or design a trigger volume, for poi populating to the lot perimeter, instead of the physical poi threshold. What I mean is presently the trigger is crossing into the sleepervolume by transgressing a portal. I understand that they are varying sizes depending on room volume. The reason I am asking is because, it would pre-generate the sleepers prior to entry and being able to see them, or hear their generation. When going into a poi now, if you are moving slowly, I can often here the generation of the sleepers to
  11. This is going to seem like I'm trying to be funny, but I'm not. I would like to know would it be possible to add an if\then parameter to the general xml files. Abstract Example: If player vector3 property name="lightsource" >20 then wake entity Sightrange=Sightrange+20. So if you have a flashlight on it instantly increases the sight awareness of zombies farther away. It is very simliar to Cvar and passive_effect but would possibly extend the range of customization, it can be used with an absolute value, a <=>, or a min max to adjust anything from
  12. I rarely if ever build a vehicle. I use rocks then a pipebomb.
  13. If it is possible, I would like the stealth meter to be changed to a visual tribar. LIGHT emitted from player including any player held light source; SOUND from player comprised of speed, terrain, weapons, melee, garbage; zombie awareness\threat level queued on the manager that is now used for the music or scaled 0 to 100. Reasons: The present meter seems to be a combination of light, sound, and entity awareness. In game these are not static values, as the player or entity moves it changes, but there is a single response. When attempting to engage stealth, or just h
  14. Rukminesh Below is what I was talking about. I use Photoshop select Color Range on the Dtm height file then I can simply replace the color with the biome I desire and it automatically renders at that altitude. This particular map is my closest attempt to setting biomes according to terrain height. The best part is since all of the biomes are integrated at nearly 1 meter accuracy, the rules, and decorations overlap seemlessly. Lions roam everywhere near mountains, Dogs patrol near the larger burnt biome borders, vultures appear if you go t
  15. Chrnosdark I like the last set of images you posted. Nice work. I just downloaded it. I will try to adjust the slope gradient for the crater for you. With your first post it inspired me to make a new map, making uneven elevated POIs. Rukminesh Zip and upload that world folder and I may be able to paint the biomes.png for you. Data In entities.xml approx line 54 the backpack reference has been replaced by Backpack You may try changing that reference in the file. Or it may be that you still have some older configs in the 7dtd folder
  16. Faatal I have a few questions relating to one subject. Since TFP has access to all of their archived\older versions Do you or any of the team ever go to them for any inspiration or do you start from scratch with each iteration\alpha? Will or is it possible to do a similar configuration, regarding the weather, as it was in alpha 15. I am referring to the altitude temperature manager. Example: Lower altitudes had a hotter climate, as you went higher the temperature declined. Imagery: Wasteland, if painted to the lowest altitude has the most brutal
  17. ChronosDark: I will try a smoother edit and will go to the link provided for some insight. The main thing I like to do is Terraforming by painting . I will layer it with one of my maps to try to create a hybrid. to remove the peaks. The islands came from Nitrogen, I will try to leave those and add safer sloped roadways. It may take a bit for me to manually edit. then I will try to build a biome file to compliment it. One free program to try to get an idea of what Stample is explaining is GWterraNoise. Modules with libnoise to make mountains, and terrains. 6
  18. Stample is 100% correct. Just for @%$#zNgiggles I edited the map and produced it in Nitrogen. I took a little creative license and adapted a bit of the terrain. Makes an interesting world. Elevations are drastic. But if you want to play around on it for a bit. here is the link. If we could still edit terrain texture Id use this for part of a fantasy landscape like the original final fantasy map. <!-- https://mega.nz/file/UCo0nCoY#2Ay7SuxAI4QYtmKIEFgQnuoYh1XdvKQv8Lqq19dyo-U -->
  19. @Chrnosdark 1 The first step is to convert it to a grayscale. 2 resize it to 8192 by 8192 for 8 k map 3 resize it to 4096 by 4096 for a 4k map. save it as a png file 4 create a copy and paint your biome separations or it will be all forest. Rename the map png to import_HM.png and drop it into the resources folder. in GUI point to resources folder and to the import_HM.png. and it should work. From what I see it should generate cities town in 2 - 6 areas.
  20. Is it possible to add a raytrace to the player held\worn lighting system that activates or interacts with EAI for awareness, wake, seek? Explanation: if you turn on the weapon flashlight a single ray is emitted if it strikes an entity day or night, the EAI changes to approach that point of origin, even if the player is in stealth, or hidden. It would simulate the entity seeing and reacting to light, then temporarily seeking the target. Basically its the inverse of the thrown rock distraction. If player is in an elevated position, turns of te light, rapidly the entity ap
  21. @vergilsparda You are not doing anything wrong, the default mask is what causes the layout. The flexibility of nitrogen is that if you learn to use Photoshop and Krita you can create your own custom layout and spread out the cities. here is my example.
  22. File size difference, is because of different amount of data compression on your pc vs the server. The only thing I find strange is my 8k maps are always 131 meg never as large as 500meg that seems more like a 12k or 16 k size.
  23. @Axebeard This is just a guess but first check the directory structure biomes.png checksums.txt dtm.raw dtm_processed.raw main.ttw map_info.xml prefabs.xml preview "i left this as a reference this is a Nitrogen directory" Region "i left this as a reference this is a Nitrogen directory" spawnpoints.xml splat3.png splat3_processed.png splat3_processed.tga "Nitrogen" splat4_processed.png splat4_processed.tga "Nitrogen" water_info.xml The main thing the error is pointing to is the DTM Raw file. Is it there, is it named correc
  24. I think i read that TFP is working on something like it, using distance. Looking at the way Damocles renders, then thinking about the pixel by pixel .jar that edits biome colors. It made me think that maybe custom colors could be added via a list to assign either POI groups or individual POIs. Then you could paint a probability layout using the DTM image as a base. But it also made me think that if it could be coded for distance also, if you had a map that was 8192 by 8192, and set the nearest distance to duplicate to 8193, then you would hypothetically limi
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