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  1. The main site is Nexus which is always kept upto date, Havent had much time lately what with Covid & schooling for 4 of my kids that are still at school, Its been Hectic.. Discord is were im most days checking up to make sure everything is good.. PAGE copied from Nexus so its properly upto date, Keep in mind this page is the last one I get too sorry.. too many places to keep updated all at once..
  2. Could soem one please be so kind as to tell me how to make a machete in the new updated game I can't seem to find how even tho I have all the parts and schematics.


    Thank you kindly 

    1. War3zuk


      Vanilla Machete is made in the vanilla workbench.. if you mean the secret machete that cant be crafted only won doing the special quest.. If you mean the custom chef machete that can only be given by completing the chef quest...

  3. Glad to see this is comming out Sub, Congrats on the overhaul & Thanks for all the effort & time put into this.. Also looking forward to playing this too as is everyone else..
  4. Its Fine to install on a Dedi just make sure you install the same mod that people will be playing.... The Launcher install has the Link if you click it & download the repo manually those 2 folders can be placed onto the server... That error doesnt exist in the Mod as id of found it myself.... so check if your using an old save, old game, check to make sure your not using old modlets that will clash.. cos that error is saying your trying to load the same code twice....
  5. That looks Really nice matey.... Great ascetic in deed...
  6. Wow those are very old files.. They were in the Valmars Edited Plane Drops. Or could be from the old Creature packs ammo types. Could be a few things but I know for sure its due to old files... Which was edited like a year ago... So not really sure.. Delete everything.. Make sure your Steam game files are Alpha 19.2 B4 Then install the Mod either using the Mod launcher or Manually using one of my repo links.. Destroy it & it will auto pick up.. Mod launcher is on 19.2 B4 & has been since it dropped as the Mod was already done & waiting for it to go stable..
  7. Yeah ive heard the Vanilla game has a Turret issue but this isnt the place to post it, The fun pimps have areas set up for posting Vanilla Bugs.. It may be over looked if put in the wrong place
  8. I had that build out as soon as it went live on Steam.. But had it on my PC only... As I only release them once stable now that were past the jump from 18.4 to 19
  9. Nope did you not read the clip Board...? The admin of the server can maybe give you them
  10. G/Day Mate lovin your mod, i just uploaded the latest update, with the 10 slot tool belt, but the last 2 spots are inactive. sorry if this has already been addressed. keep up the great work! 

  11. Yeah that code was only kept upto date in my Overhaul Mod.. The Giant versions are pretty cool too.. Think I have them spawning in every biome..
  12. Ive been Testing Alpha 19.1 B8 & so far its looking Good, Test Map is 80% Saturated with prefabs, 19.0 stable I get around 20 fps walking around, B8 im getting around 80+ from Medium to Ultra & high.. so massive improvements in management of Textures & Meshes.. GPC I have so many Repos & pages to keep upto date its getting to be like a Job lol... Ill get round to it when I can, Nexus is always the most upto date..
  13. Modlets will NOT be compatible with the overhaul DF due to the amount of code changed is Khaines Mod... As for your connection issues there on your end matey as people are able to grab all the files... as for the launcher again your end as it does work fine.. Id look into what could be causing it cos while you think its not your end your never gonna solve it while looking in the wrong place..
  14. Ive had 5 fatal crashes in vanilla on stable 19... so your lucky with just the 1... Overhauls require everyone to have the files... which has always been the case... hopefully this will change at some point... That ONLY happens when you try to Gen a custom map over the top of a custom map without removing the processed files first.. Or your running a dedi & you copied over the unmodified custom map over the top of your original both easy mistakes to make but lots have... Nothing to do with the mod....all user mistakes... FYI or anyone elses, If using a custom map of any kind you MUST remove the 3 files that say processed in their name... before attempting to create the map again... Also FYI or others if on a dedi once you have your files installed your best off leaving out the world folder if copying updated files as you can end up with 2 processed maps ontop of each other..
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