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  1. yes, im just starting to slowly work on the a20 zombies that wasnt in the original hd pack, so there will be an a20 mod update eventually. s l o w l y. . . mid time the old pack works with minor fixes that were posted here already by ozzland. (i did not checked, but im a man of faith)
  2. good work people, you are all hired. ad honorem tho.
  3. The RAD version of each zed its calling a mesh on the xmls, Pimps changed that name/location whatever so each of those lines (just one line per zed really) needs to be modified on entity classes. Someone with a bit of xml skills can probably fix it in short time. if that happens please feel free to share the fix here. Me? i hate xmls so i may look it up and fix it eventually but right now im focused on using the little free time i have till next year on checking and working on the new models. I would say the easy way would be to comment my rad versions out for now until we got it sorted.
  4. ok fair warning, rad versions will error. its a simple xml fix but until fixed those versions wont work.
  5. thats cool. i just installed the game is good to know. so there are new zombies and still checking which ones work with replace material and which ones need to be redone entirely. will eventually release a new version. knowing that the old one still works idk yet what ill do. feeling tempted to do a couple new skins for them all, but may get lazy and just do the new ones. who knows.
  6. having zombies variation using child objects would be cool, and always look better, hats, small props, etc. tho it does implies a lot more work. Texture variations while it takes some work.... them having the original maps and all that its just a bit more work and looks good enough if you make it properly in all maps to give more life to the world with not such a big hit on bundle size. you can have a few different things going on for each zed, like adding some logo to the shirt to make boe look like he was working at crack a book or stuff like that. not really that hard to do. in the old models you could play around more making parts invisible using the texture only, without removing mesh parts, exmaple you could make helmets, hats go away because the head was full below, i think that is not the case in the new models anymore. im going back to my cave, has fun all. pd: it will always be called bubbles, embrace it.
  7. that is really not my area... i have no clue. but feel free to modify whatever makes it better and let us know. ty
  8. well done. welcome to the dark side.
  9. could be, maybe, idk. can really remember idk which guy that is
  10. WELL THE PARTICLE THING KEPT HAVING ISSUES. so in order to fix that i merged both sets togheter into one, link at the first page changed. remove old mods and use this new one and should be fixed.
  11. cool, i think i never understood the error you told me and i saw the skins working so i wasnt aware of anything going wrong, honestly i aint playing at all so i never noticed the particle missing. glad it got sorted. mr.devolver pointed it out to me in discord, so maybe I paid more attention to the issue, i dont come to the forum much.
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