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  1. thanks both, im still testing materials and things... but will get done someday lol
  2. working on variations for the hd versions, planning to redo the rad material also since i dont like it at all. eventually will upload more images until i got it ready to release.
  3. its so cool to finnaly have a little info about the game narrative, like i always wondered how all this zeds died since most dont have particular wounds like gun shots or bites from other zombies. now we can make an educated guess.... they all drowned.... they were aweful swimmers.
  4. wait... donation? damn i was waiting for that check.
  5. yes only way now is using a mod that inserts new storage boxes already labeled like that, i think also gambodian or someone else made a lot of different labeled ones.
  6. Mumpfy

    Winter Project 2019

    thats fine, we may interpret and understand things differently, we may even have different opinions. and i think you alredy know what i think you should do with yours. dont want to flood WP with this chat, its pointless. not even my mod so im out.
  7. Mumpfy

    Winter Project 2019

    so that was the comment you should post, this last one, not what you said. this last comment is feedback and critisism, which is fine, the other one was sarcastic and not nice at all.
  8. Mumpfy

    Winter Project 2019

    i know. my comment also works as intended
  9. Mumpfy

    Winter Project 2019

    I dont think this mod has a "goal" what you define as "broken" is not, works as intended "wildest, weirdest, craziest" we aint bound to the same points of view and nothign is thrown all together into the game this is calculated, curated, tested and intended this way. you always have vanilla.... or fortnite if you dislike it.
  10. si se puede hablar en espaٌol pero somos 3 gatos locos que te van a responder solamente. translation : someone knows if can be made that the zeds can only break doors and windows, no other blocks. si alguien responde y lo veo te aviso.
  11. people is always looking for free models, thats a big issue, there are more poeple able to put them into the game than modelers. maybe is easier to try getting in touch with them since the forum probably has a really low feedback compared for example with a discord modding server. also that way you will probably be able to quickly learn the other part that you dont know how to do and share info, there is a lot of feedback and sharing / collab in the servers.
  12. well i sent soemthnig to Mjoelnir.hh so hope to see this evolving, keep it up.
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