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  1. Hi again Im running a server with only your wind, temp, cloud, fog, temperature and precipitation settings from your core weather mod. It work great in singleplayer, so much varitations, But on my server it is sunny all the time and only temperature is changing, I never see rain or fog or much cloud changes. I removed your mod from server and weather is till "stuck". So I have 2 questions: 1. Is your weather mods working on servers? 2. Is there a way to restart/reset weather on server to get back to normal weather behavior?
  2. Hi, I tested the HD Forge and the fire effect is wrongly placed on top of the forge and not inside window with firewood. Is there version where fire is placed correctly?
  3. Working perfect now, thanks again
  4. Hi again, just background error here. Thanks for update, will test it soon.
  5. I tested the door blocks mod, everything is working great, but when I hit the bar doors I get this red error message: Not allowed to access vertices on mesh 'Bars.Door.001' (isReadable is false; Read/Write must be enabled in import settings) Just ignore or is there a way to fix this?
  6. Thanks guys for your replies. Im using native resolution, asus PG348Q 3440x1440. I have tried playing around with scaling options in nvidia and nothing made it better. It was suggested somewhere else to delete the 7 days to die settings, that there can be some bad settings somewhere. OK I take a look at the other thread, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Nice mod I wonder if it possible to change it to set respawn delay yo 15 days instead of disabling? I see in your mod this setting, can this be tweaked to 15 days? ___respawnTime = _world.worldTime + 120000UL;
  8. Thanks for trying to help, as Jugginator mentioned in 2nd post, maybe there is some scaling issue or maybe it is supposed to be like this.
  9. In assassin's creed origins with same fov it look like this, with no distortion on the side if increasing/reducing fov. Is my 7 dtd settings screwed up?
  10. ok thats weird, I never had to adjust fov in other games to get effect of 3440x1440, it just to setup resolution and bang there is more screen on the side. Its a long times since I played with video settings in 7 dtd so I can remember wrong. But I played this game for several years with 3400x1440 and I cant ever remember having this experince, that I need to do anything with fov. Also fov is not working great, if I increase fov it distort view on the side really bad. Look at the church in this pictures, this is with fov 77, is it supposed to be like this? Even the grass get closer/furth
  11. Hi and thanks for your reply and suggestions. Scaling on 7 dtd profile? I only see scaling in "adjust desktop size and position" under Display, and that is set to "Aspect Ratio". Using exclusive full screen did not have any effect, also tried window mode. This is how it look, exactly same screen size in 2560x1440 as 3440x1440, stretch out and looking horrible.
  12. When using resolution 3440x1440 the screen just stretch out, I see the same as in 2560x1440, is this normal?
  13. Darkness Falls have what you want and much more.
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